Feb. 7th, 2013


Feb. 7th, 2013 01:57 am
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I have been quite ambitious today.

After Latin & Psychology of Aging, I vacuumed my dining room, kitchen, the walls in the kitchen (wts is that about, yo?!), downstairs bathroom and then the stairs coming up, along with both landings. First I FOUND the landing. It's a dumping ground of crap.

Then I washed laundry and the bathroom rug and washed that floor and the outside of the toilet since the men have no aim and Swiffer wet jetted the rest of the surfaces. All my laundry is put away and folded and I studied my AbbyNormalPsych for a good hour or two. I'm doing flash cards online with Quizlet.com too.

Oh, and I did my shitty Latin homework.

Oh, and I made a yum yum dinner. Balsamic Chicken with tomatoes, mozzarella, and angel hair pasta. With crescent rolls!

Oh, and I ordered another oven rack (we only have one, that's no good.).

Oh, and I did a crapton of dishes!

Oh, and I cleaned door knobs and hand prints off walls and light switches! Yay Lysol!

Oh and I paid bills! Registration (EEGADS), a bill for my pap back in like, August (way to send me a bill SUPER LATE) and my dentist. WHOMMMMMMMMMMM I may also say, fixed my balance. They were double charging me some months. Bad accounting system is bad.

My TeeFury shirt came in. It's another Dark Tower one :D It says "Serving the Beam since 1999". Squee, dawg.

My FitBit says I walked up 17 flights of stairs on Feb 6th. I've walked up 2 flights so far on the 7th. It's amazing what having to go up two flights of stairs for laundry will do for that. Lolz. Not to mention vacuuming the stairs twice.

Today was productive.

At some point, and soon, I'm going to need to go through my closet. There are a ton of dress clothes that don't fit me anymore, and quite honestly, some of them are quite old. If I ever lose the weight to fit into those sizes again, I deserve to get a few new clothes. And it's not like I really need these kinds of clothes anyways.

I have to find someone to give them too. Hm.


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