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He read my LJ and saw the cherry juice comment (thank you Crickett), and brought me cherry juice and ice cream.


I'm actually gonna cut this for you all. )
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Went to the DMV, ehrm. MVA today, to get that whole license thing worked out.

Of course after putting my bank statements in a safe spot, they have disappeared. Luckily they took my last PSE&G bill as collateral for that. Oh, and an unemployment record. Shocker.

So I have my license. Again. They took my old one, but I had the one before that, and the one before that. SO HA.

EEEEEEEW!! They make you put your weight on your license in this state? What in the fuck good is that going to do anyone?? Whatever.

Tonight Erica & I are supposed to see Boondock Saints 2, but I have the UTI from HECK (it's just really really fucking annoying) and she has a horrible headache. We'll see I suppose.

I have to pee again.


Okay. Peed.

Oh, and to top it off, getting the ol' period today.

Thanks body. Thanks.
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Today is a shitful day to be a female for me.

Oh my god.

Oww ow ow ow.



Mar. 16th, 2009 02:52 pm
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Real updatings!

- So Friday I had that thing removed from my lip. And from the subsequent pain caused adrenaline rush, I cleaned my apartment like a mo' fo'. It needed it. Then, I was exhausted, but I went to Steph & Tim's to continue to help Draven & Steph paint and whatnot. By the time I left, the bedroom was looking pretty good. The house is prolly done by now, in hearing what the girls planned on doing while I wasn't there. I began to read Tucker Max. Laughed so hard, it hurt. Literally, my stitches were pulling. Samm arrived at my house for crash space. I passed out.

- Saturday! Waited for my boyfriend to show up. In that time I read more of the Tucker Max book, got keys made, even though one was botched, went and did some grocery shopping and started cooking some food. I was domestic. When Andrew got here, Juliet JUMPED onto the couch to greet him. WHAT THE FUCK CAT?? She's such a traitor. She doesn't do that to me, but I don't spend at least a half hour of my day brushing her like he does. LOL. Anyrate, we ate, and then bolted to Warwick for some drinking. Turns out we're all getting old, and barely did any shots and only one round of Car Bombs that I remember, and had some sillieness. It was a lot of good times though. I heart mah crew. Andrew was well received. I was pleased and relieved. :)

- Sunday! Woke up and was sluggish to function. Hung out with the boys for a bit, then got our asses back to my place. Showered & drove into NYC. Cause mass transit wanted way long, and I wasn't sure we'd catch that first bus. Went to the American Museum of Natural History cause Kat works there, and she had passes for us to see some new exhibit on the sun. It was cool. Hung out with Rev for a bit too and watched the thing. I likes the planetarium cause it's neat. The exhibit was sorta like being stuck in an old school screen saver with stars flashing at ya. Then we got to the parking garage ONE MINUTE after 2 hours, so it cost $40. Fuckers. Anyrate. We got out of the the city, and I dragged Andrew to my favorite pizzeria and we got a garlic pie. OMFG. So good. Took half the pie home and we got ice cream. Cause we're fat kids. Saw Jared! He's got a fantastic mustache going on right now, but I think he got it shaved off today. Heh.

- Today! Woke up STUPID late. Did not care. Boy was cuddly. Got up at 8 to pee though, and the Juliet wanted in the room like WHOA. Talking and dancing by the door. So I let her in and she JUMPS on Andrew and is all doing the happy dance on him. Who is this cat?? After we wake up for good, I reheat the pizza on my pizza stone and we nom. Eventually, my boy left. *tear* But I will see him Wednesday. Sorta. He has finals this week so he's gonna be hauled up studying whilest I do other things.

- In random news. My uterus is killing me. But unlike last month, I have a period. (Antibiotics made that not happen last month. I peed on a stick.) BUT THE CRAMPS. I am threatening to take a fucking percocet. I'll be fine, then I'll inhale or something and my entire abdomen will seize. Awesome. And my face still hurts. My stitches haven't loosened up so they're still in there, and cause they cut my face I ended up with one of those mouth ulcer things and it hurts. Ow. One of those with two stitches through it. My life is awesome. Peroxyl is my bestest buddy.

- I think I'm gonna go back to reading Tucker Max. Cause even though it hurts to laugh, him being an asshole distracts from the pain.


Dec. 16th, 2008 07:20 pm
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So I was on my way to the doctor's. I looked outside and said "Self. It is barely snowing. But you know people are fucking mongoloids. Let's give us extra time for this 10 to 15 minute trip." and I said to myself "Good, idea. God we're smart."

So I left at 5:55 for my 6:20 doctor's appt.

Going up the hill wasn't so bad. I was like, yay. Then, I got onto Prospect.

And sat there.

Mind you, I am supposed to be on this road for like, two miles? Something like that.

My spedometer never left the 0. If I moved forward it was cause I could finally take my foot off the brake.

It was the kind of traffic where you KNOW at the end of it there is an epic fucking accident and you hope no one is dead.

I still have no idea what happened. Cause I called my doctor's office when I was 20 minutes late (Yes, I had been "driving" for about 45 minutes) and I found out that people were wandering in and not calling and they were a half hour late or so. Fuck that. And I also found out that Dr. Nossa had some INSANE emergency surgery he had to do, so he probably wouldn't be able to get to me.

GRRR! So I am rescheduled for Thursday at 1:40, which I *REAALLLY* didn't want to do for several reasons, but I also didn't want to wait till the middle of January. Balls.

So annoyed.

I'm going to see if I can't figure out what the fuck was up with the traffic.

Oh, and I finally got an LJ notification and ONE email. And I'm starting to think the emails I sent out earlier didn't go through.



Oct. 3rd, 2008 09:19 pm
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I went shopping today.

How I LOATHE clothes shopping. I seriously hate it. Trying things on in a dressing room is like TORTURE.

And I did it TWICE.

I was looking for an outfit for tomorrow's wedding, Patrick & Allison's, since you know. Family and work people will be there. I didn't wanna recycle the same ol' outfit.

Looks like I'm going to wear part of a new one at anyrate.

SO. I hit up the Avenue, cause I'm fat. Well. They have the jeans I love easily accessible. AAHHH! *purchase* I bought a size smaller than last time, but I'm pretty sure that I should have bought a size smaller the last time ANYWAYS. But they're made comfie. Wearing them now.

$39.50. For ONE pair of jeans.

Anyrate. Flash forward.

I'm hitting up Lane Bryant and MOLESTING their fucking clearance rack.

I go to the register, and I'm $4 away from being able to use my coupon. I grab another tank top.

I hand the cashier the coupon and she is having *issues* with the fucking register.

Finally she tells me my total is $38.43 and I am like *sweet*.

Do the debit thing and peace.

I get home, and show Bill my phat lewtz. He's all "You didn't pay $38.43" I'm like "uh, yar I did."

"No, you paid $8.43."

Turns out the cashier put my $15 coupon through *twice*.

Not to mention, she had put it through before on 3 times, and took $5.00 off of each of them.

So I got two $12.99 tank tops for $1.49 each. Etc.

What I purchased *should* have cost me $108.93.

I paid $8.43.


Except once again I forgot to get a wedding card. D'oh! Leaving a bit earlier than I thought! Heh.


Sep. 24th, 2008 06:08 pm
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I am being a girl.

I am actually going to get my EYELASHES TINTED tomorrow.

I hath been cursed with black body hair everywhere. Except my eyebrows and eyelashes. My eyelashes are rather nice. And long. But you can't see them cause they're a weird ashy fucking blond.

I haven't had *that* hair color since birth. OH MY GOD no, I lie. I dyed it that once and never a more sallow girl have you seen.

So yes. *giggles*

I'm getting my legs waxed and my eyelashes fucking dyed.

I am a freak.

Touch me.


Sep. 24th, 2008 11:08 am
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I am pmsy and gross. My skin is gross, I am bloated, and worst off my emotions are doing things to me that I really don't care to discuss cause I'm like "this can't be normal".

Like my life is so peachie effin keen right now that I wouldn't be having depressive issues.

So make me smile fuckers, post some pix or funnie anecdotes or something.

My bosses are flippin' ruhtarded lately. I am going to take both of them by the neck and SLAM their skulls together. Patrick is fine. Although we are TOTALLY fuxxored cause that bastard is taking off the fucking month of October for his wedding & honeymoon. Seeing as we have no real estate secretary, he's been doing his own shit, and HAAHHA, no one knows what's going on.

Terrifying, really.

Oh, and Mister turned off the fucking radio today. *boggle* Uh, excuse me? We're listening to fucking PLJ for chrissakes. Ain't like there's some crazy shit on there. Richele listens to the internet radio for Z100, and that's decidedly more obnoxious than this. I'm annoyed. It's too quiet in here and it's weird.

And I have clients who popped in and couldn't seem to understand the concept of "if you have any changes to your documents, please call our office so we can make them prior to your signature". Thanks for letting me print and grommet everything so NOW you can make changes. Hate. You. Last name is Payne, and ya know what. THEY ARE.

In other news, has anyone tried the M&M Premiums? I'm currently chowing down on the raspberry almond ones and HOT DAMN are they derishus. And they're pretty. :) I can't stop eating them. *hides them in desk drawer*

I am friggin HUNGRY. I didn't eat a whole lot last night. Although I drank most of a bottle of wine cause, well, I could. It was there.

I watched Heroes last night. OH! PEOPLE ON MY FLIST!! I have no teevee. I watch all my shows the NEXT DAY online. So could you not comment with spoilers and stuff? Spank you :) NOT that anyone has, but I want to pre-empt the strike.

Kegger tonight. Frickin' sweet.

And the sun will set for you
The sun will set for you
And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey
And the sun will set for you

Song reminds me of my cousin Salvatore. It was the last song on before the EVIL MUSIC was killed. :(


Sep. 18th, 2008 04:17 pm
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Normally I don't bitch about my skin in a public forum, but JESUS CHRIST.

Okay, for the most part, my skin is looking MUCH better than it once did, thank you Dermatology Group.

But there is this... thing. on my face. Right by my ear.

I can't call it a zit, for it doesn't look like one. More like... a planet. I think it has satellites and moons and shit.


It's like, hard and scabbed and flat. WHAT IS IT!??!!



Aug. 14th, 2008 09:56 am
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So I skipped my period for Pennsic and I technically shouldn't be getting it till NEXT Friday, but my body be pissed that I played god so I have it today.


At least it explains the break out from HELL I'm getting on the left side of my face.

I also have a sore throat from air conditioning. My throat feels like I swallowed razor blades, but JUST on the left side.


Eric is upset that my confessional hasn't hit 300 posts yet. He even pimped it in his El Jay. So y'all do me a favor and keep posting in there. Cause Eric can't be let down.

I have a NyQuil hangover. I am so tired. Fuck my throat hurts.


Jul. 8th, 2008 10:41 am
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Things that suck.

- No internet at home. *twitch*

- No cable at home (Why? I don't know. Ain't like I can call to have it fixed either, HAHAHA)

- Leaving my iPod in Jim's car, and having a boring workout (no, I didn't do weights, just cardio, hence the boring)

- Brian (my boss) got into a wicked car accident. Some RadioShack employee in an Audi (!?!?!) tried to make a left RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM cause he was late for work. Again, proving that the Shack is evil. Brian's airbags deployed, his front end is FUCKED UP (he drives a Lexus SUV) and the other car is TOOOOOTALLLLLED.

- My phone not wanting to connect to Yahoo Mail so I can at least check my shit that way.

- My car having a very low tire.

- Having to go out to the store on a very low tire cause I needed cat food.

- Going to the shop today and finding out that my tire is dying, so it's good I got it done, however, my front brake pads need replacing, and suddenly my bill is around $300. Money is SUPER FUCKING TIGHT right now, but I have like, 3 millimeters of brake pads left, so this needs to be done. Bugger.

- My contact shifted in my eye this morning. While I was in the shower. Very uncomfortable. I had to get out and fix it. Fucker.

- Finding out my dermatologist appointment needed to be rescheduled because my doctor had her baby early. I didn't even know she was PREGNANT. She was apparently due in August (I last saw her in the beginning of May and she had her baby the last week of June). So I had to reschedule for the only time I could before Pennsic, and that was July 22nd at 5:40pm, which is a Tuesday, so I am missing that game night.

- I have to disburse my refinance today and Patrick is completely distracted. I NEED CHECKS DAMMIT!!!

Things that don't suck.

+ I got to watch a couple episodes of BSG. I'm still waiting for that I AM SO SUCKED IN feeling everyone else seems to get. It's a good show though. Although some of the things make my head go "OH GIVE ME A BREAK".

+ I got to bed at a reasonable hour (12).

+ I won't have to worry about getting my rotors replaced since I'm taking care of the pads now.

+ Pennsic is soon. I haven't even thought about gathering up my crap for it yet though. AAAHH!

+ I went to the gym last night for the first time in forever.

+ *giggles* She caught on. TEN DAYS TILL TIA COMES OUT!!! Incidentally, it's also 10 days till I enter the last year of my 20s.

+ 223.5 again. Considering all the crap I ate this weekend? That's a good thing.



May. 7th, 2008 02:09 pm
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So I went to CVS to git more pills, as I am wont to do, and they had Venus Embrace Razor care kit for $10. So you could either buy the razor and get another cartridge with a lil' thing to go in the shower. OR for the same price you could get this care kit which came with that PLUS a travel shower gel, a lil' pocket sized moisturizer, and a lil' custom cap for travel purposes. IN FACT, I had the first thing in my basket when I saw the care kit. Huzzah.

I was just thinking today that I needed a new Venus cause mine was getting soap scummy and gross. BEHOLD.

Then I wandered by the mascaras cause I'm running low and I saw the mascara I use was buy one get one free! HUZZAH!

Then I got all the crap I needed to get anyways. But I did well for me! Yay! :D


Apr. 17th, 2008 01:33 pm
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Happy Birthday [ profile] ariellynn!!

Second. Why is it when you get your period, your entire plumbing system FREAKS OUT!?!?

Not fair. I hate it.

My tattoo is doing all sortsa weird things. Like, whole leaves are peeling off. It's kinda gross. But I am SO glad to be getting rid of the scabs. SO ITCHIE. I haven't been picking at it, but when it's wet or something, well. Yeah. Shit comes off.

Thanks to the wonderful allergy suffer, Mish, who tipped me off about Zyrtec being a sad, sad substitute of it's decongestant counter part, Zyrtec-D. They had the D in the pharmacy cause of the Meth laws. I HAD TO GIVE THEM MY LICENSE. Retarded.

Anyrate. I have now, the ultimate allergy meds. *mwahha*

There have been some interested parties in my writing thoughts. Deviant behaviour is apparently needed by all. Maybe I will step up on that.

I dusted my apt last night. Just a lil' bit cause well. I didn't have the D. ;) I felt useful.

The cats are ADORING the Sheba cat food. Spoiled little shits. BACK TO FRISKIES WITH YOU SOON!!! Heh. :)

I'm also a ThermaCare convert. That shit lasted AND WAS STILL WARM when I threw it out at 11pm. I don't recommend going to the gym with it on though. It was weird. Heh.

I'm going to attempt to not pass out from the woozy. Fucking bleeding. Today should be the last day, but I FUCKING DOUBT THAT.
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I'm not locking this to my girls, but I will put it under a cut.


Cause I'm mean, and I know some people can't help but click the cut.

Eh. I sympathied out. Wasn't nearly as graphic as I could/should have been ;)

I'm a miserable bitch. )

AND! Isn't it gorgeous outside, my tri-staters!? Makes me mad that I'm here! Heh :D


Apr. 16th, 2008 10:08 am
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I am miserable.

I want to be home, in bed, curled up with a heating pad and a cat.

This is a Bad month.


Weeeeeee :D

Apr. 8th, 2008 03:27 pm
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It's 3:30 and I haven't LJed once! JESUS WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?!?!?!

Actually, I've been super effin busy. My cousin is away on vacay, and OF COURSE her area of work is like "oh, can it be busy times now!?" and I'm fuxxored.


I am teh busy. But I'm doing okay.

I'm eating like a heffer gone wild though. I blame my impending bleeding time. I had a boston cream donut and one of those new flat bread sammitches from Dunkin Donuts. Do not get the bacon on there. It is rubbery and gross. It's sorta greasy. I've totally bloated up some pounds and I'm sure my lil' DD foray didn't help. Such is life. I don't care. I will do my weights tonight.

The reason I had so little time for lunch was cause I got my headlight fixed! It's all shiny and clear now and the other one looks all scratched and busticated. I have to get some compound to buff that out.

Anyone got the compound for the headlights just lying around? I should have picked some up at the store while I was there, but alas. I am stoopid.

Anyrate, they fixed it, and tightened my bumper, so I'm going to go for inspection prolly Thursday morning cause I'm usually pretty hit on Wednesday mornings thanks to the other DnD.

As for Wednesday's tattoo field trip, it looks to be just me and possibly Ammre. I guess that is okay, cause I will be a whiny bitch with the pain, no doubt. But I still would like pix, so if Miss Ammre comes, I will hand over my camera.

FUCKING A! I'm annoyed that my computer won't work. *whinewhine* It was suggested that perhaps I pull out all the USB stuff. I am down with that. I will try it later.

And I totally need more ram for my gaming computer. That one is getting SUPAH fuckin' slow.


I have weird pinchie things going on in my girlie area.

So like.

Mar. 4th, 2008 04:17 pm
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Random I know, but I have on no socks. I didn't wear them yesterday either.

I was like, fuck. Close toed shoes. BRING ON THE STINKIE FEET.

But, I had some Monistat Medicated Powder which is microfine and really for your thighs so you don't start small fires when walking pantsless.

But the closest thing I had to baby powder around to put in my shoes.

This stuff is AMAZING for shoes. HOLY HELL. No sweating, no blisters, no smells.

Best random product usage EVER!
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Why are half the internets down? AOL & Hotmail are taking huge shits. Which is not conductive for this piddly little business I am involved with.

Anyrate. Updates!

- Marion came over last night. I got free clothes. w00t. I am a chubbie bitch. And my tits refused to be contained in some shirts. This one is modest, but uh... yeah. I'm still a poppin' out. If I'm to wear the others at work, I'm going to have to do the tank top thing under them. But if I go out? Heh. Eff that. Heh.

- I also got her old wedding dress. It's really beautiful, but not quite ME. I asked her if she'd mind if I totally hacked it to shit. She told me to go for it. It's a STUNNING color of a champagne. Very pale and golden and it's raw silk. I'm totally mutilating it for my skirt. It totally incorporates what I had a dream about. Janete, we totally have to start sketching something up, so at least I have the dress done.

- Juliet was awful cute with Marion over. She was pulling out ALL the adorable. I loved it. I love that friggin cat.

- I'm power leveling Keri in WoW. If anyone has free time, she's Keralei on the Eonar server and we need to fucking power level the hell out of her. It's a moral imperative. *grins* She's only 26 right now, but tomorrow I'm planning on throwing her through the Stockades. So if any of you guys have Alts you want to run through Stocks with, let a sister know. We'll do it whenever I get home and she's on.

- I am dealing with SO MANY STUPID PEOPLE AT WORK. And I hate doing estates. Really. I hate it. I cannot bs it well. I just can't. I don't know the material well enough. FUCKING LAWS. People go to law school to figure this shit out, yet I'm just supposed to "figure it out"???? Thanks for the vote of confidence, but uh. I'm not that good.

- I am so tired of winter. Seriously. Can it be spring times now plz?

- My apartment has hit disaster area 3 right now. AND I DON'T CARE!! hahahahHAHAHAHAHhHAHHHahHA.

- This weekend I can't remember who I made plans with for what. I am fiancéless for most of it until Sunday. Marion has some nifty ass Celtic festival I might attach myself to if I'm not dicking anyone else over. Am I dicking anyone else over? I don't *think* so, but I have this vague memory of a POSSIBLE plan, so LET A SISTAH KNOW!!

- It's almost lunch time. I'm friggin hungry. I have to go to the bank for one of my stupid clients (the worst thing about the dead is their stupid living relatives who just stare blankly at you when you say "YOU NEED TO GET CHECKS" cause they clearly can't handle that. How do they function in their own lives???) and cash a check I forgot about ($8. Woo.) and find food.

- I've been eating WAY too much lately. It's like I'm panicking that there will be no food left. And I'm eating everything. It's horrible. I need to be stopped. I'm like a vacuum cleaner. Without the dust and whatnot. Ew.

- It is crummie out. Have I mentioned how tired I am of winter? Yeah. Srsly.

- I called my skin doctor's office about my insurance issues, and they're STILL waiting for a reply. So I am calling at the beginning of NEXT week now. Cheese and crackers, son. Insurance people are slow fucks.

- I went to the gym last night (see vacuum cleaner) and I guess that week off really fucked my feet and now there are blisters. Rather I *HAD* the beginnings of blisters. I don't anymore cause Tia is a genius. She told me to rub dry bar soap on them and they'd go away. They're a TINY bit sore today, but not stinging and burning like yesterday. Huzzah to mah Teenoo.

- Hm. Tis all.
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Even thought it freaks April out ;)

- My breasts are swollen and sore. IT SUCKS. I hate being a girl sometimes.

- I found more 50% off chocolate. At the A&P. GOOD chocolate too, not the crap I got last time. Well, some of it was good. The box was crap though. I got Dove & Guylian. MMM.

- Joanna, you still dropping by tonight?

- My kingdom for a nap. I'm not exhausted. Just like. Don't wanna be here.

- They make big bear sizes of Red Bull now. The original size, then the can & a half size, then the double can size that's as big as a No Fear. Two cans of Red Bull at once? I've haven't done that since I was addicted to the shit.

- Random aside, and if it makes sense to you, MAYBE you should think twice. I'm not for doing things people tell me to do. Or worry about what people say.

HOWEVER. Sometimes I will be like "Keri. I am going to the gym this week. If I do not go, yell at me." and she will. Cause that's what I asked.

So if you're all in your El Jay lambasting someone for hurting you, and having everyone back you up and shit cause, yeah, it sucked and their your friends, and they're making sure you're sticking to your guns... Would you REALLY want all those people finding out that you crawled behind their backs and totally diminished your self worth by begging for what hurt you in the first place?


Seriously now. What would they say? Would you lose friends because you're on such a self destructive streak? Especially say if this was the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th time this shit has happened? C'mon now.

That's all I'm saying about THAT cryptic nonsense. But it applies to a few of you. So fucking read it and recognize. I have some fucking willpower about your self respect. It shouldn't be *that* hard. If you saw a friend doing what you're doing, you'd undoubtedly slap them up the brainpan. Gawrsh.

- Oh, oh! Kim! Send me that way via email that we were talking about last night. I've decided driving to Woodchuck's, with my eyes the way they are, is just shittie. I can't see well, there are many sharp turns, and the DEER. Jesus Christ the deer. So I'm a nervous wreck for a good hour of my life when I drive alone. And the one time it was raining?? OH DELIGHTFUL.

- I have two small "pimples" (I'm not entirely convinced they're not hives or something, but they're not as big) on my chest, below my necklace. Like, low enough to be on sensitive tissue, but high enough to be totally visible. Thank god I have lots of freckles. I also have a pimple (real one) right by my eyebrow. I, of course, blame Nix for this shit.

- That Dove chocolate was gooood. The PMS gods are pleased with this sacrifice.

- I love cracking my neck. The closer the *craccck* to my skull, the better. MMm.

- Hey. It's freezing in here again. Shooocker.

- James *giggle* is at another store, so he can't really email me. I sent him one cause I'm a cheeseball though. I miss him. WHY DON'T WE FUCKING LIVE TOGETHER I'M GETTING TIRED OF THIS CRAP!!

- I need to move. Jared & I are talking about it. The price is right where we are now, but the area is just shit. After my car got sideswiped so lovingly, I'm don't wanna see how far I can push my luck. We've been there a couple years and I'm not thrilled. I was never thrilled, but whatever. You know what I mean.

- I'm still worried about that stupid cat. Just like. A lil. But I am. Stupid cat. I love her so much. Grrr.


Nov. 7th, 2007 10:38 am
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Undoubtedly the last one I'll have mailed to me.

Bob smells great. I can't wait to use it! :D

Karma solid perfume is SO strong. I don't care. I love it. I love Karma.

And of course, I got Karma Kream. I'm so glad they put this one in a baggie, cause it does not travel well. It doth splooged in ze baggie. Not a lot, but they warn that the containers do not travel well. They ain't kidding.


I specifically said NO Happy Soap because I have so much (thank you Val & Woodchuck). I have one in my travel case, one I'm still trying to get through, and one I haven't even unwrapped yet. And now a sample. I'm willing to part with this lil' guy. Everyone should be Happy. ;)

ANNNDDDD I got my very own sample of Demon in the Dark. Mmmm.. Brushie goodness!!! *glee*

I have so much soap in my shower right now. And a ton on the sidelines waiting to be abused. Hehehee.. I'm totally done buying soap right now. Except.. I might buy a large bar of Mud Flats because I really like what it's doing to my face.

I didn't want to review this soap until I'd been using it for a week or so, but I think I love it. I was so tired of having a difference in a day or two, and then day three *BAM* being like, cracked and peeling and gross. I hate my skin.

But Mud Flats is like. Creamy. Not drying. Where my skin is oily, it feels smooth and silky after I'm done and where my skin is dry and cracked, the skin is getting soft and smooth. I can't believe I finally found a soap that seems to work.

I'm praying it doesn't do a reverse technique. And I have an awful large sample here. She said it'd work, and she wasn't kidding. I love it so far.


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