Ah life.

Jan. 21st, 2013 02:51 am
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I don't have work till Friday. We're entering our slow season after the Super Bowl, so all our hours are reduced. Which is a bummer.

However, school starts this week. So maybe it's okay. Abnormal Psych meets once on Monday night, Psychology of Aging is Monday & Wednesdays, and Latin is still Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I made sure to keep Tuesdays off so Danni & I can still chill, and I figured it'd be a good idea to have one whole frickin' day off. Unlike last semester, where that was problematic.

Tomorrow! Andrew and I (WHO IS OFF THE SAME TIME AS ME *shockshock*) are going to run many errands.

OH! And I cleaned my side of the room. Holy hell. So much shit has been chucked. So much cleaner. All the happy. :) I really cleaned out shelves and the such, so hopefully it'll be easier to maintain this time.

And I did my taxes. Getting about $2000 back in total. Wewt! Thank you Earned Income Credit. Though, this means I can going to Portugal with Z and her family. The flight is about $1200. It's cool because Lenice invited Tami, so when they all lapse into Portuguese, we can talk to each other at least. Heh. Although I did order a level 1 of Brazilian Portuguese from Rosetta Stone, and Tami & I are going to share it so we're not so fucking lost.

I've also decided to go to Florida to see my mother. It's gonna be a pricey trip, because we can't stay with her (not that I would with Charlie still drawing breath) because there is no ROOM to do so, so that means a hotel and she has no car, so that means a rental. I thought about driving. It's only about 12 hours. Which isn't much, really. So, we'll see. Cause that would save the cost of renting a car AND a plane, so it might make fiscal sense.

I'm quite excited to switch up my vacation this year. Should be good times! :D

Crap. W H Y A M I H U N G R Y?!?! I had dinner. Arg.


Mar. 22nd, 2011 12:44 am
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I now "own" a 2010 white Toyota Corolla!

I'll own her in 5 years.

Basically, I bought my rental. Except it's a year earlier. I haven't figured out any differences yet though. LOL

Yay reliable.


Jan. 16th, 2011 10:11 pm
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I am trying to figure out my life this year, vacation wise.

I have Pennsic XL that I must go to.
I WANT to go to Cali in February for Tia's baby shower (hoarding cash like whoa starting... yesterday.)
I want to go to Wickerman, and that's close enough and cheap enough that I think we can swing it.
I want to go to Dark Odyssey Winter Fire, but $$$.
I want to go to FetFest, but $$$.

And all of these require unpaid time off of work. Which is no huge deal. But still kind of arg. Cause I work weekends. My schedule is usually Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun. And most of these events (aside from 2 weeks of Pennsic) are, yep. Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon.

Which is rough.

*lip nibbles*

Also, did I mention I might think about going back to school? We'll see. Maybe in September. I have to check a bunch of things out. It's a gray thing.


Jan. 13th, 2011 11:54 pm
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If it's got balls or wheels or, apparently, computer chips, it's gonna give you grief.

My computer shit the bed. Again. I finally figured out it's the NVIDIA driver update. I went to restart after a standard Windows update and LO. Fucker wouldn't go back on. BSoD, etc. Not starting in safe mode, a bunch of other shit. I tried booting from the disc, nada. Annoying. Of course, Gabe looks at it and turns it on and it's like "Oh Master, would you like me to fix myself? Click OK!"


At least it's fixed.

Also, my car was dropped off at Aamco Monday night, so Tuesday I call at 2:30 and they're like "...oh, right. Altima." DUDE!

So I didn't go to work Wednesday cause they were fiddling with it. Turns out it was done Wednesday night, but NO ONE CALLED. But the guy at the desk thought he had TWO different conversations with me that never occurred and I have the phone records to prove it.

Anyrate, they were all "we know you want that $400 brake job done, but we are TERRIFIED if you don't fix this $260 axle issue. SCREW YOUR BRAKES."

When the mechanic is all about screwing the expensive fix in favor of a cheap one, you find money for both.

So $700 later, the car is fixed. I am adding that $120 onto the tab I owe Andrew, cause I had to borrow some cash. I paid ALL in cash. $80 in singles, about $120 in $5's and $10's and the rest were $20s. Heh. I could have paid the whole thing on my own, but I can't remember when my car insurance comes out, and I get paid tomorrow, but prolly won't get to the bank till Saturday so I didn't want to fuck up and bounce anything. So it's nice to know I am not destitute. And? Being able to pay for things is SO FUCKING COOL. I missed the ability.

Tomorrow is work at noon. Z is gonna drop on by around 3:30/4. I'm hoping tomorrow is an early Friday. I don't know if that'll happen, but I'd like some quality time with mah Z. I don't have work till like, 4 or 5 on Saturday so that's good. Then I'm off like, 8 or 9 then. So we has times. :)

I should update about Dominos a bit more. Let me tell you. I really like this stupid job. NO STRESS. Sometimes the customers get salty, but Dominos is one of those places that's like "Oh, hey. THE CUSTOMER ISN'T ALWAYS RIGHT!!!" And that is fucking nice. My boss, Reva, is a doll face. Her husband, Ron, is a driver there, and he's a doll. The rest of my managers are cool for the most part, and the rest of us drivers are ball busters and we have fun.

It works out to roughly $13 to $18 an hour depending on the day. I get $6.50 an hour, which is nice. I usually get at least $11 an hour in tips. Most people are decent tippers. Some are assholes. BTW, if you stiff your driver, it makes us SAD DAMMIT! Also. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE, use reflective numbers on your house. A light ABOVE your house number might as well not exist. You will get your food a LOT faster if your number is like, ya know. Visible. Tips from a driver. *sage nod*

Did I mention Andrew got me a Color Nook for Christmas? Yeah, he spent far too much on me. So I am currently reading Bram Stoker's "Dracula" on it which is AWESOME cause if there's a footnote or a "hey, this is what that phrase means" I can just click the hyper link, it shows me and I go "Oh, that's what that means" and tap it again and I'm back to my page. WHICH MAKES IT SO MUCH EASIER TO READ.

Ahh. The little things.

There's an update for the new year. Woooooo.


Mar. 17th, 2010 02:48 pm
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What's got 2 thumbs and is actually GETTING money back from the IRS??


Kids, if you are ever on the unemployments, you make SURE to click that important box saying "yes, please withhold Federal taxes."


*weeps with the happy*

Now, off to get my drink on. I thought this was going to be a mournful drink. BUT! It is to be celebratory! :D
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from New Jersey to Maryland.

No shit.

And I'm getting an $80 refund this month, then I don't need to pay, THEN I pay $85 a month. For like, 4 months or something?


Good god, yo.


Jun. 10th, 2009 10:17 pm
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I should have been back in Jersey yesterday, for D&D last night, alas. Madre Naturaleza had other plans for us.

I have not seen a wall of water quite like the one Z & I got stuck in on the way home. It was epic. I would have taken pictures, if I was not busy SHITTING MYSELF. I am not a nervous driver by *any* stretch, but WHOA. U-turn like a mo' fo'. Z snaps this to our left on the way back INTO Frederick.

OH YES. It was neat looking though. Ya know. Once I didn't have to try and struggle to see my front end. BTW did I mention I had a SHIT TON of work done to my car? Yeah. Heart attack. All new struts, exhaust reattached, new front brakes, new front rotors (whoopsies), alignment and other piddly shit that seemed to cost $79.95 to do. It all NEEDED to be done, and I really can't complain too hard seeing as my car has not given me much shit about being my car. This is the first major upkeep I've done to it. And the mechanic had it done in HOURS. So I am not bitching. Huzzah to him. But *CRIE* to my bank account. What was FUN about that shit??? My debit card got declined. Twice. Then my check got declined. I panicked, went and checked my online status, and it was fine. NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED. More than plenty to cover it. I don't fucking know.

Where was I? Oh. Right.

So we ate some, then went to the Haven, where Andrew was holding down the fort all by his lonesome. Taught Z how to play Catan. She nearly schooled us. Friggin' beginners. Of course Andrew won. At some point Ryan showed up, and we all ordered Outback. Got fatter. Went home, and it was goot sleeps.

Woke up, putzed about, and then bounced. Got to Z's in good time, and then drove her to get her car fixed. She drove over a screw at some point. I don't recommend that, btw. Watched the shenanigans as that was attempted to be plugged, and then went back to her house for a bit.

Eventually got off my lazy ass, came home (and as I took my bags out, some old man was heckling me for my bag having) (OH! where Jared has EXORCISED the kitchen, w00t!) and found more snow in the goddamned frost free fridge. *twitch* I just de-snowed that thing!!! Anyrate, I reanimated my computer somehow, MARKED THE CORDS THIS TIME, and saw Andrew'd sent me a picture of his sisters.

You see, they're both preggers, Sarah is due September 10th, and Margaret is due November 10th. I am retardedly excited about this event. I have met both of them ONCE. And Margaret is moving to Chicago :(. She is ittie bittie. Andrew said she's my height. Lies. She is small. Sarah's still in Brooklyn though. I should make him visit her more often. *glares at boy*

THEN cause my ovaries weren't squeeing enough, I got to see more photographic evidence of Miss Anya Li, Chu & Cara's brandie new bebe. *DIES OF CUTE*

Where was I? Oh yes. After these squeefests, I showered, and threw myself BACK into the car (on the way there, I was stopped so some girl could look at my tattoo) and then drove to De, Danny & JD's grandmother's wake (NOT Bokka, sorry for the panic). Where Danny, JD, Jaime & I entertained each other with stories to block out the somberness of it all.

At the end, I came home. Where I am doing the chattie chat thing with some peeps. Woo.

Tomorrow, I am off to parts of Jersey of the northern variety, and then... I have no idea. Maybe some WoW. Mm... WoW.
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Good News.
I was supposed to get my federal tax refund the 13th. It got direct deposited the 9th. Sthcore. So if you efiled with direct deposit, GO FORTH and check yer shit.

Bad News.
I had wanted to leave MD by 9:30. *glances at time* Yeah. Still need to pack.
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After refiling my returns (my dyslexia kicked in. I transposed a couple numbers in my FORMER employer's EIN. Whoops.) They were accepted.


I should have it direct deposited on the 13th. Woo. :)

In other news. It is FUCKING SNOWING AGAIN. Hate.

In other OTHER news.

I had soup. Okay, ramen.

And I may... ooh, I may have a bath. I did Scrubbin' Bubbles the tub at 6am.

See. I can do shit in the morning. It just requires me being up from the day before.

The real reason I was up stupid late was cause I watched the last episode of BSG 4.0 and was like "wellll, if I stay up for another hour and a half, I can take my next antibiotic." So I watched the first of 4.5. Then I was like, "WELL, I have another 40 minutes before my antibiotic, so that's PERFECT and I can watch another eppy."

By then, It was 4:30ish? I was like, fuck it. I'm ALMOST caught up. Anne Marie says the next one is really good. So I watched that one. Then Jared woke up. BS'ed with him, cleaned the tub, went to bed.

Woke up at 10 to take another antiobiotic. Went back to sleep.

This LUMP is not getting smaller. It's HIIIDEOUS. *sigh* At least there is no pain. Just annoyance. I can hang.

*rubs face*

So itchie. GAAH.

Baff time. Jes.
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I am going blind.

Ha. Not srsly, not like I almost did last time.

But my world is blurry and headachy. I am not slow. I know this means a trip to the Eye Doctah.

Does anyone know FOR SURE (as in NOT something like: I heard from my cousin's uncle's former roommate's brother that sometimes on every other full moon this doctor gives out cheap exams 3 years ago) any brand named optical place that gives out cheap exams?

I'm also gonna need disposable contacts, and I REALLY should get new glasses since the script in that one is like, 8 years old and they be blurry.

But as we all know, I am unemployed. So I need cheap.

I think I may have an astigmatism in my right eye as well. Fuckers.


Jan. 7th, 2009 01:28 pm
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I had a Z last night. I missed her. <3 <3

I did some finances this morning. GOD that was fun. *gag* But at least I had the fundage to DO said financing. Woo.

Also, I did some shopping. Yay foods. :D

Dicked around a bit in my credit card account and found out I can have it EMAIL ME when I have certain things happen! I am so slow. So I have it reminding me a week before my payment's due, if it's over due, and if I exceed a certain limit. :)

OOh, Z also hooked a brother up with BSG season 3, so I am going to finish up the last disc of 2.5. I'm also going to watch the second disc of Big Love season 2 that Jared rented. That's a lot of fucking teevee.

It is slippery out! I am SO glad I don't have to go anywhere. These are the days I used to *HATE* when I had to go to work. Silver linings and whatever.

I was holding Juliet all last night like a baby. She finally decided that it was time to love up on me and she wasn't going anywhere. Heheheh :)

Mm.. cereal.
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Okay. Thank you, Roommate, for the APB. I got like, 12 text messages before I checked LJ. Interrupted a nap. Dammit.

Anyrate. Once again, rumors of my death (or disappearance) have been greatly exaggerated. Christ, it's only been like... okay 7 days since my last post. Some people go months and shit, ya know.

- I come home and I don't know why I bother. I swear to god. I've been pretty stress free this whole week, and I come home and there's a Death Knight of unknown origin on my WoW account *glares at roommate*, my mail is all over the place, the floor, etc, the apartment STINKS to high heaven of unwashed cat food cans and litter box, and I have HUNDREDS of dollars of bills (the Town of Tuxedo wants $205 from my ass!!! EW!). And a cancelation notice on something I paid close to a month ago. *rubs temples*

- Amongst that pile of shit, were my unemployment papers. WHAT THE FUCK. I swear to god I need a degree just to read them. And apparently they wanted me to call yesterday. Lovely. So I called today cause apparently that is acceptable. And I don't even know WHAT I called to do. To confirm I got the paperwork? I don't even know. It was the most useless phone call that was ever made. And there's a CLASS I have to go to??? MOTHERFUCKERS. I was employed for 9.5 years. I THINK I KNOW WHAT A JOB IS. OH my god. Anyrate. I think I figured out what I'm getting a week and it's more than tolerable. In fact it's close to what I was making before I got shitcanned cause of the hours they started to cut and the docking for when I was late. Although it'll be less, I'm sure, once taxes get deducted.

*pause* Call from the Momz.

Okay. Where was I?

- If you IM'ed me, I didn't get it. At some point the computer retarded restarted.

- I was down in Maryland if you didn't know. Spending entirely too much time sleeping and having fun. Which is why, I think, when I got my ass back to Jersey I pouted overlymuch. Now that I've talked to my mother some, and figured out some of the unemployment shit and I'm decidedly less hostile. Until I call the bleedin' state tomorrow. *growls*

- I don't think my cat missed me much. :-/ She was just proving a point. She spent a good 20 minutes happily purring in my lap. I feel better.

- Tomorrow I also have to call and cancel my gym membership, since ya know. It's close to the old job and there's no need for me to go there anymore. Besides, it's expensive. I guess I could just show up there as well. Hmm. I'll be right there. Maybe I do that.

- Also going out to lunch with my mother, then to see the damned Twilight movie. I also have to get my thyroid meds. I'm taking some of my last dose, cause it's better than nothing. But just for tomorrow. I missed one today too. I'll survive. It takes longer for that for the bad shit to happen.

- Shit, I just realized I didn't need to delete Jared's Death Knight. Whoops. Good thing there wasn't anything on the toon. Anyrate, I have one now. Her name is Synniskye.

- Goddammit. I have to call my father.

- I need to eat something. *rubs temples*


Sep. 22nd, 2008 12:31 am
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I love my people.

72 flowers this weekend. SEVENTY FUCKING TWO. I beat my old record by ELEVEN. (but it goes to eleven....)

In other news. FUCK YOU VISA!! I made an online payment and it didn't go through. GRR! So now I have to pay a late fee and shit. EW! I totally did that shit. *grumbles*

And what's this shit with PSE&G???? They want to be PAID for their service!?!?!?

*writes a check*

GOD some people want everything.

Oh, and thank you Progressive for *gasp* lowering my insurance payment. HUFUCKINGZZAH.

I have more to update, but I'm fucking tired. There will be pix of this weekend eventually.



Jul. 21st, 2008 06:08 pm
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Mah Cali Invasion is over. I have dropped them off at the airportage. :(

In non Cali news. I got a check in the mail from my insurance company for $720 for my surgery.

It said that they are paying $720. And I am responsible for the balance. $10,880.


I don't think so? I'm totally not even panicing cause I know I have a $2500 deductible. And I don't even know the assistant MD that sent in this claim.

Whatever. I will call Horizon tomorrow. I don't even know why I got a check. I don't know if I'm supposed to endorse it to this mythical doctor or what.

Hey now.

Apr. 25th, 2008 03:03 pm
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Tax Relief Checks going out earlier than expected

I went from May 9th to May 2nd.


So like.

Feb. 13th, 2008 05:35 pm
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Everyone knows about this, right?

The last half dozen people I've mentioned it to seemed to not have a clue what I was saying.



Feb. 8th, 2008 03:06 pm
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I just barked with laughter.

Z: oh duh, I just realized where my black pashmina is
Z: on my flower basket
Z: which happens to be in joca's garage
Me: lol
Me: why is it there?
Z: cause it was in the mitsubishi, which ze's driving. so everything that was in therre, is now in the garage
Z: i need to go grab everything
Me: why is he driving duir?
Z: cause he was using a used ford focus as his work commuter car, but cause it is a fuckus, its dead
Me: lol
Z: and duir has been resurrected many a time, he beats jesus
Me: LMFAO!!!

In other news. I had a Lean Cuisine lasagna for lunch, which did not really push the Garfield-esque desire for lasagna away.

I might have to make some. I never have. But how hard could it be.

*famous last words*


Or not. I just did the math and I have $95 to last me until Thursday, and I need about $80 of that for gas.


That's unfortunate.

Hai. I can have math skillz now? I'm fine. Still just the same level as poor as I thought I was when originally composing this post.

I'm retarded.
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The good:

- I had mah Jim last night. I love him. He cooked me cow. And it was delicious. I ate nearly the whole thing. Good thing there were two. So good.

- I played WoW with Keri! I had to help de-newblette her.

- I got quality cuddle time on ze couch.

- I am wearing my new shoes. They have skulls and cross bones on them. They were $6.

- I did my taxes yesterday. Less than half the refund I got from last year thanks to ADP being a bunch of cock chugging chode licking pieces of shite, but whatever.

- Anthrax was on the radio this morning. Booyah.

- No clients today, so I'm wearin' jeans :)

The bad:

- I went out to my car this morning and some douchebag sideswiped my car at some point. My front bumper was all scraped, and the light was hanging out of the car like it's eye had been shoved out of it's socket. :( Squish fixed it as best he could, and surprisingly enough it is in there good AND the only thing that doesn't work is that parking light. I hope whoever did this? Has their DICK ROT OFF AND HAVE THE EMPTY CHASM ITCH FOR ETERNITY. I mean, when I sideswiped a car, I left a note with all my information, and there wasn't even any DAMAGE. Jesus.

- I have to get my car inspected by the end of the month.

- I have decided to use part of my tax return fixing this light, and getting some mild things fixed on my car, along with a transmission fluid flush....

- ...Which leaves not a lot leftover to pay off debt. Let ALONE to put in the wedding account. Meh. We are sooo getting married in 2012.

The ugly:

- I didn't do my laundry last night, so I'm not going to the gym TONIGHT cause I am going to do laundry. I am wearing ugly undies. Actually they're not ugly, they're just 3 sizes too big. (They're black lacy boy short types that I have to FOLD over cause they're so big. I clearly didn't know what size to buy. I am better now.)


Jan. 31st, 2008 04:14 pm
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- I love my hair today. I don't know if it's just a "good hair day" or the Rehab or what, but it's smooth, it's shiny, it's doing some weird spiral wave thing and it feels SO thick and healthy and long. Today is totally a waste of a good hair day.

- My left eye has a weird red spot. Has for a few days. So annoying. I have no idea why. It looks like I rubbed it, but I haven't been. Fecker.

- My skin looks nice. I have one monster scary thing that is clearing up, but I had a weird ingrown hair/zit/mutant head there, and it's calming down finally. It's right by my EAR. Very weird. And I have a blind pimple on the TIP of my nose. That I only remember I have when I accidentally touch/breath/scratch and I shoot off my chair and my eyes start to tear and I sneeze.

- I haven't talked to Z in like. YEARS. I miss her. *calls out and hears echoes*

- I haven't touched Dark Tower cause I've been a busy shit. I really do want to. I just have been a busy shit.

- I woke up stupid late this morning (read: when I should have left the house), so it was a good thing we got to dress down today. I love not thinking about my work clothes. But also, I didn't get to use my weights. I did use them yesterday morning and right before I went to bed. So while I was flying out the door, I grabbed my yoga (yogurt) pants and a tshirt, and I'm going to go to the gym tonight. Fly fatass, fly. :)

- I didn't hook up my scanner last night, but I'm already thinking about what I wanna scan. *squee*

- I hate math. Just saying. I'm redoing my financial world, and Archie's cause apparently it is not something he ever realized he had to do, and I hate it. I'm starting to recover from Xmas & Squish's birthday nicely though. It only took a month!! So, clearly I've got a grasp on something I used to not. Although my check book is now $200 more dollars off, but in my favor. I'm retarded with checkbooks. I balance the fucking thing all the time. My math skillz are not l33t.

- I hate this song. "STROKE ME STROKE ME". What a stupid song.

- Still looking forward to going out with Keri & Mike Friday night. YAAY Shannon Rose!! Then a strip club. Woohaaa. Mike is driving and Keri & I are going to drink our asses off. She said she's gonna make those girls work the pole for their money. Heh. She cracks me up.

- STUPOR BOWL SUNDAY!! OH YEEAAH!! God I hope the Giants pull this out of their asses.

- I still smell yummie.

- Tia rocks. Just sayin.

- I got an hour and a half here and I just can't focus. I got too much going on in my brain. Hence all the LJ posts of nothing.

- I realllly want to mail out all the stuff I keep ignoring. Hence my cry out for addresses. Once [livejournal.com profile] detailoring gets me hers, I'll have everyone's shit ready to go, I SWEAR.

- Oh, I have something I have to send out for work. Whoops. I should do that.
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I just saved over $1100 on my car insurance!

NO! Not by switching to Geico! Those non narcotic pansies only would have saved me $300!!


I'm so pleased.

I have to pay half years. So it's a 6 month policy. But!!! IT'S $800 FOR 6 MONTHS!!!

Traveler's wanted over $2700 for this year.


I am so squeeful.


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