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- Seriously. I don't know what's going on lately. Like, how many people do not fucking know their address. Or their phone number. Help me get food to you.

People are angry and cranky and lazy and without energy and just in general full of harumph. And occasionally I am one of them.

- School is sucking my soul away, and I have been busting my ass for mediocre grades. VERY mediocre grades.

Psych of Aging: 77
Abnormal Psych: 81 (not that she's given us grades for our journal entries)
Latin: 88

What in the fresh hell is going on? I feel like I study all the time. But I don't seem to retain anything? I don't know. It's all so frustrating. And I love that I am doing the best in Latin, which is the class I feel the most lost in. Although apparently some of that shit is sticking to the wall.

All I know is that I miss just reading for fun. Or not trying to source through PsychInfo or anything. I'm just. I'm tired.

- I feel like I'm constantly doing dishes. At home and at work. My hands and nails look terrible. They look so old. Maybe I am just getting old and not used to noticing.

- I do adore my new sanctuary though. It's nice to have somewhere TO study. The room came together well. I did some cleaning and organizing of the dining room as well. Unfortunately I need a time where Erica has time and energy and I am actually home so that we can reorganize the shelves the right way. Erica has the most professional kitchen experience, having gone to school and all, so I would appreciate her direction.

- My cat just turned 15. She is old and sassy and adorable. Apparently Dale got her to hiss the other day when she was in her little kittie condo (also known as her harassment tube) cause she was in the moment. Andrew still hasn't heard her hiss. Right now she is HOWLING through the halls. Again. With her little jingly lion in her mouth. Heh.

- Not going to Pennsic this year. Going to Portugal and Spain! I still don't know Portuguese and my Spanish is weak at best. SHOULD BE AWESOME. Heh.

- Our store got inspected today. We got 3 stars out of 5. For things like... road dust on the outside windowsill (we once got inspected an HOUR after it was cleaned, and it still wasn't clean enough. IDFK.)... Andrew's pants weren't black enough (that shit is racist)... Our safe not being time locked, even though it is a weird time sensitive safe... our walls aren't white enough... Tiffany apologizing in a customer role play, but forgetting to actually say the words "I'm sorry"... yeah. Shit like that. MAKES ME CRAZY. We have 30 days of freedom though. That mostly means we break down the makeline earlier. And paint our nails colors. Wewt.

- Both of Andrew's birthday parties went off quite well. I adore him.

- CAT. WHY ARE YOU HOWLING. Alright, Andrew is combing her now. She has ceased to yowl.

- Anyrate. I had other shit to write, but I forgot. I still need to put Florida pix up. Ooopsies.
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The Caribbean. Srsly. I don't have my pix of Steph & Tim's wedding online, but here are some from when I went with Tami (who, should be there now, if not soon!!) to Grand Cayman Island.

Last ones!!

Jul. 9th, 2007 11:50 am
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Of Grand Cayman that is. I did go to a wedding this weekend, so those are next.

Mmmm... Sweet Dreams and Breakfast in Bed... )

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Yep. )

I took video of the ocean. Cause. I COULD. And it was gorgeous.

Okies. Dat's all. FOR NOW. Next post will be Bed and home :)
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Of being told to go there, Tami & I figured out how to get to Hell. All it took was $2ci and a funnie bus driver named Turley. So there was a bus. I was not driving it. No handbasket.

HELL!!!! )

More coming. There are like, 250 pix. Heh.
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No. No one really did.

BUT!!! There are many. So it will be several posts. :)

Starting with this one.

You know it'll be a good trip when it starts out with a double rainbow.


More to come later. That's just the start :) There are a tons more enviro shots and stuff. :) Hell to come soon!


Jul. 1st, 2007 06:16 pm
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I fell asleep in the sun.

And the backs of my legs got sunburnt.

Not like. Horrible. I'm sitting cross legged with a lap top on my legs. So nothing scary. But enough for me to go "Damn. I am warm."


Going to "Bed" for dinner. Looks tastie. I think we're having the red snapper in bed. *mwahahahahha*

OOohh.. Almost sunset time!! NEED MORE PEEEKTURES!!!

TOTAAALLY dropped my camera before. Just a wee bit scratched. I got lucky. I was spastic today.

I was playing with fishies earlier. They were chasing my toes. It was so neat. I highly recommend this place.

If I ever win some mad money, I'm going to buy a place down here. Everyone speaks English cause most people are Canadian (HAPPY CANADA DAAAYYY!) and it rocks. Everyone is pretty friendly too and this is the *off* season. Gotta lurve it.

Anyrate. Yes. Sunset time. :D :D :D
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So, we continuously hijack Uncle Lenny's lap top. He's mega spiffie. Letting us crash here. Do whatever.

So. It's been a drunken fun time. Spending too much time at the swim up bar. I think my freckles are multiplying and merging.

*glances at shoulders*


So. Uncle Lenny took us out for some *awesome* steak. And of course lunch when we got here. He's funnie. Kinda dry and sarcastic, but honest. So I'm digging the humor factor. He lets us do whatever. Showed us where all the good stuff is. Which, rocks.

We went to Hell yesterday. We had the awesomest bus driver ever. Turley Ebanks. He was a RIOT. For 2ci we got a tour of the island and all the fun stuffs told to us in an jovial islander accent.

Last night, we got a bit, ehrm. Friendly with the pool bar. So, we haven't done much today. Got pedicures.

*wiggles toes*

Mine are an obnoxious Caribbean blue iradescent color. *mwahhaha* Tami got a nice copper sorta color.

Then we went out to dinner at Fidel Murphy's. The logo is *priceless*. It's a picture of Fidel Castro but like, all Irished out. Holding a corn cob pipe. *snort*

So. Uhm.

There are lizards everywhere. These lil' curled tailed lizards. SO FRIGGIN CUTE.

Crabs are making holes all over the dirt. They're chicken shits. Snails are pretty prevailant too. I've seen a couple frogs too.

The beach is still like I remember it. All broken coral and rough on the feets. But, they say if we walk down the beach about 6 minutes there's a redone beach that you can actually walk on... lol... sure is pretty though.

So. I read the rest of the book I was finishing, and the first in the Dark Tower series. They get better, right? This one was so tedious and confusing. Blarg. I'm currently borrowing from Uncle Lenny's collection "Everything is Illuminated" by Jonathan Safran Foer. It's interesting.

OH MY GOD Showgirls is on. I haven't seen this movie in forever. I never realized they played "Vision Thing" on the radio in the beginning of the movie.

Mad crazy.

Anyrate. Tomorrow looks like more pools. Or perhaps a trip 6 minutes north. :) Check out that refinished beach the Marriot is boasting. *grins*

I miss mah Squish like crazy. And mah kitties. But, Tami & I are having a blastie blast.

Oh. *giggles* We totally housed a bottle of Dom Perignon. However you spell that ritzie shit. Was nice and smooth. Life is crazy, man.


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