Sep. 30th, 2010 02:43 am
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Got Grass, Mint Julips, Grass, and Dark Angels on the new and updated LUSH CHART!!

Also updated Mask of Magnaminty.
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On the retro page, Schnuggle, Old Blue Skies, and Mud Flats make an appearance :)
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Karma Bath Bomb

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I got Magic Bath Bomb in the Enchanted gift box I picked up.

I tried breaking it in half cause it's HUGE. But no dice. There's a "secret" half a bathbomb inside, which makes it KERSPLODE.

So I was like "eh. Fuck it." and threw the whole thing in.

OH my god.

First, the water turned the most AMAZING gorgeous "cannot see three inches down" dark purple. And the scent! It's like citrus and roses!! Not old lady roses either. Like, if I were to fill a bathtub American Beauty style, this is what I think it would smell like. It sooo reminded me of Kim & Leslie (roses, purple, what can I say).

The review above says not moisturizing, but I'd put it up there with Honey Bee and Butterball. This was AMAZING. Damned shame it's not all the time. Mmmmmmm.... Skin. So. Friggin. Soft. Mmmm......

[updated lush chart]

[Lush] HA!

Feb. 20th, 2009 08:37 am
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See. I am not alone thinking jasmine smells like cat piss.

Sometimes it's nice to know you're not completely off yer rocker.

My fever broke, but I'm still feverish (sensitive skin, achy bones). I can't possibly sleep anymore anytime soon. I slept ALL DAY yesterday, waking up randomly to pee and post on the computer. Ha.

Jared brought home cat food. He rocks.
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Candy Cane Bubble Bar: (no link cause Lush is a pooface) ♥♥♥½
This is vanilla yummieness. OH YES. And a very nice bubbleness. I used half the "stick" and it put 5 inches of bubbles on the water. So many that I thought the water level was a lot higher than it was. Mmmmm...

Santa Bath Bomb: ♥♥♥♥
Chocolatey/vanilla awesomeness. I had such a happy.

What a rockin' combo. I rule at life.

Also, I had a small bag that was sort of a organza type material, with draw strings. I threw my half a bubble bar in there and I think it really helps with the bubbles. That thing is going to ROCK MY WORLD when it comes to bath bombs with added stuff.

OH GOD! LUSH!!?!?!?! WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!??? They changed ALL their links. I have to redo my chart. Whores.

[updated lush chart]


Jan. 20th, 2009 05:53 pm
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I got Lush today.

Granted I got a great DEAL on my Lushing, so I don't feel so bad. Besides, my skin is turning around so I am glad to keep it on that course of clearness. :)

I got samples though *giggles*

Spice Curls. Dood, this soap smells AMAZING dry. And feels really creamy and smooth. So I was kind of surprised when I started to use it and it was SUPER effin gritty. Which I don't mind, but I wouldn't have cut the sample in half if I knew that, cause then it didn't work so well with my puff. But it does smell divine. :)

Also, right now? Lush has their holiday gift boxes at 75% off. OH YES. I got a box filled with goodies (that I can actually USE! AAHH! NOTHING HAS JASMINE IN IT! AAHHH!!!) for $16. Sweet. Normally $66. Aww yeah. And, I have a cute box now to store shit in. For the record, I got Enchanted. :)

I got a sample of Fresh Farmacy too, and I think I'm going to use that as a spot treatment.

Also, I got Breath of Fresh Air. I've used Jared's toner a couple of times, and it's made me realize that it does make a difference. So far, I like it. But I've only used it once. *pets skin*

And I got some more Coalface cause I needed it.

I had some nice retail therapy at a very affordable price today.

OH!!! I also stopped at LensCrafters. They wanted $170 for a fucking eye exam. EXCUSE ME WHAT.

No. Just. No.

And I was denied vision coverage from AOA. Poo. At least I tried!
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In this apartment, since it's a multilevel, there is a switch to control when the boiler goes on for the heat (baseboard). I never turn it on. I don't think I had to at ALL last year.

I flipped it on.

Which means when it gets below 65 (what the thermostat is set at, cause it gets FUCKING HOT in here if it's higher), the heat will actually kick on.

It's 25 out. Again. I figure this is as good a time as any. Hell, I felt the need to rock my fleece & satin robe. Chillay.

I knew I had an issue when Juliet curled into a blanket. Not her normal M.O. Heh. Jared heaved all these blankets into a weird tiered looking structure on the couch, and she's sleeping on the middle "step" kind of under part of it. With her facedown in the blanket.

I'd take a picture but whenever she's got her face down, the second I come within focus, she moves.

Little minx. I love her so.

And ew. I have a GROWTH on my face. Yay for pms and stress. Although, for the portion of my skin that isn't supporting this new lesion, the rest of it is baby ass smooth. Yay for Herbalism! I also need more Coalface now that my skin is no longer an angry, cracked, bleeding mess. I wonder if Fresh Farmacy would be worth a go again, since I seem to be able to use Coalface? Hmmm... And I am still loving Ocean Salt. I only really use that once a week though. (btw, I am a TERRIBLE Lushie. I hadn't been to the site in so long, I didn't know they redid it. *hangs head in shame* but I guess that's what happens when you're unemployed and avoiding the reality of not buying shit.) AAAHH!!!! KARMA BATH MELT!!! AAAHHH!!!!!!

OOoh, I'd love to try Lush Lime Smoothie. Or The Strokes, although my hair has been very uncurly and very manageable lately. Hmm. I can't believe I still haven't gotten my hands on a bar of Gentle Lentil. God I fail. Why do they fucking put jasmine in everything with vetivert! *GR* Although, I'd rock this bubble bar, Phoenix cause it's a lot like my BPAL scent, Voodoo. AAHH!! Vetivert without fucking jasmine. Rainbow Worrier... mmm... Vetivert & sandalwood... *humps things* CURSE YOU POVERTY!!!!


ANYRATE. I can't believe how soft my face is. I really can't. I can't get over that this is *MY* skin. Gods bless you, dermatology. <3 <3

BTW, Pooh is coming back.

HA. I was WoWing earlier (torn between BSG & WoW, *shines up geek card*), and I was able to do the "Lebrowski" quests. There's a dwarf who's rug has been... violated. Heh. And you get to hear him rant about it and whatnot. So amusing. They even have a Walt. *grins*

One day I *might* hit 80. I ain't holding my breath. Still 73. Although it's supposed to dump like, 8 inches of fucking snow on us later. Great. Fucking great.

Off to watch Thursday's Grey's Anatomy. And hope my fingers thaw. Like, 2,342 typos in this entry.

[updated lush chart since I have had a change of heart on Coalface]
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- Today was like, totally annoying. My boss has a deposition. We NEVER go to court. Hallo. Estates etc. Well, we have to. And Mister is like, BLOWING A GASKET. He gets nervous about not knowing every second of a procedure. So he's nervous. And when he's nervous he doesn't sleep. And when he doesn't sleep he needs caffeine. And when he's over caffeinated I feel the need to BEAT HIM.


He's been oh so delightful to deal with.

*shakes head*

- Anyrate. I posted the karaoke videos. Go watch.

- I tried to take pix of my outfit today, but I sucked at it, however I did get a shot of my hair, so that way when I bitch that it doesn't grow I can see that it has been.

I think it's finally as long as it was before the "hack job". Bonus. I just want it down to my hips. Is that too much to fucking ask. I don't want it longer than that cause I'd just annoy me, but GR!

- I have absolutely NO IDEA what to do for Black Monday. I am just wearing my ghawazee coat. Feck it all.

- Cause I was stressin' today, I took a bath. (Karma Bubble Bar & Honey Bee bath bomb for my Lushies) Which prompted me to shave my legs. I figure I want to get them waxed for MDRF, and I don't feel like being a beast for a month, so whatever. Now that I've shaved them though I think I'll wear a short skirt tomorrow. I tell ya, the waxing helps that shit grow back SO SLOW. And when I shave now? I don't get that "JESUS CHRIST IT'S SANDPAPER GET IN THE CAR" feeling. it's more just kinda... soft. I HATE STUBBLE. So this is beneficial to me.

- OH MY GOD I never posted the Sleepy Hollow pix! DUHRRRRR! Maybe I'll do that now. Seems like a bright idear.

If I should die before I wake
Pray no one my soul to take
And if I wake before I die
Rescue me with your smile

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I can't focus. I am useless today. The Pennsic bug has bitten and hard.

Last night I chilled with Skwrl who is well on her way now with the Superest of Jews to Pennsic.

I had to hit up Lush for some Rehab. Cause I LOVE my Squeaky Green, but the bar shampoos are not really wonderful for camping. It seems they never can realy dry out (okay, it's Pennsic, it usually rains for 10 days) and turn to smoosh. I figured bottled was the way to go.

Well, I got Big too cause Lindsay raved about it, and I loved Ocean Salt, so I am trying not to FEAR THE SALT. My entire life I've been afraid of overdrying my skin since I am prone to break outs and such, hence, my fear of the salt in my beauty products.

I think this is going to be a once or twice a week sort of shampoo, but MAN was it neat. My scalp felt like, squeaky frickin' clean. I have to use a lot of conditioner on my hair or it frizzes and splits and is generally bad news. I take vitamins and stuff, but I really need a good silicone conditioner to do it right (trust me, I tried the no-cone, but it doesn't work for mah hairs).

So this removed all the build up of conditioner and really made the conditioner I put on after like, WORK it. Good shit. I highly recommend Big.

I also got a HUGE fucking samples of Skinny Dip and T for Toes since Tia raves about it.



Jul. 15th, 2008 08:39 pm
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All the new soaps are SO FUCKING SOFT.

The Waylander one is the gushiest of them all. BUT SMELLS SO GOOD!

They need to cure some.
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Waylander Rhassoul: Dry? This smells like everything I would want it to and more. Holy fucking shit.

Icon: I heard this was really strong, but so far I think Waylander is stronger. But both are delicious.

Bamboo: I would eat this. But it would taste bad. It smells THAT fucking good though.

Although when you order on the phone, even if there is notes, they will give you jasmine shit samples.

So now I have Alkmaar. Ew. I see me giving this away in the near future.

And Fresh Farmacy which used to be too drying for my acne ridden bleeding nasty cracked face, but maybe now it'll do what it's supposed to so I guess I'll give the sample a chance.
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It's been a while.

Did you know RETRO LUSH is happening RIGHT FUCKING NOW!?!?!?

I did. Cause I stalk the website.

Since Mina gave me a gift card (thank you again), I figured WHAT BETTER TIME TO USE IT!

And I ordered off the internets.

Waylander Rhassoul: cause HALLO! I love that mud stuff. Not to mention I have serious love issues with patchouli & vetivert.

Icon: Sandlewood Bergamot & Orange!? I smell like this usually ANYWAYS. So whatever. Gimmegimmiegimmie.

Bamboo: Dood, cedarwood and vetivert!! NOMNOMNOM!!

So I called cause I was having issues with the gift certificate *is speshul* and I got the coolest chickie on the phone. She told me (bitch ass tease) that she had Bamboo sitting RIGHT NEXT TO HER!! AAAHHHH!!!!!

Anyrate. She said it smells just as divine as it sounds. CANNOT WAIT. Unfortunately I must wait till next week sometime. *SIGH* Prolly Friday since I got the cheap ass shipping method.

The salesgirl was a riot too. I mentioned the word "awesome sauce" to her and she said "EXCUSE ME!? PERMISSION TO USE THAT AT A LATER DATE!" and I was like, but of course. She was giggling something fierce. She rocked.


Enchanted Eye Cream: ♥♥♥½

Okay, seriously, I spent what on what!? I have been moisturizing myself DAILY since I was 16 years old cause my mama said "The women in our family have aged fabulously for generations, there is no reason for that to stop now." So I took her cue and began to do so for OVER A DECADE now. I use Aveeno on my face normally and have never had an issue. That being said, Enchanted Eye Cream IS nice. I think, if you haven't been so vigilant as I have been for the past 13 years, you should check it out. It's the perfect eye cream, yet, I don't think it does much different than the Aveeno. It IS slightly richer (yet still light), so it's a stronger moisturizer, but whatever. I only gave it 3.5 stars cause there is NOTHING wrong with it. There is not much of a scent (which is fine) and a HALF a pump can cover BOTH your eye areas, but I don't feel the need to switch moisturizers. So feck it.

In non Lush related news, I seem to need a USB converter so that I can plug my new keyboard into the damned AB switch. Luckily for me I have two at work that are collecting dust. *makes grabbie hands at new shiny keyboard*

[updated lush chart]
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Do want bundle #1


Do want soapies.

I can justify the bundle, but not the soap. I have so much soap. Loves the soaps though.

*rocks in a corner*
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I had kind of a rough morning, so I pampered my sleepie ass to a bath. The theme was blue.

Big Blue: ♥♥♥♥
This only gets one heart off cause of the seaweed. But, on the advice of those before me, I wrapped that fucker in a nylon (btw, when you do that? HYSTERICAL. It blows up the nylon and it's all floating and spinning around your tub. Not like, high speed, but enough to make me giggle). It smelled fresh and clean and summery without the flowery smell. It was nice. I like it a lot. Went well with Blue Skies & White Fluffy Clouds

Ol' Blue Skies is Back:♥♥♥&hearts
This only gets 4 hearts because I think there is just a weee bit too much cinnamon in it for my liking. But I still adore it. It smells fantastic on me. I'm a patchouli kinda girl :D

The water was the most awesome color of blue from the bath bomb and there are still friggin bubbles from the bubble bar on the side of my tub. Absinthe is very intrigued by the bubbles. He has no idea what to make of them. He was sitting on his back legs staring at them like "Why you do dis?" It was amusing.

My skin feels so soft now. I think I'm going to go take a post bath nap.

Yay Saturdays. :D

[updated lush chart]
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I got my Ol' Blue Skies is Back!

The girl who sent it to me couldn't get to the post office so she put some cute lil' things in there too! A lil' purse sized sample of a Mary Kay moisturizer (oddly enough, I have it), an oil from the Body Shop for a diffuser (pumpkin and nectarine, uh, YUM??) and a lotion that is white peach from some place I've never heard of. Very nice :D

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Been a while, eh?

Fair Trade Foot Lotion: ♥♥♥½
Dood, seriously. This stuff is tingly and neat. I totally love foot lotions. They're just different than regular lotions. This made my feet very happy. If you have tired feet? Try this stuff, even just a sample. Zingy and will wake up those tired dawgs.

Ultra Bland Cleanser: ♥½
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK. I'm sure if my skin were oiler, this would be WONDERFUL for me. But I can't stand the way it feels on my face after I wash it off. You totally don't need a moisturizer after this. And I originally got it for my tattoo and it was okay, but it would get on EVERYTHING. So, ick. But it does remove eye make up WONDERFULLY. So it gets a heart and a half for that.

Lemony Flutter: ♥♥♥♥
This is some awesome stuff. Seriously, my hands are SO soft. I use it every night before I go to bed. My nails are doing well, which is something for my little fingers, and it smells sSOOO nommie.

I Should Coco: ♥♥
It gets two hearts cause Ms. Smut said it is a good handsoap. Prior it had one. It smells *DIVINE* but I can't hang with the no lather and the coconut everywhere. However, that smell lasts with you all day. Some say it's chalkie, and I guess it sort of is, but I didn't notice that so much.

Ocean Salt: ♥♥♥½
I like this A LOT. I thought it would be too harsh, so I tried it on my hands first, then my arms, then my face and I love it. It's tingling and refreshing and it's like, SUMMER in a bottle. Very salty and limey and very much like rubbing a margarita on your face. Totally recommend it, but do test it out first cause I could see how it could be harsh for some.

In other hair news, I've gone back to using my HORRRIIBLLEEE for you silicone conditioners. My hair was just not slick enough for the combing. I was losing so much. So, I still love you, American Cream and my Burts, but I can't hang. I need to keep my hair.

[updated lush chart]
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- It took me 30 minutes to go 1.5 miles this morning. So when I hit exit 145, i FLEW onto 280. I never tried going to work that way, but I figured anything would be better than the current parking lot I was sitting in. It wasn't good for a normal route (WAY out of the way) but in stand still traffic? DEFINITELY better. I felt bad cause my aunt was alone for a while covering phones and her clients tend to be verbose, so I'm sure the phones were going nuts. Not much I could do. I want to live closer to work. *sigh* I took that 3 minute commute SO for granted back in the day.

- I had to get phlebotomized today. Damned vampires. I fasted for 16 hours for it. Well, more like, 18, but whatever. I got the NEW girl who was filling out information to put me in the system. Then like, no one knew how to process a check. *boggle* THEN! I had a balance from 2004? Whatever. I paid it. Then the lil' chick who poked me did a not so wonderful job. I normally NEVER bruise. I barely bleed once they take the needle out of me. I am a clotting queen. I kept bleeding and NOW??? My vein is like, big and blue and not happy with me and like, trying to escape. It is SO going to bruise. Not to mention I feel "off" cause I feel something is wrong in my arm. Bleck.

- Getting tattooed tonight. HUZZAH! I'm picking up Keri, and Jim will be with too! YAY! Finish this bisch up!

- I am so sleepie. I had pizza since the vampires took so long, and now I wanna slip into a greasy carb coma. I need awakey time.

- Work is nUtZo. Shit can't stop coming in, it's insane! *kicks other people* Some people are losing their houses, and CLEARLY I am dealing with the people buying those houses.

- I really need to do a Lush update. Kim gave me a sample of I Should CoCo, but I don't think I should coco. Cause while it smells like everything that is awesome in the Almond Joy bar, it doesn't lather, and it doesn't really, clean. AND it leaves coconut everywhere. I do, however, LOVE that I still smell like coconut. What they need is to make this a bath bomb or something. It gets ♥. I have to remember to add that to my chart, and update the rest o' mah stuffs.

- I have to go to the pharmacy later too. YARG. I fucking live there.

- I wish I had an ice pack for my elbow. I haven't felt like this since I was anemic. Mew. I just had two Rice Krispie treats hoping it'll elevate my blood sugar or something. I barely gave them any blood! Feckers.

- I bought Tetris for my phone. OH YES. For the first time since my cell phone ownage, I have a game for my phone. BYE BYE BATTERY LIFE! It made dealing with the vampires better. I'd have gotten Bejeweled, but EW, they wanted a MONTHLY payment. Whatevs.
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Dood. I swear to god. I get more free shit from that store. Say what you want about my expensive fucking soap. I GET SO MUCH FOR FREE!!!

Fo' freez.

- Fair Trade Foot Lotion: This is how I'm going to thank my feet for not bleeding and losing the pinkie toes today.

- Volcano: Hey! I already had two samples of this, but I will TOTALLY take more!!!

- Jungle: I might as well try this with how Tami RAVES about it. It's the tiniest square ever though! Heh.

- Ice Blue: Sure why not. BRING IT ON. :D

- Sweetie Pie: FUCKING EW! Jared will be happy with it though. :D

- Happy Hippy: I LOVE this shower gel. It's awesome. I love love love it. But, I have a bottle. So I know someone who's getting it for her birthday *cough*De*cough*

- Ocean Salt: It's like a margarita for your face. I really like it. It's not harsh on me, but it definitely could be on some people. Take your warning :D

- UltraBland: [livejournal.com profile] mamaphunk said the girls in her store SWEAR by this to put on their tattoos. So here we go :)

- Karma Kream: Not for me, but for Leslie. I still have the jar that Keri got me for my bday last year!!

- Ultimate Shine: A WHOLE shampoo bar. It's got a hole drilled into it from where the sign was. LOL. I don't use this one, and it's not really for my hair type, so if someone wants to swap.........

- Squeaky Green: HELLO!?!? MY FAVORITE SHAMPOO!?!? Anyrate, I actually didn't GET this one. They gave me an "IOU" for it cause they were out of it. HA! I LOVE IT!!! So Jared is getting it for me on Thursday. :D

- Big Blue: I AM SO EXCITED TO TRY THIS ONE!! I just need to find a knee high to put it in, cause I hear the seaweed is annoying. They gave it to me cause it'd broke in half, and they were giving it away. UHHH. I break them in half ANYWAYS. Gimme.

So that was all free samples, or full things for free. What I bought:

- Geo Phyzz: Cause seriously, it's the most like, soothing and healing bath bomb. I feel like, detoxed, when I use it.

- Sultana: One for me, and one for Deanne cause HELLO her birthday is coming up. And it's the best soap evarrrr.

- Honey I Washed the Kids: Again, for Deanne. MERRY BIRTHDAY!!! She already knows what she's getting, so it's sillie to hide it. Heh. Although, they didn't have any Happy left in the store (WTF?! THEY'RE DISCONTINUING IT!??!?!?!) so you get the Happy Hippy shower gel.

- Greenwash, which I can't find on the website, (wts!?): For Bill, since he gave his a gift certificate to burn, and it was the only thing he asked for. Heh.

- Lemony Flutter: Cause I've been craving it for god knows how long and it's time I just GOT it. <3
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Kiiim made her own Lush community since people are weird in the other community.

[livejournal.com profile] lushswap_n_sale

Go add it! :D


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