Jun. 20th, 2009 01:03 pm
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I went to the doctor today. I needed to get my blood work done for my thyroid.


Yeah, well apparently my chicken pox vaccine* FINALLY CAME IN. Months ago, apparently. So they've had it frozen waiting for my happy lil' arm.

I gots mah shot. Then I had blood taken.


I am the most tired girl in the world. I was supposed to go to Anne Marie's after the damned doctor, but I'm kinda wondering how I made it to CVS. I went to the bank after the doc's, and while driving to CVS realized that I must have never slept ever.


In other news, yesterday was apparently the year anniversary of my cholecystectomy. Joy. Rapture. Only one incident of THIS MUST COME OUT OF MY BODY since. It's nice not to have to vomit all the time.

*No, really. I've never had the chicken pox. I had to play with my cousins when they had it, never got it. I had to play with my friends when they got it, never got it. I could be immune. As I said to Anne Marie, weirder shit -has- happened. But I was tested for the antibodies and I don't have those. Seeing as I'll be 30 soon? If I got it now, I'd be hospitalized.


Jan. 15th, 2009 10:33 pm
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I apparently can't eat mass amounts of butter. Just saying that makes me gag. I made a chicken dish that i haven't made in forever. It was delicious. It is in melted butter.

My body rejected it. It said "don't you remember you don't have a gall bladder?" and then caused many a bout of vomiting and the diaries.

I have spent most of the day in bed, shivering or sweating. My body HURTS. I'm afraid to put food in it. I prolly should.


Worst? I squandered a day with Andrew, who has been very attentive and awesome during this ickie time.

Everything is making me nauseous. I nearly lost it feeding the cats.

Goddammit all.


Jul. 21st, 2008 06:08 pm
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Mah Cali Invasion is over. I have dropped them off at the airportage. :(

In non Cali news. I got a check in the mail from my insurance company for $720 for my surgery.

It said that they are paying $720. And I am responsible for the balance. $10,880.


I don't think so? I'm totally not even panicing cause I know I have a $2500 deductible. And I don't even know the assistant MD that sent in this claim.

Whatever. I will call Horizon tomorrow. I don't even know why I got a check. I don't know if I'm supposed to endorse it to this mythical doctor or what.


Jun. 27th, 2008 08:58 am
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The top cut on mah bellie has some sort of infection. I went to my general doc last night and he was all "Your cuts. Let me see them." and so I did. He took a culture of the top one, and iodined it and told me to flush it with hydrogen peroxide and keep up the band aiding.

He said that it looks like it is still open a tiny bit.

So after yesterday's doctoring (including a hydrogen peroxide flush from me), I took the band aid off and it looked so much better than it has.

Stupid body.

Angelina toniiiight! WOO!
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Apparently. We have a fly.

Absinthe was a fucking RIOT yesterday. Running after it. Chirping. Being a general retarded beast flinging himself in the air. I nearly peed.

Well. He never got the fly. Is my guess, you know, by the banging of his little kitten paws against the window now. Heh.

So I went to my general doc, who checks my thyroid shit too (yes, I have an endo and YES she checks it too, but for about 8 years I've gone through my regular doctor for thyroid meds, so no need to change it now) and he said I'm at a solid 1.0. So he's gonna check my blood in 6 weeks. Keeping my meds at 200mcg.

He also said that he wasn't giving me my chicken pox vaccine cause of the surgery. He said since it's a live vaccine that I would be more likely to actually GET chicken pox instead of prevent it given I am still all *blaaaahhhrrgg* from the gutting.

So he checked out my wounds. The two on the side are barely noticable, but he was like "hmmm." about the top one cause, like I said, it is OOOGGGIEEE.

He took a culture of it. We're gonna see what it grows. He iodined it, then put a band aid on it. He said to go for it with the hydrogen peroxide and see what happens. He'd call me if my bacteria grows anything.

Other than that I don't have to go back to HIM until August 14th. Booyah.

Sometimes bacteria are the only culture some people get.


Jun. 25th, 2008 10:07 pm
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I tried. I made it to about 10.

I am so tired.


And who's that at the door? Insult! HEY! COME ON IN! Meet Injury!

I think I'm obtaining a cold.

Sneezing does not feel so wonderful.

And my top wound is gross. I'm Aquaphoring the FUCK out of it, reapplying Band Aids to let it air out a bit and cleaning it well. *sigh* It's not infected or anything, but it's gross. Half of it is PERFECT. PERFECTLY HEALED. The other half? Not so much.

I am so tired.

I've barely talked to my fiancé all week. Balls.

I have to go to bed now. I'm all woozie and sleepie. And this is me unmedicated! HA! I haven't had a percocet in days!!

G'nite kiddies.


Jun. 24th, 2008 11:47 am
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I am beginning to realize that maybe I AM more "stable" and "normal" than a number of the people I interact with.

Like, I seriously never thought I was, but I'm beginning to realize I know some completely irrational people.

*hides under papers*

In other news, I have been fighting nausea for about 24 hours.

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I should have TOTALLY eaten THEN taken the percocet.

At least my stomach isn't burning.


In other news. I totally taught my coworker's 16 year old daughter Lauren how to drive today.

She did REALLY well. I even taught her to parallel park. She did SO well that by the 6th attempt she did it in ONE FUCKING SHOT. *voomp*

I give good parking.

She is so excited. She has this instructor doing her 6 hour thingie (I don't know if it's a New Jersey thing, but I'm not even ABOUT to esplain this shit.) on Wednesday, but she was really nervous about just jumping behind the wheel so we went to the church parking lot and practiced.

I'm really proud of her.

I feel really old. I've watched her grow up. And now I just taught her how to command a vehicle.



So I walked into work today, and everyone was treating me like I was gonna break. Granted I was shuffling cause big steps hurt, but it was funnie.

Brian was all "Uhm. Are you okay? Should you be here?" HAHAHA! I was a bit pale I guess.

Then Mister called (he's in Cape Cod currently) and he was like "BOY! How are YOU? Didn't you just have SURGERY??"

Bitches I am HARDCORE.

So I was reading up on my surgery (I didn't read into TOOOO much detail before I went under cause that is bad sometimes) and I realized that, uh, I should prolly have taken off till Wednesday. WHOOPS.

Whatever. I just have to take it easy.

Tomorrow I go to my gut doc to get my bellie tapes removed. SO ITCHIE. Cannot wait.

I am super stoned. I need to lie down.
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THIS was inside of me????

So, I was expecting SEVERAL weee lil' cholesterol stones. Which are dark and jagged shaped.

I got ONE of those.

The other? Was a calcium stone. AND IT WAS FRICKIN HUGE.

Only two stones. I don't know what kinda jewelry I'm gonna do. The calcium is soft. Maybe a wire cage around it? I don't know.

I'm really sorta proud that I made something this large. It's a roughly a third the size of the damned organ they removed. NO WONDER IT FUCKING HURT.

Cut for the squeamish, although they just look and feel like rocks.

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Mah bellie is itchie. ITCCHIIIEEEEEE.

Deep inside mah bellie itchie.

Something must be healing.






Jun. 22nd, 2008 12:03 am
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I love my friends.

You guys rock.

Super thanks to Val for making me a nummie dinner that my bellie totally agrees with and everyone else for stopping by and watching moofies.

BTW, my neighbors SUUuuhHHhckk.

I went over there THREE times to tell them to turn their BIGGER THAN QXT'S SPEAKERS down. Like, the bass. It was shaking my windows. The medicine cabinet. We couldn't HEAR each other.

It was balls.

People suck.

But at 11 they stopped. Which is unfortunate cause I wanted to call the cops on them. HEH.


I am still stoned. My bellie does weird jumpie things. I'm sore, and tired, but I personally think I'm recovering well.

So that being said. I am going to lay down.



Jun. 20th, 2008 01:00 pm
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Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated ;)

No, I'm fine.

I will recount the GORY DETAILS momentarily. But I would love to thank part of mah crew for this adorable thing:

It's Firenze's new best friend.

That is also my new chair. It's my grandmother's chair. I lorve it. Fuzzbutt is sleeping on it now.

I love my build-a-cheetah!! He's all decked out in scrubs and stuff. SO CUTE. Thanks you guys, he was TOTALLY worth waddling down the stairs for. The PSE&G guy? Not so much. He was sorta cute though ;)


Jim & I get to the hospital at about 8:20. Late, but the Garden State Parkway holds no prisoners. I find out that I have to shell out $200 up front. DICKS. This is IN ADDITION to the $2500 insurance deductible. My mom gives me $1000 for that, cause she is like "THAT IS DICK." Go, Mama, go.

I gladly give them a pee sample and I go upstairs. Check out my room, put on some sexy gown and chill for a bit. They take me "early" (aka, on time apparently) and wheel me down. This is apparently when Jim stole my glasses for the rest of the day and I was blind for the next 9 hours.

They wheel me into surgery and I SWEAR TO GOD I was having the staff of Scrubs working on me. They're laughing and bsing and shit. I'm like "y'all are having too much fun at yer job." They were neat. So Dr. Chang goes "So you wanna go to sleep?" I said "Sure. Let's do thi...."

The next thing I know (that was at 10:30) it's 1:30 and they're making me wake up. BASTARDS.

I'm nauseous as FUCK. I'm tired, and groggy and pissie and my mouth is SO FUCKING DRY. Hollly cotton mouth. And I'm burping up plastic tastes. EWWW.

So they give me THREE KINDS of anti nausea meds. THREE. I'm still all UGGHHHh...

They wheel me back up, where I see Stephanie! My mom was there too. Making me crazy. The woman next to me had her gall bladder out AND her tubes tied. She was unhappy. But I apparently was in worse shape. AHHAHAHA.

See, what they do is for laproscopic surgery, is INFLATE you. So they can see. Makes sense. Well, when they DEFLATE you, sometimes they miss some air.

They missed some air in me.

It's like having the worst gas pains ever. I thought I was nauseous. So I tried to sleep. Couldn't. Talked to doctors etc. I have this thing I have to suck on so I don't get pneumonia. It's hot. Oh, some people liken this pain to "heart attack". AWESOME.

I vomited air. Like, put a bucket in front of me, thought I was going to hurt my life away and EXPLODED air. SO GROSS. Steph was like "WOW." hahahahaa... It was totally an 11.

Then I really threw up. I told them I hate jello. The only way jello should be consumed is in pudding form or shot form.

I had the worst nurse ever. She was pissie and just like trying to kick Steph & my mom out. She coulda kicked my mom out cause she was making me nuts, but Steph was nothing but awesome. I kept telling her I was nauseous and when we finally figured out it was gas?? She was just like "oh lay down."


Finally, Pat the angel nurse of mercy came by. She'd washed my face before after I'd thrown up and was just in general a wonderful human being. She explained that the reason I thought I was going to HURL MY SOUL everytime I sat up was cause of the gas. She explained on how to get it out "lay FLAT so it can disburse" and all of other such nonsense.

Pat, I love you.

So I instantly started feeling better. This was also when I was told that it just goes away on its own and there are no drugs for it. So I said FUCK IT LEMME OUT. So i was home 5 hours later than I wanted to be. Whatever.

Steph took me to the pharmacy (I have so many percosets *glee*) and took me home. Steph deserves like, a medal of fucking honor or something. Srsly. *luflufluf*

I slept last night. I sleep for an hour or three then have to get up to pee. Getting up is an interesting challenge. For I am fat and cut open. AHHAHA. But I'm okay. I slept pretty well.

And apparently my pain tolerance is sick. I should have had 3 percosets at the hospital. AT LEAST and I had one. And one before I left. I'm telling you, my bellie is sore, but GODDAMN did that gas suck.

Today I had to catch up on 360 lj entries you CHATTIE BASTARDS. This is why I'm going to have to cull the flist sometime soon. That is 10 entries every hour of the day. I missed 36 hours of ljing. AAAh.

Anyrate. For you morbidly curious, these are the holes in my bellie. They're covered with little tape thingies and so it's mostly just my scary bellie. Which is distended moreso than usual. HOT. Oh, and still had iodine stains. :)

Cut for the squeamish, even though it's mostly just terror at mah bellie )

Now I think I'm going to find food. Jim, my adorable and hovering nurse, made me some chilled berry soup and it is time to git mah nom on :D
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- I have a new chair. I am getting rid of my grandmother's old chair. It's like, 20 years old? Yeah. And I'm getting her "new" chair. Which she had for about 2 years before she died. 9 years ago. But it's in awesome shape. It's plaid. I will beat the cats if they fuck this one up.

- My cousin Terry and his friend Christian FUCKING PWN MAH SOUL. They put in my new speakers. Which are a year old. And I've just had in my car for the right opportunity. MY MUSIC SOUNDS SO AMAZING!!! *cries*

- Cause we got the new chair, and I was emo, Jim & I moved around the *entire* living room. Jim & Jared brought up the new chair and well. Casa de Debauchery looks better than it has in a while ever. Like, spacious or something.

- My tendons are still TOIT. Ow.

- I am so tired.

- Oh, hai thar. It's after midnight. If I eat now, I turn into a pumpkin or something.
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I tried to crack my ankle at some point and realized that THE TENDONS DO NOT WANT.

My foot hurts. Ow ow ow ow.

What the fuck did I do?


In other news, I re-did my will, my living will and my general power of attorney.

HOLY SHIT. They just moved up my arrival time to EIGHT AM. Ew.

9:30 was MUCH more preferable. So I get gutted at 10:20 now.


Ow my foot.

Going to see my cousin so he can give the gift of non buzzy feedbacky music. YAY!
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- Jim, Faith & Steve's Aunt Jane passed away. It is very sad, because she was sort of the "grandma" figure, even though she was their father's half sister. Seeing as I'm having surgery, I don't think I can make it to any of the services. I am sad she did not get to see the wedding. She was very sweet. She sent me a Nagalene water bottle cause she heard we camped. She was one of those types. I give many squishie hugs to my Archer clan *lufs*

- I had my chest xray done today. It took 3 minutes. However, they lost my paperwork in the shuffle. So I was there for TWO FUCKING HOURS. I am pissed. That means on Monday or whenever I get back to work I have to miss lunch. I can't miss lunch tomorrow though cause we're having a going away thing for my aunt. Which we have to do tomorrow cause I'm out Thursday & Friday and the boss creatures are out pretty much all next week in various forms.

- In other chest news, I realized my underwire had broken on my left bra cup and was STABBING me in the torso. So I removed it. In the hospital parking lot. Now I was comfie on one side, but not the other. So I just removed the other side's perfectly fine (albeit twisted) wire.

- This radio silence thing? SUCKS. I think I'm going to have to cull the friends list again cause I just can't keep up and it makes me sad. But such is life.

- One boss is in Philly, the other is at a meeting, so I am making this update.

- The new girl is still weird. I don't think she's going too last long. She doesn't even take NOTES. My aunt is BOMBARDING her with information and she asks the most random questions. NO NOTES. She claims to have a photographic memory. I don't buy it.

- I had a WONDERFUL time with Keri last night, just dicking around. She bought me dinner, we had the funniest waiter/waitress combo in a LONG time (Suggested tip: ALL THE MONEY YOU HAVE) hehehehe...

- I have procured a Gonzo attachment. I said goddamn. If you don't know what that means, I don't care cause I'm NOT explaining it. At least not heavily filtered.

- My cousin Trisha (the one I work with out of Virginia) called the office today to let me know that her husband managed to chainsaw their cable line. I say, BRILLIANT!

- My cousin Terry has said that he can fix my car speakers. So tomorrow I am getting that done. I hope he is sober enough to do so. At least drunk enough to do it right.

- I still have hospital bracelets on. *snip* Ahh.

- I nearly took someone else's sandwich at lunch. I was running late, and their little computer system doesn't spit out a receipt like Wawa or Sheetz. Asses.

- I have some tiny ass horribly painful pimple on the side of my neck where it meets the rest of my body so my shirt rubs RIGHT FUCKING AGAINST it. Ow.

- I am using my boob icon since I seem to have talked about my chest a lot.
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Take THAT you fucking evil organ!

I can't feeelll youuuu!! *eats fruit cup*

I can't wait to get this fucking thing out. It's so useless. Every four days or so I get a reminder it's there.


So. Surgery's in like, what. 8 days? Pshaw. That means 2 more flare ups. I can hang.

Shame I missed game night. Shame I didn't know for sure Jared would be there, otherwise I'd just have gotten stoned THERE and made him drive my car back. Of course I say that NOW. Now that I feel FINE.

I actually feel better than fine. OHHHH DRUGSSSS!! Better living through chemistry!!! Score, yo.

MAN I wish the AC unit in the living room didn't suck balls. I have Absinthe sequestered in Jared's room with Juliet so I can pump the air out of my room down the hall, and see if it helps. And oddly enough I think it is. Weird considerin' that Jared's room is like, way closer. The angle is better from my room though.




Whenever I'm alone WITHHH you, you make me feel like I am fun again...
No matter how far away, I will always love youuu....


Jun. 10th, 2008 04:38 pm
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I feel like ass.

My gall bladder is most definitely pissed at me. I wasn't even mean to it today.

I just wanna pass out on my face. This annoying pain is sucking my energy right out of my body.



Jun. 10th, 2008 11:47 am
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Getting gutted on the 19th.

It actually works pretty well in my schedule. And since it's a Thursday, I hopefully won't have to take more than Thursday and Friday off to recover.


Going in at 9:45, going under around 11:45 (or whatever that translates to as Doctor Standard Time) and I am a gremlin and can't eat after midnight.

Of course NOW my gall bladder is twinging. Like it KNOWS I'm going to spear it out of me.

Patrick's on my ass to update my living will. I gotta do all that shit anyways. So I will do it before then. Although I have my mother down right now, but honestly, I don't wanna be some vegetable, and she would TOTALLY IGNORE the fact that I have "no retardedly life saving measures if I am going to be vegetative for more than 3 months" and so I will have my biologist baby in there. I should have him in there anyways.


OH and obviously I am not out sweating to death. The Habitat for Humanity was rescheduled to the 18th since it's HORRIBLY hot outside and we deal with heavy shit. I'm so glad it was canceled. I am so busy here.
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So, I leave work at 6:15 for my doctor's appointment which is about 7 minutes away, and at 6:30 and WHAT DO MY WANDERING EYES SHOULD APPEAR!? But my car lilting.

Now, a couple weeks ago after the hike of death, I noticed that my tire looked a wee bit low. It was the front passenger side tire, and I thought maybe I pissed it off after you know. Heh. Gunning through 23482937 pounds of mud.

I put some more air in it and life is grand.

This morning I notice that it again looks a bit on the low-ish side.

I say "Self, you should get that checked out tomorrow before or after work".

So, at 6:15, I see that my tire is FUH-LAT.

Pancake like.

So I begin the annoying task of changing it. I have these STUPID plastic hubcaps with STUPID plastic protectors on them that are just a pain in the ass to get off.

Mind you, I've changed several tires in my time. Including one at 4am on my ex boyfriend's truck cause he called me in a girlish panic. I CAN HANDLE THIS.

However. I have breasts. And tools. Hence I must be helpless.

To my "rescue" come 3 lovely Latino men. Prolly a family. All kinda dirty. "Essoose me, mees? You hasin' prollems?"

"Oh, I'm okay, it's just they're taking a while to get loose"

"Oh, mees, we fix! Watch!"

And they hope out of the truck. The patriarch of this trio, who is half my size, speaks as much English as I do Portuguese and my Spanish is rustier than the wrench I was holding.

So, him and his sons? have at it.

They change my tire in about 25 minutes.

There is a SCREW in my tire. So I'm going to get it punched tomorrow morning. Hopefully I won't need a whole new tire.

After MANY thank yous, graciases and whatnot (and after Abuelo chides me that I only have a "baby tire", aka, donut), they ride off in their pretty shiny pick up truck and off I go.

Now I'm friggin LATE AS FUCK. I tried calling my doctor to let him know that HI THAR, I have a flat, but they turned their answering service on and that was no dice. ARG. So I'm a half hour late. Which, considering what just happened is not so bad.

I then get bumped to the last appointment of the night. At 8. I sit on my ass, thankful I have a fucking book, and he talks to me for like 5 minutes and sets me on my way.


So I got DONE with the damned doctor at 8:20.

But I'm home now.

Driving at 55 SUCKS when you can go faster. Especially on the damned parkway.

OH! The doctor said he's gotta coordinate shit with the hospital, check crap out with my insurance and such is life. It should take a week to coordinate everything unless they're feeling efficient.



Also? If skim milk is ICE COLD I can drink it. And like it.

I still prefer ice cold whole milk ;-)


May. 30th, 2008 11:15 am
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I'm a doctor fool!

Dr. Teehan, gastro surgeon! Consult June 3rd @ 6:30 - (I will obviously be late for game night)
Dr. Baboul, general practioner! Blood work drawn on June 4th @ 12:15
Dr. Covello, endocrinologist! June 9th @ 1:00 - Follow up to first appointment!

I still need to go to Chilton after I see Dr. Baboul to get a chest xray. And once Dr. Teehan gives me the okay, I need to get an appointment for the surgery.

It is apparently a same day laproscopic surgery. I will get kicked out if I'm doing okay that same day. Bastards. Then it's an approximate 4 day recovery time.



I'm sure I'll get it.

But seriously. I am sort of nervous, but like. Not really? I don't think it's HIT me yet that this is really happening to me.

Fucking defective body.


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