Nov. 3rd, 2014 01:48 am
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I got married.

It was the best party ever.

 photo 1386009_881314085219953_2644592360243835455_n_zps572693aa.jpg

Updates to come later.

Oh, I also got my septum pierced. I don't think I have a nerve ending in that area of my nose cause I didn't feel a fucking thing. Kinda creepy. And it's not swollen and it doesn't hurt. It's about a millimeter off from where she wanted it, but a) it'll shift and that's gonna work itself out and b) for her first septum? SHE DID BANGIN'.

I had a really amazing weekend. I am constantly blown away about how many amazing people are in my life.


Feb. 9th, 2010 02:56 am
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I don't really have a nose icon, so whatever. An eye shall do.

I just ordered a new nose retainer, actually 2, since they're stupid cheap and coming from England. They're EXACTLY what I'm looking for. Flexible, FLESH COLORED and tiny. I would have preferred a 20g, but whatever.

The clear nostril retainers I have now are like, 16g, and they make my eyes tear to put them in. Not to mention from the front, you can't see them at ALL.

But from the side? It looks BLACK from the shadow in your nose. Since it's a lil' window to your nasal cavity.

*wrinkles nose*

I did get another clear one though. This one in clear. My theory is since it's tiny (this one I could get in a 20g), it might be less noticeable. When my nose ring is out, it looks like a tiny blackhead. And seeing as I have PLENTY of those anyways? Whatever.

So if it mimics that, I'll be fine. I was thinking of trying it out with the flat part on the inside of my nose, and letting the bone stay out.

I love my nose jewelery. I don't wanna lose it for a job. So a retainer is a good option. However, if none of these work? Bye bye nose ring, if the job says no.

Still looking for a job. Doesn't hurt to be prepared!


Jan. 17th, 2010 09:55 pm
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It took me *forever* to get my nose ring in the last time I switched from the stud.



Oh whatever. At least it's in.

I think I like the stud better. The hoop is a fun change though.
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I got my nose RING in. It's not something I can put in through the front, I have to push it in through the inside.

Soooo, I was having issues. It took me forever. Now, after all that, I hope I like it. Getting used to it. Haahahahahaha...

Good god what a pain.

Oh, another achievement, of the WoW kind, I found a Northrend elite rare and KEELED him. Took way too long, and far too many deaths considering how many levels lower than me it was, BUT I DID IT! Got me some cheese!



Sep. 3rd, 2009 08:54 pm
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I'm getting nose jewelries!

Painful Pleasures is AMAZING. I'm getting 7 items for $24, including shipping! I got one of each size of these and 2 black ones and 1 dark blue of these. I'm already rockin' the silver one. I get to L bend the titanium myself too, for a better fit. Huzzah! And one of each size of these.

And I found an awesome artist on Etsy, The Alchemist's Star, both sites thanks to Moose! I'm getting this piece


He also recommended Body Art Forms, but I haven't found anything on there to twirl mah skirt. I did get 2 of these from him since I was at Time Bomb and they had'em. I'm gonna need to put a drop of "skin" colored acrylic on them or something, cause it looks black from the side since the inside of mah nose is dark. Duh. But it's quartz. Easy enough. They look clear from head on though.



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