Jun. 13th, 2013 11:45 pm
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So in an attempt to be better about actually cutting my hair, I did it *gasp* in June. As opposed to March and November. Last cut was in March, so hey. I'm doing well. Gonna go back in September. :)

 photo hair61313_zps5da59903.jpg

Tiffany's nearly sister-in-law, Veronica, is a hair dresser. I'd much rather give money to people I know (seeing as Miss Joanna gave me my last cut) than a salon. And Veronica has an adorable dog.

She straightened it. She used a flat iron! I had never had one used. SO FLAT. SO STRAIGHT.

Good times.
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Shit is getting long!

I don't ever really feel like it grows. But I got sent this picture by the Wifey from the wedding we were at and this was the back of my head, and i was like, HOLY SHIT. And it's not even straightened!

Maybe it is growing. April I posted a picture of it just past my waistband and it's prolly 2 inches past that now.



Apr. 30th, 2011 02:36 pm
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Alert the media.

Hair has hit waistband.


Mew :)

Dec. 23rd, 2010 06:36 am
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Today, we finished Christmas shopping. HUZZAH!

And it was awesome. Cause I didn't spend a lot of money (clearly do not have a lot of it anyways) and I got some cute stuff. I got Andrew a set of pocket knives, and it's not a secret cause we exchanged presents already. He got me a fucking COLOR NOOK.

Now, I was sort of against the color Nook due to the whole backlighting thing, but honestly? I don't care. It is wee, and adorable and I can even check my email on it (what!?) and now? Just today?? I have downloaded FORTY FREE BOOKS I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO READ.

Granted, I could have done this on my computer. But I wouldn't have. Hell, I have like, 5 movies on here I want to see and haven't watched yet and 2 teevee series. I'll get to it.... eventually. And let's not go into what I have stored on the Netflixes.

BUT! This ittie bittie wee thing? I can cart around ANYWHERE. And it FORTY FREE BOOKS!!

Andrew wanted to do gifts whenever, and he was like "well, you might like yours now". Cause we're going to my Aunt & Uncle's and we keep WAY different hours than them, and yeah. YEAH.

HE GOT ME A NOOK! I didn't think he was gonna be this extravagant. IN FACT I thought we were being "good" this year. I swear. That boy.


So, some books were downloaded, and I wrapped all the presents for Virginia and changed the litter box and took out the garbage and watched 2 episodes of Grey's Anatomy whilest wrapping presents and did a load of laundry.

I should prolly go to sleep now. Seeing as most normal people are getting up now.

Oh, and I have a fucking HEART carved into my chest, thank you very much Dr. Mike. Jesus. And it was done with a sharpened candy cane. Found a use for those fuckers after all.

Oh, I have a picture.

I'm a sharer. I hope that this calms down soon. All my shirts are kind of low cut (i.e., NOT turtlenecks) and it would be SWELL if I could wear normal clothes on Christmas. HA.
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Day 01 – Introduce yourself
Day 02 – Your first love
Day 03 – Your parents
Day 04 – What you ate today
Day 05 – Your definition of love
Day 06 – Your day
Day 07 – Your best friend
Day 08 – A moment
Day 09 – Your beliefs
Day 10 – What you wore today
Day 11 – Your siblings
Day 12 – What's in your bag
Day 13 – This week
Day 14 – What you wore today
Day 15 – Your dreams
Day 16 – Your first kiss
Day 17 – Your favorite memory
Day 18 – Your favorite birthday
Day 19 – Something you regret
Day 20 – This month
Day 21 – Another moment
Day 22 – Something that upsets you
Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better
Day 24 – Something that makes you cry
Day 25 – A first
Day 26 – Your fears

Day 27 – Your favorite placeThe Rest )

I would have easily said Pennsic at one point, but this year was rather sort of rough. I hope to hell next year is different or I'm going to find a new line of vacation.

Aside from that, I don't know if I have a favorite physical place.

Let's see.

There's Q's.

Portugal was kind of amazing.

The rose cooler. This won't make sense to a lot of you. But hey. Whatevs.

My Apartment in Parsippany.

New York City, my favorite city on the planet.

Grand Cayman

Cozumel was pretty damned amazing. All those pix are on my other hard drive though.


Pretty much, where my friends are, I suppose. The scenery is just a bonus.

I am partial to Frederick now.
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Day 01 – Introduce yourself
Day 02 – Your first love
Day 03 – Your parents
Day 04 – What you ate today
Day 05 – Your definition of love
Day 06 – Your day
Day 07 – Your best friend
Day 08 – A moment
Day 09 – Your beliefs
Day 10 – What you wore today
Day 11 – Your siblings
Day 12 – What's in your bag
Day 13 – This week
Day 14 – What you wore today
Day 15 – Your dreams

Day 16 – Your first kissThe Rest )

Ugh. My first kiss. Well, the one I count. It was with this guy named Andre, who I actually still know, but don't have on my Facebook. He knocked up my cousin's friend and they're together now. The kid is cute.

Anyrate. Andre. He was my neighbor back when I was 14 or 15? I really don't remember. I think I may have been closer to 15.

I was really awkward looking for quite some time. At the age of 13, I started attracting unwanted attention from men, and I mean MEN. Older men (like, 40+. Why? I don't fucking know. I was also mistaken as a TEACHER at my 8th grade dance that year. What the fuck people? I HAD ACNE AND BRACES. SEE???)

My cousin Trish & I on the way to the dance.

Anyrate. Around 15? I was invisible. Which was fine. I might have been invisible since I started wearing *super* baggie stuff. Cause ya know. Yeah. Yay 1994.

So, there's a bunch of us. I lived in an apartment complex, you see. And I had a BUNCH of neighbors who were my friends and around my age. Andre & his siblings were new to the complex, and we were all hanging out on the picnic tables in the back. Andre had been showing interest to me in front of my mom, and it was obvious my mom was like "THANK GOD, A BOY LIKES MY DAUGHTER." I think she thought I was a lesbian. OH WAIT. I know she thought that.

She was only half right.

However, at the time, I was insecure, and confused, and didn't know if I was even remotely attracted to him. He had a brother who was a year and a half younger (but I wasn't about to do anything about that, cause he was like, 13 or so, and that was just TOO young. And I was insecurity personified. Even though ALL those boys looked a lot older than they were. The youngest won a 8 year old body building competition at 5... yeah. They even have those.)

After playing Manhunt (Most of the kids were a few years younger than me, but they were fucking ninjas. I miss those days.), we were chilling on this picnic table (that can't possibly exist there anymore since they built ANOTHER set of buildings on that land. RIGHT NEXT TO THE CREEK RUN OFF BASIN!! IDGI.) and Andre starts like. Rubbing my leg.

Okay? Maybe his hand is cold.

Now he's like, laying on my lap. What? Maybe he's tired.

Now he's turned and is like, rubbing my BARE back UNDER MY SHIRT at the same time. Apparently his hand *isn't* cold.

What is going on here?

My friend/neighbor, Alex, notices this and is like "Man, I'm outta here." And sure enough everyone else starts to go home.

His brothers lag behind a bit. Kinda waiting for Andre, but realizing that he's not coming along.

Sure enough we're alone, and I'm like "I guess I should be going in soon," and he's all "No, no, not yet."

He pulls me between his legs, he's sitting on the table part of it, and resting his feet on the bench part, and so we're almost like, spooning but standing? I don't even know how to explain it.

He starts like, kissing my neck and rubbing my breasts and rubbing my sides and making all these teenage horny boy noises.

And AALLLL the while I'm like, uhh.

Cause what the hell do I do?

Also? My mother's bedroom window is NOT FAR AT ALL, and if she were to look out? She would TOTALLY see what was going on. Not to mention she was dating KING of all racists at the time (did I mention Andre is black as black gets? *scrolls up* No, I didn't. He's black as black gets. As Jared would say "somewhere between Denzel Washington and Nelly".), so I am FREAKED OUT that Rich would see and do something stupid.

Instead of thinking about the first sexual encounter I'm having with someone my own friggin age, I am thinking about this shit. And how I don't feel comfortable.

I let this go on for a bit. Then I was like "No, really, I have a curfew" (true, but it wasn't for another hour) and he sighs and walks me toward my apartment, but says underneath my bedroom window "Don't I even get a kiss?" and as I went to answer him, VOOMP.

Tongue down throat.

The bastard had brushed his teeth at some point. HE KNEW. I didn't.

We kissed for like, 30 seconds and he got Roamin' hand syndrome again and I pulled away and that was that. I scampered to my apartment.

The next day he acted all awkward and weird around me like the rest of the guys in my world. Like they didn't want to be seen with me cause I was the chubby weird looking girl and "oh no she might be interested" look. It was annoying. I wasn't interested in him at all. HE was the one who made the moves on me.

Looking back, he might have been trying to reject me since I clearly didn't have an interest in him. But even back then, I was trying to be mature and was all "no, everything is cool."

Fucker even got me in THE WORST trouble I ever got into with my mom.

I had some of my neighbors over when my mom told me not to have anyone. I knew I shouldn't have done it, but we were all laughing and having fun. Andre was in my room and listening to a CD and I saw my mom pull up out my window. I GOT EVERYONE OUT IN TIME except Andre (since he has ALWAYS moved slow and stop), the worst one to be coming out of my bedroom (the rest of my neighbors were really young, or just playing on my keyboard. But here is this 6'5" BOY coming out of MY BEDROOM.)

That was a fun "I can't trust you anymore" conversation. UGGHHH.


So. First kiss. Was lame.

Second kiss didn't happen till I was like, 20. I was a super late bloomer.
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Than never...

Day 01 – Introduce yourself
Day 02 – Your first love
Day 03 – Your parents
Day 04 – What you ate today
Day 05 – Your definition of love
Day 06 – Your day
Day 07 – Your best friend
Day 08 – A moment
Day 09 – Your beliefs
Day 10 – What you wore today
Day 11 – Your siblings

Day 12 – What's in your bagThe Rest )

The Purse.

It's wee. But it holds A LOT. It used to hold more. Then I switched to a different bag (as you can see, I've done something like this before), that was super wee. I went back to this one for job interviews, and got lazy and didn't switch back out.

First pocket.

1. 5 pens, in blue, purple, black, red and green. Along with a dual tipped Sharpie, black.

2. Lipstick. Ya never know.

3. Hair barrette, from Julie.

4. 3 tampons. These are my new favorite tampons. Playtex Sport, for the record.

5. Julie's new business card.

6. A business card for a steampunk vendor I liked at Horrorfind.

Inside pouch.

1. 3 Zyrtecs, the only allergy pill that actually fucking works for me.

2. A small pot of Karma Kream from Lush.

3. A hair stick.

Side pockets of next pouch.

1. Birthday gift cards I forgot about. HUZZAH! Michael's, Bed Bath & Bedamned, and Joann's.

2. Pedialyte stripes. "Grape" flavored. If grape Jolly Ranchers were salty. *gag* But I dehydrate at inopportune times.

3. Hot Topic discount card or whatever it is. I can take this out though, cause I have one on my key chain.

4. A wee notebook I used to do my foodblog in before that went terribly slackery.

5. My great aunt's remembrance card.

6. Cottenelle. I am serious about my ass being clean.

Main pouch. Woo doggie.

1. Keys. Usually these hang off from the strap, but they were inside today.

2. Magic Berries. I thought I didn't have these in my purse at all, but YAY! Steph gave them to me. There are two in there, and I will use them most likely to either drink coffee or a Guinness, since that is the only time that their bitterness is not disgusting to me.

3. Scrunchie. The hair is long.

4. I am stuck on Band-Aids...

5. That wallet thing.

6. "Cold Hard Cash". It's a change purse. Precious! Up in the upper right corner is half the change I dumped out of it. I picked it up and I could have killed a drifter with it. So heavy.

7. Two more hair sticks. One is a lethal weapon. *grins*

8. A little wallet type thing that I put travel tampons in, along with a lip gloss and a few other things. I debated emptying 8 & 9 for their own pictures, but I got lazy.

9. A little pouch that Tia made me. I heart it. It carries a pair of tweezers and a ton of jewelry.

10. Visine-A. Feckin' allergies.

11. A business card for the Frederick Giving Project.

12. My rings. I keep them on a carabiner clip because it is just easier. There are 16 on there.

13. Eye drops, but they're gel. They feel weird at first, but are kind of awesome.

14. Burt's Bees, chapstick and lip gloss (lemon flavor)

15. My nose rings. There are a ton in there. Ya never know. My plugs are in there too, and they're my favorite.

16. A hair tie and another barrette.

17. Band-Aid blister preventer. It's not the best, but it's pretty good for your feetsies.

18. Drive & Learn Italian booklette. It's from the CDs I picked up from Barnes & Noble. They're amusing. Pronto, pronto. Heh.

19. Sunglasses. My salvation.

Another inside pouch.

1. Tissues. I actually got these from someone at Jayme & Michelle's viewing. I kind of lost it walking towards the caskets, and a nice lady handed them to me.

2. Pads. Two of them. Kotex ultra thin longs. My favorites.

3. Cinnamon Whisps. These things are amazing at Pennsic.

Another outside pocket.

1. $4.25 in leftover change from doing laundry at Pennsic. Half of that is Janete's.

2. Luggage key.

3. Extra camera battery. My camera is usually in the main pouch of my purse too.

4. Hair smoother. I just straightened it, and I need to keep up on it. Heh.

5. Ticket stub for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.


So I fail.

Sep. 21st, 2010 11:47 pm
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I'm not gonna quit my 30 days thing.

It's just that I wanted to take pix of the stuff in my purse. I will do a few days all at once to "catch up" a bit. I SUCK.

But I was also running around New Jersey this weekend.

I have a cat on my lap, so I am now paralyzed.

Today Andrew took me to the Frederick Fair! It was awesome. :D There were farm animals and rides and WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR. I had a kickin' candy apple. It had crushed peanuts, caramel, white chocolate, dark chocolate and NOW I WILL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN.

Also, I took this picture which I kind of love.

I tried to do a little action with it to make it look like an old school postcard. Stupid or pretty?

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Don't fix your hair or makeup, take a picture, post it.

I have the period from hell. I have a cat on my lap. My favorite robe is on. I have a heating pad on my lower abdomen and a huge craving for cheese.


Or ya know. How I really feel.

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Day 01 – Introduce yourself
Day 02 – Your first love
Day 03 – Your parents
The rest )

Meet Larry & Darlene. Ages 28 & 21, respectively.

On their wedding day. December 15, 1979. I remember this date, because my mom mentioned when I was 13 how that day was their anniversary. I did the math. I said, "SLUT! You were pregnant with me!" She was all "No, I wasn't."

Sassy me: "UH. HELLO. If your anniversary is the middle of December, and I was born in JULY.. YES YOU WERE."

Amused mother: "No. No I wasn't."

Sassy me: "I CAN DO MATH. YOU WERE."

Amused mother: "No, you were there."

Sassy, shocked me: "...."

HAHAHA. She really thought I'd have issues with being a bastard, so she married my dad. I was like, what? It was nearly 1980. What the shit? Ha. But she married him.

For me.

One day I told her to quit blaming that shit on me cause I was there before she was married. She was all "Damn." hahaha... :)

There they are at a club.

At a concert.

My mom's friend Linda recently posted these. Linda had a goal to get as much background in a picture as possible, or that's my theory based on her pictures.

Dad & me, shortly after my birth.

My favorite wee pic of my dad & me.

Not to be left out, my mother & me.

So. My parents had a helluva volatile relationship. She was kind of slutty, he's been clinically diagnosed as a sex addict. He cheated on her several times, beat her, didn't give her money, all sorts of shit.

Eventually his mother grabbed my mom and said to her "GET OUT NOW."

Apparently, she'd had similar issues with her husband.

(my mom's friend Ellen, my mom, the grandfather in question, my dad, and my mom's sister Kathie who is sitting)

One of my first CLEAR AS A BELL memories is my mom leaving my dad. (although, my first memory is from a couple years earlier.) I was 3. She had a garbage bag filled with some of our crap. She told him she was done. He cried. She cried. I was scared. Apparently, in kindergarten, we were told to draw a picture of our parents. This was the scene I drew, 2 years later. The teacher brought my mom in and recommended me for advanced classes. Most other kids drew their parents in front of a house. I drew my mom holding me and a garbage bag in front of a door, leaving, with my dad crying.


I wasn't really keen on the dad thing for a while. He eventually needed a place to live, so he lived with us a year when I was like, 10 or something. It was odd for me. He's always been more of a friend than a parent cause as the kid of a single mom, I grew up sort of quick.

My dad, being goofie.

As I've grown up, I get a lot of their relationship. It helps that I'm a more psychologically based creature, and I've gotten to watch my mother's relationship foibles. She requires a partner. REQUIRES. Sometimes (okay, usually) she finds the least suitable mate, and says "I CAN FIX HIM!!! HE NEEDS MEEEE" and lo. I end up with some idiot for a role model. Luckily, only a few of them truly fucked me up.

Mama, skinnie and goth. If only I had ever been that thin.

My mother is married to an idiot today. He's prolly the worst of the bunch. Makes some of the shit my dad did to her look like a walk in the park.

My dad. Well, when he found out my mom was engaged, married his then girlfriend. Had his first child IN wedlock. Then my mom broke off her engagement. I believe, he was devastated.

I truly believe my mother was the love of his life. We've had talks about this.

After 8 years or so in an adult psychiatric prison, he's come into a few discoveries. Right now he's dating a woman named Sue, who I genuinely like. She's a good egg. She takes care of him & my brother, Lorenzo, pretty well. My dad has gotten FAT, and I blame Sue's good cooking.

It's come to the point where he's the more responsible parent, and I'm okay with that. He went from me not really knowing if I'd care when he died, to me actually loving him.

Life isn't so easy. But I'm the forgive but don't forget type.

Rise above, right?


Those are my parents. I look just like both of them.

My father is half Italian (he is first generation, my grandpa came over when he was 18), and Norwegian, Swedish & German.

My mother is half Polish (she is first generation, my grandpa came over when he was a bebe), and English, Scottish & German.


30 days.

Sep. 4th, 2010 04:03 pm
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I don't know if I can handle me for 30 days.

Thirty days from today. Will be OCTOBER. Jesus.

So. *baaah*

Day 01 – Introduce yourself
The rest )

Hi. My name is Nicole. Or Nikkeh. Or Synn. Or Whore. Depends on who you are.

That's me. It's one of my favorite pictures. It's like. VERY old. 6 years? Whatever. I still look mostly like that. My hair is actually pretty wavy, and brown, not red. And a lot longer. I have an extra chin. And..

Oh fine.

That's me. From a week ago. And added bonus, my boyfriend Andrew. We live together in a cute house in Frederick, MD. We've been together about 2 years.

About me. Hmm. Well, I'm a Jersey girl. Still am. I will defend my little state. Cause they say it smells. And it's true. Because people fly into Newark, which smells like rotting bodies, then drive down the Turnpike. Which smells like an oil refinery. But, that is like, 2% of the state. Andrew gets motion sickness in Jersey cause he can't find the horizon because of all the trees. So. There is nature, I swear.


I have a cat. I love her. Her name is Juliet. She's awesome.1

I'm a rennie. I play in the SCA. Synnöve is my name there. Used to be Synnovea, but that's undocumentable. *sadness* So Norse are for me.

What else. Hmm.

I read historical romance novels. Judge away. I have an herb garden, and I haven't killed it. This is a small miracle for me.

I sometimes play WoW. Not often much anymore. The last time I signed on, two of my real life friends messaged me immediately saying how they were shocked I remembered my password. I really don't have an addictive personality.

I like rings. I wear 16 on my fingers, two on my toes. I like jewelry in general. Six holes in my ears. One in my nose. Two tattoos, but I've been tattooed like, 6 times? I got my first one when I was 16. It was my sweet sixteen present from my mom. I had to pay. She just gave her permission. LOL She did throw me a party though. At a firehouse! She cooked. It was good times. :)

I'm not sure. I may edit this. I don't talk about myself a lot unless I'm sharing a specific story.
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We had FILM.

And now, I have a high quality scanner in which to set them in. *GLEE*

And it came one to six days earlier than scheduled.

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Oh, and the rest of the Chicago pix. )
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Andrew's eldest sister had her son, Kain Nihkil. He's a cutie pie. This year's round of babies are done for our families! Huzzah!!

One of my mom's oldest childhood friends has been posting up a STORM lately. She's been posting pix from BACK IN THE DAY.

Underneath the cut will be massive amounts of old pix of my family and me. :D

Ahh. The 70s & 80s. The cameras weren't crappy, we really looked like that. )


Sep. 26th, 2009 03:57 am
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Okay. But for serious. It was awesome. They were so on point.

Grainy pix two and three.

They totally closed with Godlike. SO AWESOME.

Also. Amusing factors of the evening include but are not limited to:

- At least 5 homeless people asking me for money.

- Getting hit on by a parking attendant.

- Having a small girl tell me I was pretty. Then asking where my baby was. She didn't seem to understand that I didn't have a child. I told her I had a niece. This placated her. We made funnie faces at each other for the duration of our mutual PATH ride.

- Having a crappy wouldbe rapper try to get me to buy his terrible looking CD. After I said I was unemployed, he said he'd give it to me for $5, not $10. After I said no thank you, AGAIN, he said he'd trade it to me for weed. I was like "uh, do not has?" and he said "Serious, sugar? You look like you deal!" UH, WHAT. I mean, drug dealers are like sociopaths, they look just like everyone else, but I don't know what pinned me as "the type". Seeing as I've never smoked a fucking thing in my life. Makes you wonder. Maybe it was my militant lesbian hat.

- Zigging when I should have zagged, but ending up at Grey's Papaya. *sniffles* YAY DINNER. Recession special, 2 dogs & a drink for $4.45? THANK YOU YES. I will have the papaya juice.

- Jared introducing me to some guy Scott. Turns out he's from The Real World: Brooklyn. Oh, and he models. Shook my hand twice and everything. And here I thought he was just pretty.

- Watching Jared get all grinded up ons by this very drunk girl. GOD DAMN THAT WAS FUNNIE. She did not realize J.Ro was just being polite. I should have been like "oh, hunnie... " but she was drunk.

- Having KMFDM rock out Drug Against War. Several other favorites, but I was shocked they played this one. Fangirlsquee.
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My niece. My adorable funnie faced niece.

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Alternately titled, How I met Maynard James Keenan & Eric Glomski.

I am a lazy girl. We all know this.

I was so excited last night, I couldn't get to sleep. Finally I think I got to sleep somewhere around 3:30am. I wanted to get up at 9 so I could be there by 12. I didn't really know how it worked, but JoJo and Ash had given me some insight.

I woke up at 12, of course, and FINALLY got my ass out the door around 1:30.

There I met some people who were interesting. There was this one girl who talked more than *I* did (what a feat) and she had a cute kid. Kid was Adelaine, the chick was Nancy. Addy, we all knew. ADDY GET DOWN FROM THERE ADDY COME OVER HERE ADDY I WILL COUNT TO 3 ADDY WANT CANDY?

OmFg. But, for a 3 year old, who had such a long day as this kid's was? She was doing pretty good. Nancy got her and her child up stupid early and drove 5 hours from somewhere in PA. Her husband was going to meet up with her later, after he got out of work. I met him too. Dunno his name.

Nancy liked to sing. She sang every Tool song she knew. She knew all of them. She also drew pretty well, and had drawn a picture of Maynard for him. Well, 3 pix. One from his "I'm gonna be the blue guy" stage, one that is actually the top half of my icon, and one from a recent tour, where's he's rocking the cowboy hat. She did good, I'll say.

I met some guy from Brooklyn who was waiting for his buddy. He wasn't even getting the wine for himself, he was getting it for his SUPER grateful brother in law.

The people I ended up hanging out with though, was this one couple and their friend. They were *very* preppy looking. I have to say, there are ALL types that listen to Maynard. He really does attract all walks of life.

The Wine Library (which, ZOMG, so going back there!!!) was completely organized. It was STUPID. It was amazing. They had us in, there were no crushes, there was food set up (cheeses and chocolates mostly, I had the MOST AMAZING BLACK TRUFFLE BUTTER, ZOMG, another reason to go back). There was this French man selling cheeses. He would give you a calendar if you sang. Three other girls & I sang "Reading Rainbow" and got our calendars.

OH! Earlier in the day, there was this chick with a very bling Elvis belt buckle and she was like "My friend bailed. She fucked up her leg. Anyone want an earlier ticket?" And I was like, sure! She bumped me up over 200 people. Lucky? Yeah. I am.

So once they corral us where they want us, they then do shifts of 50. Get us downstairs. This huge gorgeous place and Maynard & Eric are signing bottles in the fucking LOADING DOCK.

Whatever. Once again, it was easy. You showed them your receipt (you bought your wine as soon as you got there, but didn't get it till you went to get it signed) and they filled a cute little tote with your wine, put your personal items in a box (since there weren't that many people in at a time, it wasn't confusing), and stood in another line.

Which was like, 3 people long. So when you were next? You got to stare at MJK & Eric. OH YES. Which I did. Let me tell you, that man does not age. He looks fantastic!! He was all cleaned up, wearing a dark button down shirt. Eric was wearing a blue polo shirt. Both looked rather happy to be there.

I was stupid excited so I put my wine bottles up (btw, they had an assistant for THAT too, lol) and I asked "So, how long do these reds need to breath?"

So Maynard picked up the bottle he was signing, and he goes "Well, these are young," (I *THINK* he had the Chupacabra) "so I'd recommend them staying out, what 5 hours?" *glances at Eric* Eric says "Yeah, about that, 5 to 10" and I was like "Wow, hours? Great thanks!"

And bumbled off.

AAHHH. It's stupid, but it was so exciting.

The 3 preppie people behind me came out soon after me and we ALL must have looked like (oh, you picked up your belongings, and then they sent you out of a doorway behind the building, hahhaha). And we all had the same looks on our face. The one guy was like "THAT WAS AMAZING!!" I asked what they asked him. The one guy said he asked Maynard if he should decant the reds first, or just drink them out of a glass. Maynard said "Decant. Well, no wait. If you like it out of the glass, try that first". And the other guy said "Hello Mr. Kennan, Mr. Glomski" and Maynard said "Mr. Keenan is my son, *I* am Mister MASTER Keenan" and so the kid said "Okay Mister Master Keenan sir" HAHAHA! SO cute. :D

I couldn't take pix there, so I have pix of the wines I bought.



Jun. 10th, 2009 10:17 pm
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I should have been back in Jersey yesterday, for D&D last night, alas. Madre Naturaleza had other plans for us.

I have not seen a wall of water quite like the one Z & I got stuck in on the way home. It was epic. I would have taken pictures, if I was not busy SHITTING MYSELF. I am not a nervous driver by *any* stretch, but WHOA. U-turn like a mo' fo'. Z snaps this to our left on the way back INTO Frederick.

OH YES. It was neat looking though. Ya know. Once I didn't have to try and struggle to see my front end. BTW did I mention I had a SHIT TON of work done to my car? Yeah. Heart attack. All new struts, exhaust reattached, new front brakes, new front rotors (whoopsies), alignment and other piddly shit that seemed to cost $79.95 to do. It all NEEDED to be done, and I really can't complain too hard seeing as my car has not given me much shit about being my car. This is the first major upkeep I've done to it. And the mechanic had it done in HOURS. So I am not bitching. Huzzah to him. But *CRIE* to my bank account. What was FUN about that shit??? My debit card got declined. Twice. Then my check got declined. I panicked, went and checked my online status, and it was fine. NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED. More than plenty to cover it. I don't fucking know.

Where was I? Oh. Right.

So we ate some, then went to the Haven, where Andrew was holding down the fort all by his lonesome. Taught Z how to play Catan. She nearly schooled us. Friggin' beginners. Of course Andrew won. At some point Ryan showed up, and we all ordered Outback. Got fatter. Went home, and it was goot sleeps.

Woke up, putzed about, and then bounced. Got to Z's in good time, and then drove her to get her car fixed. She drove over a screw at some point. I don't recommend that, btw. Watched the shenanigans as that was attempted to be plugged, and then went back to her house for a bit.

Eventually got off my lazy ass, came home (and as I took my bags out, some old man was heckling me for my bag having) (OH! where Jared has EXORCISED the kitchen, w00t!) and found more snow in the goddamned frost free fridge. *twitch* I just de-snowed that thing!!! Anyrate, I reanimated my computer somehow, MARKED THE CORDS THIS TIME, and saw Andrew'd sent me a picture of his sisters.

You see, they're both preggers, Sarah is due September 10th, and Margaret is due November 10th. I am retardedly excited about this event. I have met both of them ONCE. And Margaret is moving to Chicago :(. She is ittie bittie. Andrew said she's my height. Lies. She is small. Sarah's still in Brooklyn though. I should make him visit her more often. *glares at boy*

THEN cause my ovaries weren't squeeing enough, I got to see more photographic evidence of Miss Anya Li, Chu & Cara's brandie new bebe. *DIES OF CUTE*

Where was I? Oh yes. After these squeefests, I showered, and threw myself BACK into the car (on the way there, I was stopped so some girl could look at my tattoo) and then drove to De, Danny & JD's grandmother's wake (NOT Bokka, sorry for the panic). Where Danny, JD, Jaime & I entertained each other with stories to block out the somberness of it all.

At the end, I came home. Where I am doing the chattie chat thing with some peeps. Woo.

Tomorrow, I am off to parts of Jersey of the northern variety, and then... I have no idea. Maybe some WoW. Mm... WoW.


May. 22nd, 2009 06:47 pm
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So I recently joined this community, and then I've seen some of my friends post them. So. Here we go.
May 20, 2009, 75 pix )
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And pervs.

101 Princess Leias


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