Feb. 7th, 2013 01:57 am
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I have been quite ambitious today.

After Latin & Psychology of Aging, I vacuumed my dining room, kitchen, the walls in the kitchen (wts is that about, yo?!), downstairs bathroom and then the stairs coming up, along with both landings. First I FOUND the landing. It's a dumping ground of crap.

Then I washed laundry and the bathroom rug and washed that floor and the outside of the toilet since the men have no aim and Swiffer wet jetted the rest of the surfaces. All my laundry is put away and folded and I studied my AbbyNormalPsych for a good hour or two. I'm doing flash cards online with Quizlet.com too.

Oh, and I did my shitty Latin homework.

Oh, and I made a yum yum dinner. Balsamic Chicken with tomatoes, mozzarella, and angel hair pasta. With crescent rolls!

Oh, and I ordered another oven rack (we only have one, that's no good.).

Oh, and I did a crapton of dishes!

Oh, and I cleaned door knobs and hand prints off walls and light switches! Yay Lysol!

Oh and I paid bills! Registration (EEGADS), a bill for my pap back in like, August (way to send me a bill SUPER LATE) and my dentist. WHOMMMMMMMMMMM I may also say, fixed my balance. They were double charging me some months. Bad accounting system is bad.

My TeeFury shirt came in. It's another Dark Tower one :D It says "Serving the Beam since 1999". Squee, dawg.

My FitBit says I walked up 17 flights of stairs on Feb 6th. I've walked up 2 flights so far on the 7th. It's amazing what having to go up two flights of stairs for laundry will do for that. Lolz. Not to mention vacuuming the stairs twice.

Today was productive.

At some point, and soon, I'm going to need to go through my closet. There are a ton of dress clothes that don't fit me anymore, and quite honestly, some of them are quite old. If I ever lose the weight to fit into those sizes again, I deserve to get a few new clothes. And it's not like I really need these kinds of clothes anyways.

I have to find someone to give them too. Hm.
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I has oven.

I came home from class, and Andrew was baking brownies.

It smelled. Amazing. OMFG.

It's amazing.

And the kitchen is so much warmer! lol :D

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So Paul the cat guy came over. He could not help. I nearly wept. He recommended me to call Gilbert's Restaurant supply. Now, I'm pretty sure these people were on the list of humans for Andrew to call back in the day, but that was so long ago, I am unsure.

I called. Some nice guy was like "Oh, I got a guy for you."

Then I call and leave a message for Matt.

Matt responds with EVERYTHING HE KNOWS about The Oven. Which, heh, is extensive.

Matt's coming over Friday.

My oven might be fixed by Tuesday.

I'm not holding my breath, but if I had just called Gilbert's myself years ago, this shit might have been taken care of then.

I'm a wee bit frustrated, that I have to always be the proactive one. But maybe I should just resign myself to the fact that if I want anything done in a manner that isn't going to take until I move, I should just do it myself.

That being said.


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I came home from work. And here were Nico, and her friends Chris & Deb in my living room. Chris & Deb used to own "Dragonfly" which was an adorable little art shop downtown. But business sucked, and lo. No more Dragonfly. Which makes me sad. Alas, they are awesome people.

Deb & Nico were looking at weird Tumblr sites and Chris was in my recliner with his head tilted back. Apparently the only way he could breathe. The sick happens to us all.

We all get to chatting and at some point, The Oven (mine is not so clean) comes up. I have lived here for 3 years. And I have never been able to use that damned thing. Steph could tell stories of the sad time we tried to cook a turkey. Oh god, the humanity.

Anyrate, Chris gets up, and starts to smack it around. Asks some questions. And he goes, as serious as one can:

Chris: "What ya should do here is.. well, if you go down East Street and make a left onto South Street, at some point you'll see a sign that says Peace and Plenty. Go in there, and ask the guy with the cat about help with the oven."


That's the most sound advice I've gotten on it. See, people won't come to the house to check it out because it's a commercial oven in a residential house. Doesn't matter that we're all coded and have renters insurance and they have business insurance, they are just assholes about it.

I thank him. And consider it. Then I send Danni the following exchange.

Me: We have a weird errand to run tomorrow.

Danni: ....elaborate please.

Me: We're gonna see the man with a cat about the stove.

Danni: ...you want I should call in some muscle? I know a guy.


I tell Andrew. He goes into the reserves and shoves $400 into my hands and says "WHATEVER IS NECESSARY." Oh, lolz. It's never worked, have I mentioned that? Gas shuts off. Some regulator somewhere is rusted open, so I am told.

The following day is Danni-Synn Tuesday, so we lunch and go on this errand. We chat with Brian, the proprietor of the clearly used washer/dryer/oven/fridge store and he is pleasant. He has birds. Unfortunately, the guy with the cat (Paul) is out on an errand. So we feed and come back.

And there is Paul. And his cat, who is named Boots. He's a black and white creature of extreme affection towards Danni.

Paul has clearly had some head trauma in his life. He is missing part of his head. Danni thinks it's just his skull, but I'm not so sure it stops there. There's a large softball sized crater in his head that his very thin hair barely covers. He seems well enough. He chats to us about the oven. He scratches a few days worth of beard stubble and is not quite sure he can do anything with this oven of mine, but he'll certainly give it a looksie on Thursday.

That. My friends. Aside from a chef dude who fell off the face of the earth, is the closest I have had ANYONE say they could help me. The chef (named Alan) was like "Oh, this thingie is rusted open! Should be a snap to fix!" and we offered him cash rewards to do so, and then he moved to Baltimore and I haven't seen him since.

If Paul the Oven Dude with the Cat can't help. I don't know. My next step is a plumber. Kate the Wicked recommended it (along with a couple other peoples) and it make sense since they have to know how to deal with gas lines.

But, this story needed to be put down. Cause. Yeah.

Tomorrow, I assume I will wake up and hear from Paul. Who will be waiting at my house. To smack around my oven.

Cross some things, kiddies.

Further, if this pans out, I'm getting Chris & Deb a goddamned gift certificate to friggin Home Depot (they do contractor work too).
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This past Wednesday, we had to take Miss Juliet to the vet for her teeth cleaned. Now, we tried to do this ages ago, but her blood work came back that she had hypothyroidism. So we put her on the medication for that, and then we needed to do MORE blood work after 30 days because apparently hypothyroidism can hide kidney disorders in cats. Awesome. The 30 days comes and we get her tested and lo, she is still awesomesauce. Another appointment is made to keep her happy butt up on her teeth.

She hasn't been put under anesthesia in twelve friggin years. She got fixed, and that was pretty much it. We try to keep her life trauma free, since we molest her all the time. Well, we dropped her off at 7:30 and we were able to get her back by 4! The vet we go to is sort of awesome if not pricey. But alas. Only the best for my girl. (ask me when I last went to the doctor, hahahah)

She has been super snuggly and affectionate and sweet since. Sleepin' like a boss. She has a lil' shaved area on her arm from the IV, but she's pretty boss. Her teeth are in pretty good shape too. The vet was all "hey, for the first dental visit in 14 years, she rocked it." Huzzah.



My adviser was Dr. K., but she's like. Leaving. I didn't really know her anyways. But she is teaching a class next semester? Oh I don't even know. So whatever. I go to the registrar today to be like "uh. so. registering for classes, eh?" and they're all "that started awhile ago" and I'm all "DAMMIT I HAVE NO ADVISER!!" and I give her my name and shizz and she's like "oh, you've been transferred to Dr. Boyle." and I was like "Dr. Boyle. Dr. Bob Boyle. Like. Whose class I JUST CAME FROM!?" and she's like "Uhm. Yep!" Hahahaha...

Alas, I scampered on back and he was still there helping some girl and I was like HEY YOU IS MAH ADVISER, MANG. and he was like "husha chil' I know." (vernacular mine.)

He signed my advisement card, which I don't really understand since I came home and registered for shit online. Whatever. I guess it's just proof that you talked to your dude. So I get to drop that shit off tomorrow after Latin.

I'm taking Latin 102 *weeps* and Psychology of Aging. I'm waitlisted for Abnormal Psychology. Heee :D

My schedule, if all goes well, will be MWF with Latin, MW, with Aging and M with Abby Normal. Monday would be a long ass day, with school from 12:30 to 7:30 in all three subjects, but I got this. I can hang. I'm a tough chick. (remember to go back and read that after your brain blows up)


Fiance creature:

Saturday is our "official" anniversary. We kinda count Pennsic since that's where we met and whatever, but Saturday is the day we arbitrarily picked for an anniversary. SOOOO! We're going to a hotel in Hagerstown that has a whirlpool tub. That was my only request. WANT SWISHY TUB. Then! The boy found a Bavarian restaurant that looks pretty neat in town, and we're gonna hit that shit up. Prolly even take a taxi so we can both drink. It'll be nice. Sunday I don't know what we're gonna do. But it'll be nice! We've never really planned anything like this before. We're usually "what you wanna do?" "I don't know. What you wanna do?" "I dunno." So! Heheh :D I'm excited. :)



I'm making this ginormous granny square blanket. Well, I'm using Lion Brand Homespun and I think the yarn is too thick to actually chain 2 in the corners, so it's doing this weird peaking thing. I looked it up and they call it "curling" but it is more peaking. So, I undid a 12 row square and I'm redoing it with ONE chain between the shells in the corners to see if this helps. I really really really really really don't want to redo the 36 row square, but if I have to, I will. We'll see. *inhales and exhales* I HAVE THE POWER. I think part of the reason I haven't worked on this for so long is because deep down I knew I'd have to fix the motherfucker. I have a huge basket full of blanket bits. This will be excruciating.

Alas. I have a season of How I Met Your Mother to watch, so I think it will help. This show is adorable.
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Anyboo. Today was.. a day. WOO!

Today Danni & I had our weekly Danni Synn Tuesday and we actually both finished our lunch and dessert. THEN! We came back to the house and we washed our cars for like 3 friggin hours.

Poppet is so sparkly. I loves her! She is so expensive. I'm back to working for my car again. ooOOooh well. I love her. She's so.. reliable. And good with gas. And... now, she's RainEx'ed. :D

What else is going on. It's weird typing entries now. Back in the day I was talking TO people. Now it really is like a journal. Kinda just for me to keep my history. :)

Right now I'm watching Andrew flail about in his sleep. He's getting quite uppity with his blankets.

OOh, today, our waitress, Mindy, who is our regular waitress at the Double T, thought I was 22/23. HAHAHAHAH. I was like "WHAT." She was confused when I said I'd been at my last job for 10 years. That esplained it a bit more when I was like "oh hunnie."

Then, at FREAK later, someone else thought I was like, "wow, I thought you were tops 25". HA! Again, talking about the last job. It's strange that it came up twice in one day, but whatever.

A friend gave me a job listing for a legal secretary, so maybe that's why. It's in NoVa, but whatevers.

After Hurricane Irene hit, a lot of MD didn't have power, so the Wifey (Devon) came over to abuse our power & interwebs since it'd been about 24 hours and her house still didn't have any.

She took this picture of my adorable cat.

EEE! So cute.

Also, I cannot believe how fucked up the north is about the hurricane. Bitch FUCKED shit up. Part of 287 is just washed away! Fucking crazy!!


Tomorrow I actually have nothing planned. Maybe I'll do some laundry. Read. Something. :)


Aug. 23rd, 2011 03:30 pm
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My first earthquake!!


Danni, Nico & I were at the diner when everything started to shake. I said "Seriously? Is this an earthquake" and the lady near us screamed, and the dude across from us was like "Nah, they're doing work on the building" and I looked outside to the dude in the cherry picker painting a sign not even attached to the building. Uh, right homes. It felt like a Mack truck SLAMMED and was trying to drive through the diner. Hardly likely from Mr. Painterman.

Aunt said everyone there is fine. The epicenter was 27 miles outside of Charlottesville, so I'm glad everyone is chill.

One of the waitresses called her fiance, and he's a mechanic. He said he got out from under a car, and BAM. Then it fell off the lift. CRAZY! So that's the most fucked up thing I've heard of from the Earthquake that shook Fredrock.

Hmm. Perhaps a nap is in order.

So I fail.

Sep. 21st, 2010 11:47 pm
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I'm not gonna quit my 30 days thing.

It's just that I wanted to take pix of the stuff in my purse. I will do a few days all at once to "catch up" a bit. I SUCK.

But I was also running around New Jersey this weekend.

I have a cat on my lap, so I am now paralyzed.

Today Andrew took me to the Frederick Fair! It was awesome. :D There were farm animals and rides and WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR. I had a kickin' candy apple. It had crushed peanuts, caramel, white chocolate, dark chocolate and NOW I WILL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN.

Also, I took this picture which I kind of love.

I tried to do a little action with it to make it look like an old school postcard. Stupid or pretty?

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So tired. So sick. Ugh.

In exciting "Ah, I'm back home" news, there was a ghetto fight outside my house. Some dood threw some chick's cell phone, called her names, looked like he was gonna hit her. It was great. Then another couple got involved. So I hollered at them, and Andrew called 911. The one dood went to SWING at the chick cop. Idiot. AAAAAHRRESTED. I swear.

There will be a better update when I can breathe.


Jul. 30th, 2010 03:33 am
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Pennsic is upon us. I'm leaving in a few hours.

For the first time in a LONG time I am really not excited. I'm excited to be with some people, but for war itself? Not really. How fucked up is that? I mean.

Normally at this time, I AM GIDDY. I mean, aside from last year, when that whole flood thing happened.

I am so tired I am shaking. Makes sense seeing as I've been routinely staying up until 4 or 5, if not later and then getting up at 10 or 11 and busting my ass.

Mainly sewing. I have sewed so much. Andrew said he didn't have enough pants. I just did inventory of his stuff, and HE HAS PLENTY. Oh well. He should have gotten more tunics. I am over it. With what he has, he has about twice as much garb as anyone else.

And me.

Jesus Christ.

I am slowly working on my persona. I have it in talks with Glynis about changing my name (Synnovea is not period, yet Synnöve is. Whatever. GIVE ME MY NAME. As long as I'm still Synn. And I can have Katarzyna as my middle name. Gotta give props to the great grandma.) This new fun name is Synnöve is a derivative of Sunniva, which is Swedish. GUESS WHO'S GONNA BE A NORSE BITCH.

Anyrate. TANNNGENT. This has made me with 3 viking aprons. One of which is an abortion to the word sewing. I have no idea what I did. And I had one short sleeved underdress, and one long sleeved dark blue one. It's kind of fug. But thankfully it's dark blue and it's hard to see the fuck ups. But then Z made me a natural muslin one and one out of my GORGEOUS green linen. SQUEE. And she did a tunic out of a pretty cotton linen blend.

Not to mention all the shit I have anyways. Skirts, pants, bog dresses. You know.


So I filled 2 rather large rubbermaid totes. Christ.

This year I am taking 5 pairs of shoes. These fantastic biker wellies I got, cause I AM TIRED OF TRENCH FOOT. I have Sandlars and I'm going to take them, but they bend in a weird spot and make me cry. I was crippled for about a week cause of where they bend on my pinky toe on my left foot. I need to get them fixed. Yay faire. Or war. HA. I'd prefer to see Bootstrap Brian though, cause Eric is kind of a douche. Then I have my Medieval Moccasins. And a slip on pair of crappy mundane shoes to hit up the Classic in. And then. My sandals of amazing. I love my hiking sandals. They are the only shoe in, I cannot even remember when, that haven't ever given my feet an issue. I WORE THEM AT THE GYM. I proved my point to myself. Favoritest shoes. And they're even awesome in water.

I am also taking a bunch of vag meds. Cause once you get a UTI at war, you NEVER EVER EVER want that again.

Downstairs looks like a war zone. We also have a bunch of like, Cliff Bars cause Andrew LOVES them for meal replacements. And he didn't get a chance to make a wood closet, so I had to buy a new one. Unfortunately, they didn't have a single one, so we are going to have a double one. Thing is gonna be fucking huge. But, now my boy gets to hang clothes. Exciting for him.

SHIT. Where is my wire stand?? Prolly downstairs. MUST find that tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I have to make sure we get Ramen (omfg, is that stuff the shit at war), find my nightstand (which is prolly broken down and leaning against something in the basement, but I already was loud down there when Steve & Erica were sleeping and I didn't know they were there), and break down the bed. Oi.

Andrew is still woodworking at the Haven. That boy has worked his ASS off. For someone not 100% sure about woodworking, I am impressed with what he's done. I've gone there quite a bit to help him. Staining or scraping or cutting or drawing. Might as well do something when I'm there. He can't use power tools alone. OH! Last night I sewed burlap sacks to put the coolers in.

Why am I even blathering about this? I am so tired. And I have a cuddly warm kitten in my lap. I'm gonna miss her. Uncle Carl is gonna cuddle up on her when we're gone. He takes care of all the widdle aminals when we bamf for war. Heh.

1. Where are you camping?
E23, bitches. I think we're closer to Vlad's this time around though.

2. When are you arriving?
We should land around sunset Friday if everything goes according to plan *crosses crossables*

3. What cool stuff are you doing?
Waterbearing as HHH, security shift, possible Troll shift, drinking, CLASSIC, hanging out with friends, walking around, people watching.

4. Name:
Synnovea Katarzyna d'Mer. Prolly the last year for that.


Mar. 28th, 2010 06:07 pm
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Went hippie shopping. Not like, shopping for hippies, but shopping at hippie stores.

Went to MOM's and Common Market.

FUCK food is expensive. Especially grass fed beef and grains and shit.

Had goats milk. Was goot.

Hmm. Oh, Andrew bought me cinnamon pills. Supposedly they're to help with the PCOS. Worth a shot for a month.

I got a basket! Ones I had coveted at Pennsic, they had at Common Market for $6 cheaper. WEWT! I like, hugged it.

Hmm. Yeah. I'm totally boring.

We're also going to try adding aloe juice to our protein shakes. Could be interesting. Have to buy a new blender too. Crazy. Andrew is now known as "the blender slayer". Heh.

Man, I'm tired. Savannah is trying to con me into coming out to KY. I'm crazy enough to be pondering it.


Feb. 8th, 2010 11:48 pm
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Douchebag moved his car.

He waited till LazyMan in front of him moved and cleaned out his car and then just drove through.

So annoying.

Still no retaliation. Maybe he realized we can set the bar higher.

And that we're getting a foot of snow tomorrow night.

Doesn't wanna know what we'll do then ;)


Feb. 7th, 2010 11:42 pm
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So, this is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!

Andrew, Steven, Josh & the awesome neighbor of awesome, Sean, buried the asshole's car.

Mind you, this morning, the TINY BIT OF SNOW that we moved to his car (seriously, we were tired. It was a 3 foot long 8 inch high wall) was BACK in the driveway. Like, what is your problem?

The boys were unearthing the driveway and the area behind Andrew's car, and LO.

Sean comes outside with his shovel, throws 2 beers in the snow, and says "Let's do this." and they BURY this dood's car. And we have a driveway again.

I never laughed so hard.

Let's see what happens tomorrow.

The Douchebag apparently is named Chris (Sean's wife, April, told us this), however, he will forever be referred to as, THE DOUCHEBAG.

I swear, there's a car under there.

I love my friends.

I'm sure we'll have issues tomorrow. But whatever. FOR TONIGHT WE HAVE GLORY!!!
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I hate it. Seriously. I never cared for it. Maybe as a child.

Friday night we stayed at the Haven for Andrew's birthday. It was a lot of fun. I have pix on the Facebook, because it's so easy to upload crap there. I will post shit here soon.

They fought in the snow and I documented a lot of it. Good fun :)

Got good and buzzed. Watched a lot of movies and stuff. Good times :)

Today the boys (Andrew, Josh & Brian) dug out the car. YAY!

Bad news was, we had to come home and dig out a space to put it. *oi*

Some asshat across the street dug out his car, and instead of chucking it over his shoulder into the bare field, he walked across the street and threw the snow in front of our driveway. THANK YOU CAPTAIN DOUCHEBAG.

Josh was helpful and threw some of it back on there. Looks like we're gonna be throwing water on his car and letting it freeze. Fucking dirtbag.

Our neighbors (the sweet ones that helped us move in, April & Sean) ratted that asshole out. For a split second Andrew thought they did it, and we were all like, NO WAY. Cause they've always been so nice. Turns out Sean walked across the street to the field and actually threw the snow where Douchebag should have been chucking snow.

So angry.

But for the most part, I'm just glad we're home.

Total count is reading anywhere from 29 inches to 32. The drifts are like, 5 feet tall. It's horseshit. Fuck off snow.


Feb. 5th, 2010 01:40 pm
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It's snowing.

I've heard anywhere from 10 inches to 4 feet. The common consensus seems to be about 30 inches.

Right now the snow is TINY TINY little flakes, falling fast. Just making the road wet. Not even slushy. Just wet. Looks like it could be rain hitting the ground.

Today is also Andrew's birthday party at the Haven.

So come hell or high water or tall snow drifts, we're off to the Haven tonight with cake.

We're also getting a Jew in an hour or so.

We went to Giant Eagle last night for some mixers and there was NO BREAD. None. hahaha... and NO milk. NONE. There were eggs though. Heh.

Ahh. Life.


Jan. 3rd, 2010 02:15 am
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There's a door upstairs, from a balcony that never happened. So it's just a long window.

It is so fucking windy, that it got sucked open at some point. I have no idea when. It does explain WHY the fuck it's been so cold up there though!!

In other news, I feel like shit. Warm and squishy. So I'm gonna go off to bed. Make out with Mr. Benadryl. Ooooh yeeahhh.
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This weekend I had Bill, Steph & Tim come over. We made mass quantities of food. Skwrl donated a turkey and made it in our RETARDED damned oven. It was delicious.

AAAAHH! GIANTS TOUCHDOWN!!! 31 - 30!!! AAAHHH!!! This game is making me crazy. *please hold a lead please hold a lead*

Wait. Where was I?

Seriously, my oven is stupid. She set it to 350F. I have a thermometer to go inside of it after issues of my own. After a bit she's all "Shit, the oven is hot" and I look inside, and I'm like "that fucking thermometer is borked." I take it out and it's not broken. It's just trying to read past FIVE HUNDRED DEGREES so it's pinned, looking "off" almost. (it's a dial)

I took the boys to Bushwaller's (Irish Pub) where I got buzzed as HELL off of a pint and a half of Magner's (there goes my tolerance, FINALLY), then we went back home. Andrew was doing some fighter extravaganza, so I wanted him to have warm vittles when he came home. And, thus, after much irritation, and scorching of my cranberry sauce (which turned out like candied cranberries, so hey! UBER WIN), we made dinner. Erica came over with wee little rolls of amazing deliciousness and HONEY BUTTER. And it was delicious. Amazing. STELLAR.

I did the dishes SO MUCH yesterday. Arg.


Today I broke my Cracker Barrel cherry (It was pretty okay. Very cute inside. Kitschie.) and Skwrl & Tim left. Bill left earlier due to retarded ass storms in NY. I do not miss that shit.

I also made a turkey soup that was *amazing*. It goes oh so well with the leftover rolls. I love me a fowl carcass. I love soup. SOUPPP!!! Oh, and I've been making applesauce. Really, Really, REALLY good applesauce. This time I used Braeburn *and* Honeycrisp. It's delicious. And a bit more cinnamon than usual. *unf*

That and we've been keeping the fires going in the fireplace. I love it. At first it was for necessity.

The heat upstairs was SICK. In the loft, it was like, 80. Which suited Skwrl juuuust fine, since she has no blood and is a lizard. In *our* room it was 75 (I have a thermometer on the clock) and downstairs it was 50.


So, the landlord man had the HVAC man come and fix it. It is better. Not awesome. But I still like the fireplace going. Makes this place feel stupid homey.

OHOHOH!! And landlord man fixed our deathtrap of a first basement step. I have no fears going downstairs no mores. YAY!

And we have no Elliot anymore. (he was our other roommate, pay attention). His mama is real sick, so he's moving in with her to take care of her fulltime. He's a good boy. He will be missed. :(



Oh, and I had an *awffuuuull* fucking dream last night. I was in California at the beach, and I went out to the car to get my phone, some money and Steph's sweatshirt. As I was crossing the street, going into the beach's parking lot, for some reason I looked behind me, and watched a school bus slide back into a car. I then realized that the ground below it was raised and broken. We were having an earthquake. I turned to run towards the car (why? I do not know.) and the blacktop opened and down I went. The piece of macadam I was on stayed flat and normal and I basically elevator'ed down at an angle, and was terrified, as I watched the van sized hole go further and further away, eventually it was visually the size of a pinhole, and I could see broken pipes and dirt and gravel above me.

I knew no one would ever find me. I didn't have my phone, no one would know where to look. I was gone.

I woke myself up, freaking out. Went and peed, came back to bed, still tweaked and then cuddled Andrew. Who said later after I retold this to him, that he would have found me. *grins* Cute. ;-)

Anyrate. That's my state of life address for the moment.


Dec. 4th, 2009 03:20 pm
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The top step of the basement stairs has given up the ghost.

Andrew told the landlord, what? Two weeks ago? He came by, took measurements, said he was gonna rebuild them all and *poof* Keyser Soze'd.

So it cracked longways. and now. it's like, a total snap in half jobbie. Luckily there is wood beneath it. But it makes laundry... perilous.

Mmm... danger in my laundry.


ETA: Lies. Can't step on the first step AT ALL.

Ahh. Life is entertaining.
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Went to the DMV, ehrm. MVA today, to get that whole license thing worked out.

Of course after putting my bank statements in a safe spot, they have disappeared. Luckily they took my last PSE&G bill as collateral for that. Oh, and an unemployment record. Shocker.

So I have my license. Again. They took my old one, but I had the one before that, and the one before that. SO HA.

EEEEEEEW!! They make you put your weight on your license in this state? What in the fuck good is that going to do anyone?? Whatever.

Tonight Erica & I are supposed to see Boondock Saints 2, but I have the UTI from HECK (it's just really really fucking annoying) and she has a horrible headache. We'll see I suppose.

I have to pee again.


Okay. Peed.

Oh, and to top it off, getting the ol' period today.

Thanks body. Thanks.


Nov. 21st, 2009 10:00 pm
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We has couch.

Pix! )


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