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Pennsic was goot.

Got sick middle Saturday, but alas, did not die. Still sick now. Prolly bronchitis.

Highlights are including, but not limited to:

- Trolling in a woman who has been to all 41 Pennsics. She is a part of 3 people who can claim this. SO EFFIN COOL! I told her I was honored to meet her.

- Tapas night at Tortuga. And stealthily placing quite a few cows in their encampment. My favorite one being under Duncan's hat in his room. *grins*

- Also, at Tortuga, pancake & bacon breakfast. OMNOM. Followed by Spa Day which I slept happily through.

- Defending the Ravenspittle from attacks of faerie fire (glow sticks) from the Lowland McGroynes! I haven't laughed that long in a while, and despite the pressure in my head, I continued to bend over and pick up glow sticks for a half hour. Soooo much fun.

- Seeing Berengeria get her Pearl on the battlefield. That woman is a damned champ! She is a volunteerbot. If I was at troll, she was at troll. When I was on the field, so was she. I don't think she sleeps.

- Running around in the rain. Just. Ahh, Pennsic.

- Having a dry tent. <3

- This being my second year as a 'ghetti-goer, and while my heart will always be in the bog & swamp, I can't help but be marveled about the lovely condition my feet and gear is in after not having to deal with epic amounts of suction mud. Years of trench foot during and post war have made me really appreciate this, me thinks.

- Teg getting accepted into O'Choda and literally being surprised so much she blew cardamon mead out of her facehole.

- Having Savy & Meagan there. <3

- Having Fiona there!!!! Every time she saw me her little face lit up. I love her so much. Holy crap. Having her pass out on me was pretty epic too.

- Bathing Fiona in a tote to remove all the biscuit from her personage. And before her bath, having her poop like a rabbit on the yoga mat. lol

- Volunteering with Z, and then having her go NUTS on her own with volunteering at troll <3 :D

- Scotch and Pancake war!! Z made a billion effin pancakes and we paraded them down to Ragnesfolk where I threw down the gauntlet (someone's actual gauntlet) and declared war. Much Scotch and many pancakes gave their best, but in the end, we declared a draw of deliciousness. Part two will be had next year. :D

- Cards.Against.Humanity.

- Finally having a consistent shower. The solar showers got converted to propane and they weren't running any water till first Wednesday, and didn't get hot water till "FIDAY". But when Fiday finally came, there was glory. GLORY!

- On that note, Tortuga's shower.

- Oh, also family dinner night at Tortuga. Such a fat kid happy moment. Tortuga family cookbook, I AM JUST SAYING.

- I gave some dude a ride to the parking lot and he was so thankful (turns out he had a strained Achille's heel and was the HEALTHY one in camp) he invited me to his camp's jello shot night. I should have taken him up on it, but due to the sick I passed out early.

I'm sure there's more, but I'm frickin' exhausted. Still sick, and I napped today and my sleep schedule is boned and my arms are falling asleep worse than ever and yadda, but. I wanted to sketch some of these down. :)
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Once again camping with O'Choda.

This time Nico is going along for the ride. So it's just Dale left in the house. Every time someone leaves he gets sadder. lol... At least Juliet won't be alone. She's been squirrely as fuck lately. She KNOWS. I sewed the bell back on her "baby" so at least she has some happy. And Carl is gonna pop on by to play with her.

I just drank this "neuro sleep" shit and I swear to GOD I'm gonna pass out.

One day we'll be done tying shit to the car before 3:30am. ARGGGG.

Anyrate. Shiny side up, rubber side down, y'all.

See ya in 2 weeks :)
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Where we go to Pennsic.

This year, as I have mentioned, we're camping O'Choda, and so things are a bit different for what to camp and sundries. But all in all, it's Pennsic. I haven't been excited about it because the real reason I used to LOVE war, aside from the funness of Pennsic itself, was camping with my adopted family. But as life happens, things change. So I'll still get to visit, and there is no ill blood. But it's not gonna be the same. I liken it as going on a family vacation, but half your favorite cousins won't be staying with you, so you will miss out on all the sillyness that is life.

That being said. The cars are packed. Thank the sweet sweet baby Jesus. Andrew ninja'ed his mother's car (an Outback) and we have Poppet (a 2010 Corolla) and Andrew Tetrised the FUCK outta the Outback. I am so proud. *tear* This year we were like "FUCK the expense of having a truck/van. CAAAARS!" Also, it'll be nice to be completely able to leave whenever. Last year I got so fucking sick, but cause the household needed the truck we rented, we couldn't go anywhere. I am really surprised I didn't end up going to the hospital. I was a zombie. BRAAAINS. But. I made it. And am going to another war.

I am nervous and excited to see what our new camp will be like. I like a lot of people there so, it'll be neat! I just burned a bunch of music & comedy stuff to listen to on the ride. I have so much music. *squishes harddrive*

We should be there around 5 tomorrow, ehrm. Today. We're not leaving early or anything. And I did Zero Night once, and I don't really care to be on the battlefield getting drunk then sleeping in my car then having to do TONS of physical labor while hungover, dehydrated, hungry and exhausted. There is a certain fun in it. But it is not an integral part of my Pennsic experience.

That being said. Until 2 weeks, my dear sweet LJ. I hope you suffer no more attacks. I would be so sad to lose you. Especially since I can't back up due to these attacks. You are my memory. GO NOWHERE! :)


Jan. 16th, 2011 10:11 pm
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I am trying to figure out my life this year, vacation wise.

I have Pennsic XL that I must go to.
I WANT to go to Cali in February for Tia's baby shower (hoarding cash like whoa starting... yesterday.)
I want to go to Wickerman, and that's close enough and cheap enough that I think we can swing it.
I want to go to Dark Odyssey Winter Fire, but $$$.
I want to go to FetFest, but $$$.

And all of these require unpaid time off of work. Which is no huge deal. But still kind of arg. Cause I work weekends. My schedule is usually Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun. And most of these events (aside from 2 weeks of Pennsic) are, yep. Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon.

Which is rough.

*lip nibbles*

Also, did I mention I might think about going back to school? We'll see. Maybe in September. I have to check a bunch of things out. It's a gray thing.
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So tired. So sick. Ugh.

In exciting "Ah, I'm back home" news, there was a ghetto fight outside my house. Some dood threw some chick's cell phone, called her names, looked like he was gonna hit her. It was great. Then another couple got involved. So I hollered at them, and Andrew called 911. The one dood went to SWING at the chick cop. Idiot. AAAAAHRRESTED. I swear.

There will be a better update when I can breathe.


Jul. 30th, 2010 03:33 am
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Pennsic is upon us. I'm leaving in a few hours.

For the first time in a LONG time I am really not excited. I'm excited to be with some people, but for war itself? Not really. How fucked up is that? I mean.

Normally at this time, I AM GIDDY. I mean, aside from last year, when that whole flood thing happened.

I am so tired I am shaking. Makes sense seeing as I've been routinely staying up until 4 or 5, if not later and then getting up at 10 or 11 and busting my ass.

Mainly sewing. I have sewed so much. Andrew said he didn't have enough pants. I just did inventory of his stuff, and HE HAS PLENTY. Oh well. He should have gotten more tunics. I am over it. With what he has, he has about twice as much garb as anyone else.

And me.

Jesus Christ.

I am slowly working on my persona. I have it in talks with Glynis about changing my name (Synnovea is not period, yet Synnöve is. Whatever. GIVE ME MY NAME. As long as I'm still Synn. And I can have Katarzyna as my middle name. Gotta give props to the great grandma.) This new fun name is Synnöve is a derivative of Sunniva, which is Swedish. GUESS WHO'S GONNA BE A NORSE BITCH.

Anyrate. TANNNGENT. This has made me with 3 viking aprons. One of which is an abortion to the word sewing. I have no idea what I did. And I had one short sleeved underdress, and one long sleeved dark blue one. It's kind of fug. But thankfully it's dark blue and it's hard to see the fuck ups. But then Z made me a natural muslin one and one out of my GORGEOUS green linen. SQUEE. And she did a tunic out of a pretty cotton linen blend.

Not to mention all the shit I have anyways. Skirts, pants, bog dresses. You know.


So I filled 2 rather large rubbermaid totes. Christ.

This year I am taking 5 pairs of shoes. These fantastic biker wellies I got, cause I AM TIRED OF TRENCH FOOT. I have Sandlars and I'm going to take them, but they bend in a weird spot and make me cry. I was crippled for about a week cause of where they bend on my pinky toe on my left foot. I need to get them fixed. Yay faire. Or war. HA. I'd prefer to see Bootstrap Brian though, cause Eric is kind of a douche. Then I have my Medieval Moccasins. And a slip on pair of crappy mundane shoes to hit up the Classic in. And then. My sandals of amazing. I love my hiking sandals. They are the only shoe in, I cannot even remember when, that haven't ever given my feet an issue. I WORE THEM AT THE GYM. I proved my point to myself. Favoritest shoes. And they're even awesome in water.

I am also taking a bunch of vag meds. Cause once you get a UTI at war, you NEVER EVER EVER want that again.

Downstairs looks like a war zone. We also have a bunch of like, Cliff Bars cause Andrew LOVES them for meal replacements. And he didn't get a chance to make a wood closet, so I had to buy a new one. Unfortunately, they didn't have a single one, so we are going to have a double one. Thing is gonna be fucking huge. But, now my boy gets to hang clothes. Exciting for him.

SHIT. Where is my wire stand?? Prolly downstairs. MUST find that tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I have to make sure we get Ramen (omfg, is that stuff the shit at war), find my nightstand (which is prolly broken down and leaning against something in the basement, but I already was loud down there when Steve & Erica were sleeping and I didn't know they were there), and break down the bed. Oi.

Andrew is still woodworking at the Haven. That boy has worked his ASS off. For someone not 100% sure about woodworking, I am impressed with what he's done. I've gone there quite a bit to help him. Staining or scraping or cutting or drawing. Might as well do something when I'm there. He can't use power tools alone. OH! Last night I sewed burlap sacks to put the coolers in.

Why am I even blathering about this? I am so tired. And I have a cuddly warm kitten in my lap. I'm gonna miss her. Uncle Carl is gonna cuddle up on her when we're gone. He takes care of all the widdle aminals when we bamf for war. Heh.

1. Where are you camping?
E23, bitches. I think we're closer to Vlad's this time around though.

2. When are you arriving?
We should land around sunset Friday if everything goes according to plan *crosses crossables*

3. What cool stuff are you doing?
Waterbearing as HHH, security shift, possible Troll shift, drinking, CLASSIC, hanging out with friends, walking around, people watching.

4. Name:
Synnovea Katarzyna d'Mer. Prolly the last year for that.
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- I didn't get the job.

+ At least she told me.

+ I can still go to war

- I am not done with my sewing...

+ ...because I took on several projects for others (okay mostly my boy who is working his ass off for our camp).

- My dad is going in for some sort of heart surgery tomorrow morning. Rather, in 4 hours. Lorenzo is supposed to keep me updated. How is he even old enough to do that? So strange.

+ I am going up to Jersey. I only have the time to do the shit I have to do though.

+ Z is going to help me make a short cloak to go over my gray one. STHCORE.

+ My nails are uber. UBER. I expect war to destroy them.

-/+ SEVEN DAYS TILL WAR. I have to admit, I kind of wanted this job so much I was convinced I wouldn't get it. So I haven't been thinking overly much about what I'm gonna do. Now I'm like, omfg. War. Good god, y'all.

+ Faire after that! Somehow, some way, I am going to faire. I just don't know how I'm going to afford it. TEEHEE. Fucking poverty.

++ So much sex lately. So much. Sooo much good sex too.
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Since it spellbinds people.

I like living in Maryland, but it is RIDICULOUS to keep a car on the road.

First, I spent over a hundred dollars to the MVA (MD's name for the DMV) for what I thought was my registration. Apparently it was for a month's registration and I paid for my SALES TAX. It's ridiculous. Then I had to pass their 500 point inspection. Which *so* didn't happen. $1300 later, my car is given the OK. Fuhhhcking retarded. So I go back to the MVA and have to pay more than $100 AGAIN for 2 years of registration. Not to mention what it cost to even get a license. I mean, in NJ I could have had my car registered for a year for $45. That's $90 for 2 years. still $30+ cheaper than this state. Not to mention our inspection/emissions are free. That apparently is $100 total.

It's fucking stupid. And it makes me ANGRY!! But hey. The insurance is cheaper. *nosebleed*


Last night, Andrew & I took my now legal car (my emissions are due in March, so whatever.) to the Home Despot. Violated their lumber section.

Andrew is going to make a yurt door for Gene since he convinced him to throw away the behemoth that was stuck to his yurt. Then we'll make one for us.

He's also going to make me a wooden wardrobe cause he likes to give himself work. I'm sure it'll be beautiful.

Tomorrow is also his birthday! So we're having a shindig at the Haven. Should be fun. We're getting a cake. Mmm. Cake.

We're also due for 4 feet of fucking snow. I'm ignoring that.


Time for foods.


Aug. 11th, 2009 04:08 pm
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I just did 54 loads of laundry with Josh.

Most of it was Andrew & Steven's from the flood.

It was heavy and soaked and gross. A lot of it was from war too. DISASTEROUS!

So much crap.

We took over industrial washers at the laundromat. It still took 4 hours.



Aug. 9th, 2009 08:17 pm
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From war.

Team We Survived Pennsic Mud reporting in.

If it was important, PLEASE LINK ME. I refuse to even see how many feckin' entries I'd have to go back.


Jul. 24th, 2009 06:31 pm
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After some flooding. Some packing. And some repacking.

This chick is toast.

Pennsic 38 will be history!!!!



Jul. 23rd, 2009 07:34 pm
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I have been crafty today.

I had to fix some issue with CVS & my thyroid pills. When I get back from war, I will have to call ye olde doctore and figure out what the FUCK has been going on with my constant "refills require authorization". It's bullcrap.


I had to fix a pair of pants (my purple pants! they ripped in the crotch, and not along a seam! WTFMATE), so I reinforced the green pants which are the same materials. And fixed a pair of undies. Hahah...

Then I went to Joanne's where I got some duck cloth and curtain weights and made us a door for the yurt. We were going to use a shower curtain, but they're all made to be used with a liner, and are sorta transparent. UHHH. No. I don't need people checking out inside our yurt without knocking. Heh.

I made a kick ass door. It's weighted evenly and it fits the pole and everything is nice and dark when it's up.


That's the downstairs bathroom.

I also made Andrew lunch/dinner, since they're all over there packing up the Haven.

I put a second coat of ScotchGuard on my cloak, pulled all my stuff downstairs and into one pile and now, I'm going to finish the neck coolers for war!! OH! And set up my closet! I hope it's not missing any rods. Eek. Heh. Did I mention I made a bag for that? It's so choice.



Jul. 22nd, 2009 02:20 am
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I totally played my D&D game from Frederick, Maryland today.

While they were in Monroe, New York.


Yay for Skype!! :D :D


Cordials are bottled. HOLY STICKY.

Tomorrow Andrew & I are going to Towson's Lush with James (hear that Nix??). It'll be a surgical strike, then we'll hit up Trader Joe's.

Then I have to hit up CVS. Michael Southers heard that I'm done sewing, and he couldn't have that, so I'm making him a tunic or something. I have to throw another layer of ScotchGuard onto my cloak (it started to rain on it after I left it outside to dry. At least I got to find out the weak spots), and finish making the labels for the cordials. I have all the ones for the Cherry Ginger, but I need them for the pistachio, the hazelnut with skins, the hazelnut without skins, and then the strawberry. (I got effin cherry juice on my new tunic that I made today. HELLFIRE.) Also need to hit up TarJay for totes and Bed Bath & Beyond for a shower caddy and a stylish shower curtain for our door. Didn't get to making one this year. Oh, and stands for our lanterns. (unless TarJay can answer all those issues *grins*)

Andrew is almost done with the kitchen. He has to paint some of it black. I SEE A KITCHEN AND I WANT TO PAINT IT BLAAACKKK. Okay, most of it is red oak stained. But parts of it are black. This kitchen is gorgeous!!

Arg, gotta be up by 9. Must go to sleepies.
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I made me a pair of nekkid pants.

Andrew bought 3 colors of the most AWESOME fabric. It's so soft (especially after I washed it) and it's the same type of material as my orange over shirt. WHICH I ADORE.

The last time Z & I were sewing, she made a naked outfit. Like, she is fully covered. However, it's all REALLLLLLLYYY diaphanous material, and leaves *NOTHING* to the imagination.

Well, I now have a non imagination required pair of pants. They are SO SOFT.

Tomorrow I'm making a tunic.

These are a cream color, there's also a lighter brown, and a light olive green. I think I'm making a green tunic. And it shall be cozy. OH YES. :D :D

I did, however, forget that since this is wrinkly material, that it would stretch. So the waist is up to my tits, and the pants bell out over my feet. Heh. Whoops.


3 days till war. JESUS!!!

I'm totally prepared. I don't know why I'm still sewing. *grins*
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Today I wasn't as productive. Z & I went to the Evil Empire, and got some elastic, and I picked up Tombstone cause I adooooore Val Kilmer in it. Oh, and Scotch Guard. I MUST SCOTCH GUARD MY CLOAK.

I've only had it since.. Uh... Stockwood Faire? Yeah. When was the last year that was on? I think that's the year I bought it. Maybe the year before.


Z gave me a shirt that she bought for like a dollar off of a long lost friend. It's actually a lil' summer dress, but it's for someone like, 30 sizes smaller than me. So it looks like a maternity top on me. I cut the neckline WAAAAYYYYYYY down and edged it and I'm gonna wear it under the Khadija bodice I stole from Z. She also gave me a lil' shirt she made like my black one, and since it's STUPID short, I'm gonna tie it and use it as a choli top.


Garb made for me this week:

A Mauve knit suede shawl with trim
Purple linen pants, striped
Green linen pants, striped
Green over shirt
Beige & Orange striped over shirt
Repaired Orange slit pants
Repaired Green slit pants
Repaired Blue plaid bog dress
Repaired Brown pants
Altered Brown flowy shirt

Hmm... oh, and I made a bag for my portable wardrobe. It's a SOLID bag. I am so excited I made something useful out of scrap.

Z made the two over shirts. :D She also made a fuck ton of garb. A couple of tunics, several pairs of pants. All like, see through, I swear. LOL

We're gonna be the most naked fully dressed camp, I swear. Too much muslin.

Well, I've vacuumed here a bit and cleared off the floor so that it's useable as a floor again. Piled all my shit by the door and now, I am off to go home.

HOOOMEEE!! Spend some quality time with my cat since I won't see her for 3 weeks.

Wow, you know you've been spending too much time up in the wee hours of the morning when you see 4PM and think your computer is wrong.

Anyrate, much like a prom dress, I AM OFF!

Soooo not looking forward to dragging all that shit downstairs.


Jul. 15th, 2009 03:14 am
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I don't even know why I'm updating. Just winding down from the drive I guess.

I'm at Z's house, jacking someone's internet from across the parking lot I think. Seeing as the internets only really seem to work from the dining room.


Got home from D&D around 1, showered, putzed and got back to Z's around 2:45.

Pennsic sewwwinnnggg... arrgg..

I had the most GORGEOUS royal purple striped linen material, and I measured it wrong cause I doubted teh Z, and lo. I dun fucked it up.


So I'm going to try and fix it tomorrow later, and pray it doesn't look too ghetto.

*kitteh yawn*


Jun. 16th, 2009 03:55 pm
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- Juliet has been my BUDDDDDY. Ever since Andrew left (who is apparently her real budddddy) she's been clingie. It's precious. I love my cat. My cat tolerates me. Today, she's been MIA. When I'm on the couch though, she's on me. Little kittie blanket. Anyrate, I have not used her icon for a while.

- Andrew is finishing up our yurt today. I am sad I can't be there. I really wanted to help finish it.

- Thursday, I'm going to Springfield to buy copious amounts of Mister Keenan's wine, and have him sign it. The signing starts at 5, so I think I'll go in at 12, since only the first 500 people or so are guaranteed wine. Tia says it's one of the best wines she's had, and although she's slightly biased *grins*, I'm willing to believe her since she is also a wine connoisseur. ;-)

- Saturday, doctor's appointment. Annoyingly I have realized I will have to get my script filled before then. I think I'm just going to take one of my lower dosages tomorrow, since it's not that much lower, and that way it won't fuck up my blood test. When I'm at the doc's I'll get a sample pack for the dosage I need, in case the test comes back and I have to get a different script. If not? I just refill. Yes. This is what I'll do.

- Go here, and confess. There have been a couple of disturbing confessions this time around, one that seriously upsets me. I worry about my list. :(

- I think people are failing to really understand WHY I posted this link. And when I say people, I mean the boys on my list. Instead of taking it as a "did you hear about how awesome John was this past weekend" kind of level, people are bringing up idiots from the news (totally the opposite of the point) and other topics, which really aren't the point and are completely derailing the point of the original post. I'm having a hard time being objective due to some of those things, since the point is being missed completely, and those things are bothering me, but I'm still open to talk about it. It also baffles me how many people think that certain situations are uncommon. I have lived a very "nice" life, and have still been in a more circumstances than I'd like that fall under the reason why that original post was made. If you're gonna comment on this point, please do so under my other entry.

- Tonight is game night. I must find my twirdling. I've been doing some reading on my D&D books. It's so much easier for me to read those on the computer for some reason. I don't find it easy to read "book" format things on the monitor so easily, but these are very easy for me. Huzzah.

- I am so gaining weight like it's my job. I'm trying to shove more veggies in my face. *sigh* So frustrating.

- I should have had Andrew bring up the 4th season of Weeds, cause I'm friggin addicted. I'm almost done with the third season. In fact, I would be done, but I refuse to watch the last episodes of anything until I can follow it up with the next season, if available.

- I wonder if Z is gonna show up for game night. I have a fuck ton of muslin from Andrew for her. Hmmm... I wish I knew how to get in touch with her now. *rubs brain*


Jun. 12th, 2009 12:10 am
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42 Days.
11 Hours.
36 Minutes.
58 Seconds.
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Back from Penn Lite. Good times were had. So exhausted.

It was surreal being on site, when it's like, half assedly set up. So weird.

Napped under a tree after an HOUR of sleep Saturday morning. Then napped in Silver's tent after getting a foot massage from his minion, Jess. Then fed on a ton of filet mignon that was wrapped i bacon & cooked in salt. *UNF*

Drank with Pippi n' friends, walked all over site, and chilled at the Lost Boys.

Bought two new shirt things for under my cholis. *gleeeee* One matches the skirt I made.

Slept in a bubble tent of freezing doom. Luckily I am a genius.


Andrew & I raped JoAnn's for fabric. Then we cut up a fuck ton of cherries for cordial making.

Now at the haven. Watching some anime about bread, while eating bread.


Today is my mother's 51st bday. Woo. Tomorrow is my dad's 58th.

Gonna finally catch up on Grey's Anatomy's season finale.

Oh, and is fun as hell :D
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Okay, so I'm always talking about being at the Haven and shit. That's Gene & Steve's private nerd club. I'm not kidding. Check out The Haven.

The NJ/NY area really needs something like this. We sometimes refer to it as Gene & Steve's "little social experiment". Heh.

Anyrate. Mah Geck Koom Bah, House Hedgehog, is under Gene's wily tutelage. This year, our asses were building our A-Frame canvas tents & Yurts.

Here be pictures. )

Heavy fighting! Atlantian style. Yes, I consort with the enemy. Don't tell East Kingdom on me.

Boffers on the lawwwnnn )

Yes. Those are the geeks I spend quality time with. You are jealous. I know it.

<3 my nerds.


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