Mar. 12th, 2013 11:55 pm
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I'm in St. Augustine, FL. Having a really good time. My one bitch fest is that my mother smokes like a fucking chimney indoors and you can smoke in bars here and we keep ending up in them and MY LUNGS HURT. I nearly passed out after a shower.

I am *so* getting sick once I'm home.

I will post of the awesomeness once all is said and done, but I'm so tired and have a wicked headache from lack of oxygen. I can't believe I used to LIVE like this. I wonder how people didn't just look at me and be like YOU SMELL OF SMOKE SO BADLY. lol..

I can't believe it's not even midnight and I wanna pass out.
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- On Wednesday, I went to the ophthalmologist. He was of the opinion that I have an allergy to my saline solution (more specifically, the preservative in it) and he had me on a strict no contact lens diet until our next appointment, Monday. OH NOES. I had to drive to and from Kentucky that weekend! Turns out I did it like a champ. I didn't use ANY of the emergency disposable contacts he gave me and I used the steroid drops diligently. When I saw him yesterday, he was like "hm. Your eyes seem better, BUUUUTT, using this fancy dye shit I see that there is still abrasions. Hm." So now I am on antibiotics for a month for mah eyes. And I'm to keep using the steroid drops, which TASTE HORRIBLE. (They drip in my eyes, down my sinuses and into my mouth. YICK YICK.) So I have ANOTHER appointment on Monday to see if there is an improvement, and hopefully we can work from there. He also said that my eye script isn't what it should be in the right eye. MOTHERFUCKER. I just got glasses. Oh well. So I went to America's Best to see if they could do something for me. Shit, they were supposed to call me back Monday. I should harass them. I also need to call the movie theater for double charging me for a movie. MUST REMEMBER. Hangover 2 was good, but not $22 good. ;-)

- ANDREW GOT ME A FRIDGE!! Okay, it's for both of us, but seriously. WHATEVER. So Steven & Erica are in the smaller fridge, as is Alex, but he literally puts in a container of olives, so it's like they have it alone, and Andrew, Nico & I have the adult sized fridge. We went to the BRAND NEW WEGMANS today (which is seriously twice the size of any other Wegmans I have been in) and loaded the fucker and we still have a TON of free space. *cries*

- Dude, it was a dorkfest. We (being Danni, Andrew, Jenn & I) met up with James & Rita, and her niece Jen, at Wegmans where we ended up bumping into Little Tim, Wendy and the boys. Keagan is 6 weeks now! HE IS SO SMUSHABLE! <3 We spent three fucking hours in that store, just wandering and then we got noms from the hot food area.

- KENTUCKY!! So on Friday the Wifey (Devon) and I, loaded up into my car and headed off for the wilds of Kentucky. We got there in good time and I saw MAH SAVANNAH!! And the doggies and Justin and Meagan and Leigh-Anna and it was awesome AND OMG MISS MORRIGAN. I love that baby. She had me at her babbling *siiiiiiiigh* I forgot how much I missed my girls. I knew how much I missed mah Savy though. Miss Fiona is gestating beautifully and Justin is such a good guy. I kept calling him Mr. Marlow. *giggles* Also, I have the best road trippin' wifey ever. She made sure I got my steroid drops when I was supposed to and photodocumented and blogged everything. It was hilarious and awesome. THERE'S THAT STEREOTYPE AGAIN! Came back to MD on Sunday and I realized I'd slaughtered most bugs in KY, WV and most of the panhandle of MD. And at some point with a squeegee managed to scratch up the roof of my car. It should come out with compound. I need to call Toyota about the paint. They have some things to do for me.

- Andrew is snoring next to me. HE ARE SO CUTE.

- Found out one of my assistant managers FINALLY got demoted for being an ass. It's about time really. I can't believe anyone can run their mouth, be completely incorrect so often and still not understand that what they're saying is BS. Baffles me. He also reminds me of a small child pushing his boundaries.

- I AM SO ITCHIE. I have no earthly clue what is up. I'm on a Benadryl, waiting for it to take effect. I also lathered my itchie itchie leg with Benadryl cream. Maybe it's the antibiotic? I don't fucking know. It's so mild. I'm still taking a acidophilus with it though.

- I had a girlie doctor visit. Absolutely NO anxiety. I think it has to do with the fact that she has the speculum in me for MAYBE 30 seconds. She's awesome. She's also cutting me a break with $$ since I pay out of pocket. So is the eye doc too, actually. I know I really appreciate it. I can't believe I'm doing all this expensive stuff when I need to be HOARDING CASH since I'm taking off like, every weekend ever. Speaking of...

- WICKERMAN!! Andrew is gonna make ValChuck style metal poles for my wall tent. He also has to figure out how we're gonna clean and re-treat that thing. *ponderponder* We have so much booze. I'm to the point where I have no idea how we're getting it all in my car. LOL.. luckily aside from some MOOP, we should be able to repack well. :D Must remember disco ball & to find body paint.

- Okay. I have work tomorrow since someone called out and HEY I need moneys. *falls on face*
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Another year, another clear pap.


I should update a bit more about that. Miss Erica recommended me a WONDERFUL office down here in Merryland, so I went (6 months late. EEEP.) and did what needed to be done.

The nurse practitioner, Barb, was AAAAMAAZZZING. In fact, I'm going back next Thursday to get two RIDICULOUSLY annoying skin tags removed (they are CONSTANTLY being pulled by my undies. HATE HATE).

And they worked with me not having insurance. :) YAY!

There's a small update about my girlie bits. AREN'T YOU EXCITED.


Sep. 24th, 2009 02:43 am
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My cousin Terry tried to put in my old Clarion CD player from my Dodge. Apparently, he was having issues with the harness. LE SUCK. I dragged Z along.

So he put the old stock one back in. AND LO. So far the motherfucking thing (btw, I love that motherfucking doesn't get highlighted in spell check) hasn't frozen or stalled once. Which is WHY I was going to replace it.

ASSHOLE. The radio. Not Terry.

And he connected my cigarette lighter again (which apparently just has been disconnected since I've own the car, more assholes) so now I have TWO car charger adapters! HUZZAH!! Sometimes it's nice to have 2. I have one in my arm rest. Thank the gods for that.

Maggie also made dinner for everyone. Which was precious.

My aunt Cindy is doing really well! Been almost a year after her stroke. Apparently her 90 year old father had open heart surgery today and was doing really well. Crazy. My uncle has a nervous twitch now where he plucks at his eyebrow and eyelashes of his one eye. He's CONVINCED there's something in his eye. Strangeness. He's been to countless doctors and specialists. My cousin Maggie is convinced he has that hair plucking disorder, cause my uncle has always been a bit... special, but alas. He doesn't think so.

After this whole thing, Z & I went to Sonic. SONIC!!! It was good. Their strawberry limeade is the SHIZZ! Now I see what the fuss is about. It's their damned real drinks that are so delish. :D I can't wait to take Andrew there. He loves real lime stuffs.

I should go to sleep. It's about 3am, and I have a doctor appointment in about 9 hours. Heh.


Jun. 20th, 2009 09:08 pm
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I bruised from where the doc took blood.

I never bruise when he does it. Well, when that LabCorp vampire bitch did, I bruised all up my arm.

What the hell? My body sucks lately. *kicks it*


Jun. 20th, 2009 01:03 pm
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I went to the doctor today. I needed to get my blood work done for my thyroid.


Yeah, well apparently my chicken pox vaccine* FINALLY CAME IN. Months ago, apparently. So they've had it frozen waiting for my happy lil' arm.

I gots mah shot. Then I had blood taken.


I am the most tired girl in the world. I was supposed to go to Anne Marie's after the damned doctor, but I'm kinda wondering how I made it to CVS. I went to the bank after the doc's, and while driving to CVS realized that I must have never slept ever.


In other news, yesterday was apparently the year anniversary of my cholecystectomy. Joy. Rapture. Only one incident of THIS MUST COME OUT OF MY BODY since. It's nice not to have to vomit all the time.

*No, really. I've never had the chicken pox. I had to play with my cousins when they had it, never got it. I had to play with my friends when they got it, never got it. I could be immune. As I said to Anne Marie, weirder shit -has- happened. But I was tested for the antibodies and I don't have those. Seeing as I'll be 30 soon? If I got it now, I'd be hospitalized.


Jun. 15th, 2009 12:12 pm
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So far today, I have eaten, said good bye to my boyfriend, fed the cats, snorgled them, checked my internetting, chatted with peoples, filed for unemployment, and made a Doctor's appointment (June 20th, Saturday, at 10:45am) cause I think my thyroid is whack*.

And onto more futile job searching. So depressing. I'm so tired of automated replies of "go to our website and fill out this easy form!" and scams.

*I have been nonstop eating, gaining weight(wonder why), sleeping like shit, exhausted all the time, having a hard time focusing on things, and am having hot and cold flashes like a mo' fo'. This is ridiculous. I'm already on 200mcg of synthroid. *sigh*
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I had a very nice weekend. Friday, we saw Star Trek. Now admittedly, I am *NOT* a good nerd for many reasons. I do not particularly care for the Star Wars or the Star Trek. But, having not lived under a rock for my entire life, I have managed to be able to quote both series without actually, seeing them. For I am nerdy through osmosis of my friends. Jim made me watch episodes 4, 5 & 6 of Star Wars (I'd seen 1, 2, & 3 in the movies). Granted, I'm pretty sure I'd seen all of them at some point, but just not at once. I mean. I did live through the 80s.

As for Star Trek, I'd done a pretty good job avoiding most of it. Except the Tribble episode. And I do enjoy a good shouting of KHAAAANNNNNNN. However, this movie was delightful! It was paced well, the new Kirk was a funnie lil' fucker (and what preeettty eyes) and Sylar was epic as Spock. Seeing Harold (of & Kumar) as Sulu made me giggle too.

Good times, yo.


Saturday, we (okay, *I*) got up stupid late. Found out that there was a Celtic Festival and decided to go. Ran into many a SCAdian and Havenite. Andrew got me a necklace that matches my Celtic earrings that I adore. He also got himself a Utilikilt. *rawr* Oooh, he requires cuddles. *hold*

Where was I?

Right right. After the Celtic Festival, Ruth was hosting a BBQ (omgwtf) at the Haven. So Andrew & I got some fixins, and he manned the grill. I made sure the rum was properly monitored. After some fun bardic action, we went inside, were all conversation ceased for the dulcet tones of Babylon 5. I worked on my D&D character. Ahh. Nerdery.

Sunday, we woke up, and decided that such a lovely day was not to be completely wasted. We went to the store, and got picnic fixins (fruit, sammitches) and went to the scenic overlooked and ate. It was awesome! So pretty yesterday. I got sunburned from it, of course. I'm going to unearth my picnic basket from my closet and throw some sunscreen in there, for future usage. After the picnicking, we hit up the Haven, where I watched Ocean's 11 and vegged on the couch, all sleepie-like. Then we went out to dinner, for Indian food. Which apparently, the "baby mild" shit is way too effin spicy for me. NO DISASSEMBLE. Bad things. Although I had this coconut raisin nut bread which was like, so effin delicious. NOMNOMNOM.

I demanded ice cream for my poor mouth. So we went to Maggie Moo's. After that, we were so bloatedly full, we came back to the house, and vegged in front of the teevee. Once Andrew passed out, I poked him to come upstairs, where he slept and I watched My Cousin Vinny before passing out around 11:30.

My body alarm went off at 6:30 (I tell you people I don't USUALLY sleep a lot. I just go to bed stupid late) and I laid in bed trying to go back to sleep till around 8 and said fuck it. And have been dicking around ever since. Which is why you people get an extensive "this is what I did this weekend" update (*cough*, here something to read, Art, *cough*).

Today, once my cute boy gets up, we are going to drop his car off at the dealership (the clutch, she is unhappy) and join a gym! (YAY) and possibly go find me a new purse (Mine is far too large, I keep finding things to carry around with me. I think it weighs 12 pounds now? My CAT weighs that.), however that is not even remotely a priority. I also want to hit up The Drawing Board for some nice artist pencils. I'm sketching out the design to woodburn into the door of the yurt. Vines. Go figure.

I have these weird lumps on my skull again. I get this pea sized one whenever I stress or something. I think it's a ligament. But now I have a big ol' egg between that and my ear, and THAT actually hurts. Ow! I think my bronchitis has not helped these matters. Coughing is a bitch. But I'm pretty much almost over that. It's amazing how quick that goes away when you don't live with a person who smokes in the house all the effin time. Oh, speaking of, I talked to her cheerfulness (my mother, fyi) for the Mother's Day. She is... cheerful. Lies, she was crankie and "her migraines are acting up" and she had just gone swimming and she sounded about as cheerful as a box of rocks. I tried, yo. I dunno no mores. She wants me to move to Florida. NO. NO NO NO. Sorry to my Floridians.

Hmm. I think that is enough. Kudos to you if ya read this. With it's no links. And no pictures. Oh, I will have to do a picture post at some point. I have a shit ton of a couple of pix here and there to post.


May. 8th, 2009 01:30 pm
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Art is sad that LJ is quiet. I am being blamed for that. So without further adieu....

A Post.

- First, Thanks to Sara OH MY GOD BEBE HEDGEHOG!!!

- Secondly, I am sick. Cause I date the human petri dish. He is always sick. He has been sick forever. I can't remember him being 100% well in forever. This last thing he got was bronchitis. After about a week and a half. I finally got it. I have the bronchitis. Great.

- Since Andrew got me sick, he gave me some of his prescribed cough syrup. Which caused the most ACTIVE and STRANGE dreams. Brain go splodey. I slept forever, but I'd been sleeping like shit for the past couple of days, so I am still sorta tired.

- Adding insult to injury, I have a stye too. I haven't gotten one of these in years. My mom used to get them all the effin time. Great. Just great. It's just sore. It's annoying.

- Andrew has Mahjong on his iPhone. I commandeered it for hours last night. AYIEE.

- I broke a score over !00,000 on Bejeweled Blitz the other day. We won't talk about the over abundance of joy this caused me *pathetic*.

- The other night, I actually played and enjoyed WoW for the first time in I can't remember. Woodchuck helped me (carried me) through a bunch of group quests, so I got those out of my log. That and Bill got me into Hegira, and thusly I got to listen to a raid. These guys are a bunch of ballbusters. They're so much fun to listen to. I really get bored if I can't be part of a guild or if my friends are busy. For me it's social networking ;-) If by social I mean sad and networking I mean dorking out.

- I had bellydancing last night. SO MUCH FUN. Savannah is kicking our asses. I really like what she's doing. I might ask for "private lessons" *grins* cause some of the moves I am kind of spastic on and I would like to just make sure I'm doing them right.

- I am hitting maximum fatness. Again. Which is unusual, cause normally I go down in the spring. Then again, I tend to have access to a gym. Grr. Andrew says we're gonna join one soon (perhaps today). Which makes me happy. I just need to stop feeling like veal, and him with heavy fighting, he should have his cardio up more.

- Next week I have doctor crap. Oi.

- Tonight is Star Trek. I am admittedly the least Trekkie person in the world (Btw, Trekkie does not get yelled at by spellchecker), but I am going. Haven movie outings are entertaining.

- I don't know what else I have to say. Still sending out resumes, still not getting much of a response. I called in my last check this week. It said I would get a notification in the mail if I have been approved for an extension. My brain is jelly. The mahjong will help. Heh.

That's all kiddies. I think.

BTW, daytime teevee sucks. Thank goodness for Unsolved Mysteries.


Mar. 29th, 2009 04:10 pm
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- The 24th marked the 10th anniversary of my grandmother's death, but, more happily, the 11th birthday of my JUJU BEE. I love you, Juliet.

- I cannot stop sneezing. I think it's the tree sex. I woke up this morning and my throat was sore and I have sneezed PRETTY much nonstop since. Fuckers.

- I had a fannnntastic time with my Hedgies this weekend. Amanda, Gene, Savannah & Big Alex came up and we went to Mudthawr. Jim stayed over too. It was TONS of fun. Gene got beat like a baby seal. Saw nifty things. I got an AWESOME basket. It's for feasting. It has two wine holders, and a covered compartment for foods. It's got one of the ugliest cloth patterns inside (very 70s, like, cut limes and lemons) and it's so ugly that I think I like it. Got to see mah Katrina and a lot of other people :D :D Twas cool. Excellent job, Owynn!

- While watching Tropic Thunder last night, Savannah & I cleaned my damned Medieval Moccasins. They had been caked in mud since we went to MD faire. Was gross. They're black again. It's amazing. I still need to resole the bottoms better. After we cleaned them, I put them on and was like "vat is dees lump?" and found out there was still quite a bit of mud between the sole and the shoe. Ew.

- I am watching Juliet bath. She's so zen. I love that cat so much.

- I got woken up this morning by a Firenze bath. Kinda like "Lady. You feed me. Those others with the thumbs out there? They don't realize. Feed me. *licklicklicklick*". Fuzzbutt is the only cat who really licks me. She's a riot.

- My face. Is sneezie. Zyrrteecc kicckkk innn...

- I am also sleepie. We went to Topps Diner and now I'm fat. *urp*

- Oh, I got a call from my oral surgeon, since I totally forgot about the appointment last Friday, whooops. Apparently I had a neuroma. He was like "do you bite your lips often?" HAHAHA. Yes. All the time. They can occur near scar tissue too, and it was right where my last mucocele was. So chances were, I bit the healing scar. I am not surprised. After he removed it though, I suddenly have a LOT more feeling back in that part of my lip. (after the mucocele was removed, I had nerve damage, something they tell you can happen.) I can now tell where the edge of my lip is and where my chin begins. Makes putting on chapstick & lipstick easier again. Ha. :)

And for all you naysayers, I am in NJ for a while. Schedule is as follows:

3/30 - Monday - NJ. Up to Wayne for a deposit & an oil change.
3/31 - Tuesday - NJ. Go to NY for D&D.
4/1 - Wednesday - NJ
4/2 - Thursday - Chill with De, Grey's date with Ammre, NJ
4/3 - Friday - NJ
4/4 - Saturday - Party at a friend's.
4/5 - Sunday - Recover? NJ
4/6 - Monday - NJ
4/7 - Tuesday - NJ, then to NY for D&D at night.
4/8 - Wednesday - MD travelin'
4/9 - Thursday - MD
4/10 - Friday - MD, then Virhinya.
4/11 - Saturday - Virginnie, Bottlin' the beer we made.
4/12 - Sunday - Virginnie, Easter. Then back up to MD?
4/13 - Monday - MD
4/14 - Tuesday - NJ, then NY to D&D at night.
4/15 - Wednesday - NJ
4/16 - Thursday - NJ
4/17 - Friday - NJ/NY - Squeezing my fat ass into pretty bridal dresses
4/18 - Saturday - NJ
4/19 - Sunday - NJ (oh, my mother's anniversary. Joy. Rapture.)
4/20 - Monday - NJ
4/21 - Tuesday - NJ/NY for D&D At night
4/22 - Wednesday - NJ
4/23 - Thursday - NJ
4/24 - Friday - NJ Deanne & Teenoo's bday.
4/25 - Saturday - Partay.
4/26 - Sunday - Recovery. NJ
4/27 - Monday - NJ
4/28 - Tuesday - NJ/NY for D&D at night
4/29 - Wednesday - MD?

So I am home. See.


Mar. 16th, 2009 02:52 pm
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Real updatings!

- So Friday I had that thing removed from my lip. And from the subsequent pain caused adrenaline rush, I cleaned my apartment like a mo' fo'. It needed it. Then, I was exhausted, but I went to Steph & Tim's to continue to help Draven & Steph paint and whatnot. By the time I left, the bedroom was looking pretty good. The house is prolly done by now, in hearing what the girls planned on doing while I wasn't there. I began to read Tucker Max. Laughed so hard, it hurt. Literally, my stitches were pulling. Samm arrived at my house for crash space. I passed out.

- Saturday! Waited for my boyfriend to show up. In that time I read more of the Tucker Max book, got keys made, even though one was botched, went and did some grocery shopping and started cooking some food. I was domestic. When Andrew got here, Juliet JUMPED onto the couch to greet him. WHAT THE FUCK CAT?? She's such a traitor. She doesn't do that to me, but I don't spend at least a half hour of my day brushing her like he does. LOL. Anyrate, we ate, and then bolted to Warwick for some drinking. Turns out we're all getting old, and barely did any shots and only one round of Car Bombs that I remember, and had some sillieness. It was a lot of good times though. I heart mah crew. Andrew was well received. I was pleased and relieved. :)

- Sunday! Woke up and was sluggish to function. Hung out with the boys for a bit, then got our asses back to my place. Showered & drove into NYC. Cause mass transit wanted way long, and I wasn't sure we'd catch that first bus. Went to the American Museum of Natural History cause Kat works there, and she had passes for us to see some new exhibit on the sun. It was cool. Hung out with Rev for a bit too and watched the thing. I likes the planetarium cause it's neat. The exhibit was sorta like being stuck in an old school screen saver with stars flashing at ya. Then we got to the parking garage ONE MINUTE after 2 hours, so it cost $40. Fuckers. Anyrate. We got out of the the city, and I dragged Andrew to my favorite pizzeria and we got a garlic pie. OMFG. So good. Took half the pie home and we got ice cream. Cause we're fat kids. Saw Jared! He's got a fantastic mustache going on right now, but I think he got it shaved off today. Heh.

- Today! Woke up STUPID late. Did not care. Boy was cuddly. Got up at 8 to pee though, and the Juliet wanted in the room like WHOA. Talking and dancing by the door. So I let her in and she JUMPS on Andrew and is all doing the happy dance on him. Who is this cat?? After we wake up for good, I reheat the pizza on my pizza stone and we nom. Eventually, my boy left. *tear* But I will see him Wednesday. Sorta. He has finals this week so he's gonna be hauled up studying whilest I do other things.

- In random news. My uterus is killing me. But unlike last month, I have a period. (Antibiotics made that not happen last month. I peed on a stick.) BUT THE CRAMPS. I am threatening to take a fucking percocet. I'll be fine, then I'll inhale or something and my entire abdomen will seize. Awesome. And my face still hurts. My stitches haven't loosened up so they're still in there, and cause they cut my face I ended up with one of those mouth ulcer things and it hurts. Ow. One of those with two stitches through it. My life is awesome. Peroxyl is my bestest buddy.

- I think I'm gonna go back to reading Tucker Max. Cause even though it hurts to laugh, him being an asshole distracts from the pain.


Mar. 13th, 2009 01:25 pm
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My face.

Be throbbin.

*rubs jaw*


I'm cleaning to distract myself.

I have a living room again. Who knew.

There is so much crap in this wee space. Two people and 3 cats are really smooshed. Oi. It's a good thing that I don't pack rat nearly as much as I used to.


I'd have taken before pix. But that would have been embarrassing.

Reminds me that I need to go through a few old boxes and throw some shit out. Ugh. Headache. I wonder when I'll have the energy for that one. Hmm.

Ow. Face. Ow. They should give you a shot of novicane for when the last one wears off.


I so seepie.

And Absinthe took such a shit just now that it's like, gagging me. UGH. That cat.
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Turns out it wasn't a mucocele. But most likely a FUCKING CALCIUM DEPOSIT. A weeee beedie rock in my lip.

Ya know, for someone vitamin D deficient, my body certainly seems to find the milk I drink and store it in calcium.

Rock form.

In my body parts.

Calcium deposits on my knees for as long as I can remember. A calcium stone removed from my gall bladder the size of a walnut. Now this wee beedie rock in my lip.

Fuck you body. Just sayin'.


Mar. 13th, 2009 09:10 am
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Today, I get to have yet another fucking mucocele removed.

I am going to tell him that HEY! From the last one you removed? There's nerve damage. I can't find anything about that on the internets. Can ya NOT cause more nerve damage? KTHX.

I'm not excited. Ugh.

Let's see how I handle food this time. Goddamned body.


Feb. 25th, 2009 12:59 am
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Thanks to Valerina, I can breath again. Vick's Sinex is like snorting Vick's vaporub, but within SECONDS I could breath clearly through BOTH nostrils. Something I couldn't recall doing for at least a week. Which saddens me.

However, looking it up online, it is in the same league as the evil Afrin. *cries* So I must keep this usage down to twice a day, and for only 3 days, or there's the possibility of never being able to live without it. Which makes the Baby Jesus sad.



Today??? I CAN BREATH!! It's a 12 hour spray too, so I'm good till about 7:30 tomorrow morning. HUZZAH!!! Which is about when I'll wake up for my thyroid pill. hahhaha :D

I hope that this helps me kick the SHIT out of this lingering bug. And it's helped with the coughing, since there's no snot going down the back of my throat.

Oh happy day.


Feb. 23rd, 2009 07:13 pm
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I have drugs.


Ones I had to show my ID for. Leslie is BRILLIANT!!! Tylenol cold & head congestion is just NOT rocking it.

So I got a box of his big brother, Tylenol cold, SEVERE CONGESTION (willing to wallop: headache, sore throat, chest congestion, nasal congestion AND coughing, OH YES.)

ANNNDDD the king of all "you must show your ID" drugs, SUDAFED.

Maximum strength. Nasal Decongestant. To relieve sinus pressure and congestion. OH YES.

And of course more of the Q, red flavor.

FUCK YOU ILLNESS. It's been what, a fucking WEEK??? C'mon now. I've put more hours of sleep and Q into you. I feel like I JUST got sick.

AANNNDDD, I got a London Broil. Bitch was on sale for half off. Woulda gotten two if I'd seen THAT sign before checkout. And I got OJ. And I'm steamin' up some veggies & making some mashed potatoes. I've been living on cereal cause it's easy. Raisin Nut Bran & sliced up bananas.

I got more bananas. And some hummus. And Oreos. And after dinner. I'm gonna take a bath.

I will be better. OH YES.


Feb. 19th, 2009 10:35 pm
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I haven't felt this shittie in quite some time.

Fever? Check.

No appetite? Check.

Can hardly walk straight? Check.


I just had my first meal of the day. Once Jared gets here (I need to get the cats cat food, and haven't been able to walk, let alone DRIVE) I can Q it up more (been like, 9 hours) and go back to sleep.


Although, I did get a phone call from Partners in Research today. $35 for eating ice cream for an hour? I'm down.

Oh, and my dad called. He went to my mom's apt after she left it, and apparently she like, RAN out of there. Left PRECIOUS pictures behind (my grandparents wedding album, stuff of me & my brother, etc). So he took'em. She also left the teevees on. ???

I don't know man. She's been emailing me, she says everything is great now. Jodi (who she's staying with) got her a job. So, let's see how her life turns now.
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It's a twistah!!!

50mph winds here, kiddies. It's AWESOME. I just hope a tree don't land upon mah vehicle.


I got an email from my aunt today regarding my mother. Seems my mother "needed" her credit card for her car to get fixed. When my aunt was like "uh, no." cause ya know. CHARLIE. My mother stopped talking to her.

So my aunt was even MORE clueless than I was. She was all concerned. She's not a bad person. But I can't say I blame her. So I clued her in to the little I know (cause since my mother got what she wanted out of me, ya know, money, she hasn't talked to me since, even though I asked her to call me when she landed where ever it is she landed. However, she also was running out of minutes. Soooo... There's that. But she could have found a way to call by now. Such is life.).

Ah. Family.

In other news, I wanted to open my windows since it was 65 DEGREES YESTERDAY. IN FEBRUARY. IN JERSEY. My bedroom windows are the "been painted 10 times" variety, so they stick. So I pulled on it, going up, with my left hand, and pushed up, with my right hand.

And didn't quite remember there was a bar of wood in the middle of the window. And managed to scrap off just about ALL of my cuticle on the middle finger. Bruised under the nail of that finger, and of my ring finger.

Jumped around the bedroom screaming "ow ow ow ow ow ow" repeatedly. Finally stopped shaking enough to see the blood all over the place. Cleaned it up (OMGOW) and bandaged it up. Which got soaked in blood.

Last night I changed the bandage, and put some Vaseline with, basically, Neosporin in it. Today, I could wash my hands, SANS bandage and not have the painnnnn happen. So it's currently drying out.


That shit HURT.

Today I am going to the dermo. Woo. I've already been to the dentist. So that tooth is DONE. He redid it for free since he said "it's not really my fault, and it's not really your fault, so we'll just redo it." THANK YOU. See. My dentist rocks. I have managed to throw $700 at him in a month too. Thank you tax return. So my balance is down to $2100. WOO! Doing the math, I have paid in about $3600 to him. JESUS. This is what having two root canals and a CROWN will do to you. I STILL OWE HIM $2100!! AAHH!! What is killing me is the interest on the balance. I'm trying to get it to under $2000 so that way The interest isn't so huge. When it was $2000, the interest was only around $16. Totally manageable. When it was at $2900, it was about $40. ArG.


I stole [livejournal.com profile] dexterette's mood theme. Sorry Moonlight, but BSG wins for now. :)

Besides, I always wanted an animated theme :D

Speaking of animated, I saw Coraline. Did I mention this? GO SEE IT. It was bloody awesome. There was a wee child in the audience (went during the day, huzzah no job. *gr*) and she sounded AWFUL concerned. lol... So I don't know how child-friendly this shizz is. But it's awesome. I saw it in 3D. Very cool. Worth the price of admission.

BTW, there is a gnome on the outside of the theater. I swear. See, me with the gnome.

Your argument is invalid. I am next to a gnome.

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. Wee! I got into my first major car accident on Friday the 13th, 1997. In June. I remember this cause I was driving to my math final. SLAM. Assholes. I hate people.

Tomorrow I am also taking The Jew down to Maryland. FUN TIMES! :D I also get to meet Andrew's parents, and middle sister, and I assume her husband. I already met his oldest sister, and her husband. Very nice people. His eldest sister is so wee and squishable. Andrew pointed out she's my height. Bullocks I say. She is way tiny.

Juliet decided she doesn't hate me a day earlier than last time I came home! YAY! I love my kitten. She's gonna be 11 on 3/24. Which is also the 10th Anniversary of my grandmother's death. Weird how these things happen.

Anyrate. I think I'm done rambling for now.

ETA!!! OOOH! AND THANK YOU LESLIE! Bitch can COOK. *mmhmm* We had a scrrrrumptious dinner of cheekhan in red wine sauce with mushies and rice and it was so yummers. I should really cook more. Whenever I go to her place I'm like "I can cook! Why don't I?"

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Posting things of substance.


- I made a leather dice cup with bloodwood dice. Apparently the dust of the wood is a carcinogen. WOO! I'm glad that I only sanded and dremmeled them. *shakes head* At least I don't work with it on a normal basis. This is so we can play period dice games. Awesome. We waxed our dice cups so they got good and hard (kinkie) and they're actually water proof and you can drink out of them. I'm excited to use them!! My bloodwood dice, now that they're stained, are such a gorgeous dark color. I colored in the dice markers with gold paint. It is hot.... So secksie.

- Tomorrow is the last day of antibiotics for my stupid tooth. A LOT of the gas went away, but there is *still* something up there. WTS. And these antibiotics, Clindamycin? SUCK. Suck suck suck. They gave me heartburn that lasted for a fucking DAY. And they've given me a bit of a yeast infection (maybe my 3rd ever?) AND my stomach is all fucked up cause of them. I am SOOO over taking them. I've been really anal about taking them when I'm supposed to cause I want them over and fucking done with.

- Also tomorrow, I am going to see Coraline with Gene & Amanda. Funnie note, I have always liked the name Coraline as a middle name for a girl, if I spawned forth a female child. My grandmother's name was Cora. I have a feeling now that it might get popular. So I might do something like Koraline, Koralynn, or Coralynn instead. We'll see. I have a feeling I have some years to decide this. Heheh..

- I have gotten sucked back into the world of Magic The Gathering again. Motherfucker. Luckily Andrew seems to have more cards than any individual should, so I can borrow some of his. Mr. Michael Southers held a class the other day for newbies on the new expansion deck, Conflux, and I am 2 for 2. Woo. I should quit while I'm ahead ;-)

- Tuesday is D&D. Wednesday is the rest of my root canal. Thursday is face frying. Friday I'm dragging The Jew down to Maryland with me.

- I have NO idea what to get my damned boyfriend for Valentine's Day. Nice to see some things never change. I'm happy in the knowledge that he has NO IDEA what to get me. *grins* I got him a monogrammed flask for his birthday. That went over well. :D

- Last night, Pippi took Andrew & myself out to Spellbound in DC. It's cute! They play a lot of different mixes than Q's. Same songs, just different mixes. I'm gonna have to drag them out to Q's sometime. I will organize an outting for this. Prolly on a Saturday. Keep a look out. :)

- My mother is apparently somewhere in Virginia according to my Aunt Dawn. *shakes head* I don't know what the hell is going on this time. She doesn't return my messages. That woman is on crack.

That's all for right now. I have to pee.


Feb. 3rd, 2009 12:01 am
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I woke up this morning around 8. Around 8:03, my dentist called.

I hustled my butt up there for my 3pm appt, stopping at my bank along the way, and gossiping with one of the tellers, Laura. She was SHOCKED and APPLED (yes, appled) that I was fired. And on Halloween. And with only Richele as a back up. It was nice to see someone recognized.

Anyrate. I got my tooth futzed with. My dentist numbed me so hard that I couldn't feel my EYELIDS or nose. That was awesome. Arg. Apparently when he poked the huge ass lump over my bicuspid, it didn't do anything. A tiny drop of blood. That was it.

So it wasn't an abscess. It wasn't a cyst. Many XRays later, it doesn't seem to be... anything.

Turns out it is a bacterial infection of GAS.



My root canal farted.

So he's re-doing the root canal for free. He did the first half of it today (where the put the killing stuff in the tooth), and Wednesday the 11th, I get to go in for the rest. I'm on a fun new antibiotic since the last time I was on them it clearly did not kill all the bacteria.


After that, I went grocery shopping for the cats.

Then I went to my mother's. Who does NOT look like she is leaving the state on Thursday. She has packed MAYBE 4 boxes. She gave me a bunch of books. She's giving away most of her cats, which is KILLING her. I told her if she'd gotten them FIXED years ago, this wouldn't be an issue. Alas. She is still heartbroken. She really does love them all. Even if some of them are batshit. I did fall in love with one. Cause she's got 4 kittens who are 4 weeks old. The place she's taking them will take them with their mama since they are a bit too wee to be weened properly.

You can't handle the cute. Gratuitous pussy shots. )


So after leaving my mother's & smelling like crazy cat lady who smokes too much (*gag* she really needed about 23432 more litter boxes and maybe she shouldn't smoke in the house so much. Jesus. How did I live with that???), I went to CVS, got my antibiotics and birth control, which is ironic sorta seeing as the one cancels the other out, and came home.

To my cats, who have sniffed everything I had at my mom's about 3,242 times.

My mom moving to Florida, I *hope* should be good for her. Cause she is super depressed. She can't afford to live up here. Both her and Charlie are jobless again. She quit her job cause there was some girl there who made her life hell, and for $11 an hour she was not having it. Charlie got "downsized". I am not 100% sure I believe that, but I suppose it is possible.

It's good timing for her to go to Florida. And she wants to get my uncle down there. My aunt Cindy is still paralyzed in her left side, and their house is three split-ish levels. It's also a money pit in a flood zone. They need out of there. It'd be nice if they could get down there. A nice ground level place.

I'm hoping it all works out. My mother is freaked out about driving. We also talked about how she's not even CLOSE to the same person she was 15 years ago. I bit my tongue on saying that was when Charlie stepped into her life. It was hard. But I did it. She knows. I don't need to say it outloud.

I'm itchie. And I need to watch BSG's final 4.0 eppy.

I hope this storm continues to be nothing. Or I will be pissed I stayed up here. Heh.

And I totally didn't feel that 2.9 earthquake we got. Any of you all? OOoh, article.


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