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Not that you can tell.

 photo IMG_20140904_144149_zpscc1c0511.jpg
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Andrew & I got a trim today. Can't even tell on my end. Can barely tell on his.

Carry on.


Jun. 13th, 2013 11:45 pm
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So in an attempt to be better about actually cutting my hair, I did it *gasp* in June. As opposed to March and November. Last cut was in March, so hey. I'm doing well. Gonna go back in September. :)

 photo hair61313_zps5da59903.jpg

Tiffany's nearly sister-in-law, Veronica, is a hair dresser. I'd much rather give money to people I know (seeing as Miss Joanna gave me my last cut) than a salon. And Veronica has an adorable dog.

She straightened it. She used a flat iron! I had never had one used. SO FLAT. SO STRAIGHT.

Good times.
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Did so. BY THE LOVELY JOANNA!! I figured, eh. If I'm in Florida... ;-)

Now off to the almost in-laws.

Florida post to come shortly :)


Mar. 15th, 2012 06:19 pm
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I got my hair cut. About 5 inches lopped off. It's still pretty long, but that shit was SCRAGGLY. Much better.

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Shit is getting long!

I don't ever really feel like it grows. But I got sent this picture by the Wifey from the wedding we were at and this was the back of my head, and i was like, HOLY SHIT. And it's not even straightened!

Maybe it is growing. April I posted a picture of it just past my waistband and it's prolly 2 inches past that now.

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I just did my bangs. I straightened my hair for my birthday party and Z was like "CHRIST son." Apparently it all looked really good and clean in the back, but my bangs. When I put the front half up in a barrette, she was like "sooo many dead ends" and it was all from the front. So I just did a quick chop. For all I know, it's crooked as fuck, but i don't really care much.

It needed to be done.

There's roughly 6 inches difference between the length of the front & the back. And it's only a WEE bit of the front.

One day. ONE DAY.


Apr. 30th, 2011 02:36 pm
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Alert the media.

Hair has hit waistband.


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Steph just trimmed my hair. About an inch of hair, an inch of dead crap.

I'll post a picture later in life. I need to get heading home.
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Anyrate, hair cut today. Went to random chick at the Master Cuts in the mall.

I can't even tell it was cut. Good job random chick. You get $10 for 15 minutes of work. Not friggin bad.

In other news, Ironman 2 is a fun watch. Mickey Rourke is plastique.

The A-Team trailer looks *fucking awesome*. My dad used to make me watch that shit when I was younger. I hope they do it right.
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Someone wanted pix?

It's hard to tell, but it still comes down over mah tatas )
In other random news, I'm learning how to drive stick, better and better. The other night, I drove home from the Haven BY MYSELF, and then came back. Only stalled once in reverse getting outta the drivewway.

Tonight, I drove to the hookah bar, and home, and didn't stall at all. And I half parallel parked (pulled into a spot with a driveway in it and reversed.) :D :D

Progressing nicely. Andrew's threatened to take me on a highway.

OHHH And in other news, I have MD license plates. I have to get my car inspected in January, but I'm legal to drive up to NY tomorrow. WEWT.

My hair smells like hookah. Cherry or vanilla or apple... Can't quite tell. Kinda good. It burns when I'm there though. LOL :)
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Haircut achieved. First time in over a year. Took off about an inch and a half. If I drilled a hole through my back to my front, my hair is where my belly button is, down my back. However, only just covers my rack when it's pulled forward.

There. No picture update. Cause I'm lazy. I have crocheting to do, and packing. Woo.


Jan. 12th, 2009 05:48 pm
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There's this woman in [ profile] longhair who does the best tutorials.

She just did one for the Hawser braid. It's a more "manly" braid than a straight English braid, and it looked super easy.

And it is!


You should really check out her hair styles if you're at all interested in doing braiding, or have long hair or just can't seem to figure out how to braid your own.

ETA: Hahhaa, I didn't see Absinthe in the background there. Evil cat is evil.
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Fuck this. I have perspective.

- I have Zicam, along with Tylenol Cold & Sinus.

- And cookies.

- And a Thermacare patch on mah crampie little body.

- Down to 220.5 today after lunch. I don't know what my body is up to, but I'm glad it's decided to debloat.

- Got my hair cut! Maybe I'll do the picture thing later. You can barely tell. I'm pleased.

- AND! Depeche Mode is on the radio. Ironically, you all are not enjoying *my* silence.

Supposedly if you've seen over 85 films, you have no life. There are 270 films on this list. Copy it, paste it into a new post and then put x's next to the films you've seen. Add them up and post at the bottom. Have fun!


Sep. 5th, 2008 01:26 pm
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- Fuck I'm tired. And spring.

- I have a weird desire to watch Grey's Anatomy. I'm gonna have to wait for the friggin next day to watch it on the internets. *fiends* Unless there's someone's place I can go to for my Thursday night fix... Heh.

- I had a Boylan's root beer and now I'm all burpie. Yick.


- That song by Pink is on the radio and I find myself singing "nannananana" all friggin day long.

- I just helped Patrick. I get a Rice Krispie treat for my efforts.

- It is SO humid lately. Ew. It's been the perfect weather all summer. What is this shit with the humidity?? Do the weather gods think it's September in Jersey or something?

- I am trying to con Heidi into getting us out at 4. Heh heh heh. I am an asshole, for SO many reasons.

- I miss Draven. *makes grabbie hands*

- My hair smells so good today. Big thankee sai to Joe for this damned recommendation of the 3 Minute Aussie conditioner. Sooo soft and nommie.

- Okay, I keep getting distracted. Nuff lj'in.
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- Today was like, totally annoying. My boss has a deposition. We NEVER go to court. Hallo. Estates etc. Well, we have to. And Mister is like, BLOWING A GASKET. He gets nervous about not knowing every second of a procedure. So he's nervous. And when he's nervous he doesn't sleep. And when he doesn't sleep he needs caffeine. And when he's over caffeinated I feel the need to BEAT HIM.


He's been oh so delightful to deal with.

*shakes head*

- Anyrate. I posted the karaoke videos. Go watch.

- I tried to take pix of my outfit today, but I sucked at it, however I did get a shot of my hair, so that way when I bitch that it doesn't grow I can see that it has been.

I think it's finally as long as it was before the "hack job". Bonus. I just want it down to my hips. Is that too much to fucking ask. I don't want it longer than that cause I'd just annoy me, but GR!

- I have absolutely NO IDEA what to do for Black Monday. I am just wearing my ghawazee coat. Feck it all.

- Cause I was stressin' today, I took a bath. (Karma Bubble Bar & Honey Bee bath bomb for my Lushies) Which prompted me to shave my legs. I figure I want to get them waxed for MDRF, and I don't feel like being a beast for a month, so whatever. Now that I've shaved them though I think I'll wear a short skirt tomorrow. I tell ya, the waxing helps that shit grow back SO SLOW. And when I shave now? I don't get that "JESUS CHRIST IT'S SANDPAPER GET IN THE CAR" feeling. it's more just kinda... soft. I HATE STUBBLE. So this is beneficial to me.

- OH MY GOD I never posted the Sleepy Hollow pix! DUHRRRRR! Maybe I'll do that now. Seems like a bright idear.

If I should die before I wake
Pray no one my soul to take
And if I wake before I die
Rescue me with your smile


Jun. 27th, 2008 02:50 pm
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I am getting my hair trimmed tonight.

Hopefully it won't be like last time.

*cringes at the thought*
picture for reference )


May. 15th, 2008 01:29 pm
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HAHAHAH.. Why does that amuse me.

It makes it curly. Or the weird humidity did that. Something made it curly.


Mar. 27th, 2008 02:51 pm
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Ya know.

I don't have a lot to be conceited about.

But I really love my hair.

And I'm having a decent hair day. It's cause it's humid and my hair responds quite well to humidity, since it's wavy/curly.

It's shiny, it's healthy, I like the colors and it smells nice.

Yay hair.


Mar. 9th, 2008 11:17 pm
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Went to Michele's Bday last night. This is gonna be quick and dirty cause I'm tired. I'm full. I'm coming down with something. We just got home from The Melting Pot *unf*

Barely pix and some vids )


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