Jun. 14th, 2012 01:38 am
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I'm really enjoying the "unsubscribe" feature on Facebook.

That is all.



And I'm getting waxed at 1pm. Oh god.


Jun. 15th, 2011 09:18 pm
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I got a French wax. Basically a Brazillian with an area rug instead of hardwood floors.


Theresa at Structures is AWESOME.


Mar. 19th, 2010 03:45 pm
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I miss getting my legs waxed.



Jul. 19th, 2009 12:58 pm
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I finally got waxed again. Went to a different place, by Skwrl & German Man's house.

That woman was THOROUGH. No stickiness after. WOW. Found a few stray hairs. Eh. Nothing even remotely concerning. I was impressed.

She went a lil' crazy with the bikini line. Guess she didn't want any hair anywhere. HAH.

Yay hairless.


Sep. 25th, 2008 09:33 pm
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Couldn't get the eyelash tinting done. Turns out they only do eyelash extensions and quite frankly, they're long enough! They just are blonde. And I am a brunette. DAMMIT! I wanted to try this.

Had a good gabbing session with Laura, who waxed A TON OF STUFF. Which is good seeing as I don't know how clothed I'll stay tomorrow.

I'm all stickie now. Going to coat myself in Wax Off.

I stole some of the food in the fridge. Sorry Jared, I was HONGRY.

Oh, and I forgot how GOOD flat Mountain Dew was. Noms yo.

Mini meltdown handled. Valium is an amazing drug. Still not "me" but whatever. Now I'm just exhausted from like, crying for four hours. It's amazing what happens when stress & PMS collide.

Also, waxing never phased me before, but when you're on valium? She was seriously DONE and I had no idea. Totally wasn't even paying attention.

Although got outta there late, so I am just handwashing a few things for this weekend. Sucks. I had no time. I should have done it Tuesday. I had some time Tuesday, but it didn't even occur to me. Bah.

Am lame.

I'm also missing Grey's Anatomy. DAMNED LACK OF TEEVEE! See, this is when it's gonna piss me off. Gonna Hulu that shit Monday. Or Tuesday. Depends on if there is karaoke this week. Everyone seems preoccupied.



I'm going to go pack. Or something.


Sep. 24th, 2008 06:08 pm
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I am being a girl.

I am actually going to get my EYELASHES TINTED tomorrow.

I hath been cursed with black body hair everywhere. Except my eyebrows and eyelashes. My eyelashes are rather nice. And long. But you can't see them cause they're a weird ashy fucking blond.

I haven't had *that* hair color since birth. OH MY GOD no, I lie. I dyed it that once and never a more sallow girl have you seen.

So yes. *giggles*

I'm getting my legs waxed and my eyelashes fucking dyed.

I am a freak.

Touch me.
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- Today was like, totally annoying. My boss has a deposition. We NEVER go to court. Hallo. Estates etc. Well, we have to. And Mister is like, BLOWING A GASKET. He gets nervous about not knowing every second of a procedure. So he's nervous. And when he's nervous he doesn't sleep. And when he doesn't sleep he needs caffeine. And when he's over caffeinated I feel the need to BEAT HIM.


He's been oh so delightful to deal with.

*shakes head*

- Anyrate. I posted the karaoke videos. Go watch.

- I tried to take pix of my outfit today, but I sucked at it, however I did get a shot of my hair, so that way when I bitch that it doesn't grow I can see that it has been.

I think it's finally as long as it was before the "hack job". Bonus. I just want it down to my hips. Is that too much to fucking ask. I don't want it longer than that cause I'd just annoy me, but GR!

- I have absolutely NO IDEA what to do for Black Monday. I am just wearing my ghawazee coat. Feck it all.

- Cause I was stressin' today, I took a bath. (Karma Bubble Bar & Honey Bee bath bomb for my Lushies) Which prompted me to shave my legs. I figure I want to get them waxed for MDRF, and I don't feel like being a beast for a month, so whatever. Now that I've shaved them though I think I'll wear a short skirt tomorrow. I tell ya, the waxing helps that shit grow back SO SLOW. And when I shave now? I don't get that "JESUS CHRIST IT'S SANDPAPER GET IN THE CAR" feeling. it's more just kinda... soft. I HATE STUBBLE. So this is beneficial to me.

- OH MY GOD I never posted the Sleepy Hollow pix! DUHRRRRR! Maybe I'll do that now. Seems like a bright idear.

If I should die before I wake
Pray no one my soul to take
And if I wake before I die
Rescue me with your smile

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- Waxing. Yes, have some you furry fucking monkey.

- I am decidedly unsuccessful with the Gellin' phenomena. My arches are high, and I have ones that stick into my shoes, but are only 3/4s of a full foot. Which is fine, except because I have high arches, my right foot makes this armpit fart sound. IT IS GLORIOUS. And I'm putting them in my sandals since those are going to be my primary mode of transport. Unless I find better shoes there. OMGSHOOZ.

- I am literally going to have to take a Valium tonight to go to sleep. I could barely sleep LAST night.

- I folded laundry, redid my sheets and stuff, fluffed my air mattress and finished packing mah shizz. OH MY GOD. I am ready to go. Only thing that needs to go is the bedding which, HEH, we're using.

*pause since Patrick needs help with writing checks*

- Hm. Where was I? OH! My aunt sent me some GORGEOUS roses for my birthday. I will post pix later. She sent them to Heidi too, so I am going to give mine to her when I leave today since I will be leaving TOMORROW! *GLEE*

- I can't wait to go to Pennsic. I CANNOT WAIT. I miss it so much. I miss my friends. This year is going to rock :D

- I had more to say but my brain is on autopilot.
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I'm a furry beast.

I'm getting waxed.

Granted I shaved my legs twice before tattooing, but still.


OOOH and since I'd been waxing so long? It barely caused hard stubble when I *did* shave. So there's a bonus.

I HATE stubble. I love soft and smooth and touchie and mmmm... satiny.


May. 16th, 2008 02:05 pm
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This entry brought to you by RANDOMGRRLtm.


- The doctor forgot to order my chicken pox vaccine, but it's not like I'm not there every 6 weeks ANYWAYS. So that'll be done next time. He took mah bloods and OH LOOK NO BRUISE. Fucking asshole vampire of last time. Grrr...

- I have to get some wine for this weekend. It is a wine weekend. OH HAI THAR. Brand new wine store on Route 23. Must... infiltrate...

- Gotta git gas. Fucking shit. $3.60 for A GALLON OF GAS. It's cheaper to pour milk in there. Christ. THAT IS AN IDEA!! You get a car to run on milk and the by product is like, ice cream or butter or something. I AM BRILLIANT.

- 229.0 today. AFFFTER lunch. Go me. ANND there is gymming tonight!! There is also boozing, but whatever. I tried. I tried okay!??!? DON'T JUDGE ME! Hehehe

- I'm like, retardedly exhausted. I have a 5 hour energy shot and I'm not afraid to use it!!! You know, I've never actually given a rimjob, but if I had to guess, I'm thinking those 5 hour energy drinks would taste like one. YES I DO.

- Almost done bleeding. DOUBLE HUZZAH. I hate bleeding, but it's nice to know I'm not pregnant, not that I would be but whatever. *grumblegrumble*

- My aunt is in contract with her house. *SOB* The last of my childhood visual reminders is gone. I'm almost glad to see that house go, but for the one bad memory I have associated with it, I have several good ones. Joey's birthday party will be the last family event at that house and it sort of breaks my heart. Everything must change though, right?

- My boss, Brian, cried when my aunt told him she was leaving June 30th. Patrick decided we should have a going away party for her June 27th. Mister said we should "get our vacations in now, or you aren't getting one." Heidi and I BOTH laughed at him. Our shit is booked for August. If you have to shut down the office for our vacations. GUESS HOW MUCH I FUCKING CARE. It's not like Heidi & I are even taking the same week. Bite me.

- OH SWEET JESUS. Trisha made my aunt for mother's day a book. She ordered it off of Snapfish.com (I used to use them as my Photobucket, but then they got all "don't hotlink" and shit on me. But they're still a good photo ordering site) and it was AMAZING. What an awesome book. All pix of Joey and the fam, and stuff and yes, I teared up like a mo' fo' at the pictures of my grandpa holding Joey. *tear* *SIGH*

- I started wondering what is holding me to Jersey. I love this state, I do. We're rude, we're obnoxious, we're next to NYC, we can pick apples, we have seasons (AAAUTUMNNN), and the only thing I don't care for is the snow. But even that isn't horrible if I don't have to drive in it. Why would I *want* to move? But... why would I want to *stay*? I don't know. The only thing here family wise, are: my dad & brother (whom I never see), my mother (who hates life AND I never see) and my cousins, Terry, Maggie & Jason (whom, yes, I never see). And the rest of my extremely spread out second cousins, etc. But. I don't know. Just something I've been thinking about. I could never live too far from NYC though, cause I do love it. And Jared works there. Just thinking "outloud".

- Juliet is being decidedly more adorable in the mornings. She WAILS at my door when she hears my alarm go off so I know that it is time to let her in and have quality calico time. She hangs out in there and runs around on my bed, tries to burrow in my gym bag or something and she just purrs up a storm. I love my quality calico time. :D

- Having another aweeesome hair day. I am going to shower at the gym later and I wonder. Will this end my aweeesome hair day? That placenta/henna shit is pretty great. My hair normally would be fly away and frizzy city in this weather. Curly, but FRIZZAAAY. Not today. Huzzah.

- I need to get my furry little legs waxed. My tattoo is healed (I didn't nearly baby this session like I did the first, I suck. But I moisturized every day so that is something) and I could do it, but I think I'll wait to next week. Like I have much of a choice now. THIS WEEK IS OVER!

- Is it just me or did this week FLY by for anyone else? Individual days DRAGGED ASS but the week flew. Very strange.

- CSI last night was a mindfuck. I TOTALLY CALLED THAT SHIT COMING!! Grey's was awesome too. But I posted about that.

- BTW, the leatherworker / fruit vendor war in Shattrath NEVER EVER EVER ceases to make me laugh. "DOES THIS FRUIT VENDOR NOT VALUE HIS LIFE?!?" "MY ARMY IS COMING FRUIT VENDOR!" "HA! I JUST CRUSHED AN APPLE! IT WON'T BE THE LAST!" hahahaha.. I love it.

- Time for my energy shot.


Nov. 13th, 2007 04:13 pm
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I'm finally able to get my legs waxed. I was po' befo'.

But now I can get rid of manliness.

They are so fucking hairy.

I don't know how guys deal.

I do not even know.


Sep. 7th, 2007 03:50 pm
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And I'm getting waxed tonight.

My agenda is as follows:

Get the hell out of work.
Get the hell to the beautician's. Git waxed.
Go home.
Pack for this weekend.
Snuggle a squish for a moment.
Go to the hospital. Visit with the Grandpa. Get there around 7:15ish *crosses fingers*
Go to Chez Warwick.

Collapse into coma.



Jul. 31st, 2007 03:24 pm
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Waxing tonight.

I am a wookie.

*makes wookie noise*

Been a while though. And it's not that dark. Or thick. Or long. Or bad. Yay!
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May. 11th, 2007 08:43 pm
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Waxed. Again.

I don't care for the way she did my eyebrows. I think I'm going to delazy and continue to do them myself. There's no shape this time. Just like... flat on top, flat on bottom. I don't roll like that. I like vampy.


Yar. Waxed. Oh, and note to self. Hold yer chubbie thighs for her or you will get bruised.. like I did this time.



Apr. 6th, 2007 12:41 pm
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I ♥ days off.

Gittin' the legs waxed at 3. I keep typing "Laxed" cause it's like, mah legs + wax.

Today be the last day for confessin' so git while the IP loggin' is off. :)

ETA: WHOA! 2 months since the last time I got this done!? YESSsSSsssss....


Feb. 8th, 2007 08:39 pm
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I got my first bikini wax.

Didn't really hurt.

Which sort of reaffirms my high pain tolerance.

I am, however, convinced that the "less pain" I feel during a waxing, the MORE wax will be left on me after.

I am a stikkeh nikkeh.


OH and I got a pair of silver gypsy hoop earrings! *glee*
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So, Nimisha, the lovely Indian woman who usually waxes mah legs, has foresaken me.

She won't work past 5pm now. I work till 6. *cries* She's also raising her rate from $35 to $40. Okay, fine. $5 whatever.

So, okay, fine. My weekends are sacred to me. So I'm not getting up early for anything but weddings, birth, death and faire.

I need to find a new waxy person. I called THREE salons in the area.

Two of them are charging $60 *jawdrops*

The place where my aunt goes for pedicures is charging $50+. WTF?? $50PLUS?

I asked her what plus meant, and she didn't know. She said it depended on how much you needed done. DUH! THE WHOLE LEG!!


I have an appointment at 6:30 today. Unfortunately for them, I'm wearing inappropriate underwear.

But Sara said, if they're charging me that much for a wax, they deserve to look at my ass.

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My second grey hair.

It's about a centimeter long.

It's also about a centimeter away from my first one.

So far, I'm greying like Lily Munster.

On another hair related issue, I'm getting waxed tomorrow.

Totally not in the mood, but I have to get rid of this hair.

It grows back so fine and sparse. Well, for me.

*makes wookie noise*


Oct. 27th, 2006 11:16 am
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I need to type.

I'm so wired right now. Fucking Red Bull.

I keep making all these typos. I should just leave them in. THen you can see how jittery i am.


Okay, so tonight, i need to get my legs waxed cause I'm furry like WHOAA! and it needs to be done.

Uhm... so yeah, and at lunchtime i'm gonna get some of those velcro roller thingies cause I got my costume last night (yes, I bought it *bows head in shame) at the costume store that doesn't suck.

So, I'm going to be a goddess, I need some like, long flowing locks and whatnot.

So, curlers it is. Oh, shit. Hair spray too I suppose.


So I'm going to CVS at lunchtime to get mah pills which I have SORELY neglected picking up and I took my last one today and I NEED that thyroid to work, so pills it is. GTonna get'em at lunch.

I hate leaving these typos behind.

Anyrate, I'm not doing as bad as I thought I would with the typing. Hmm.

I rock.

SO right, I need to go to CVS. Curlers and pills, Curlers and pills.

Oh, and hairspray. I have spray gel, I think I might use that. I hate hairspray. Tiz da debbil.


I need food too.

So tonight, I'm going to do NOTHING. but clearly hover. Uhm. I mean, I'm going to wcatch up on a weeks' worth of the tee vee.

And cuddle the boyf. I love him.


Yeah. Time to go.



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