Nov. 3rd, 2014 01:48 am
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I got married.

It was the best party ever.

 photo 1386009_881314085219953_2644592360243835455_n_zps572693aa.jpg

Updates to come later.

Oh, I also got my septum pierced. I don't think I have a nerve ending in that area of my nose cause I didn't feel a fucking thing. Kinda creepy. And it's not swollen and it doesn't hurt. It's about a millimeter off from where she wanted it, but a) it'll shift and that's gonna work itself out and b) for her first septum? SHE DID BANGIN'.

I had a really amazing weekend. I am constantly blown away about how many amazing people are in my life.
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So I missed a trivia question due to this because ya know. Psychologists don't put a shit ton of stock in this as they do surveys and other bs.

But I liked what it had to say.

ENFJs are people-focused individuals. They have a special gift with people, understanding and caring about them. They like to support and encourage them. Bringing out the best in others and giving love is a great source of personal satisfaction for ENFJs.

Because of their extraordinary social skill, they can make people do exactly what they want, getting under people's skin and get the reactions they are seeking. Although ENFJs motives are usually unselfish, ENFJ is one of the most manipulative personality types.

ENFJ have a tendency to be very self critical and can have dark thoughts when they spend too much time alone.

ENFJs are usually more reserved than other extroverted types. Because they focus on other people's feeling, they will most likely adapt their behavior like a chameleon.

This does not mean that they don't have any opinions: ENFJs set up values and clearly defend those as long as they are not too personal. ENFJs that do not reveal their true selves and focus too much on the feelings of others might feel quite lonely despite their intense social life.

ENFJs are generally very popular. They are fun to be with, warm and straight-forward, energetic and fast-paced. They have a strong need for durable intimate relationships. They are extremely loyal and trustworthy when they get involved in such relationships.

ENFJs like well-organized things and pay attention to always keep everything well structured around them, especially in their home.

In the work place, ENFJs are naturals for every situation that requires dealing with people. They are extremely good when it comes to inspiring and leading others.

Take the Quiz
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That I really miss my cat.


Sep. 26th, 2014 04:32 pm
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I know I've been pretty quiet about it.


Just dropped off a deposit check at the hall *GAG* so much moneys. But!! It really helped make it legit.

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Not that you can tell.

 photo IMG_20140904_144149_zpscc1c0511.jpg


Aug. 27th, 2014 10:24 pm
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Missing my cat a lot today.

Tonight we're gonna pick up her ashes.

Sucks. SUCKS.

ETA: She's home again. With a paw print, a pretty box, and a clipping of her fur.

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I had to put down my cat, Juliet.

She's been sick for some time. She had a tumor pressing on her lungs. "For a younger cat we could..." was the prognosis. So I refused to torture her. We got her for another month and a half. I had a birthday party and people got to see her again.

I did right by my cat.

She threw up quiet a bit at the end. It was the stupid tumor. It would press on her. She'd cough, then she'd throw up. Today was pretty impressive.

I was gonna take her to the vet tomorrow, because we'd occasionally give her antibiotic shots which helped with some of the issues that the tumor caused, but alas. She did not have until tomorrow.

I came home from work around 9:30, and she was under the kitchen table on her side. She saw me and wailed for me. I sat right down. Her paws were covered in vomit. Last night she'd been playing a bit. She was her new normal. Today, she looked haggard. I tried to put her in my lap. She would cry. She sounded in pain. I knew. I texted Z, who flew downstairs. I called Andrew to come home. Then we went to the all night vet. They are WONDERFUL people there.

She was amazing. She was 16 years old. Andrew was with her for the last 6 years, and NEVER heard her hiss. Even when he gave her her first bath at the ripe old age of 13, she never hissed. Unhappy and whining, but never hissed.

Juliet, you were amazing. I am HONORED to have been your parent.

 photo juliet_zpsd6723f73.jpg

 photo julietmonkey_zps271b4040.jpg

 photo JulietbyNico_zps074f2f96.jpg

 photo WP_000463.jpg

 photo WP_000459.jpg

 photo Julietsneepin.jpg

 photo p_00360.jpg

 photo 0609084Small.jpg

 photo joojoocuteSmall.jpg

Lexie's gonna show you the new ropes. <3

 photo dork006.jpg
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Andrew & I got a trim today. Can't even tell on my end. Can barely tell on his.

Carry on.


Sep. 2nd, 2013 03:06 am
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I'm so over these ice-pick headaches!! GO AWAY.


Jun. 13th, 2013 11:45 pm
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So in an attempt to be better about actually cutting my hair, I did it *gasp* in June. As opposed to March and November. Last cut was in March, so hey. I'm doing well. Gonna go back in September. :)

 photo hair61313_zps5da59903.jpg

Tiffany's nearly sister-in-law, Veronica, is a hair dresser. I'd much rather give money to people I know (seeing as Miss Joanna gave me my last cut) than a salon. And Veronica has an adorable dog.

She straightened it. She used a flat iron! I had never had one used. SO FLAT. SO STRAIGHT.

Good times.
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So this weekend was Highland River Melees.


But the food was great. *GREAT* And I got to retain for an awesome queen. She's really fantastic and the kind of person you LIKE to hang around. It was a real pleasure. At one point we did a drive by AoAing to one of the kitchen staff. It was so cool. *nerds*

I also had to help fill in kingdom scrolls on the fly. I nearly shit myself from anxiety. But I did it! And I made Subetei do the impromptu AoA cause I was still swimming in other scrolls.

At court The Scriptorium all got inducted into the Order of the Lark together, and it was *awesome*.

Danni got her Award of Arms, finally, and then I got inducted into the Order of the Opal. I was so excited!!

Before the delicious feast, Andrew, Z, & I ran to take a shower. It was a weird little drizzle of a shower, but after all the sweating I did that day, it was amazing. I found out today that the kitchen cooks just jumped right into the pool on site. LOL!!! Dude, yes. It was that hot. And they SLAVED over the damned kitchen.

Then because I hadn't slept from Friday to Saturday and I ran around in the 93 degree heat and humidity, around 10pm I realized I WAS EXHAUSTED. And I was out from 10:30 to 8:30. GLORIOUS SLEEPS.

Breakdown was easy. And I got to keep Z until Monday. Was a pretty good weekend. I'm pleased. :D

I've also started doing my Rosetta Stone for Portuguese. Excitement. ;)


May. 28th, 2013 10:30 pm
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Fucking biological clock.

My friends are breeding some adorable things, many other friends are up the spout.

And here my ovaries are SLAMMING against each other, trying to wake me up.

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I am so tired of posting a Snopes link on a Facebook post. I have given up for the most part, especially when people react with serious snarky "Oh, well *I* thought it was funny!" when it just propagates stupidity.

I'm really beginning to question the intelligence of people I know.

But hey. Then I just change how much I see from them.
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- Seriously. I don't know what's going on lately. Like, how many people do not fucking know their address. Or their phone number. Help me get food to you.

People are angry and cranky and lazy and without energy and just in general full of harumph. And occasionally I am one of them.

- School is sucking my soul away, and I have been busting my ass for mediocre grades. VERY mediocre grades.

Psych of Aging: 77
Abnormal Psych: 81 (not that she's given us grades for our journal entries)
Latin: 88

What in the fresh hell is going on? I feel like I study all the time. But I don't seem to retain anything? I don't know. It's all so frustrating. And I love that I am doing the best in Latin, which is the class I feel the most lost in. Although apparently some of that shit is sticking to the wall.

All I know is that I miss just reading for fun. Or not trying to source through PsychInfo or anything. I'm just. I'm tired.

- I feel like I'm constantly doing dishes. At home and at work. My hands and nails look terrible. They look so old. Maybe I am just getting old and not used to noticing.

- I do adore my new sanctuary though. It's nice to have somewhere TO study. The room came together well. I did some cleaning and organizing of the dining room as well. Unfortunately I need a time where Erica has time and energy and I am actually home so that we can reorganize the shelves the right way. Erica has the most professional kitchen experience, having gone to school and all, so I would appreciate her direction.

- My cat just turned 15. She is old and sassy and adorable. Apparently Dale got her to hiss the other day when she was in her little kittie condo (also known as her harassment tube) cause she was in the moment. Andrew still hasn't heard her hiss. Right now she is HOWLING through the halls. Again. With her little jingly lion in her mouth. Heh.

- Not going to Pennsic this year. Going to Portugal and Spain! I still don't know Portuguese and my Spanish is weak at best. SHOULD BE AWESOME. Heh.

- Our store got inspected today. We got 3 stars out of 5. For things like... road dust on the outside windowsill (we once got inspected an HOUR after it was cleaned, and it still wasn't clean enough. IDFK.)... Andrew's pants weren't black enough (that shit is racist)... Our safe not being time locked, even though it is a weird time sensitive safe... our walls aren't white enough... Tiffany apologizing in a customer role play, but forgetting to actually say the words "I'm sorry"... yeah. Shit like that. MAKES ME CRAZY. We have 30 days of freedom though. That mostly means we break down the makeline earlier. And paint our nails colors. Wewt.

- Both of Andrew's birthday parties went off quite well. I adore him.

- CAT. WHY ARE YOU HOWLING. Alright, Andrew is combing her now. She has ceased to yowl.

- Anyrate. I had other shit to write, but I forgot. I still need to put Florida pix up. Ooopsies.
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Has it really been a year?

The fucking concept blows my mind.

I guess it's been more than a year. Seeing as they really don't know when you died. We observe the 27th because we humans need such closure. We still don't know why. Inconclusive is inconclusive. It provides us with nothing. Again, due to what Silvia said, I am willing to believe it was lack of insulin. Even though you'd had this issue before and were hospitalized for it, you chose to believe you were invincible. I really wish you had learned your lesson. I really wish you had listened to me, or any of your friends, the hundreds of times we pounded on your thick Cuban skull to make you listen. But you always marched to the beat of your own drummer, and sometimes to your own detriment.

I will feel your loss with every future activity I do. Just so you know.

Hug Jayme for me, will you? And slap Michelle's ass. She'll appreciate it. Rub Lexie's furry lil' head for me. Loyal little sod. I miss you guys. A lot. Two-thirds of a really nutzo team is gone. It's just me now. No one else has those memories. No one else knows all the horrors that Parsippany apartment actually got to see. Probably for the best, not that I ever thought I would be president, but the pictures really prove that one.

Sometimes it hurts to breathe without you guys. Sometimes it strikes me at the most awkward and awful of times. Like, at work. Go go gadget brain, go.

*rubs face*

Juliet's doing great though. Make some sort of deal that I can keep her around for a very long time, happy and healthy, okay? I know you prolly miss her, but you'll get her for longer than I will. So, patience, panda boy.

Mazzy Star played earlier. Of course I thought of you. And then I realized the date. And my heart sank. I haven't heard that song since last year, when I played it to write out the lyrics to give you. So I'm going to take that as a message from you through my Pandora station, which was on Depeche Mode, which shouldn't have played a frickin' Mazzy Star song, so. Yeah. That's my rationale.

I don't know if I will ever not be a little angry at you. But that's the least of the emotions I feel when I think of you now. I think it makes sense though. And you know why.

But. I miss you buddy. I really miss you.
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Did so. BY THE LOVELY JOANNA!! I figured, eh. If I'm in Florida... ;-)

Now off to the almost in-laws.

Florida post to come shortly :)


Mar. 12th, 2013 11:55 pm
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I'm in St. Augustine, FL. Having a really good time. My one bitch fest is that my mother smokes like a fucking chimney indoors and you can smoke in bars here and we keep ending up in them and MY LUNGS HURT. I nearly passed out after a shower.

I am *so* getting sick once I'm home.

I will post of the awesomeness once all is said and done, but I'm so tired and have a wicked headache from lack of oxygen. I can't believe I used to LIVE like this. I wonder how people didn't just look at me and be like YOU SMELL OF SMOKE SO BADLY. lol..

I can't believe it's not even midnight and I wanna pass out.


Feb. 23rd, 2013 10:57 pm
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Dear humans in my world,

Just because you get a tattoo doesn't mean it is automatically a GOOD tattoo. Please do research on what your artist has done in the past. Straight lines and symmetry are often good signs of quality work.

Today I have seen two friends post pictures of "GREAT!" tattoos they just got. They are not.

Further, tattoo parties are a TERRIBLE idea.



Feb. 19th, 2013 12:25 am
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What the blue hell is going on, intestines??


*trying not to double over*


Feb. 18th, 2013 12:44 am
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It was a "think about Jayme a lot" kind of day.

♥ always.


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