Feb. 23rd, 2013 10:57 pm
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Dear humans in my world,

Just because you get a tattoo doesn't mean it is automatically a GOOD tattoo. Please do research on what your artist has done in the past. Straight lines and symmetry are often good signs of quality work.

Today I have seen two friends post pictures of "GREAT!" tattoos they just got. They are not.

Further, tattoo parties are a TERRIBLE idea.



Apr. 30th, 2008 11:55 pm
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Kerry said that the first one he did healed SO well! He was impressed. I felt proud of my healing powers and my uber babying of my leg.

I'm so glad it's done :D He even re-did the old tattoo as best as he could :D

ANNNNDD!! HAHAHAH! He totally said he'd recognized me from faire. I said this year he better say hi! hehe :D
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- It took me 30 minutes to go 1.5 miles this morning. So when I hit exit 145, i FLEW onto 280. I never tried going to work that way, but I figured anything would be better than the current parking lot I was sitting in. It wasn't good for a normal route (WAY out of the way) but in stand still traffic? DEFINITELY better. I felt bad cause my aunt was alone for a while covering phones and her clients tend to be verbose, so I'm sure the phones were going nuts. Not much I could do. I want to live closer to work. *sigh* I took that 3 minute commute SO for granted back in the day.

- I had to get phlebotomized today. Damned vampires. I fasted for 16 hours for it. Well, more like, 18, but whatever. I got the NEW girl who was filling out information to put me in the system. Then like, no one knew how to process a check. *boggle* THEN! I had a balance from 2004? Whatever. I paid it. Then the lil' chick who poked me did a not so wonderful job. I normally NEVER bruise. I barely bleed once they take the needle out of me. I am a clotting queen. I kept bleeding and NOW??? My vein is like, big and blue and not happy with me and like, trying to escape. It is SO going to bruise. Not to mention I feel "off" cause I feel something is wrong in my arm. Bleck.

- Getting tattooed tonight. HUZZAH! I'm picking up Keri, and Jim will be with too! YAY! Finish this bisch up!

- I am so sleepie. I had pizza since the vampires took so long, and now I wanna slip into a greasy carb coma. I need awakey time.

- Work is nUtZo. Shit can't stop coming in, it's insane! *kicks other people* Some people are losing their houses, and CLEARLY I am dealing with the people buying those houses.

- I really need to do a Lush update. Kim gave me a sample of I Should CoCo, but I don't think I should coco. Cause while it smells like everything that is awesome in the Almond Joy bar, it doesn't lather, and it doesn't really, clean. AND it leaves coconut everywhere. I do, however, LOVE that I still smell like coconut. What they need is to make this a bath bomb or something. It gets ♥. I have to remember to add that to my chart, and update the rest o' mah stuffs.

- I have to go to the pharmacy later too. YARG. I fucking live there.

- I wish I had an ice pack for my elbow. I haven't felt like this since I was anemic. Mew. I just had two Rice Krispie treats hoping it'll elevate my blood sugar or something. I barely gave them any blood! Feckers.

- I bought Tetris for my phone. OH YES. For the first time since my cell phone ownage, I have a game for my phone. BYE BYE BATTERY LIFE! It made dealing with the vampires better. I'd have gotten Bejeweled, but EW, they wanted a MONTHLY payment. Whatevs.


Apr. 14th, 2008 08:22 pm
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I GOT NEW SNEAKERS!! They're, uhhhh... K Swiss! They're the lightest sneakers ever. I picked them up and I was like "Are they made from Fluff?"

I also bought some new gym socks, they're supposed to discourage bleesters. YAY!

My calves STILL feel like they're gonna esplode from walking around the city Saturday.

TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY OF TAX SEASON!! *cracks open rum and hoses herself down with it*


Today was a good day.

And on the way home from ze gym?

I heard Sublime. OH BRADLEY!!!!!

I love Sublime.

You've got your hair permed
You've got your red dress on
Screamin that second gear was such a turn on
And the fog forming on my window tells me that the morning's here
And you'll be gone before too long
Who taught you those new tricks?
Damn I shouldn't start that talk,
But life is one big question when your starin at the clock
And the answers always waiting at the liquor store, 40oz. to Freedom,
So I take that walk.

And I know that ohhhh...I'm not goin back
Oh not going back
God knows not going back
Oh not goin

And you look so fine when you lie it just don't show,
But I know which way the wind blows
A 40oz. to freedom is the only chance I have to feel good,
Even though I feel bad

And I know that ohhhh...I'm not goin back
Oh I'm not going back
Oh God knows I'm not going back
Oh not goin

Whoa I'm not goin back
Oh not goin back
Whoa God knows I'm not goin back


If only the tattoo would stop itching.
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Some have asked.

Updated tattoo pictures )
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That feels good.



So happy.

So tomorrow is the museum, then the Lush run. Then going to harass Keri for her BDAYYYY!!! My bubbly beautiful blond is going to be TWENTY TWO!!! Time flies, they grow up so quick ;)

My tattoo feels tight today, and the scabs I was pretty sure were forming weren't really scabs, just the outlining was SUPER fucking raised. Very strange, but that skin is softer now. The skin around it is barely red, and definitely a lil' sore.

This morning I stood up from waking up and was trying to put my contacts in, and FUCKING LEGS. You do NOT realize how much your muscles naturally flex until it HURTS LIKE A BITCH when they do.

So, after standing a couple minutes, I could put my full weight on my right leg again and life was better. But if I don't have the muscle moving for a bit, it gets REALLY tight when it starts back up again.

Bastards. I swear. This is a big body. My left leg can't handle all the weight. Heh.


Tattoo Goo is good stuff. I wish it was in a tube though. Oh well.

*wiggles foot*
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*cuddles up under desk*

*nods off*

Want to nap. Cannot focus.



In other news. I've spent a small fortune this week.

Most of it went to rent.

But a lot of it went to my car.

Her headlight is fixed, her bumper reattached firmly, her oil changed, and her transmission flushed.

ANNNDD her inspection passed.

I also got a compound to buff out the funk in her other headlight, since the new one is crystal fucking clear. And the old one? Not so much.


And now I smell like Tattoo Goo.

*passes out*


Weeeeeee :D

Apr. 8th, 2008 03:27 pm
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It's 3:30 and I haven't LJed once! JESUS WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?!?!?!

Actually, I've been super effin busy. My cousin is away on vacay, and OF COURSE her area of work is like "oh, can it be busy times now!?" and I'm fuxxored.


I am teh busy. But I'm doing okay.

I'm eating like a heffer gone wild though. I blame my impending bleeding time. I had a boston cream donut and one of those new flat bread sammitches from Dunkin Donuts. Do not get the bacon on there. It is rubbery and gross. It's sorta greasy. I've totally bloated up some pounds and I'm sure my lil' DD foray didn't help. Such is life. I don't care. I will do my weights tonight.

The reason I had so little time for lunch was cause I got my headlight fixed! It's all shiny and clear now and the other one looks all scratched and busticated. I have to get some compound to buff that out.

Anyone got the compound for the headlights just lying around? I should have picked some up at the store while I was there, but alas. I am stoopid.

Anyrate, they fixed it, and tightened my bumper, so I'm going to go for inspection prolly Thursday morning cause I'm usually pretty hit on Wednesday mornings thanks to the other DnD.

As for Wednesday's tattoo field trip, it looks to be just me and possibly Ammre. I guess that is okay, cause I will be a whiny bitch with the pain, no doubt. But I still would like pix, so if Miss Ammre comes, I will hand over my camera.

FUCKING A! I'm annoyed that my computer won't work. *whinewhine* It was suggested that perhaps I pull out all the USB stuff. I am down with that. I will try it later.

And I totally need more ram for my gaming computer. That one is getting SUPAH fuckin' slow.


I have weird pinchie things going on in my girlie area.


Mar. 19th, 2008 11:09 pm
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Z got inked.

Gratuitous Dark Tower references below )
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No ink for me today, gotta get it drawn up. April 9th at 6:30 is the appt! Very groovie prelimimary sketched! Z is getting hers now...


Mar. 18th, 2008 02:44 pm
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- First, The 25 most disturbing sex toys.

- I am so tired. I shouldn't have gone out last night. I'm doing okay, but I have this weird random cough. I think my body is telling me that I should have slept more than a few hours this weekend. Last night was lots of fun though. Even if it was "amateur night". Heh. Pix to be posted... eventually. Prolly after the tattooing. *kittie yawn*

- But. I have a Red Bull. FEAR ME.

- I have seen entirely too much ball/dick/ass that was not my fiancé's this recently. Just sayin'. And I'm going to have you fuckers in kilts for my wedding? I'm so screwed.

- I am bleedie and unpleased with the situation. I think that's another reason I feel so blarg.

- I'm in a constant state of nausea lately. Am I hungry? Nooope. Not even the "oh, it could be hunger or nausea" feeling, it's straight up "Ew. Food." stuff. Yesterday when I finally DID eat, it blew threw me. I have had a sammitch (sliced chicken boobs and lettuce on a wrap) today, so let's see how THAT fairs. I lost 5 pounds though. I don't really count it since I shouldn't have hit that weight anyways. two three seven. Oh. Em. Gee. I wouldn't mind the fucking number if it wasn't ALL AROUND MY STOMACH. It's getting awkward to hold move and shit.

- I ended up with a TONNNNN of "ingrown" hairs from my waxing. THAT was new. I look like I have bad bug bites on my legs. I know it's from getting my pores violated and then having my sweaty skin resting against itself, but it is BIZARRE looking.

- Tattoo tomorrow! Janete & I will definitely be there, but I don't know about whoever else is coming. State if you are or not, if it's to get inked or just to watch :) It'll be at Shotsies on Route 23 in Wayne.

- When the hell am I going to do laundry? It's going to consume my soul soon. Fuck, man.

- Thank god for Red Bull. It tastes way better with vodka, but hey. It's better than nothing.

- I am still so polluted from this weekend.

- I have a general funkie feeling around me. It's not ME either. It's just that fun lil' empathy thing I can't shut the fuck off. Arg.

- Work. Is. Work. Ewies.

- Randy as ALL hell lately. I blame everyone again. Not my doing. I've been a fucking angel. SHUT UP I HAVE BEEN. QUIT LAUGHING! Dammit.


Mar. 12th, 2008 05:35 pm
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Photobucket.com totally has editing options like fucking Photoshop now.

I can CURVES shit in there.


DOOD. That is awesome.

Come hell or high water I'm getting my goddamned legs waxed soon. Cause I am getting my fucking tattoo.

Locals!!! Who are your favorite artists in the area, and are they expensive as all fuck? How is their fine line work?



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