Sep. 29th, 2008 05:39 pm
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As Jared would say "FUCK YOU RADIO". It is fucking with me today.

Anyrate. MDRF was wonderful. I was entirely too drunk. Completely distracted from life. Friday's private party was low key and fantastic.

I barely have ANY pictures cause it kept pouring. I think Jim took bunches though (definitely of the food booths) so if I can manage to take them off his camera, I shall do so.

Today was special at work. My bosses were in NYC at some deposition of SUCK. But I came in at 9:25 even though I SHOULD have gotten here at 9 like I wanted to. Fucking traffic. I have to leave even earlier tomorrow.

See, I have to make up the hour I took off Friday. Cause staying through lunch once again doesn't count (sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't) and since I work till 6, they don't want me staying later. And they know it's damn near impossible for me to get here on time, let alone early.

I hate them all.

This whole time issue is a cause of most of my stress.

BUT ANYRATE. When I finally got here, two files were specifically readjusted on my desk. One is old and should have been finished YEARS ago. But no one would ever help me. I've asked. No one has TIME to teach me. And one Brian ignored me on 3 times. So, what am I supposed to do.

And I'm bleeding. So my emotions are over-rought with fun. Top it off with having an argument with a friend and LIFE IS WONDERFUL.

Excuse me, waiter? This is not the life I ordered. I'd like the soup. OH, I've changed my mind. Give me a very decadent dessert.

*listens to the traffic report* Oh, this sounds promising. Not.

My room is a bloody disaster. I have got to do something about it. I am going to be hitting up Linens and Things tomorrow at lunch for some storage options. This is fucking ridiculous. I have to clean out my closet too. I have fucking flannel shirts from HIGH SCHOOL in there. And we won't even discuss the jeans that don't fit my fat ass from years ago.

Out, out damned spot.

Talked to Z briefly today. I can't believe she's ALIVE. She laments not being able to hang. She is missed.

I am watching Grey's Anatomy with Jim tonight since I can't watch Heroes cause my life is on a day of teevee delay. Karaoke is on a one week delay. After much confusion he is making dinner. Why can't men properly convey any thought process?

Patrick showed me his marriage license today. We laughed. He laughed harder.

Eh. I should finish up this file. Then go.



Sep. 24th, 2008 11:08 am
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I am pmsy and gross. My skin is gross, I am bloated, and worst off my emotions are doing things to me that I really don't care to discuss cause I'm like "this can't be normal".

Like my life is so peachie effin keen right now that I wouldn't be having depressive issues.

So make me smile fuckers, post some pix or funnie anecdotes or something.

My bosses are flippin' ruhtarded lately. I am going to take both of them by the neck and SLAM their skulls together. Patrick is fine. Although we are TOTALLY fuxxored cause that bastard is taking off the fucking month of October for his wedding & honeymoon. Seeing as we have no real estate secretary, he's been doing his own shit, and HAAHHA, no one knows what's going on.

Terrifying, really.

Oh, and Mister turned off the fucking radio today. *boggle* Uh, excuse me? We're listening to fucking PLJ for chrissakes. Ain't like there's some crazy shit on there. Richele listens to the internet radio for Z100, and that's decidedly more obnoxious than this. I'm annoyed. It's too quiet in here and it's weird.

And I have clients who popped in and couldn't seem to understand the concept of "if you have any changes to your documents, please call our office so we can make them prior to your signature". Thanks for letting me print and grommet everything so NOW you can make changes. Hate. You. Last name is Payne, and ya know what. THEY ARE.

In other news, has anyone tried the M&M Premiums? I'm currently chowing down on the raspberry almond ones and HOT DAMN are they derishus. And they're pretty. :) I can't stop eating them. *hides them in desk drawer*

I am friggin HUNGRY. I didn't eat a whole lot last night. Although I drank most of a bottle of wine cause, well, I could. It was there.

I watched Heroes last night. OH! PEOPLE ON MY FLIST!! I have no teevee. I watch all my shows the NEXT DAY online. So could you not comment with spoilers and stuff? Spank you :) NOT that anyone has, but I want to pre-empt the strike.

Kegger tonight. Frickin' sweet.

And the sun will set for you
The sun will set for you
And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey
And the sun will set for you

Song reminds me of my cousin Salvatore. It was the last song on before the EVIL MUSIC was killed. :(


Sep. 5th, 2008 01:26 pm
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- Fuck I'm tired. And spring.

- I have a weird desire to watch Grey's Anatomy. I'm gonna have to wait for the friggin next day to watch it on the internets. *fiends* Unless there's someone's place I can go to for my Thursday night fix... Heh.

- I had a Boylan's root beer and now I'm all burpie. Yick.


- That song by Pink is on the radio and I find myself singing "nannananana" all friggin day long.

- I just helped Patrick. I get a Rice Krispie treat for my efforts.

- It is SO humid lately. Ew. It's been the perfect weather all summer. What is this shit with the humidity?? Do the weather gods think it's September in Jersey or something?

- I am trying to con Heidi into getting us out at 4. Heh heh heh. I am an asshole, for SO many reasons.

- I miss Draven. *makes grabbie hands*

- My hair smells so good today. Big thankee sai to Joe for this damned recommendation of the 3 Minute Aussie conditioner. Sooo soft and nommie.

- Okay, I keep getting distracted. Nuff lj'in.
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Randomness. BEERHOLD!!


It's only raining. But it's freezing rain. So there are puddles of ICE WATER all over.

We've been salting our sidewalks, but there is still an icy patch. Some fucking douchecock, who had NO business over here, comes in and goes "It is treacherous out there, and you should salt." and we were like "UH. WHO are you? And we have. Twice." and this fucker goes "IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" and leaves.

A) It's really not OUR job to salt. It's the management company's. We do it cause it takes the management company FOREVOOOR to get their stupid asses over here. In fact, we were call 12 or something complaining TO said company to get someone over here. So they sent a truck, they drove slowly through the parking lot (not salting or ANYTHING) and then left.


B) DICK! Who are you!??!! You aren't a client, you weren't even coming here, you walked DOWN THE SIDE WALK and harassed someone else!! WHO ARE YOU!! FUCK OFF AND DIE!!! I kept wishing he'd fall. He did the walking shuffle thing shaking his head like, how dare we let ice accumulate.

C) I went outside and ran errands and STILL managed not to die. Boots are wet, socks are wet, but I DIDN'T SLIP ONCE. Fucking tool.

D) I hate humans.

Wow. I didn't realize what a rant would slip out. But I really do.

Anyrate. Part of my erranding was going to the Post Office!! So Tia, Amy, & Christy have stuffff coming towards them. Once Kayla emerges, she shall too.

My big boss is still in Hawaii for TWO MORE WEEKS! And he only really calls in once a day, around 2. Life is great. :D

OOOH!! I can put my feet on my computer it's nice and warm. MMM! Yay puter.

I ate two pieces of pizza and like, 16 ounces of soda. I am so fat and bloated today. Even though I went to the gym and kicked my own ass AGAIN.

I need sex.

OH MY GOD we have a lot of Dutch people here. I swear to god. We just had three Dutch people come in back to back. That got Patrick & I talking. Our "Van" section of wills is in TWO file drawers. JESUS.

So I said we need to have the perfect Dutch name. Ebenezer den Van Der Stra. Or something. That would be like. Perfect.

I HAVE TO PEE! Effin soda. I'm all caffeinated.

I can't wait to go out tonight. Even if it is SHITEFUL. Whatever. Yay going out.

*runs around the office like Corholio*

GOD my feet are cold.


Aug. 24th, 2007 11:06 am
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Eric, remember that review you posted about the Hungry Man Breakfast from Hell?

I just showed Patrick. He is CRYING. He is laughing so hard he is crying.

He just sent it to his fiance. LOL!


Dec. 1st, 2006 02:28 pm
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Dood, someone sent Patrick a congrats thing for passing NJ & FL bars, and he got wine and chocolate.

I walked back in from lunch and he was like "BOOZIN IT UP!! GRAB A GLASS BAYBEE!!"

So I'm sippin merlot from a coffee cup.




Oct. 5th, 2006 10:55 am
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I just sold Patrick my Super Mario Bros. ringtone for $5.00.


A) I didn't pay for it, the boyfriend found it for me.

B) I would have given it to him for free, but he offered money.


Sillie lawyer.
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The bosses aren't here.

So Patrick brought in Nala.

She's a Viszla. She barks too much, but she's a good dog for the most part :)


May. 24th, 2006 01:56 pm
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Patrick says he got MY fortune cookie today.

Don't give into cynicism


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- Verizon, can suck my left ovary. I called to get the dry line for DSL. They want $199 for an installation of a data line in the house. Excuse me? I date a techie GOD. I don't need your stinking help. They also want $42.95 a MONTH for service, orrrrr, if I agree to use them for a year, $34.95 a month. Uhm. Ew? For $10 more a person, I could get cable! But then, does that screw up my free cable ride? Who knows. I must have a discussion with the roommate. Not to mention the $19.95 they want for shipping and handling of said modem, and if I want a wireless modem, I need to give them $14.95. Fah. Que.

- Car insurance can suck my RIGHT ovary. I called NJM on my insurance. Since I had a speeding ticket (DAMMIT) last year, I can't get NJM. HOWEVER, they sent me to NJ Re. NJ Re can kiss mah white ass. Cause they want to charge me $2,524 a YEAR for insurance. Right now, First Trenton wants $1,920 a year from me. I call Bethany. She says she can give me about $1,980 a year. So apparently, even though Loni is a friggin MORON, I'm staying with him, cause his rates don't suck my soul away. It was good to know that the idiot isn't screwing me.

HOWEVER. I'm destitute. It sucks. My stepfather owes me $758.03 so far on the loan my mother promised in August that she'd pay since it's HIS money that went up HIS nose. However, I have not seen dime ONE of that. Money, if I had, would be USEFUL since my car insurance wants $508.41 from me for my last month's payment AND the new payments. Which, when calculated, would be for the next four months at $358.03 (for the last two, it's $358.04).

I can't pay that. I can't. It is NOT in the cards. I just don't have that kinda cash.

So I called Loni and left a message, and am trying to figure out if I can change my payment schedule, since apparently I have as much money to my name as I did in college. Which is confusing.

- Today was our office lunch for the end of tax season. Woo. We went to Applebee's. It was nice. Patrick & I shared some brownie evil thing. It was good.

- I have off tomorrow. I have so much to do in that one day, that I don't believe I'll be doing ANY of it, thanks. I think I will sleep, perhaps make punch, and find something to wear for this weekend. I don't need clean clothes anyway. I'm dirty.

- I have a client coming in. He's a TOTAL retard when it comes to when he's supposed to do things. I swear. He's actually my aunt's client, but since he didn't call TWO HOURS ago when he was supposed to, I get stuck having him sign his bullshit. Which is annoying. Then I have my boss asking me stupid questions. Which I don't know the answer to since it's not my client.

- I did good today, I guess, on bitching out a review attorney. Jim D. at the bank says that we should go out to lunch. I think, that'd be fantastic. I love free food. And then it's a write off with them. As long as he doesn't want to bring Dave. Cause I sometimes would like to KICK Dave, since I seem to be all out of ovaries to suck. I'm also amused that Jim asked me since it was pretty much based on the comment of "Mr. ***** can BITE me. Hard." Jim made me repeat it like, 5 times. Laughing harder each time.

- Since today feels like Friday and it's not, I'm pissed at today. Cause I don't get to see my boyfriend until TOMORROW. Fate is cruel.

- I talk fast. I don't know why. I don't know how. Maybe it's a Jersey thing. But when I talk to people out of state, or people IN state that are older, they have NO FUCKING CLUE what I'm saying. I've learned to slow down at work, and enunciate, but when I'm in a rush, the Jersey comes out of me. I can't help it. JUST FUCKING GO FASTER. If it can't be done in 5 seconds, don't bother, it's too late. Heh.

- A sweet client of ours brought in donuts today. Like, fresh ones. I had two. I am so fat. AND I've been deemed to bring them home. I'm making Jared eat them.

- I am SO going to the gym tonight. Maybe I'll do the treadmill along with the eliptical. See if I can send my body into shock. Patrick says "If you run 5 miles a day, you can eat whatever you want." Hey, Patty, fuck you. You're 27, thin, and have the metabolism of a hamster on crack *and* you run. BITE ME. Although, I have no idea when he finds time to do anything.

- Bodies exhibit on Saturday. If you don't know the details harass my boyfriend. I refuse to be the set up person for this. :)

- Where oh where is this client?? gR.
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So I told Patrick he was being "less than amusing" lately, and that he sucked and would lose his fan base.

His response?

I had a fan base? Shit, they peaked and I missed it??


I told him we could host a comeback for him.

A "PatCon" if you will.

He's excited.

I said we'd have masks with his face on it, and the event would be vizla and whippet friendly.

Then we'd have a contest for Allison look-a-likes.

He said "Oooh, then everyone could rent silver Accords for a day!" (his car)

I think, I could make him do it. *bwhahahah*
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So everyone's been discussing insurance and car payments due to my new car.

Patrick, from his old job, has New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance. Which is HELLA cheap.

Since we "lost" our old insurance company that the firm usually deals with (he sold his business) Patrick goes to Brian and "sells" him on NJMI.

So. Patrick just signed us up for it.

In about a week, I will be eligble for NJMI. Hence, dropping my very high insurance.

Can you say Squee??
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Patrick decided that since we can't hear the fucking radio, that he was going to stream LaunchCast on his computer.

So he picked the "classic rock" station.

So we've been rocking out to Skynyrd, Bad Company, "getting the Led out", Queen and singing along in general.

Today, has been pretty fun.

Every while, Patrick puts up the imaginary lighter...

ENCORE, brothahs!!!
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Whenever Patrick & I grommet wills, we fling the "holes" at each other.

Basically, thing of when you hole punch something, and you get that leftover paper. Instead of letting it go to waste, we either flick them at each other or something.

So today, I had him about 10 feet from me, and I had two "shots".

I decided to "blow" them out of the grommets.

He says "BRING IT!" and pretends like he's bracing himself for a hit.

And I nearly hit him both times. 10 feet for fucking little pieces of paper is good shit.

He goes "aaah... You are learning Young Skywalker.. and does the Darth Vader breathing (tm)"

I dunno.

Was funnie to me.


Apr. 28th, 2005 09:18 am
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Belly danced last night. Like, my exercise tape.

My legs are SO out of shape. OMFG. I swear. I used to have NO PROBLEMS with the leg portion of our program, but I was so like, wobbly after it.

ARG! WTF!? My legs were my only muscular part.

Can't lose that. So I'm gonna start doing my tapes again.

*shakes bootay*

Did the dishes. That was fun.

Tonight, I think I'm going to do some laundry.

Oh crap. My mother wants to see me. Well, at least I get free dinner and get to do laundry for free.

Oh, and my brother's on spring break! So I get to see him.

Patrick's funnie.

He's ordering a golf club on the phone and he's like "Jesus Christ, it's like ordering an artificial heart! 'What's the serial number, what size, what specifications', it's a GOLF CLUB! JUST GIVE ME A SAND WEDGE!"

Me - "If they ask for a prostate exam, RUN."

Shit. Totally forgot about this letter. Goddamned brain. *stabs it with a Q-Tip*

OHHH.. around 270 emails yesterday \m/


Apr. 27th, 2005 01:53 pm
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So this client comes in.

She's got "Jersey girl hair".

Patrick comes up to me and goes "What's with the Bon Jovi chick? I think I saw her in a circa 1986 White Snake video sprawled on a Camaro..."

*loses shit*

edit!! he just started singing "When I see you smile"


"Holy Bon Jovi, Batman!"




Apr. 19th, 2005 12:04 pm
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Patrick comes up to me in a falsetto voice and says "Mr. Tappan's file, for Brian, TOdAy."

and I said "Kiss my ass"

so he says "Kiss YOUR ass, TOdAY, oKAy."

He was annunciating REALLY weird.



Apr. 19th, 2005 11:37 am
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I just took pix of Patrick, Heidi & my boss.

This is awesome.

And I took pix of my desk. It's a mess.

Mister was actually telling me how to angle the crap on it properly.


I shoulda brought my USB cable in to work! hehehehe...

Patrick says I can post whatever I want, I just can't tell you freaks where he lives.

Holy shit.

Apr. 11th, 2005 11:29 am
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Dear sweet Jesus.

[ profile] embly917 will be *so* happy.

Patrick looks at me and goes "..and you would see, the biggest gift would be from me, and the card attached would say 'thank you for being a frieeenndd'.."


That, and he keeps doing the Little John, "YEAAHH" and "WHAAT?!" thing.

I'm sorry. I hear Little John, I think Robin Hood.


So weird.


OHOHOH! Today is Deanne's ([ profile] vladyphoenixv) first day at her new job! YAY!


Mar. 29th, 2005 09:33 am
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"Pat did you do *BLEEEP*'s tax return yet?"

"No, I'm still waiting on *hisses* COST BASIS */hiss* from Jay"

"Oh, goodie, take $150 off her charitable deductions. She gave money to something, and found out later it wasn't a true charity."

"It was a porn site wasn't it?"


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