Jan. 24th, 2009 12:38 pm
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This is precious.


Five-year-old girl #1: Then she woke up, and she was in the Cylon hospital.
Five-year-old girl #2, in complete horror: What?!

--Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Overheard by: Kate
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Wednesday One-Liners Snort When They Laugh


Guy to self: Doctor Jean Grey has the most powerful orgasm of all the X-Men.

--Union Square Park

Overheard by: Stan

Engineering school chick, screaming: And I was like, 'Oh my god, this is the worst protractor ever!'

--Columbia University

Skanky hipster chick to another: I would totally do him... But only if I had the ninja outfit on.

--Ludlow St.

[Four NYPD cops are checking people's bags at rush hour. A man in a suit appears to be their superior.]
Man in suit: But then he realizes that Jedis don't seek revenge. [The four cops all nod gravely.]

--W 4th St Subway Station

Overheard by: KL

Fiftyish suit: Chewbacca, the original wingman...

--86th & Lexington

Overheard by: Ike

Woman on cell: I'm busy. I've got things to do. And right now what I'm doing is looking at comic books.

--Forbidden Planet

Overheard by: Josh

Chick: We were always competing to be chief geek... But he had asperger's, so he won.

--Central Park


Apr. 28th, 2008 04:38 pm
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Student #1: Can you drink rubbing alcohol?
Teacher: No. If you do, you will die.
Student #2: Unless you're Irish.

--Classroom, Edward R. Murrow Highschool, Brooklyn

Overheard by: anonymous

Heh. :D

Apr. 23rd, 2008 10:56 am
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Woman, hearing garbled announcement that E train is running as an F: No! They are takin' all my E trains!

--E Train

Overheard by: I can has E train?


Apr. 8th, 2008 04:24 pm
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All the Nerd-Boys in Earshot Had a Simultaneous Moment in Their Pants

Cute nerd-girl playing scrabble #1: Did you see that episode where Data made a daughter? It was so good, and so sad!
Cute nerd-girl playing scrabble #2: Yeah, it was.
Cute nerd #1: And do you remember the episode when the little boy idolized data...
Cute nerd #2 interrupting: I remember all the episodes.
Cute nerd #1: But there was this one scene...
Cute nerd #2: I remember that scene.
Cute nerd #1: But I didn't finish...
Cute nerd #2: I remember all the scenes. Seriously. There was one time when my friend was flipping channels, and she flipped to Star Trek. And I only saw like, a quarter of a second of it, with Dr Crusher bending over a patient, and I said, "'his blood is turning to some kind of liquid polymer.'" and then Dr Crusher said, "His blood is turning to some kind of liquid polymer!" It's like when some people hear like 3 seconds of a song and can identify it. I can do that with Star Trek.

--Starbucks, 2nd & 9th
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Lady on cell: I mean, there were some funny pictures... Whitney freaking on me just isn't what I had in mind... I just don't really want pictures of beer pong in my wedding album, y'know?

--Gramercy Park


Jun. 22nd, 2007 09:15 am
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Girl: It's this way.
Guy: Are you sure?
Girl: I know where all the Jamba Juice is.
Guy: Are.
Girl: What?
Guy: Are. You know where all the Jamba Juice are.
Girl: Is.
Guy: Are! Each franchise is a separate entity!
Girl: Is! They're all part of single collective!
Guy: Jamba Juice is not the Borg!

--50th & Broadway
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Salesperson to customer: C'mon nigga, just buy this fucking thing, you know you want it.

--Radio Shack, 225th St

Overheard by: charles elliot
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Guy: Did you try rebooting?
Chick: Of course.
Guy: Because that's the first thing you should try doing when you--
Chick: --Look, half the guys I've dated have been in tech support. I've picked up a hell of a lot more than just VD. I know about rebooting.


Overheard by: ctrl alt delete

Ya know...

Jun. 15th, 2007 10:25 am
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It's things like this that make me laugh.

New Yorkers are a gruff people. You spend enough time there, you figure this out. But you don't know about the "HEY! Only *I'M* allowed to fuck with a New Yorker, YOU aren't!" mentality of protectiveness they have.

I'm sure there are a lot more moments like this one. But no one talks about THEM.

I love OiNYC


Bus driver on intercom as it starts to rain: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey... C'mon, everybody!
Entire bus, singing: You'll never know, dear, how much I love you -- please don't take my sunshine away.
Chick: I think that was the least-New York moment of my entire life.

--M79 bus


Mar. 9th, 2007 02:02 pm
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Dude #1: ... And it had this sort of feeling like the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Dude #2: What's the Rocky Horror Picture Show?
Dude #1: It's, ummm... The Rocky Hor-- Hmmm. It's, ummm... It's just like Star Wars but for transvestites.

--10th St, between 5th & 6th Ave

Overheard by: Eli... NYU design dude


Jan. 9th, 2007 03:02 pm
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Dork #1 snickering and pointing at deli awning: D and D deli!
Dork #2: I gotta get a picture of that!
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Chick #1: So, are you going to have sex with him tonight?
Chick #2: Nope.
Chick #1: Why not?
Chick #2: I didn't shave my legs.

--The Village

Overheard by: Winter Coat

It's painfully true, yo.

In other news. Josh sent me a picture of a rum truck. They're following HIM now. Explains why it's been a week since I saw one.
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Guy: So, where were you this evening?
Sober girl #1: I was in Little Italy.
Drunk guy: Shoes! Go on YouTube and search for 'shoes'!
Sober girl #1: Oh my god! I've seen that video! 'These shoes cost...'
Drunk guy and sober girl #2: 'Three hundred dollars'!
Drunk girl: You two are hot. You should fuck her in the ass.
Guy: So, where were you this evening?
Sober girl #1: I was in Little Italy.

--4th Ave & 11th St
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Teen boy #1: No, the gold one is called 'CD3' or something. The little one is, like, 'R4M23.'
Teen boy #2: I think the gold robot was named 'R3DM24.' It was the small one that was 'C-something.'
Teen boy #3: No, man, the gold guy was 'C3DDO,' and the little silver one was 'RH52' or some shit.
Frustrated 30-something lady behind them: The gold one is 'C3PO' and the smaller one is 'R2-D2'!
Teen boy #2: Oh, thanks -- you can tell we're not Trekkies.

--M15 bus



Oct. 20th, 2006 09:48 am
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Disproportionately hot nerd girl: You know, I was scarred by a guy once. It was on a fur rug. With a knife.
Attractive nerd guy: Wow. Real fur?
Disproportionately hot nerd girl: Real knife too. Very 'Kushiel's Dart' sort of moment.
Attractive nerd guy: He must have thought you were pretty special, I mean, what do you have to do to get blood out of fur? I'm guessing it's dryclean only.
Disproportionately hot nerd girl: Anyway that was my first, and only, foray into S&M. After that I stuck to D&D.

-- 6 Train

Overheard by: Scott Gresham
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Girl: Paris Hilton has a fragrance?! What's it supposed to smell like, unwashed crotch?

--Manhattan Mall

Overheard by: Rainey



Jul. 13th, 2006 12:05 pm
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My coworker does this to her daughter ALL the time. I just read it outloud to her and she nearly peed.

Dad: How old are you?
Teen boy: Thirteen.
Dad: How old are you?
Mom: You know he's thirteen.
Dad: It says here that if you're eleven or younger, you get in free... How old are you?
Teen: Oh. Eleven.

--Roxy Deli

Overheard by: Kelsey



Jul. 11th, 2006 03:45 pm
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Woman #1: You said 28th and 7th.
Woman #2: I told you 27th and 8th.
Woman #1: You did not.
Woman #2: Yes, I did.
Woman #1: I know what you said 'cause I got a photogenic memory. You said 27th and 8th.
Woman #2: That's what I'm saying.
Woman #1: Fuck you then.

--28th & 7th

Overheard by: Akd



Jul. 6th, 2006 10:04 am
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Gay flight attendant, frantically running down aisle: Excuse me! Coming through. Scusa, signore. Excuse me, I need to get the back of the plane. It's an emergency! Excuse me!! [Runs past woman, stops, walks back.] Oh my God, your scarf is fabulous; did you buy it in Venice?
Woman's husband: Did you say there was an emergency?
Gay flight attendant: Not as big as the one that'll happen if I don't get that scarf!

--flight into JFK



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