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I have to still do Drak'Tharon for some stupid quest thing (oh, two actually), and Violet Hold for a Quest I picked up.

Halls of Lightning too.

Oh, and Pit of Saron.

Anyone wanna do any of these on Tuesday?

Also, I still need to do some Hellfire ones, if anyone has an alt they need to do. I have two of the Trial of the Naaru quests to do (Coilfang, Auchindoun, Shattered Halls.) I like completion, I know I don't have to do them ;-)

Anyone? I'll PUG'em obviously, but I like to run with mah crew.

And in other news, my gear score is over 1700. Wewt. Not bad considering it was a lil' under 1000 a couple weeks ago. heh.
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My gear score is now a respectable (for one who doesn't raid) 1583.

Huzzah. (and a big ass THANK YOU to Jim)

I'm now starting to pick up on some more healer/caster shit so I can dual spec.

I just got Bracers of the Divine Elemental and Robes of the Cheating Heart to add to my Ancient Pickled Egg.


(for those randomly interested, here's my toon, Skye Siobhan.)
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Y'all on for Tuesday night 'roics? Or something? Cause I have a shitton of quests to pop out.


I should prolly update this icon. Seeing as Skye hasn't had blue hair in FOREVER. Went to purple. Now white. I like the white. It's stylish.
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I got my nose RING in. It's not something I can put in through the front, I have to push it in through the inside.

Soooo, I was having issues. It took me forever. Now, after all that, I hope I like it. Getting used to it. Haahahahahaha...

Good god what a pain.

Oh, another achievement, of the WoW kind, I found a Northrend elite rare and KEELED him. Took way too long, and far too many deaths considering how many levels lower than me it was, BUT I DID IT! Got me some cheese!

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Okay, so my day was sorta ballsack.


This kid has me beat. HAHAHA.


May. 8th, 2009 01:30 pm
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Art is sad that LJ is quiet. I am being blamed for that. So without further adieu....

A Post.

- First, Thanks to Sara OH MY GOD BEBE HEDGEHOG!!!

- Secondly, I am sick. Cause I date the human petri dish. He is always sick. He has been sick forever. I can't remember him being 100% well in forever. This last thing he got was bronchitis. After about a week and a half. I finally got it. I have the bronchitis. Great.

- Since Andrew got me sick, he gave me some of his prescribed cough syrup. Which caused the most ACTIVE and STRANGE dreams. Brain go splodey. I slept forever, but I'd been sleeping like shit for the past couple of days, so I am still sorta tired.

- Adding insult to injury, I have a stye too. I haven't gotten one of these in years. My mom used to get them all the effin time. Great. Just great. It's just sore. It's annoying.

- Andrew has Mahjong on his iPhone. I commandeered it for hours last night. AYIEE.

- I broke a score over !00,000 on Bejeweled Blitz the other day. We won't talk about the over abundance of joy this caused me *pathetic*.

- The other night, I actually played and enjoyed WoW for the first time in I can't remember. Woodchuck helped me (carried me) through a bunch of group quests, so I got those out of my log. That and Bill got me into Hegira, and thusly I got to listen to a raid. These guys are a bunch of ballbusters. They're so much fun to listen to. I really get bored if I can't be part of a guild or if my friends are busy. For me it's social networking ;-) If by social I mean sad and networking I mean dorking out.

- I had bellydancing last night. SO MUCH FUN. Savannah is kicking our asses. I really like what she's doing. I might ask for "private lessons" *grins* cause some of the moves I am kind of spastic on and I would like to just make sure I'm doing them right.

- I am hitting maximum fatness. Again. Which is unusual, cause normally I go down in the spring. Then again, I tend to have access to a gym. Grr. Andrew says we're gonna join one soon (perhaps today). Which makes me happy. I just need to stop feeling like veal, and him with heavy fighting, he should have his cardio up more.

- Next week I have doctor crap. Oi.

- Tonight is Star Trek. I am admittedly the least Trekkie person in the world (Btw, Trekkie does not get yelled at by spellchecker), but I am going. Haven movie outings are entertaining.

- I don't know what else I have to say. Still sending out resumes, still not getting much of a response. I called in my last check this week. It said I would get a notification in the mail if I have been approved for an extension. My brain is jelly. The mahjong will help. Heh.

That's all kiddies. I think.

BTW, daytime teevee sucks. Thank goodness for Unsolved Mysteries.
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Not safe for work. ;)
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In this apartment, since it's a multilevel, there is a switch to control when the boiler goes on for the heat (baseboard). I never turn it on. I don't think I had to at ALL last year.

I flipped it on.

Which means when it gets below 65 (what the thermostat is set at, cause it gets FUCKING HOT in here if it's higher), the heat will actually kick on.

It's 25 out. Again. I figure this is as good a time as any. Hell, I felt the need to rock my fleece & satin robe. Chillay.

I knew I had an issue when Juliet curled into a blanket. Not her normal M.O. Heh. Jared heaved all these blankets into a weird tiered looking structure on the couch, and she's sleeping on the middle "step" kind of under part of it. With her facedown in the blanket.

I'd take a picture but whenever she's got her face down, the second I come within focus, she moves.

Little minx. I love her so.

And ew. I have a GROWTH on my face. Yay for pms and stress. Although, for the portion of my skin that isn't supporting this new lesion, the rest of it is baby ass smooth. Yay for Herbalism! I also need more Coalface now that my skin is no longer an angry, cracked, bleeding mess. I wonder if Fresh Farmacy would be worth a go again, since I seem to be able to use Coalface? Hmmm... And I am still loving Ocean Salt. I only really use that once a week though. (btw, I am a TERRIBLE Lushie. I hadn't been to the site in so long, I didn't know they redid it. *hangs head in shame* but I guess that's what happens when you're unemployed and avoiding the reality of not buying shit.) AAAHH!!!! KARMA BATH MELT!!! AAAHHH!!!!!!

OOoh, I'd love to try Lush Lime Smoothie. Or The Strokes, although my hair has been very uncurly and very manageable lately. Hmm. I can't believe I still haven't gotten my hands on a bar of Gentle Lentil. God I fail. Why do they fucking put jasmine in everything with vetivert! *GR* Although, I'd rock this bubble bar, Phoenix cause it's a lot like my BPAL scent, Voodoo. AAHH!! Vetivert without fucking jasmine. Rainbow Worrier... mmm... Vetivert & sandalwood... *humps things* CURSE YOU POVERTY!!!!


ANYRATE. I can't believe how soft my face is. I really can't. I can't get over that this is *MY* skin. Gods bless you, dermatology. <3 <3

BTW, Pooh is coming back.

HA. I was WoWing earlier (torn between BSG & WoW, *shines up geek card*), and I was able to do the "Lebrowski" quests. There's a dwarf who's rug has been... violated. Heh. And you get to hear him rant about it and whatnot. So amusing. They even have a Walt. *grins*

One day I *might* hit 80. I ain't holding my breath. Still 73. Although it's supposed to dump like, 8 inches of fucking snow on us later. Great. Fucking great.

Off to watch Thursday's Grey's Anatomy. And hope my fingers thaw. Like, 2,342 typos in this entry.

[updated lush chart since I have had a change of heart on Coalface]
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I needed this laugh today.

DeepTram Cybering...

Old? Yes. New to me? Yes.
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Okay. Thank you, Roommate, for the APB. I got like, 12 text messages before I checked LJ. Interrupted a nap. Dammit.

Anyrate. Once again, rumors of my death (or disappearance) have been greatly exaggerated. Christ, it's only been like... okay 7 days since my last post. Some people go months and shit, ya know.

- I come home and I don't know why I bother. I swear to god. I've been pretty stress free this whole week, and I come home and there's a Death Knight of unknown origin on my WoW account *glares at roommate*, my mail is all over the place, the floor, etc, the apartment STINKS to high heaven of unwashed cat food cans and litter box, and I have HUNDREDS of dollars of bills (the Town of Tuxedo wants $205 from my ass!!! EW!). And a cancelation notice on something I paid close to a month ago. *rubs temples*

- Amongst that pile of shit, were my unemployment papers. WHAT THE FUCK. I swear to god I need a degree just to read them. And apparently they wanted me to call yesterday. Lovely. So I called today cause apparently that is acceptable. And I don't even know WHAT I called to do. To confirm I got the paperwork? I don't even know. It was the most useless phone call that was ever made. And there's a CLASS I have to go to??? MOTHERFUCKERS. I was employed for 9.5 years. I THINK I KNOW WHAT A JOB IS. OH my god. Anyrate. I think I figured out what I'm getting a week and it's more than tolerable. In fact it's close to what I was making before I got shitcanned cause of the hours they started to cut and the docking for when I was late. Although it'll be less, I'm sure, once taxes get deducted.

*pause* Call from the Momz.

Okay. Where was I?

- If you IM'ed me, I didn't get it. At some point the computer retarded restarted.

- I was down in Maryland if you didn't know. Spending entirely too much time sleeping and having fun. Which is why, I think, when I got my ass back to Jersey I pouted overlymuch. Now that I've talked to my mother some, and figured out some of the unemployment shit and I'm decidedly less hostile. Until I call the bleedin' state tomorrow. *growls*

- I don't think my cat missed me much. :-/ She was just proving a point. She spent a good 20 minutes happily purring in my lap. I feel better.

- Tomorrow I also have to call and cancel my gym membership, since ya know. It's close to the old job and there's no need for me to go there anymore. Besides, it's expensive. I guess I could just show up there as well. Hmm. I'll be right there. Maybe I do that.

- Also going out to lunch with my mother, then to see the damned Twilight movie. I also have to get my thyroid meds. I'm taking some of my last dose, cause it's better than nothing. But just for tomorrow. I missed one today too. I'll survive. It takes longer for that for the bad shit to happen.

- Shit, I just realized I didn't need to delete Jared's Death Knight. Whoops. Good thing there wasn't anything on the toon. Anyrate, I have one now. Her name is Synniskye.

- Goddammit. I have to call my father.

- I need to eat something. *rubs temples*


Oct. 16th, 2008 11:56 am
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So I have to redo my talent tree.

Anyone seen any good feral druid talent trees?

Berserk. DO WANT. Improved Mangle? mmmm... Rend and Tear? OH YES.

I wish I knew what I'd done to my talent tree before they fucking wiped it. Things I don't think of.

Wait, did you hear that?

Somewhere, in the distance, I can hear Jim squealing with delight that I'm paying attention to this again. Heh.


Aug. 26th, 2008 01:34 pm
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Thanks, Scott.

The real race of Azeroth
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- I did my article, "Funeral Agents: Who they are and what they do". Patrick edited a bit. BASTARD. But whatever. The other night, Danny said he wasn't going to bring his ID into the club and I was like, DOOD! You should have that on you cause if you don't and you die, it's harder to identify the body! And he's like "who fucking thinks like that?" Dood. Me. I work with the dead and dying and these are the things I think of.

- I get to go to Buffalo this weekend. Unfortunately the circumstances aren't the greatest, but it is what it is. I wish that meeting my soon to be extended family was under better conditions, but this is life.

- Today I get out at FOUR. *glee* So happy.

- Tonight I have to do laundry *sadness*

- But then I get to see Jim! *GLEE*

- Last night I WoW'ed like a mo' fo'. I'm now exalted with Shattered Sun (wasn't even tryin, booyah dailies) and *thisclose* to Revered with Scryers. I got two new neck pieces too cause of the exalted thing. Sadly that means giving up my Choker of Animalistic Fury, from the ONE SSC run I went on, but oh well.

- I am bored. CONFESS STUFF! IP loggin off. Whatchya hiding from me? ;)

...for the life of me, I cannot remember, what made us think that we were wise and we'd never compromise, for the life of me, I cannot believe, we'd ever die for these sins, we were merely freshmen...


May. 23rd, 2008 01:22 pm
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I am fat.

I had most of my shrimp scampi and then half of my vanilla cheesecake FROM THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!


My bellie did not care for it much though. Wretchedly unhappy thing.

TOnnNiiight I go harass Bill. And tomorrow, against my better judgment it looks like I'm going to go walking through the wilderness. Eew. Me + nature = itchie.


THEN I go home and I nap.

I think I'm going to Q's on Saturday cause it's the last time I'll see JoJo and Ash before they pilgrimage to Shunshine Shtate. *tear*

Bubbles types like she talks when she's wired on caffeine. I adore that fairy.

I just took an energy shot of doooom and hopefully I will be awake.

My punk ass was here ON FUCKING TIME. 8:30. I was *here*. Brian wasn't. BUT I FUCKING WAS. On time. The last three days? Wednesday HERE AT 9:25!!! Thursday, HERE AT 9:35!! and 8:30 TODAY. I pwn. It's hard. I hate traffic.

Today marks the start of our "summer hours" of leaving at 4 on Fridays. Of course we have to take 2 vacation days off our time to do this, but whatever, I'd rather start my weekends earlier.

Spring today? HOLY FUCK is it spring today.

Patrick has his invitations to the wedding. *looks at them* OH MY GOD THEY'RE FUZZY!! The outside envelope that holds the invite looks like a tuxedo sort of, and the "coat" part of it is FUZZY. They're kinda goldish and shiny brown and really nice and OH MY GOD $1500 FOR 150!?!?!?! Yeah. Anne Marie is totally making mine. And there was the CUTEST PAPER on that offbeatbride site. Yeah. Eff that in the A. $1500. Kiss my black ass.

Ooooh. Caffeine is kicking in. *bounces a bit*

So those files I posted pix of the other day, I'm slowly closing them out. It sucks. This week has been so stressful and stupid and busy and I hate my boss. He's totally having issues with his wife (the younger boss) and I don't think that is ANY OF OUR PROBLEMS BUT HIS, however he takes all his personal shit to the office (sometimes literally) and I think that is not helping.

Apparently Mister isn't talking to my aunt. HAHAH... He can't handle her leaving. But he's in Florida now and I don't care. WOOOO.

I am so glad I get out at 4 today. The world would not be able to handle me if I had to sit here till 5.

Goddamn am I full.

For your enjoyment.


May. 16th, 2008 02:55 pm
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The "season finale" of The Guild was posted for all those interested *grins*


May. 16th, 2008 02:05 pm
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This entry brought to you by RANDOMGRRLtm.


- The doctor forgot to order my chicken pox vaccine, but it's not like I'm not there every 6 weeks ANYWAYS. So that'll be done next time. He took mah bloods and OH LOOK NO BRUISE. Fucking asshole vampire of last time. Grrr...

- I have to get some wine for this weekend. It is a wine weekend. OH HAI THAR. Brand new wine store on Route 23. Must... infiltrate...

- Gotta git gas. Fucking shit. $3.60 for A GALLON OF GAS. It's cheaper to pour milk in there. Christ. THAT IS AN IDEA!! You get a car to run on milk and the by product is like, ice cream or butter or something. I AM BRILLIANT.

- 229.0 today. AFFFTER lunch. Go me. ANND there is gymming tonight!! There is also boozing, but whatever. I tried. I tried okay!??!? DON'T JUDGE ME! Hehehe

- I'm like, retardedly exhausted. I have a 5 hour energy shot and I'm not afraid to use it!!! You know, I've never actually given a rimjob, but if I had to guess, I'm thinking those 5 hour energy drinks would taste like one. YES I DO.

- Almost done bleeding. DOUBLE HUZZAH. I hate bleeding, but it's nice to know I'm not pregnant, not that I would be but whatever. *grumblegrumble*

- My aunt is in contract with her house. *SOB* The last of my childhood visual reminders is gone. I'm almost glad to see that house go, but for the one bad memory I have associated with it, I have several good ones. Joey's birthday party will be the last family event at that house and it sort of breaks my heart. Everything must change though, right?

- My boss, Brian, cried when my aunt told him she was leaving June 30th. Patrick decided we should have a going away party for her June 27th. Mister said we should "get our vacations in now, or you aren't getting one." Heidi and I BOTH laughed at him. Our shit is booked for August. If you have to shut down the office for our vacations. GUESS HOW MUCH I FUCKING CARE. It's not like Heidi & I are even taking the same week. Bite me.

- OH SWEET JESUS. Trisha made my aunt for mother's day a book. She ordered it off of (I used to use them as my Photobucket, but then they got all "don't hotlink" and shit on me. But they're still a good photo ordering site) and it was AMAZING. What an awesome book. All pix of Joey and the fam, and stuff and yes, I teared up like a mo' fo' at the pictures of my grandpa holding Joey. *tear* *SIGH*

- I started wondering what is holding me to Jersey. I love this state, I do. We're rude, we're obnoxious, we're next to NYC, we can pick apples, we have seasons (AAAUTUMNNN), and the only thing I don't care for is the snow. But even that isn't horrible if I don't have to drive in it. Why would I *want* to move? But... why would I want to *stay*? I don't know. The only thing here family wise, are: my dad & brother (whom I never see), my mother (who hates life AND I never see) and my cousins, Terry, Maggie & Jason (whom, yes, I never see). And the rest of my extremely spread out second cousins, etc. But. I don't know. Just something I've been thinking about. I could never live too far from NYC though, cause I do love it. And Jared works there. Just thinking "outloud".

- Juliet is being decidedly more adorable in the mornings. She WAILS at my door when she hears my alarm go off so I know that it is time to let her in and have quality calico time. She hangs out in there and runs around on my bed, tries to burrow in my gym bag or something and she just purrs up a storm. I love my quality calico time. :D

- Having another aweeesome hair day. I am going to shower at the gym later and I wonder. Will this end my aweeesome hair day? That placenta/henna shit is pretty great. My hair normally would be fly away and frizzy city in this weather. Curly, but FRIZZAAAY. Not today. Huzzah.

- I need to get my furry little legs waxed. My tattoo is healed (I didn't nearly baby this session like I did the first, I suck. But I moisturized every day so that is something) and I could do it, but I think I'll wait to next week. Like I have much of a choice now. THIS WEEK IS OVER!

- Is it just me or did this week FLY by for anyone else? Individual days DRAGGED ASS but the week flew. Very strange.

- CSI last night was a mindfuck. I TOTALLY CALLED THAT SHIT COMING!! Grey's was awesome too. But I posted about that.

- BTW, the leatherworker / fruit vendor war in Shattrath NEVER EVER EVER ceases to make me laugh. "DOES THIS FRUIT VENDOR NOT VALUE HIS LIFE?!?" "MY ARMY IS COMING FRUIT VENDOR!" "HA! I JUST CRUSHED AN APPLE! IT WON'T BE THE LAST!" hahahaha.. I love it.

- Time for my energy shot.
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- Confess!!

- Mooood swings from HELL today!

- Grey's Anatomy rocked! It was the Grey's of old. :D

- I've paid Jim back 1000 gold of the 2000 gold I borrowed from him for my swift flight form quest. If only paying off ALL debt was so fucking easy!!

- Going to the gym after work today (I didn't go last night cause I forgot my FUCKING BAG AT THE FOOT OF MY BED. Fat lotta good it does me there), then going to FabricLand, since I need to get two spools of black thread for the serger (since they didn't give'em to me last time, WTS?), and trim for my ghawazee coat.

- Then, off to THE SWEATSHOP! Bethany, Draven, are you guys going to join us?

- I forgot to get my stomach pills yesterday, so I'm doing that today at lunch. Good thing I had one left. It's not detrimental if I don't take them right away anyways, but I don't like to risk it :D

- Need.Red.Bull.Nao.

- My coworker is pissing me off. I wonder if she realizes it. Prolly not. I'm moodie and trying to be pleasant and do her shit right away, PUTTING MY SHIT ON THE BACK BURNER, but whatever. I guess no one gives a shit. Ass.

- I am so tired.

Holy shit.

Apr. 6th, 2008 07:12 pm
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This was the biggest bitch EVER.

16 quests of stupid.

Ending in a heroic Sethekk Halls quest. With an added boss to kill.

And we did it. We died a thousand times, I realized that *MAYBE* I should have at some point run a REGULAR Sethekk so I knew what the fuck I was doing and when, and MAYBE I wouldn't have sucked so badly, but whatever. I had the group.

Four druids and a mage (thanks Bill!!!!)

After a lot of time and effort and death and repair bills. I am now.



I can fly at 280% and I have a trinket to make me fly even faster and I am all the druid I can be.

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So, Caro & Bill decided that my ass should be dragged through Tempest Keep and SSC.

Mind you, I haven't even done the FIRST of the end game instances, Kara.

(okay, so Squish one night pulled my toon through Kara, and got me a bunch of nearly useless gear since you know, I'm not a healer, but whatever, it's good to have.)

And get this!!

I DIDN'T FUCK UP! There was really nothing else for me to do. Cause seriously, I was so pitifully undergeared, there was noooo waaaayy I was doing much. I battle rezzed Bill once, so I guess that was the most important thing I did in like, 4 hours.

Anyrate. I didn't think I'd get any lewt. So I portaled out. But then they were all GIT YER ARSE BACK! So I did.

And I got off of Lurker [Choker of Animalistic Fury].


This is so cool.

I am such a lil' newblette. Everyone was being super nice to me cause they knew I was newbtarded. Explaining everything like, 7 times by 5 different people and so I didn't get everyone to wipe. HUZZAH!

I need a better viewing method though. JESUS CHRIST!

Now I need to sleep.

I have a shittastic day at work planned.


Mar. 8th, 2008 02:48 pm
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Easy like Saturday morning.

Keri & Squish, questing in Duskwood ;)


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