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So this weekend was Highland River Melees.


But the food was great. *GREAT* And I got to retain for an awesome queen. She's really fantastic and the kind of person you LIKE to hang around. It was a real pleasure. At one point we did a drive by AoAing to one of the kitchen staff. It was so cool. *nerds*

I also had to help fill in kingdom scrolls on the fly. I nearly shit myself from anxiety. But I did it! And I made Subetei do the impromptu AoA cause I was still swimming in other scrolls.

At court The Scriptorium all got inducted into the Order of the Lark together, and it was *awesome*.

Danni got her Award of Arms, finally, and then I got inducted into the Order of the Opal. I was so excited!!

Before the delicious feast, Andrew, Z, & I ran to take a shower. It was a weird little drizzle of a shower, but after all the sweating I did that day, it was amazing. I found out today that the kitchen cooks just jumped right into the pool on site. LOL!!! Dude, yes. It was that hot. And they SLAVED over the damned kitchen.

Then because I hadn't slept from Friday to Saturday and I ran around in the 93 degree heat and humidity, around 10pm I realized I WAS EXHAUSTED. And I was out from 10:30 to 8:30. GLORIOUS SLEEPS.

Breakdown was easy. And I got to keep Z until Monday. Was a pretty good weekend. I'm pleased. :D

I've also started doing my Rosetta Stone for Portuguese. Excitement. ;)
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- Seriously. I don't know what's going on lately. Like, how many people do not fucking know their address. Or their phone number. Help me get food to you.

People are angry and cranky and lazy and without energy and just in general full of harumph. And occasionally I am one of them.

- School is sucking my soul away, and I have been busting my ass for mediocre grades. VERY mediocre grades.

Psych of Aging: 77
Abnormal Psych: 81 (not that she's given us grades for our journal entries)
Latin: 88

What in the fresh hell is going on? I feel like I study all the time. But I don't seem to retain anything? I don't know. It's all so frustrating. And I love that I am doing the best in Latin, which is the class I feel the most lost in. Although apparently some of that shit is sticking to the wall.

All I know is that I miss just reading for fun. Or not trying to source through PsychInfo or anything. I'm just. I'm tired.

- I feel like I'm constantly doing dishes. At home and at work. My hands and nails look terrible. They look so old. Maybe I am just getting old and not used to noticing.

- I do adore my new sanctuary though. It's nice to have somewhere TO study. The room came together well. I did some cleaning and organizing of the dining room as well. Unfortunately I need a time where Erica has time and energy and I am actually home so that we can reorganize the shelves the right way. Erica has the most professional kitchen experience, having gone to school and all, so I would appreciate her direction.

- My cat just turned 15. She is old and sassy and adorable. Apparently Dale got her to hiss the other day when she was in her little kittie condo (also known as her harassment tube) cause she was in the moment. Andrew still hasn't heard her hiss. Right now she is HOWLING through the halls. Again. With her little jingly lion in her mouth. Heh.

- Not going to Pennsic this year. Going to Portugal and Spain! I still don't know Portuguese and my Spanish is weak at best. SHOULD BE AWESOME. Heh.

- Our store got inspected today. We got 3 stars out of 5. For things like... road dust on the outside windowsill (we once got inspected an HOUR after it was cleaned, and it still wasn't clean enough. IDFK.)... Andrew's pants weren't black enough (that shit is racist)... Our safe not being time locked, even though it is a weird time sensitive safe... our walls aren't white enough... Tiffany apologizing in a customer role play, but forgetting to actually say the words "I'm sorry"... yeah. Shit like that. MAKES ME CRAZY. We have 30 days of freedom though. That mostly means we break down the makeline earlier. And paint our nails colors. Wewt.

- Both of Andrew's birthday parties went off quite well. I adore him.

- CAT. WHY ARE YOU HOWLING. Alright, Andrew is combing her now. She has ceased to yowl.

- Anyrate. I had other shit to write, but I forgot. I still need to put Florida pix up. Ooopsies.

Ah life.

Jan. 21st, 2013 02:51 am
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I don't have work till Friday. We're entering our slow season after the Super Bowl, so all our hours are reduced. Which is a bummer.

However, school starts this week. So maybe it's okay. Abnormal Psych meets once on Monday night, Psychology of Aging is Monday & Wednesdays, and Latin is still Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I made sure to keep Tuesdays off so Danni & I can still chill, and I figured it'd be a good idea to have one whole frickin' day off. Unlike last semester, where that was problematic.

Tomorrow! Andrew and I (WHO IS OFF THE SAME TIME AS ME *shockshock*) are going to run many errands.

OH! And I cleaned my side of the room. Holy hell. So much shit has been chucked. So much cleaner. All the happy. :) I really cleaned out shelves and the such, so hopefully it'll be easier to maintain this time.

And I did my taxes. Getting about $2000 back in total. Wewt! Thank you Earned Income Credit. Though, this means I can going to Portugal with Z and her family. The flight is about $1200. It's cool because Lenice invited Tami, so when they all lapse into Portuguese, we can talk to each other at least. Heh. Although I did order a level 1 of Brazilian Portuguese from Rosetta Stone, and Tami & I are going to share it so we're not so fucking lost.

I've also decided to go to Florida to see my mother. It's gonna be a pricey trip, because we can't stay with her (not that I would with Charlie still drawing breath) because there is no ROOM to do so, so that means a hotel and she has no car, so that means a rental. I thought about driving. It's only about 12 hours. Which isn't much, really. So, we'll see. Cause that would save the cost of renting a car AND a plane, so it might make fiscal sense.

I'm quite excited to switch up my vacation this year. Should be good times! :D

Crap. W H Y A M I H U N G R Y?!?! I had dinner. Arg.
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Still image heavy.

Lots of pix from the first entry too. )
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The rest of my journalling. I know, I'm a fucking slacker.

For those of you who missed the first installment, here j0o go.

Continue at your own risk. Image heavy. )


Aug. 29th, 2005 10:33 pm
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So I know I made me a porker icon *points to previous entry*

But if y'all can make a better one, go for it.

I also got a "booze" icon (points to this entry), but I can always use more of those.


Aug. 23rd, 2005 12:24 am
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So you all asked.

You get it.


Cause this shit is gonna be LONG. It's 17 pages handwritten )

To be continued...


Aug. 22nd, 2005 03:35 pm
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Sara ([ profile] gothhippiegrrl) just asked me what my favorite part about Portugal.

So here's a random list. I keep remembering things and editing it. hehehehe

Making fun of the New Jersey wiggers at the cafe.. hehehehe...

random walks at night...

watching the sunset on the river as Janete's dad tried to teach her how to drive stick...

ice cream all the time...

sliding down a water slide like a greased piggie...

swimming in a saltwater pool...


flaming B52 shots with absinthe...

laughing while walking up the huge ass hills in portugal...

stuffing our faces with hot dogs "with everything"... (I have such the porker icon for that shit)...

bsing into the night...

driving like a bat out of hell through the streets of Lisbon...

eating fruit off of trees...

trying a fresh fig for the first time...

taking the ferry...


falling asleep in the sun...

seeing people crawl at Fátima... it was humbling...

the Batalha... so gorgeous. *history dork*

*hears Gwen Stefani's "Cool" on the radio*

OHOHOH!!! VH1E!!! :D Sooo awesome. They show nudity. Hehehee...

Charles II!! SUBTITLES! Heheheheh :)

Ordering two beers in Portugese!! :D *puffs with pride*


Aug. 11th, 2005 07:36 am
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We's in LONDON.

We had a faaabulous lil' flight :)

Much to keep us entertained. WOOO.

Janete has NO hair. Peektures shall be forthcoming once we, ya know. GET BACK TO THE US.

Uhmm... Yeah. I paid £3 for 30 minutes on this computer.

*slaps veins*


I was waiting for Janete to finish killing herself in the smoking lounge. To her credit, she didn't off anyone or claw my eyeballs out.

I'm impressed. It did get tense for a while there though ;)

Yes, she's reading this over my shoulder.

Hmmm... highlights?

We had this British dood who was in charge of the terminal make FACES at me through the goddamned glass door. I was kinda like, HUH?! So I made them back. :D And when he opened the door, he told me that we couldn't get on the bus. PSHAW! I told him he didn't want us staying here. Yes, we got pix.

Heathrow is REALLY ghetto in parts. Sheesh.

Drive to JFK was really quick. Not so bad getting on the plane either.

Got a phone call from ANNE!! Yes, she's at Pennsic. It's awesome. I got an IM from Little One the other day too. All these Pennsic people giving me lurve. <3

Otay, I have like, five minutes left. One last check o' da email and I'm off.


Btw, it's like, 8:40 here right now. I'm SO not sleeping. HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH


Aug. 10th, 2005 11:39 am
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My neck still hurts, but the heating pad DID help. Woke up at 7am and was like "can't... turn... neck..." and heated up that bad boy, and went to sleep with it on my neck.

Woke up, and yes, the fucker is still sore, but heeey. Look, I can turn my neck.

Was up till 2:45 packing. Honestly, it only took me an hour. I was abusing the interweb.


[ profile] teh_whores


So. I'm not excited as much as I am nervous I'm forgetting something. I *always* get like this. I get excited in the airport when I'm like HOLY SHIT I'M LEAVING NEW JERSEY!!! Let along the COUNTRY. I've never *done* that before.

I need to shower.

Once I have that bag packed (shower stuffs) I'll be okay.

BTW for all of you who care (and don't, heh) playing god worked. Bleeding's just about done. Aside from the cramps that nearly caused me to have an accident on 287 on Saturday, I wasn't really effected.


Teh Nikkeh is happay.

DAMMIT JANETE! I STILL have the rent check. Arg.

The cool thing is, I get paid tomorrow. Squee. And I can use my MAC card there. That makes me happy.

I have one bag packed with clothes, and another with some shoes in it and it'll get my showery stuff. Also, my backpack is my carry on. I hope they don't give me grief for the safety pins. Maybe I'll sew some of it really quick. hmmz.

They didn't give me grief about the safety pins on my Celtic bag. I need new bags. Hmmm....


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