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Today I:

- cleaned off the back porch. That entailed: removing a water damaged trunk & going through the spider infested thing; sweeping; moving shit belonging to ALEX who hasn't lived here in months; throwing random shit out, because the way of this house is "I don't need to clean up after myself. Someone else will do it!"; sweeping; cleaning spider nests off chairs; sweeping. Ya know.

- cleaned the windows of the porch. It's where everyone smokes. *GAG*

- got Dale to help me drag my trunk to the dump. And ya know. Show me where the eff the dump was.

- got my emissions done. (passed, duh. Car is 2 years old.)

- fed Dale Rita's, cause he'd never had it.

- Sewed a curtain for our bedroom window out of the fabric we've had hanging by Acco clips for 3 years.

- And now. NOW I SHOWER! *glee*

Then to the Baronial At Home. Mmm. Hot dogs.


Oct. 1st, 2011 01:35 am
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I have nothing to say! Isn't that fantastic!

Wait. I'm pissed at FB. *kicks it*

Grey's Anatomy is good.

Andrew & I have been super affectionate and having awesome sexy times lately. I LOVE THAT!

Work was FUCKING IRRITATING today. But like, tolerable. People, KNOW WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU CALL SOMEONE. Fucking swear.

Mosquitoes are OFF THE HOOK here. SO ITCHIE.

Tomorrow (today!) is John & MaryBeth's wedding! DRINKS ALL AROUND! Also tis the wifey's opening for her art show. HUZZAH!!

My cat is on the crack. I love her.

Roommates are good. No shanking.

Andrew actually bought the card for the wedding tomorrow. UNPROMPTED. Just cause he was at the store! I nearly passed out from shock!

Also, he's been dabbling with his cooking fu. I'm getting fat. FatTER. :D It's okay, it's out of love.

So itchie.

I actually have a Halloween costume planned. I need to sew it up. YAAAY!

Ramble on. SING MAH SONG.


Mar. 29th, 2009 04:10 pm
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- The 24th marked the 10th anniversary of my grandmother's death, but, more happily, the 11th birthday of my JUJU BEE. I love you, Juliet.

- I cannot stop sneezing. I think it's the tree sex. I woke up this morning and my throat was sore and I have sneezed PRETTY much nonstop since. Fuckers.

- I had a fannnntastic time with my Hedgies this weekend. Amanda, Gene, Savannah & Big Alex came up and we went to Mudthawr. Jim stayed over too. It was TONS of fun. Gene got beat like a baby seal. Saw nifty things. I got an AWESOME basket. It's for feasting. It has two wine holders, and a covered compartment for foods. It's got one of the ugliest cloth patterns inside (very 70s, like, cut limes and lemons) and it's so ugly that I think I like it. Got to see mah Katrina and a lot of other people :D :D Twas cool. Excellent job, Owynn!

- While watching Tropic Thunder last night, Savannah & I cleaned my damned Medieval Moccasins. They had been caked in mud since we went to MD faire. Was gross. They're black again. It's amazing. I still need to resole the bottoms better. After we cleaned them, I put them on and was like "vat is dees lump?" and found out there was still quite a bit of mud between the sole and the shoe. Ew.

- I am watching Juliet bath. She's so zen. I love that cat so much.

- I got woken up this morning by a Firenze bath. Kinda like "Lady. You feed me. Those others with the thumbs out there? They don't realize. Feed me. *licklicklicklick*". Fuzzbutt is the only cat who really licks me. She's a riot.

- My face. Is sneezie. Zyrrteecc kicckkk innn...

- I am also sleepie. We went to Topps Diner and now I'm fat. *urp*

- Oh, I got a call from my oral surgeon, since I totally forgot about the appointment last Friday, whooops. Apparently I had a neuroma. He was like "do you bite your lips often?" HAHAHA. Yes. All the time. They can occur near scar tissue too, and it was right where my last mucocele was. So chances were, I bit the healing scar. I am not surprised. After he removed it though, I suddenly have a LOT more feeling back in that part of my lip. (after the mucocele was removed, I had nerve damage, something they tell you can happen.) I can now tell where the edge of my lip is and where my chin begins. Makes putting on chapstick & lipstick easier again. Ha. :)

And for all you naysayers, I am in NJ for a while. Schedule is as follows:

3/30 - Monday - NJ. Up to Wayne for a deposit & an oil change.
3/31 - Tuesday - NJ. Go to NY for D&D.
4/1 - Wednesday - NJ
4/2 - Thursday - Chill with De, Grey's date with Ammre, NJ
4/3 - Friday - NJ
4/4 - Saturday - Party at a friend's.
4/5 - Sunday - Recover? NJ
4/6 - Monday - NJ
4/7 - Tuesday - NJ, then to NY for D&D at night.
4/8 - Wednesday - MD travelin'
4/9 - Thursday - MD
4/10 - Friday - MD, then Virhinya.
4/11 - Saturday - Virginnie, Bottlin' the beer we made.
4/12 - Sunday - Virginnie, Easter. Then back up to MD?
4/13 - Monday - MD
4/14 - Tuesday - NJ, then NY to D&D at night.
4/15 - Wednesday - NJ
4/16 - Thursday - NJ
4/17 - Friday - NJ/NY - Squeezing my fat ass into pretty bridal dresses
4/18 - Saturday - NJ
4/19 - Sunday - NJ (oh, my mother's anniversary. Joy. Rapture.)
4/20 - Monday - NJ
4/21 - Tuesday - NJ/NY for D&D At night
4/22 - Wednesday - NJ
4/23 - Thursday - NJ
4/24 - Friday - NJ Deanne & Teenoo's bday.
4/25 - Saturday - Partay.
4/26 - Sunday - Recovery. NJ
4/27 - Monday - NJ
4/28 - Tuesday - NJ/NY for D&D at night
4/29 - Wednesday - MD?

So I am home. See.


Mar. 16th, 2009 02:52 pm
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Real updatings!

- So Friday I had that thing removed from my lip. And from the subsequent pain caused adrenaline rush, I cleaned my apartment like a mo' fo'. It needed it. Then, I was exhausted, but I went to Steph & Tim's to continue to help Draven & Steph paint and whatnot. By the time I left, the bedroom was looking pretty good. The house is prolly done by now, in hearing what the girls planned on doing while I wasn't there. I began to read Tucker Max. Laughed so hard, it hurt. Literally, my stitches were pulling. Samm arrived at my house for crash space. I passed out.

- Saturday! Waited for my boyfriend to show up. In that time I read more of the Tucker Max book, got keys made, even though one was botched, went and did some grocery shopping and started cooking some food. I was domestic. When Andrew got here, Juliet JUMPED onto the couch to greet him. WHAT THE FUCK CAT?? She's such a traitor. She doesn't do that to me, but I don't spend at least a half hour of my day brushing her like he does. LOL. Anyrate, we ate, and then bolted to Warwick for some drinking. Turns out we're all getting old, and barely did any shots and only one round of Car Bombs that I remember, and had some sillieness. It was a lot of good times though. I heart mah crew. Andrew was well received. I was pleased and relieved. :)

- Sunday! Woke up and was sluggish to function. Hung out with the boys for a bit, then got our asses back to my place. Showered & drove into NYC. Cause mass transit wanted way long, and I wasn't sure we'd catch that first bus. Went to the American Museum of Natural History cause Kat works there, and she had passes for us to see some new exhibit on the sun. It was cool. Hung out with Rev for a bit too and watched the thing. I likes the planetarium cause it's neat. The exhibit was sorta like being stuck in an old school screen saver with stars flashing at ya. Then we got to the parking garage ONE MINUTE after 2 hours, so it cost $40. Fuckers. Anyrate. We got out of the the city, and I dragged Andrew to my favorite pizzeria and we got a garlic pie. OMFG. So good. Took half the pie home and we got ice cream. Cause we're fat kids. Saw Jared! He's got a fantastic mustache going on right now, but I think he got it shaved off today. Heh.

- Today! Woke up STUPID late. Did not care. Boy was cuddly. Got up at 8 to pee though, and the Juliet wanted in the room like WHOA. Talking and dancing by the door. So I let her in and she JUMPS on Andrew and is all doing the happy dance on him. Who is this cat?? After we wake up for good, I reheat the pizza on my pizza stone and we nom. Eventually, my boy left. *tear* But I will see him Wednesday. Sorta. He has finals this week so he's gonna be hauled up studying whilest I do other things.

- In random news. My uterus is killing me. But unlike last month, I have a period. (Antibiotics made that not happen last month. I peed on a stick.) BUT THE CRAMPS. I am threatening to take a fucking percocet. I'll be fine, then I'll inhale or something and my entire abdomen will seize. Awesome. And my face still hurts. My stitches haven't loosened up so they're still in there, and cause they cut my face I ended up with one of those mouth ulcer things and it hurts. Ow. One of those with two stitches through it. My life is awesome. Peroxyl is my bestest buddy.

- I think I'm gonna go back to reading Tucker Max. Cause even though it hurts to laugh, him being an asshole distracts from the pain.
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Posting things of substance.


- I made a leather dice cup with bloodwood dice. Apparently the dust of the wood is a carcinogen. WOO! I'm glad that I only sanded and dremmeled them. *shakes head* At least I don't work with it on a normal basis. This is so we can play period dice games. Awesome. We waxed our dice cups so they got good and hard (kinkie) and they're actually water proof and you can drink out of them. I'm excited to use them!! My bloodwood dice, now that they're stained, are such a gorgeous dark color. I colored in the dice markers with gold paint. It is hot.... So secksie.

- Tomorrow is the last day of antibiotics for my stupid tooth. A LOT of the gas went away, but there is *still* something up there. WTS. And these antibiotics, Clindamycin? SUCK. Suck suck suck. They gave me heartburn that lasted for a fucking DAY. And they've given me a bit of a yeast infection (maybe my 3rd ever?) AND my stomach is all fucked up cause of them. I am SOOO over taking them. I've been really anal about taking them when I'm supposed to cause I want them over and fucking done with.

- Also tomorrow, I am going to see Coraline with Gene & Amanda. Funnie note, I have always liked the name Coraline as a middle name for a girl, if I spawned forth a female child. My grandmother's name was Cora. I have a feeling now that it might get popular. So I might do something like Koraline, Koralynn, or Coralynn instead. We'll see. I have a feeling I have some years to decide this. Heheh..

- I have gotten sucked back into the world of Magic The Gathering again. Motherfucker. Luckily Andrew seems to have more cards than any individual should, so I can borrow some of his. Mr. Michael Southers held a class the other day for newbies on the new expansion deck, Conflux, and I am 2 for 2. Woo. I should quit while I'm ahead ;-)

- Tuesday is D&D. Wednesday is the rest of my root canal. Thursday is face frying. Friday I'm dragging The Jew down to Maryland with me.

- I have NO idea what to get my damned boyfriend for Valentine's Day. Nice to see some things never change. I'm happy in the knowledge that he has NO IDEA what to get me. *grins* I got him a monogrammed flask for his birthday. That went over well. :D

- Last night, Pippi took Andrew & myself out to Spellbound in DC. It's cute! They play a lot of different mixes than Q's. Same songs, just different mixes. I'm gonna have to drag them out to Q's sometime. I will organize an outting for this. Prolly on a Saturday. Keep a look out. :)

- My mother is apparently somewhere in Virginia according to my Aunt Dawn. *shakes head* I don't know what the hell is going on this time. She doesn't return my messages. That woman is on crack.

That's all for right now. I have to pee.


Jan. 2nd, 2009 01:10 am
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I'm kind of ballsack on updating.

I guess a lot has been going on. Heh.

So I came down to MD *hmmm* right before Christmas. Went to Virginia for Giftmas.

Been spending stupid amounts of time at the Haven. Yayness. I've become very addicted to this game called Bananagrams. Heh.

Have had a full house here. Skwrl, Draven, and Connor have been here for a few days, and then Tim arrived yesterday. Happy birthday Timmay!!! Hehehe...

New Year's was lots of fun. Partied at the Haven, the headed to Andrew's friends' Chris & Justin's parents house (everyone follow that? LOL). Played another trivia game, and Team Puzzle (my team) was robbed, yo. Had a ton of puzzle fun :) Goot food and whatnot.

Headed on back to the Haven, got good and buzzed. Had a good partay. Unfortunately, earlier in the day we'd lost power here at the house. Just this block. Windy like WHOA. Some lines got removed, I suppose. But since it was New Years Eve, all the electric people were off work. Awesome.

So it was FUCKING COLD and DARK. lol... Then we walked from the Haven back into the house. It was 50 degrees. SO MUCH FUN to sleep that way. The electric popped back on around *glances at watch* 6am. At that point, the sheet, comforter, blanket, and cloak on us got a WEEEEE bit warm. LOL... it's nice to have the electrix again though.

So that, coupled with the money being sent to me finally, life is going okay.

OOOH! Rich! Any word on my computer? Andrew got me a portable harddrive for Giftmas, so anything I can salvage, I wanna throw on there. Iffen at all possible.

From my stress levels, I've gotten those goddamned mouth ulcers again. *flips them off* That's been fun and agonizing. Yay Peroxyl.

Anyrate. I should go back to watching House. Steph has like, a million episodes of it, and so we're all huddled around the kitchen table, watching, while Connor has the huge teevee playing Wii.

Something not quite right about this. ;-)

Toodles chillens.


Dec. 25th, 2008 12:15 am
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I hate Macs.

LJ just ate an entry cause Mac hates me. LOL

Oh well.

It was this deep stupid thing.

To sum it up.

- Pheasants. You should fly. Not die by the car in front of me. Yay Darwinism.

- Kids. They make Giftmas. Srsly. My nephew was the cutest thing ever. The first gift he opened was some little toy playground thing, and he couldn't get enough. Then he got a thousand trucks that are loud. He loves them so much. I have video of him dancing with the animatronic penguins my uncle has on the fireplace. THAT is what I wanted for Christmas.

- Real family doesn't care if you can't gift back. I am covered in fleece and have enough of it to keep my tush warm for ages (I am currently rocking fleecie pjs that have polar bears and snowflakes. DON'T JUDGE ME. I love my pjs). That and I think my cousin & aunt bought out Bath and Body Works. I guess word has gotten out that I like soap.

- I have gained A TON of weight. Granted after eating the world's largest meals today and the fact that I'm bloated enough to float across the pond, whatever.

- HDTV is pretty.

- Salvatore & I have a lot more to talk about than we ever used to. He got me a movie, too. "The Orphanage".

- Carnivale still roxxors. I could still cry. *LE SIGH*

- I have some awesome friends.

- My boyfriend rocks for letting me borrow his GPS again to get down to Virginnie. Well, he rocks for several reasons, but GODDAMN is that thing handy.

- Churches still don't fall down when I walk into them. I pulled into my aunt's as Trish was picking up my aunt to go to church. I did the change / make up in the car thing on the way to the church. The children's message was *adorable*. This guy pretended he had a camel, and acted pretty well. I was entertained. The kidlings loved it.

- Random rum & cokes while talking way too much still rock. I love drinking around my Pennsic table. <3

- Driving 3.5 hours to see people you live an hour from is sort of funnie.

- It's only a lil' after midnight, but I'm bleeding tired.



Dec. 17th, 2008 03:38 am
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So I was thinking about an ULTIMATE wishlist for mahself. I encourage others to join in. Some of them seem perfectly reasonable, but for obvious reasons, they're not for me. But a girl can dream.

Things I'd love to have before I die:

- A sweet laptop.

Unfortunately, I'd need a usb mouse cause I hate those touch pads. But it'd be nice. Maybe if I get a nice job where I can justify it, other than my need to be in constant contact. OOH! And I could play WoW on it! That'd be neat. I'd need a good bag for it too. *teehee*

- A portable harddrive.

A biggun. And sturdy. Not one of those jobbies that when it falls it dies. Cause I have my soul's worth of music and pictures OH and videos on this computer and I would hate to lose any of them. I try to upload as much as I can, but life would be so much easier if I had one.


*giggles* Obviously. I'm so tired of working to pay off bills. Seriously, my "personal" debt is only about $4,400. My car loan will soon be under $2000. My credit card is about $2400. The rest of the shitstorm is hospital and dental bills. Mostly that dental bill. I keep paying him down, but dammit. I keep having to do shit to my teeth. AND I LIKE HAVING TEETH. I don't get cavities. I get root canals. *gr* So I owe the dentist about $3000 and the hospital about $2500. Which doesn't make sense, seeing as I've paid off some of that stuff and it is still the amount of the deductible. Ew. *sigh* I don't think my xrays counted on insurance.

- A GPS.

Seriously, today I got stuck in such ballsack of traffic and all I could think of was "if I knew this area better, I could back street this shit. Or if I had a GPS". And, those are totally not the first and sadly not the last times, those words will be thought of. I know it.

- A fancy teevee....

I like my teevee just fine, there's really nothing wrong with it, although I have my suspicions that one of the brightness tubes is going. But those new ones show everything so sharply. I love clarity. It comes from being mildly blind with bad eyesight. You should see me in Best Buy by the teevees. It's pathetic. Jim & I once went to Electronics Depot and I fell into a trance watching Jurassic Park on one of their super neat teevees.

- ... Blu-Ray disc player.

Well, to go with the shiny new teevee. DUH. Goes with the clarity. When I was over Anne Marie's I was *blooown* away on how sharp everything was. I was reminded of this when I went to my aunt's and was watching the Food Network in HD. *drool* *giggles*

- A house!

Of course. Hallo. And in this economy it would be such an awesome investment, but alas. I have no job and no money. But I've never had my OWN place. I've lived in houses before, but none of them were *mine*. Grandparents' houses usually. But apartment living is what I've had my entire life. 10 years of it was in a garden apartment, and that was okay. But how cool to live in a house. With a basement. STORAGE SPACE! *cries* I'm so tired of living with the stuff I don't need to see every day. My world is cluttered and messie because of it. I don't NEED to see my air conditioners every day during the winter. There is no need. But I have no where to put them. It's really kind of annoying. For I hate living like this. I'm tired of looking like I live in den of filth. But, it's hard when your world is constantly in your face. CLOSETS! The house must have closets and a basement. OH MY GOD and a washer & dryer. *sigh*

- Car?

I like my car. I really do. But I would totally get her overhauled. Fix her interior a bit (carpet issues, and sillie things, like blown fuses). Fix her exterior (living in the ghetto has not been kind to mah Gracie). I do need to buy new windshield wipers though. I found out today how piss poor they are in the ice. Maybe they've always been like that. I know they sucked, but ugh. Couldn't even read the license plate in front of me they were so bad. Doesn't help the night blindness. But yes. I like my car, I'd just baby her. I even like her color. (Grace is a goldish Altima, for those of you not in the know

- Kittie condo of DOOM.

If I have this house, I need a playroom for my kids. Enter kittie condo. I don't have the space or money for one right now, but I think the kids would love it. They love the sillie little one they have. So I can't imagine they wouldn't like a big one. I guess that's not really for me so much. But still. *smooshes Juliet*

- Storage.

I am cluttered with papers and DVDs and CDs and electronic wires and everything. I would *LOVE* for everything to be orderly. One day, I want to be able to go to the Container Store or Bed Bath & Beyond or Walmart and just ABUSE their organization systems. *dreams* Most things in their place and out of the way and uncluttered? God that would rock. Why are storagy things so fucking much money??

- A new bed frame.

Right now I just have one of those sillie "I'm just a frame" things going on. I'd love to have a real bed. I always wanted a sleigh bed or some variation thereof. I grew up with canopies, so I don't think I'd want that, but maybe just the poles. Those are nice. I mean, I have my makeshift curtain set right now, but honestly, I can't keep those down cause a certain tabby cat is slightly obsessed with thumb tacks and yanks down the curtains. I would also like new bedroom furniture. The white furniture in my bedroom is... oh this is embarassing. It's 22 years old? Something like that. I like my paint jobs on the drawers, but, eh. whatever. The wood stuff is even older, but it was Alan's family's stuff. All my furniture has been hand me downs... that being said...


Dood. I love the CODIS couch as much as the rest of y'all, but jesus. It's falling apart, cat clawed to fuck, and there was that whole incedent with Ryan's ass going through a wall to move in the big couch. I would love REAL furniture. And my computer desk, while a perfect size, is held together by a prayer and some L brackets. *sigh*

- An XBox360

They're fun. And you can Netflix on them. And play Catan. It's starting to win me over.

This is getting long. But there. A wishlist. Let's see yours!


Dec. 15th, 2008 03:03 pm
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I don't post for a week, and NOT ONE A.P.B. *sniffles*

Prolly cause I've been commenting like a mo' fo'.

*interjection* I just got this email from Bubbles:

Dear Nikkeh,
The internet misses you.

That is all.

I feel better.

OH HAI THAR. I just realized the date. December 15th. Would have been my parent's 29th anniversary. It was on this date about 16 years ago I realized I was a bastard. We were in the car and she's like "oh hai thar, it would have been your father's & my anniversary today". I, not being a complete dullard, thought my mother was shotgunning it down the aisle.

She was adamant. No no no. Not shotguns. "MOTHER! I ARE NOT STOOPIDZ! I CAN HAS MATH!" Then she kindly mentioned I was 6 months old and at the reception. Ha.

So anytime she tries to blame me (comedically) for marrying my father, I say "*I* had nothing to do with it! *I* was already here! What's with the marriage?!!" heh.

Anyrate. I blame Shira. Survey of depressingness, here we come.

2008 can lick my brown eye. )

Tonight I am supposedly taking my father grocery shopping. ALLEDGEDLY. We shall see.

I have showered. Woo. I think it's time for WoW or Sudoku. Hmm. Maybe a movie? Hmm... I still have a disc of BSG to get through. But I have to wait for Season 3 since someone else has it. LE SIGH.

Perhaps I should put clothes on. Hmm.

Oh, I watched 13th Warrior from start to finish last night (I've seen most of the movie, just in chunks, but Jared owns it, so wth). And I saw Stepbrothers. Good god. I figured out why I want to shiv Will Farrel. He looks like a less bald version of my old boss.

I think I'm done with this epileptic entry so far.


Oct. 28th, 2008 02:14 am
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Quick things. I got a text from Nix today making sure I was alive. Then I realized it'd been a few days since I posted.


Anyrate. Your not-so-brief, exhausted version of.... Things.

- Did my finances, and figured out I couldn't hit up PARF this year. Which saddens me. But I did get a concert call during Scotland Depraved from Kim so it made me squee.

- But due to my lovely connections in Maryland, I was able to go hang out with some of my Hedgies this weekend. Wonderful and delightful, and I can't wait to do it again next weekend. This past weekend was really one of the most relaxing I've had in.... I don't even fucking know. I met a ton of fantastic people, nearly won a $25 Amazon gift card in a trivia game (curse you second place!! *shakes fist*), and watched a self proclaimed bisexual man dressed as Katomari collapse 3 times in hysterics when I offered to let him touch my cleavage.

- Part of relaxing entailed reading. I read so much I got a headache. I'm partway through the fourth Twilight book. I have decided they are brain candy. There is nothing nutritional about them, but damn are they tasty. They're a lot of fun. At first I thought they were angsty, but then I recalled the last few Harry Potter books and realized they weren't even close. LOL :) Ahh, high school.

- I'm doing okay. I swear. I just have a weird headspace every so often. I think that's allowed. Besides, I'm bleeding. Nothing I say or feel is right.

- I went to Walmart for FUCKING TWO HOURS tonight. My father called me, sounding... I don't want to say desparate. But more like a man who knows he should swallow his pride and ask his kid for help as much as he didn't want to. So he called me. See, my dad has a car, he just has no license. He's working on getting it back (fines and whatever that built up over forever), but he FINALLY broke up with Cookie and he & Lorenzo got a new apartment. It's actually rather nice. And Lorenzo has AIM now, so hopefully I can keep up with him more. (He got suspended. Again. For mouthing off. Again. Almost 13, will he live to see it?? *shakes head*) My dad is trying to do the right thing for once in his life. Far be it from me to hinder that.

So I told him I was free tonight. And I spent too long in Walmart. He had to basically start lots of things over from scratch. He dropped about $520. AT WALMART. Real world dollars that was about $1000. He did everything from food shopping to furniture. It was impressive really. Impressive I got everything in my bleedin' car.

Then he took us out for dinner. He also gave me almost a tank of gas, and a belated gift from whenever (birthday/christmas/whatever - $50 at B&N, woo!). If he said thank you once, he said it 10 times.

He's trying. It's a lot more than I can say for some people.

- I still haven't watched last week's Grey's Anatomy, but I finally watched last week's Heroes. I will watch both shows tomorrow.

- Work sucks my left ovary. But, thank the gods Patrick is back. Mister is crankier than ever. Brian is scatterbrained. I don't understand what's going on. I'm trying to teach Richele how to be psychic to Mister's brain, and she's a lil' tweaked. That and she hasn't gotten the translator installed into her head to read his handwriting. Makes me feel like I'm doing something, teaching her and translating at least. Woo.

- Finally watched 27 Dresses. Epitome of chick flick. I think Jared's balls crawled up inside of him at some point.

- Obtained from Wally World a few mesh rack things. I'm organizing my lack of cabinet space better. I'm tired of feeling like everything is falling on me if I open a cabinet. My life is so sloppie. I'm beginning to grow weary of it.

- It turns out, Ethiopian food is not my favorite. Why is everything so spicy? I don't get the fad. I don't. To me it is not flavor. It is just pain. I can't taste anything, but pain. OH, not true. The first bite sometimes is good. Then the pain. I wish I wasn't sensitive to this. It limits food options and everyone else seems to have fun setting their mouths and guts aflame.

- If I hadn't been waylaid by my father, I was going to hunt down a hair dresser and get my hair cut. So this shall be tomorrow's mission. It is disgusting. The ends look so frayed. Terrible. At least it is glossy as fuck.

- I think this is enough of an update for you. I think.

- Ah, Maynard.

I believed I could cure it all for you dear
Coax or trick or drive or
Drag the demons from you
Make it right for you
Sleeping beauty, truly thought
I could magically heal you

You're far beyond a visible sign of your awakening
Failing miserably to rescue
Sleeping beauty

Drunk on ego, truly thought I could make it right if I
Kissed you one more time to help you face the nightmare, but you're
Far too poisoned for me
Such a fool to think that I could
Wake you from your slumber, that I could actually heal you

Sleeping beauty
Poisoned and hopeless

Far beyond a visible sign of your awakening
Failing miserably to find a way to comfort you
Far beyond a visible sign of your awakening
Hiding from some poisoned memory

Poisoned and hopeless
Sleeping beauty


Aug. 21st, 2008 01:38 pm
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- Went out to lunch with my mom. She got me a really neat pashmina at a street festival in NYC. It's got velvet roses on it and such. I digs it! She's threatening to come to faire. I told her she should get her ass out the house.

- Apparently my stepfather got the second head growing off his face lasered off. Thank god. It started out small, but then like. I don't know how he was able to SEE. That kinda big. And it was sort of like TWO. Weird. Anyrate. GONE.

- She's annoyed at my father for whatever reason today. Woo.

- Lately, I have had some interesting conversations that I hope have taken root. We can only hope.

- I did laundry last night and no longer have the Pennsic FUNK chillin around me.

- MARYLAND INVASION. It's set to happen September 26/27/28. I am there. I am going to see my Hedgies. You people do what you want. Every year I make some attempt to organize this and every year I get a horrid headache about it. Although last year's headache yielded in a fantastic free hotel room. I haven't decided if I'm finding a place to store my body with someone who lives close to the faire, or if I'm finding a hotel room or what. When I figure that out, I will post. :)

- My boss took a picture of me next to my mom's car. He said it was picture perfect. *boggle* He's crazy. An old governor used to call him "Bill with the camera". So true. So true.

- There is nothing to say about how ordinary your life is, when your friend calls you to see if you may be available to pick up horse skeet. AWW SKEET SKEET. *grins*

- I have figured my next truly free weekend is the second weekend of December. IT IS AUGUST. Everything else has a temporary hold on it.

- I have uploaded Draven's videos from karaoke. I have one more to do of Steph, but I went to bed uploading Draven's last one.

- Still feeling walled in. I'm working on it. Things are in motion. So, time will tell.

- I am dressed up today. Wearing the cute shoes Tia got me and a skirt with slits up the sides, and a blazer & a bright blue tank top. Make up, hair, jewelry. WOO. Hey, if the Mister is going to take a picture of me, today was a good day. I love these shoes. So far, so good. I don't wanna run a marathon in them, but they are comfie as far as heels go.

- Sometimes I hate being a girl. That whole skipping my period thing is one of them. *bleeds to death* The multiple orgasm thing, while fantastic, doesn't really make up for it.

- I have to pack a bag for faire tonight. For the gym too since Keri seems to think I should work out before walking faire *grins* Lies, I just want to see her and the gym is a great hang out spot. Besides, I'm sure the people around us have missed our inordinately loud conversations about our sex lives.

- Keri keeps asking me to marry her. I'm thinking about it. She kisses like WHOA and is a hot, young, blond. *ponder*

- Hm. Fin. For now....


Aug. 19th, 2008 02:02 pm
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So much to say, to little to speak aloud.

I had a blast last night with my girls. I butchered some karaoke (I couldn't hear myself and I don't sing that fantastically to begin with so it was LOVELY). I got video of Draven & Skwrl.

Draven sings like a fucking rock star. Simply amazing.

DRAY! When you coming up to NYRF?? Coordinate with your Mongorian, dammit.

Got home in a record 48 minutes. Don't try this at home kiddies. Got to sleep around 3ish. Took a shower cause I was stank ass from cigarette smoke.

Laundry will be done tomorrow.

Jim is taking me to see The Dark Knight tonight. I've been dying to see this since it came out on my birthday, a frickin' month ago. Wee.

I'm oddly not tired right now. Although I had Burger King. I don't know why I do that to myself. I am not even a big fan of fast food, but I am pmsing so the grease called to me. I will be unhappy about such activities later. When I am sluggish and ready to coma during the movie.

The NewGirl (her name is Richelle... I don't know if it's one L or two...) is rather nice. Heidi was busy today so she sat there and you could HEAR the boredom screaming at her. I took pity on her and showed her where things were throughout the office. She laughs when she is supposed to, and thinks it's hilarious that Patrick and I try to beat each other up. She even stifled a giggle when I called Heidi an asshole about opening something up the right way. I think she'll be okay.

I still want to feed her though.

I'm just sort of rambling cause I'm bored now. And I don't have me to take me around the office and explain stupid things. But then again, I know this place better than I know my apartment. *sigh*

She got all wide eyed when I told her I was her age when I started here 9.5 years ago, and I nearly threw up thinking about it.

9.5 years ago. It seems like yesterday I was barking orders at the kids at the A&P.

I look forward and I see things, and some of them I am not so happy with.


I need to get those karaoke videos up. Also, camera, quit SUCKING the life out of the batteries so bloody quickly. *wrinkles nose in irritation*


Jul. 8th, 2008 10:41 am
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Things that suck.

- No internet at home. *twitch*

- No cable at home (Why? I don't know. Ain't like I can call to have it fixed either, HAHAHA)

- Leaving my iPod in Jim's car, and having a boring workout (no, I didn't do weights, just cardio, hence the boring)

- Brian (my boss) got into a wicked car accident. Some RadioShack employee in an Audi (!?!?!) tried to make a left RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM cause he was late for work. Again, proving that the Shack is evil. Brian's airbags deployed, his front end is FUCKED UP (he drives a Lexus SUV) and the other car is TOOOOOTALLLLLED.

- My phone not wanting to connect to Yahoo Mail so I can at least check my shit that way.

- My car having a very low tire.

- Having to go out to the store on a very low tire cause I needed cat food.

- Going to the shop today and finding out that my tire is dying, so it's good I got it done, however, my front brake pads need replacing, and suddenly my bill is around $300. Money is SUPER FUCKING TIGHT right now, but I have like, 3 millimeters of brake pads left, so this needs to be done. Bugger.

- My contact shifted in my eye this morning. While I was in the shower. Very uncomfortable. I had to get out and fix it. Fucker.

- Finding out my dermatologist appointment needed to be rescheduled because my doctor had her baby early. I didn't even know she was PREGNANT. She was apparently due in August (I last saw her in the beginning of May and she had her baby the last week of June). So I had to reschedule for the only time I could before Pennsic, and that was July 22nd at 5:40pm, which is a Tuesday, so I am missing that game night.

- I have to disburse my refinance today and Patrick is completely distracted. I NEED CHECKS DAMMIT!!!

Things that don't suck.

+ I got to watch a couple episodes of BSG. I'm still waiting for that I AM SO SUCKED IN feeling everyone else seems to get. It's a good show though. Although some of the things make my head go "OH GIVE ME A BREAK".

+ I got to bed at a reasonable hour (12).

+ I won't have to worry about getting my rotors replaced since I'm taking care of the pads now.

+ Pennsic is soon. I haven't even thought about gathering up my crap for it yet though. AAAHH!

+ I went to the gym last night for the first time in forever.

+ *giggles* She caught on. TEN DAYS TILL TIA COMES OUT!!! Incidentally, it's also 10 days till I enter the last year of my 20s.

+ 223.5 again. Considering all the crap I ate this weekend? That's a good thing.

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- I did my article, "Funeral Agents: Who they are and what they do". Patrick edited a bit. BASTARD. But whatever. The other night, Danny said he wasn't going to bring his ID into the club and I was like, DOOD! You should have that on you cause if you don't and you die, it's harder to identify the body! And he's like "who fucking thinks like that?" Dood. Me. I work with the dead and dying and these are the things I think of.

- I get to go to Buffalo this weekend. Unfortunately the circumstances aren't the greatest, but it is what it is. I wish that meeting my soon to be extended family was under better conditions, but this is life.

- Today I get out at FOUR. *glee* So happy.

- Tonight I have to do laundry *sadness*

- But then I get to see Jim! *GLEE*

- Last night I WoW'ed like a mo' fo'. I'm now exalted with Shattered Sun (wasn't even tryin, booyah dailies) and *thisclose* to Revered with Scryers. I got two new neck pieces too cause of the exalted thing. Sadly that means giving up my Choker of Animalistic Fury, from the ONE SSC run I went on, but oh well.

- I am bored. CONFESS STUFF! IP loggin off. Whatchya hiding from me? ;)

...for the life of me, I cannot remember, what made us think that we were wise and we'd never compromise, for the life of me, I cannot believe, we'd ever die for these sins, we were merely freshmen...
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- Jim, Faith & Steve's Aunt Jane passed away. It is very sad, because she was sort of the "grandma" figure, even though she was their father's half sister. Seeing as I'm having surgery, I don't think I can make it to any of the services. I am sad she did not get to see the wedding. She was very sweet. She sent me a Nagalene water bottle cause she heard we camped. She was one of those types. I give many squishie hugs to my Archer clan *lufs*

- I had my chest xray done today. It took 3 minutes. However, they lost my paperwork in the shuffle. So I was there for TWO FUCKING HOURS. I am pissed. That means on Monday or whenever I get back to work I have to miss lunch. I can't miss lunch tomorrow though cause we're having a going away thing for my aunt. Which we have to do tomorrow cause I'm out Thursday & Friday and the boss creatures are out pretty much all next week in various forms.

- In other chest news, I realized my underwire had broken on my left bra cup and was STABBING me in the torso. So I removed it. In the hospital parking lot. Now I was comfie on one side, but not the other. So I just removed the other side's perfectly fine (albeit twisted) wire.

- This radio silence thing? SUCKS. I think I'm going to have to cull the friends list again cause I just can't keep up and it makes me sad. But such is life.

- One boss is in Philly, the other is at a meeting, so I am making this update.

- The new girl is still weird. I don't think she's going too last long. She doesn't even take NOTES. My aunt is BOMBARDING her with information and she asks the most random questions. NO NOTES. She claims to have a photographic memory. I don't buy it.

- I had a WONDERFUL time with Keri last night, just dicking around. She bought me dinner, we had the funniest waiter/waitress combo in a LONG time (Suggested tip: ALL THE MONEY YOU HAVE) hehehehe...

- I have procured a Gonzo attachment. I said goddamn. If you don't know what that means, I don't care cause I'm NOT explaining it. At least not heavily filtered.

- My cousin Trisha (the one I work with out of Virginia) called the office today to let me know that her husband managed to chainsaw their cable line. I say, BRILLIANT!

- My cousin Terry has said that he can fix my car speakers. So tomorrow I am getting that done. I hope he is sober enough to do so. At least drunk enough to do it right.

- I still have hospital bracelets on. *snip* Ahh.

- I nearly took someone else's sandwich at lunch. I was running late, and their little computer system doesn't spit out a receipt like Wawa or Sheetz. Asses.

- I have some tiny ass horribly painful pimple on the side of my neck where it meets the rest of my body so my shirt rubs RIGHT FUCKING AGAINST it. Ow.

- I am using my boob icon since I seem to have talked about my chest a lot.


Jun. 10th, 2008 01:53 pm
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- The second I found out when I was getting cut open, my gall bladder started to pinch me. Bastard.

- Thanks to Nix, I have an outrageous craving for watermelon.

- I wanna go take pix with my new camera.

- I am learning my Aunt's job. It all makes sense, with her sitting here. I hope it makes sense when she's not here.

- I am crampie and unpleasant.

- I wish I remembered how to draw. And if I did? I wish I had some inspiration.

- I called my mom about my surgery. She said she is willing to take me to and from. That is nice of her. Then we talked about the newest JR Ward book. Hehehhe...

- I had a lot more to say. But I think I stopped caring about posting. I've updated the time on this twice.
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Randomness. BEERHOLD!!


It's only raining. But it's freezing rain. So there are puddles of ICE WATER all over.

We've been salting our sidewalks, but there is still an icy patch. Some fucking douchecock, who had NO business over here, comes in and goes "It is treacherous out there, and you should salt." and we were like "UH. WHO are you? And we have. Twice." and this fucker goes "IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" and leaves.

A) It's really not OUR job to salt. It's the management company's. We do it cause it takes the management company FOREVOOOR to get their stupid asses over here. In fact, we were call 12 or something complaining TO said company to get someone over here. So they sent a truck, they drove slowly through the parking lot (not salting or ANYTHING) and then left.


B) DICK! Who are you!??!! You aren't a client, you weren't even coming here, you walked DOWN THE SIDE WALK and harassed someone else!! WHO ARE YOU!! FUCK OFF AND DIE!!! I kept wishing he'd fall. He did the walking shuffle thing shaking his head like, how dare we let ice accumulate.

C) I went outside and ran errands and STILL managed not to die. Boots are wet, socks are wet, but I DIDN'T SLIP ONCE. Fucking tool.

D) I hate humans.

Wow. I didn't realize what a rant would slip out. But I really do.

Anyrate. Part of my erranding was going to the Post Office!! So Tia, Amy, & Christy have stuffff coming towards them. Once Kayla emerges, she shall too.

My big boss is still in Hawaii for TWO MORE WEEKS! And he only really calls in once a day, around 2. Life is great. :D

OOOH!! I can put my feet on my computer it's nice and warm. MMM! Yay puter.

I ate two pieces of pizza and like, 16 ounces of soda. I am so fat and bloated today. Even though I went to the gym and kicked my own ass AGAIN.

I need sex.

OH MY GOD we have a lot of Dutch people here. I swear to god. We just had three Dutch people come in back to back. That got Patrick & I talking. Our "Van" section of wills is in TWO file drawers. JESUS.

So I said we need to have the perfect Dutch name. Ebenezer den Van Der Stra. Or something. That would be like. Perfect.

I HAVE TO PEE! Effin soda. I'm all caffeinated.

I can't wait to go out tonight. Even if it is SHITEFUL. Whatever. Yay going out.

*runs around the office like Corholio*

GOD my feet are cold.


Jan. 31st, 2008 04:14 pm
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- I love my hair today. I don't know if it's just a "good hair day" or the Rehab or what, but it's smooth, it's shiny, it's doing some weird spiral wave thing and it feels SO thick and healthy and long. Today is totally a waste of a good hair day.

- My left eye has a weird red spot. Has for a few days. So annoying. I have no idea why. It looks like I rubbed it, but I haven't been. Fecker.

- My skin looks nice. I have one monster scary thing that is clearing up, but I had a weird ingrown hair/zit/mutant head there, and it's calming down finally. It's right by my EAR. Very weird. And I have a blind pimple on the TIP of my nose. That I only remember I have when I accidentally touch/breath/scratch and I shoot off my chair and my eyes start to tear and I sneeze.

- I haven't talked to Z in like. YEARS. I miss her. *calls out and hears echoes*

- I haven't touched Dark Tower cause I've been a busy shit. I really do want to. I just have been a busy shit.

- I woke up stupid late this morning (read: when I should have left the house), so it was a good thing we got to dress down today. I love not thinking about my work clothes. But also, I didn't get to use my weights. I did use them yesterday morning and right before I went to bed. So while I was flying out the door, I grabbed my yoga (yogurt) pants and a tshirt, and I'm going to go to the gym tonight. Fly fatass, fly. :)

- I didn't hook up my scanner last night, but I'm already thinking about what I wanna scan. *squee*

- I hate math. Just saying. I'm redoing my financial world, and Archie's cause apparently it is not something he ever realized he had to do, and I hate it. I'm starting to recover from Xmas & Squish's birthday nicely though. It only took a month!! So, clearly I've got a grasp on something I used to not. Although my check book is now $200 more dollars off, but in my favor. I'm retarded with checkbooks. I balance the fucking thing all the time. My math skillz are not l33t.

- I hate this song. "STROKE ME STROKE ME". What a stupid song.

- Still looking forward to going out with Keri & Mike Friday night. YAAY Shannon Rose!! Then a strip club. Woohaaa. Mike is driving and Keri & I are going to drink our asses off. She said she's gonna make those girls work the pole for their money. Heh. She cracks me up.

- STUPOR BOWL SUNDAY!! OH YEEAAH!! God I hope the Giants pull this out of their asses.

- I still smell yummie.

- Tia rocks. Just sayin.

- I got an hour and a half here and I just can't focus. I got too much going on in my brain. Hence all the LJ posts of nothing.

- I realllly want to mail out all the stuff I keep ignoring. Hence my cry out for addresses. Once [ profile] detailoring gets me hers, I'll have everyone's shit ready to go, I SWEAR.

- Oh, I have something I have to send out for work. Whoops. I should do that.


Jan. 22nd, 2008 04:15 pm
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I feel ickie, oh so ickie, I feel squickie and ickie and fouuuull.

There are sometimes (usually once a month) I HATE begin a girl.

Today is one of those times.

I should have gotten a heating pad. Or something. I don't really want one that plugs in.


I'm bowing out of game night cause I feel so foul. And someone mentioned that nasty four letter S word snow. So it's best I don't go anyways.

I am so tired. I feel like I was hit by a truck.

Today is dragging ass.

I'm being texted lots today. I AM POPLAR.

I am on random. I 'pologize as much as I apologize for anything.

Ange, Keri, we still on for food stuffs Friday?

Yay?! :D

Nay!? :(



I spent a minute putting on lip balm. Smells like pomegranate. <3 My lips are all effed up. They get dry and I chew on them.

De's mom made me laugh so hard. It was an exchange I expect from my mother, or have gotten from my mother.

*Danny's phone rings, it's JD*

Danny: *insert football talk here*

Momma Jo: Is... IS THAT... IS THAT MY SON!?!? HE'S ALIVE!?? *feigns fainting* COULD IT BE!?

Danny: *giving his mother a "quit being melodramatic look"* "Mom says hi." *continue foozeball talk*

I nearly peed. Seriously. It doesn't take much. My mom did something similar once when she realized she saw my cousin, who lives in Virginia, more than me.


My back HURTS. Moving all those files didn't help. Even though I was lifting with my knees and not with my back. I KNOW it didn't help my cramps.


What else can I ramble about.

I don't know. I really don't.


Nov. 23rd, 2007 10:01 am
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- My poor baby had to be out the door by 4:30 this morning and had a severe case of the "I know I should be sleeping and that's why I'm not". I finally cuddled up next to him and my body heat knocked him out cold. That was at 12:45. Needless to say he was slightly late and left the house at 5:10 this morning. To those who work retail, we salute you.

- I enjoy Turkey Day. It's some good eats. And yay for random guest star Bill!

- I played lots of WoW yesterday. Depending on what's going on, I might play more today.

- I love me a 4 day weekend.

- I think I am going to catch up on Pushing Daisies. And, luckily, there is PIE upstairs so if that damned craving occurs again, I'm all set.

- I found me another Angelina Jolie moodtheme. I like the pictures of this Moonlight one, but they're not very fitting for the moods they set. I mean, some of them are. But some of them really aren't. Bah. Angelina's just super expressive and highly photographed so it's easier to get them of her.

- I need to take my pills. God I'm tired. Damned turkey coma.


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