Aug. 27th, 2014 10:24 pm
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Missing my cat a lot today.

Tonight we're gonna pick up her ashes.

Sucks. SUCKS.

ETA: She's home again. With a paw print, a pretty box, and a clipping of her fur.

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I had to put down my cat, Juliet.

She's been sick for some time. She had a tumor pressing on her lungs. "For a younger cat we could..." was the prognosis. So I refused to torture her. We got her for another month and a half. I had a birthday party and people got to see her again.

I did right by my cat.

She threw up quiet a bit at the end. It was the stupid tumor. It would press on her. She'd cough, then she'd throw up. Today was pretty impressive.

I was gonna take her to the vet tomorrow, because we'd occasionally give her antibiotic shots which helped with some of the issues that the tumor caused, but alas. She did not have until tomorrow.

I came home from work around 9:30, and she was under the kitchen table on her side. She saw me and wailed for me. I sat right down. Her paws were covered in vomit. Last night she'd been playing a bit. She was her new normal. Today, she looked haggard. I tried to put her in my lap. She would cry. She sounded in pain. I knew. I texted Z, who flew downstairs. I called Andrew to come home. Then we went to the all night vet. They are WONDERFUL people there.

She was amazing. She was 16 years old. Andrew was with her for the last 6 years, and NEVER heard her hiss. Even when he gave her her first bath at the ripe old age of 13, she never hissed. Unhappy and whining, but never hissed.

Juliet, you were amazing. I am HONORED to have been your parent.

 photo juliet_zpsd6723f73.jpg

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 photo Julietsneepin.jpg

 photo p_00360.jpg

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 photo joojoocuteSmall.jpg

Lexie's gonna show you the new ropes. <3

 photo dork006.jpg
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- Seriously. I don't know what's going on lately. Like, how many people do not fucking know their address. Or their phone number. Help me get food to you.

People are angry and cranky and lazy and without energy and just in general full of harumph. And occasionally I am one of them.

- School is sucking my soul away, and I have been busting my ass for mediocre grades. VERY mediocre grades.

Psych of Aging: 77
Abnormal Psych: 81 (not that she's given us grades for our journal entries)
Latin: 88

What in the fresh hell is going on? I feel like I study all the time. But I don't seem to retain anything? I don't know. It's all so frustrating. And I love that I am doing the best in Latin, which is the class I feel the most lost in. Although apparently some of that shit is sticking to the wall.

All I know is that I miss just reading for fun. Or not trying to source through PsychInfo or anything. I'm just. I'm tired.

- I feel like I'm constantly doing dishes. At home and at work. My hands and nails look terrible. They look so old. Maybe I am just getting old and not used to noticing.

- I do adore my new sanctuary though. It's nice to have somewhere TO study. The room came together well. I did some cleaning and organizing of the dining room as well. Unfortunately I need a time where Erica has time and energy and I am actually home so that we can reorganize the shelves the right way. Erica has the most professional kitchen experience, having gone to school and all, so I would appreciate her direction.

- My cat just turned 15. She is old and sassy and adorable. Apparently Dale got her to hiss the other day when she was in her little kittie condo (also known as her harassment tube) cause she was in the moment. Andrew still hasn't heard her hiss. Right now she is HOWLING through the halls. Again. With her little jingly lion in her mouth. Heh.

- Not going to Pennsic this year. Going to Portugal and Spain! I still don't know Portuguese and my Spanish is weak at best. SHOULD BE AWESOME. Heh.

- Our store got inspected today. We got 3 stars out of 5. For things like... road dust on the outside windowsill (we once got inspected an HOUR after it was cleaned, and it still wasn't clean enough. IDFK.)... Andrew's pants weren't black enough (that shit is racist)... Our safe not being time locked, even though it is a weird time sensitive safe... our walls aren't white enough... Tiffany apologizing in a customer role play, but forgetting to actually say the words "I'm sorry"... yeah. Shit like that. MAKES ME CRAZY. We have 30 days of freedom though. That mostly means we break down the makeline earlier. And paint our nails colors. Wewt.

- Both of Andrew's birthday parties went off quite well. I adore him.

- CAT. WHY ARE YOU HOWLING. Alright, Andrew is combing her now. She has ceased to yowl.

- Anyrate. I had other shit to write, but I forgot. I still need to put Florida pix up. Ooopsies.


Dec. 16th, 2012 11:11 pm
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We lost Firenze today.

I'm just sad. So much death lately..
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This past Wednesday, we had to take Miss Juliet to the vet for her teeth cleaned. Now, we tried to do this ages ago, but her blood work came back that she had hypothyroidism. So we put her on the medication for that, and then we needed to do MORE blood work after 30 days because apparently hypothyroidism can hide kidney disorders in cats. Awesome. The 30 days comes and we get her tested and lo, she is still awesomesauce. Another appointment is made to keep her happy butt up on her teeth.

She hasn't been put under anesthesia in twelve friggin years. She got fixed, and that was pretty much it. We try to keep her life trauma free, since we molest her all the time. Well, we dropped her off at 7:30 and we were able to get her back by 4! The vet we go to is sort of awesome if not pricey. But alas. Only the best for my girl. (ask me when I last went to the doctor, hahahah)

She has been super snuggly and affectionate and sweet since. Sleepin' like a boss. She has a lil' shaved area on her arm from the IV, but she's pretty boss. Her teeth are in pretty good shape too. The vet was all "hey, for the first dental visit in 14 years, she rocked it." Huzzah.



My adviser was Dr. K., but she's like. Leaving. I didn't really know her anyways. But she is teaching a class next semester? Oh I don't even know. So whatever. I go to the registrar today to be like "uh. so. registering for classes, eh?" and they're all "that started awhile ago" and I'm all "DAMMIT I HAVE NO ADVISER!!" and I give her my name and shizz and she's like "oh, you've been transferred to Dr. Boyle." and I was like "Dr. Boyle. Dr. Bob Boyle. Like. Whose class I JUST CAME FROM!?" and she's like "Uhm. Yep!" Hahahaha...

Alas, I scampered on back and he was still there helping some girl and I was like HEY YOU IS MAH ADVISER, MANG. and he was like "husha chil' I know." (vernacular mine.)

He signed my advisement card, which I don't really understand since I came home and registered for shit online. Whatever. I guess it's just proof that you talked to your dude. So I get to drop that shit off tomorrow after Latin.

I'm taking Latin 102 *weeps* and Psychology of Aging. I'm waitlisted for Abnormal Psychology. Heee :D

My schedule, if all goes well, will be MWF with Latin, MW, with Aging and M with Abby Normal. Monday would be a long ass day, with school from 12:30 to 7:30 in all three subjects, but I got this. I can hang. I'm a tough chick. (remember to go back and read that after your brain blows up)


Fiance creature:

Saturday is our "official" anniversary. We kinda count Pennsic since that's where we met and whatever, but Saturday is the day we arbitrarily picked for an anniversary. SOOOO! We're going to a hotel in Hagerstown that has a whirlpool tub. That was my only request. WANT SWISHY TUB. Then! The boy found a Bavarian restaurant that looks pretty neat in town, and we're gonna hit that shit up. Prolly even take a taxi so we can both drink. It'll be nice. Sunday I don't know what we're gonna do. But it'll be nice! We've never really planned anything like this before. We're usually "what you wanna do?" "I don't know. What you wanna do?" "I dunno." So! Heheh :D I'm excited. :)



I'm making this ginormous granny square blanket. Well, I'm using Lion Brand Homespun and I think the yarn is too thick to actually chain 2 in the corners, so it's doing this weird peaking thing. I looked it up and they call it "curling" but it is more peaking. So, I undid a 12 row square and I'm redoing it with ONE chain between the shells in the corners to see if this helps. I really really really really really don't want to redo the 36 row square, but if I have to, I will. We'll see. *inhales and exhales* I HAVE THE POWER. I think part of the reason I haven't worked on this for so long is because deep down I knew I'd have to fix the motherfucker. I have a huge basket full of blanket bits. This will be excruciating.

Alas. I have a season of How I Met Your Mother to watch, so I think it will help. This show is adorable.
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So Juliet had a vet visit the other day, and they told us she had gingivitis and to bring her in for a cleaning, but they needed to do blood work since they put them under for cleanings. Okay, sure.

Tuesday, Andrew calls and finds out about the times we need to stop feeding her, watering her, etc. They tell him "Oh... the doctor will call you about her blood work." Andrew smartly didn't tell me this since I was on my way to class.

No teeth cleaning for her! But the vet calls back and it turns out Juliet has hyperthyroidism. She's now on meds! Half a pill twice a day. I was a wee bit nervous on how to give her a pill, so we went out and got a thousand treats to stuff the pill in.

When it was time for her first one, we folded it up in a treat she liked and snarfed it right down. SERIOUSLY???

Same thing this afternoon.

However. Ha. Tonight.

Andrew folds the pill in the treat. So, she was chewing on her drugged treat and it broke apart and the pill fell out. So Andrew jammed it in the next treat. And it fell out of her mouth. So I took another treat and smeared the now soggy treat on it and all the crumbles of the leftovers in my hand. She licked the treat off my hand and then made the most AMAZING FACE.


Guess that tasted bad. So I gave her a couple different treats to compensate for the taste. She's awesome. This was a lot easier this afternoon.


Further. WHY AM I WATCHING THIS?!?!? This season finale of Grey's is fucking depressing.
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I caught the damned cat scaring the crap out of a wee bebe mousie. I grabbed it by its tail and liberated it.

Nico just comes in her and is like "Uhmmm... When 'Killer' strikes, what do we do with the leavings?"

She found another!! Much larger than the other (possibly 3 inches long. SO HUGE. heh.)

And this is after like, 3 this month alone.


Where are all these meeces coming from!? DON'T THEY KNOW I HARBINGER A DEATH DEALER!??!
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Day 01 – Introduce yourself
Day 02 – Your first love
Day 03 – Your parents
Day 04 – What you ate today
Day 05 – Your definition of love
Day 06 – Your day
Day 07 – Your best friend
Day 08 – A moment
Day 09 – Your beliefs
Day 10 – What you wore today
Day 11 – Your siblings
Day 12 – What's in your bag
Day 13 – This week
Day 14 – What you wore today
Day 15 – Your dreams
Day 16 – Your first kiss
Day 17 – Your favorite memory

Day 18 – Your favorite birthdayThe Rest )

Odd that this is #18. My birthday is the 18th.

Maybe when I was like, 7 and my mom rented a pony? That was good times. There's a picture somewhere of me on her, smiling. And she's peeing a bright yellow stream while I'm sitting on top her of her back. Ahh. Life.

That was good. But no.

This is gonna sound bizarre, but of course it would, since it's me. But I think my favorite birthday would be the one right after Lexington died.

I mean. It was actually one of the worst birthdays of my life. I'd gone to Grand Cayman with Tami, a vacation I could BARELY afford, but I was like "this is the perfect opportunity to go somewhere for so cheap! MUST GO!", so I went.

I came back and a few days later, my cat died. My Boo.

Died. And I could do nothing for him.

I still cry about him. He was such an amazing cat.


Here I was. About $600 less of savings than I normally would have had.

Which, incidentally, would have about covered my vet expenses.

So I spent everything I had at the vet. Rent in 3 weeks? HAHA. That wasn't happening. Bills? HAHAA! Nope. Not that either.


My birthday was happening. I was having it at Z's place. Cause having a summer birthday in my wee apartment without central air was just cruel, as I'd found out.

That morning, I woke up vomiting. Stress? Something I ate? Whatever. It sucked. (I know now that it was a gall bladder attack. I seemed to always have a different reason to blame it on something else. Stupid life.) I pulled most of the muscles in my abdomen. It sucked. Danny & Sean showed up to come to my party then drive out to Z's. They offered to take me.

Ya know. Once I was done retching.

We drove there, without incident.

I was incredibly unmade up. No make up, they're lucky I showered. I tried to help make food and Z shunned me to the couch where I curled up in a ball and prayed for a release of some sort.

Eventually, my friends fill her townhouse. Central air is the shit. I love it so hard.

And we do cake and all the silly things you do at birthdays. Took some pictures with all the Harry Potter books at my party. (EVERY FUCKING YEAR I had to deal with some fucking HP shit on my bday, or the day before, or whatever. I thought that was over. BUT NO!!! The second half of the last movie comes out around my bday for next year. CURSE YOU ROWLING!!)

Ya know. The norm.

At some point, Leslie and a few others drag me upstairs to Z's room. I remember walking like a zombie up the stairs cause my gut muscles hurt so bad and every step was like, FIRE. Ugh.

There, they handed me a card.

It was one they'd made, and all those fuckers had signed. It was a picture of Lexie and it said some sweet shit in it, from everyone. I cried like.

Well, I cried so hard it took me about a week to read the damned card. I'd tear up so bad I couldn't read. Hell, I tried to read it when I moved and I cried again.

One day I'll get through it all at once. One day.

But. Inside that wonderful card was money. A LOT of money. Mage & Kathy had given me a huge ass donation earlier that week, but now all my little conspirators had done so as well and well.

It totally paid my rent. And bills. And the rest of the vet bill.


I cried some more.

I love my friends. They are the thing that keeps me going in this life.

In Jersey.

Mar. 9th, 2010 12:53 am
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Smooshed an Absinthe. I will smoosh a Firenze too. She just doesn't realize her free time is numbered. *mwhahahah*

Tomorrow, I am going to the dermo at 1pm, then off to De & Kev's to see Johnathan, Jayden & Gregory :D BEBES!! I made Greg some applesauce since he says it so adorably.

Then I am off to see the Skwrl. I'll stay there Tuesday night and come back whenever on Wednesday.

At some point I have to figure out when to write my Inkwells thing. Hrm.

It'll happen.

God these cats are on crack.


Feb. 28th, 2010 12:56 am
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As we all know, kitties + plastic bags = hilarity.

What you might not know is that kitties + basket weaving = SUPER hilarity.

She was whipping around, chasing the rattan as it flipped about.

I gave her her own piece, but WHY have that one, when mommmy's is so much more fun??

I love that cat.

In other news, I have been PRODUCTIVE.

Finished weaving Danni's basket, did a few loads of laundry, and I've got material washing now too.

Then I sorted through the TONS of material we have just laying around cause I'll be DAMNED if Andrew ever knows what he wants to do with cloth.

So, now everything is in reusable Jo Ann's bags.

I have made 2 pieces of garb for war. One pretty plaid bog dress and a Viking apron. It's a maroon color. I have a navy under dress in the makings, and several other aprons. They're materials are in the wash. Three cottons in dark brown, a dark plum, another reddish color and an olive linen.

So exciting.

Now off to bed, since we have an event in a few hours. Woooooo.
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So she's perfect. With a side of tapeworms.

Around Christmas, she killed a mouse proudly.

That mouse hath had it's revenge.

My po' kitten.

So she got an extra shot (it was either that or give her a pill when she's "full", and she doesn't exactly eat like that. She's a nibbler.) and took all 3 of her shots like a champ. Didn't give anyone grief, was so good getting in and out of her carrier. Was very social and very much enjoyed her flea combing (she has nones).

She's 10.7 lbs and perfectly in shape. Everyone commented on her soft soft fur.

Because she was a damned angel, she got kittie treats AND turkey off of Andrew's sammitch.

It is now time to bathe, and subsequently nap.

Andrew still hasn't heard her hiss.

She's gonna be 12 March 25. The vet was impressed on how healthy she is and how she doesn't seem 12.

I love her so much :)


Jan. 14th, 2010 03:50 pm
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Smelly cat.

On my lap.

I don't lock her in the bathroom after I use it.

Why does she run to me after she abuses the litter box?

Ah. I love my cat.
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I have a new roommate!

Andrew, Steven & I have welcomed Elliot into our fold. The cat approves.

Today is gorgeous. It's 72 and sunnie with a slight breeze! Excellent!

I am doing laundry. Woo.

The other day I did a MASSIVE reorganization of the living room and put 98% of the stuff that was in there into the basement. w00t!

Haven't done too much cause my dust allergies are so bad that I'm literally breaking into hives and the roof of my mouth has been itching for days! So strange. But Andrew bought me those medical masks. HAHAH! So I can continue.

Just trying to organize my massive amount of kitchen stuff. Oi. It's overwhelming.

We've also been looking at couches. Found one I adored at Ashley Furniture more than the one we liked at Ikea, but it's actually a NICE couch, not like, Idea disposable. Ashley Couch (which is decidedly more cinnamon in person. More of a rust color.) and Ikea Couch (which has storage under the chaise, and turns into a double bed, with no bar in the middle!) I think the cinnamon one is stunning, but the Ikea one is terribly practical (shocker that).

Today we're going to another furniture store to check out more couches. It's an annoying process, but it needs to be done. Right now my grandma's chair is the only real comfy seating in there. Oh! And there's another chair. But yeah.

Have I mentioned how well my Juliet has adjusted? She is one happy cat. When I brought all my stuff here, she was SO EXCITED to rub on everything, and spent quite a bit of time napping on my bed (Elliot's gonna be using it). Pippi left behind these Friskies treats that her cats didn't like, and so I tried to give them to Juliet. She usually hates most treats, but I figured what the hell.

She LOVES them. Like, will stare at you and yell at you for more, kind of yell. LOL... she's so cute.

Anyrate. We're off to play with furniture and torment the sales people. They looooove us. We didn't even like anything at the one place.

Still waiting to hear from a job I interviewed for. *worries lip* But! I am hopeful :)

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Juliet is being precious. Like. Retarded.

First, she refused to stop purring for I think 5 days? She was just happy. Purring and playing.

She's since relaxed her motor, but she's still being adorable and purring a lot.

I think she really likes it here. And suddenly, I'm sleeping better at night. I didn't realize how stressed I was that she wouldn't like it here.

Cute moment of the day? I had the window open to the balcony on the bedroom (we have no screens) and she slowly went out of it. Walked around a bit, then when I opened the door, she jumped back in and has since spent HOURS just sitting RIGHT in front of the door, staring out of it.

She is so cute.

She was a lil' funnie with the stairs at first, seeing as she's never really had to deal with them. But now she LOVES running up and down them. It's so cute. LOL :)

She's got Andrew wrapped around her lil' claw. It's so cute. He set up a box for her, and she jumps in and out of it. It's got a t-shirt of his in it and a blanket of mine wrapped around it. She loves that stupid box. We got her a kittie bed. Does she use that? No. Loves that box though!

Just happy my girl is happy.


Oct. 14th, 2009 12:21 am
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The past few days have been a whirlwind of activity.

Savannah drove her southern ass all the way up from Kentucky JUST FOR ME.

I dragged her to BACONFEST. Fun was had. Then we went to my house, and we packed.

I went through two of my "I'll figure it out later" drawers and my closet and my living room closet.

Filled up a CONTRACTOR bag with garbage, and almost another full one. Two garbage bags of clothes to Good Will, a bag of shoes there too, and a bag of stuffed aminals.


Monday Steph showed up with some Dunkin Donuts and we did more.

Boxed up a TON of crap, went through a lot of boxed crap and threw stuff out. It was a pain in the ass. Paired things down a LOT.

Also on Monday... Did the thing that's been stressing me the most.

Moved Juliet.

Now, I have never actually driven with her, due to random circumstance. So I had NO IDEA how she would react.

She was a lil' vocal for the first half hour. And whenever I'd shift her she'd go "WHY." I was concerned if she lost her shit, I'd Benadryl her. She's normally such a chill beastie.


She was purring!

So okay. I figure she's either stressing so hard, or I don't know what.

I took her out of the carrier and she spent the next 3ish hours in my lap in a cute ball of purring kitten.

Then, I put her BACK in the carrier cause Andrew was still at the Haven. Showed her off where she was quiet. She did just fine though!

She was a bit vocal when we went back outside. I don't think she likes the cold air much. LOL

Then. OH THE FUN. We took her into the house.

I put her in the kitchen, and opened her carrier.

She did exactly what I thought she'd do. She crawled around the dining room all low to the ground. She perked her lil' head up and was nosy ALL over.

I told her to come on and follow me upstairs and she would take each step when I took one and look at me if it was okay to take the next (she hasn't had many stairs in her life, LOL).

She made a BEE LINE for Pippi's old room, which had a lot of cat hair in it, and I hadn't finished sweeping it, and she sniffed EVER EE THING. Chirping and purring the whole time. Looking at me all questioning. It was precious.

Then I started to walk into our room and she was like "I WILL FOLLOW YOU HOLD UP MAMA" and purred and ran towards me.

And she came in here, and I walked to my side of the bed and she looked up at me, and smelled my clothes and rubbed her face in them and then I put her on my bed. She smelled my pillow and rolled on the bed.

She eventually came back downstairs, and rolled on her back on the landing. She's been like a lil' puppie. She comes when you call her, and she runs around all over the place.

She's getting really used to the stairs and chased a gnat / fly / kitten fairy up them earlier!

She hasn't stopped purring since somewhere around 8pm on Tuesday.

28 hours later. SHE IS STILL PURRING.

Apparently last night she kept Steven company in the living room for a bit. She was having fun exploring.

Andrew's brushed the holy hell out of her fur. Makes her happy. She's sleeping by my feet right now in the bed.

I love the hell out of my cat. I slept like the DEAD last night. I think she was my biggest worry about this move.

Now I can focus on other things.

And freak out on them. :D


Aug. 20th, 2009 07:28 pm
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Yesterday Z, Andrew & I went to Gunnison's Beach. It's a nude beach. It was nice. At first I didn't think we could go in the water (there were red flags, usually indicating NO SWIMMIE) but then we went to the water and LO! They were just to mark the end of the life guarded area! HUZZAH! The water was awesome. There were these tiny floating sand crabs and weee bebe jellyfish that were smaller than a dime. They were freaking out Z, but they didn't actually sting. And the water was SOOO temped and awesome. Totally worth it. After we swam, Z & I played canasta while Andrew finished his book.

Good times.

Then we went to the movies. We saw District 9. I really enjoyed it. Entertaining, gripping and kinda sad even. It was good. Andrew has started calling Z his "back up girlfriend". It amuses me.

Today I'd wanted to go out earlier, but my stomach declared jihad on the rest of me. No idea why. Tried to nap it off with Firenze licking me every 10 minutes. Crazy cat. Didn't work. After an ICE cold shower using Dr. Bronner's I feel nearly human again. So we're off to Barnes & Noble to get Andrew the next Jim Butcher book. *grins* Maybe more foods? And dinner. :D

I love my boy. It's been so nice having him around. Juliet adores him. ADORES him.
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In another community, but I figure everyone should have the story. <3

29 (30 in less than 30 days... AAHHH)
New Jersey.

This is mah bebe.

Mah JuJu )


Jun. 16th, 2009 03:55 pm
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- Juliet has been my BUDDDDDY. Ever since Andrew left (who is apparently her real budddddy) she's been clingie. It's precious. I love my cat. My cat tolerates me. Today, she's been MIA. When I'm on the couch though, she's on me. Little kittie blanket. Anyrate, I have not used her icon for a while.

- Andrew is finishing up our yurt today. I am sad I can't be there. I really wanted to help finish it.

- Thursday, I'm going to Springfield to buy copious amounts of Mister Keenan's wine, and have him sign it. The signing starts at 5, so I think I'll go in at 12, since only the first 500 people or so are guaranteed wine. Tia says it's one of the best wines she's had, and although she's slightly biased *grins*, I'm willing to believe her since she is also a wine connoisseur. ;-)

- Saturday, doctor's appointment. Annoyingly I have realized I will have to get my script filled before then. I think I'm just going to take one of my lower dosages tomorrow, since it's not that much lower, and that way it won't fuck up my blood test. When I'm at the doc's I'll get a sample pack for the dosage I need, in case the test comes back and I have to get a different script. If not? I just refill. Yes. This is what I'll do.

- Go here, and confess. There have been a couple of disturbing confessions this time around, one that seriously upsets me. I worry about my list. :(

- I think people are failing to really understand WHY I posted this link. And when I say people, I mean the boys on my list. Instead of taking it as a "did you hear about how awesome John was this past weekend" kind of level, people are bringing up idiots from the news (totally the opposite of the point) and other topics, which really aren't the point and are completely derailing the point of the original post. I'm having a hard time being objective due to some of those things, since the point is being missed completely, and those things are bothering me, but I'm still open to talk about it. It also baffles me how many people think that certain situations are uncommon. I have lived a very "nice" life, and have still been in a more circumstances than I'd like that fall under the reason why that original post was made. If you're gonna comment on this point, please do so under my other entry.

- Tonight is game night. I must find my twirdling. I've been doing some reading on my D&D books. It's so much easier for me to read those on the computer for some reason. I don't find it easy to read "book" format things on the monitor so easily, but these are very easy for me. Huzzah.

- I am so gaining weight like it's my job. I'm trying to shove more veggies in my face. *sigh* So frustrating.

- I should have had Andrew bring up the 4th season of Weeds, cause I'm friggin addicted. I'm almost done with the third season. In fact, I would be done, but I refuse to watch the last episodes of anything until I can follow it up with the next season, if available.

- I wonder if Z is gonna show up for game night. I have a fuck ton of muslin from Andrew for her. Hmmm... I wish I knew how to get in touch with her now. *rubs brain*


Jun. 15th, 2009 12:12 pm
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So far today, I have eaten, said good bye to my boyfriend, fed the cats, snorgled them, checked my internetting, chatted with peoples, filed for unemployment, and made a Doctor's appointment (June 20th, Saturday, at 10:45am) cause I think my thyroid is whack*.

And onto more futile job searching. So depressing. I'm so tired of automated replies of "go to our website and fill out this easy form!" and scams.

*I have been nonstop eating, gaining weight(wonder why), sleeping like shit, exhausted all the time, having a hard time focusing on things, and am having hot and cold flashes like a mo' fo'. This is ridiculous. I'm already on 200mcg of synthroid. *sigh*


Apr. 26th, 2009 09:01 pm
synnoveaevael: (Kittie - happy cat run out of happy)
All things considering, seeing as I had no energy shot today, I'm doing KICK ASS.

I'm beat, but whatever.

Yesterday when I drove to NY, I went through PA. (BTW, made it from Frederick, MD to New City, NY in 4 hrs, 10 minutes. WITH TWO STOPS *pwn*)

At dusk.

My car? Was like, the bug holocaust mobile. Srsly.


I went and got my tank filled and like, squeegeed the fuck outta mah windshield. So gross.

The front end is still narsty too.

OH, and ever since I got my fluids flushed? I'm getting like, 30 to 45 more miles to a tank. SCHWEET.

I still need to get her shocks and struts done. WHY IS IT SO ESPENSIVE.

Saw the famdamily and a couple of my old coworkers. Had a good time, ate way too much. I think that's why I'm sleepies.

Trish's bellie has POPPED. Bebe Girl Trotta is waving. Joey got his hairs cut. Such a lil' man. He's got the paranoia and OCD happening. So cute and funnie.

I wanna watch this past Thursday's Grey's but I don't wanna sit at the computer. Maybe I will twirdle and watch. It's HOT though.

Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap SAVED MY SOUL earlier. I love that stuff. Even though it seems to be mysteriously disappearing. *glances in roommate's direction*

I got two boxes of Somoas for $4. How could I say no. GODDAMMIT. I almost got through GS season and didn't buy a box. But two for one? Oi.

My cats are still throw rugs. But so cute. I heart them. I put ice cubes in their water dish before and they melted before I could leave 10 minutes later. 4 ice cubes. Like I'd put them in boiling water. Oi.

I'm gonna go vegetate. And like, mebbe watch Grey's.


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