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I am so tired of posting a Snopes link on a Facebook post. I have given up for the most part, especially when people react with serious snarky "Oh, well *I* thought it was funny!" when it just propagates stupidity.

I'm really beginning to question the intelligence of people I know.

But hey. Then I just change how much I see from them.
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I came home from work. And here were Nico, and her friends Chris & Deb in my living room. Chris & Deb used to own "Dragonfly" which was an adorable little art shop downtown. But business sucked, and lo. No more Dragonfly. Which makes me sad. Alas, they are awesome people.

Deb & Nico were looking at weird Tumblr sites and Chris was in my recliner with his head tilted back. Apparently the only way he could breathe. The sick happens to us all.

We all get to chatting and at some point, The Oven (mine is not so clean) comes up. I have lived here for 3 years. And I have never been able to use that damned thing. Steph could tell stories of the sad time we tried to cook a turkey. Oh god, the humanity.

Anyrate, Chris gets up, and starts to smack it around. Asks some questions. And he goes, as serious as one can:

Chris: "What ya should do here is.. well, if you go down East Street and make a left onto South Street, at some point you'll see a sign that says Peace and Plenty. Go in there, and ask the guy with the cat about help with the oven."


That's the most sound advice I've gotten on it. See, people won't come to the house to check it out because it's a commercial oven in a residential house. Doesn't matter that we're all coded and have renters insurance and they have business insurance, they are just assholes about it.

I thank him. And consider it. Then I send Danni the following exchange.

Me: We have a weird errand to run tomorrow.

Danni: ....elaborate please.

Me: We're gonna see the man with a cat about the stove.

Danni: want I should call in some muscle? I know a guy.


I tell Andrew. He goes into the reserves and shoves $400 into my hands and says "WHATEVER IS NECESSARY." Oh, lolz. It's never worked, have I mentioned that? Gas shuts off. Some regulator somewhere is rusted open, so I am told.

The following day is Danni-Synn Tuesday, so we lunch and go on this errand. We chat with Brian, the proprietor of the clearly used washer/dryer/oven/fridge store and he is pleasant. He has birds. Unfortunately, the guy with the cat (Paul) is out on an errand. So we feed and come back.

And there is Paul. And his cat, who is named Boots. He's a black and white creature of extreme affection towards Danni.

Paul has clearly had some head trauma in his life. He is missing part of his head. Danni thinks it's just his skull, but I'm not so sure it stops there. There's a large softball sized crater in his head that his very thin hair barely covers. He seems well enough. He chats to us about the oven. He scratches a few days worth of beard stubble and is not quite sure he can do anything with this oven of mine, but he'll certainly give it a looksie on Thursday.

That. My friends. Aside from a chef dude who fell off the face of the earth, is the closest I have had ANYONE say they could help me. The chef (named Alan) was like "Oh, this thingie is rusted open! Should be a snap to fix!" and we offered him cash rewards to do so, and then he moved to Baltimore and I haven't seen him since.

If Paul the Oven Dude with the Cat can't help. I don't know. My next step is a plumber. Kate the Wicked recommended it (along with a couple other peoples) and it make sense since they have to know how to deal with gas lines.

But, this story needed to be put down. Cause. Yeah.

Tomorrow, I assume I will wake up and hear from Paul. Who will be waiting at my house. To smack around my oven.

Cross some things, kiddies.

Further, if this pans out, I'm getting Chris & Deb a goddamned gift certificate to friggin Home Depot (they do contractor work too).


Sep. 21st, 2012 04:02 am
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I am thrilled to be going to NYRF this weekend. I am far more excited than one should be. The weather is gonna be COLD too. 73 on Saturday and 64(!!) on Sunday. Time to bring the warm. Which is sort of exciting. :)

My statistics professor changed our homework from being due Thursday to TUESDAY. So I just finished that up. I feel mostly confident. I got an 85 on my last assignment, which EASILY could have been a 90, but I was retarded about a process that I didn't fuck up on another question. DAMN YOU BRAIN. I asked a girl next to me a question today and I noticed her homework was out and she got a 69. I felt real bad. :(

Latin is Latin. I do a lot of "let's look that up in the book." I feel like I'm just learning the concepts, and I'm not even memorizing them. I'm prolly gonna end up doing some exercises on my own. Might take a Wednesday off to do that (the rest of my week seems to be work + school and not a lot of in between).

Last night I had some WEIRD ass dreams. Post apocalyptic stuff. Alien invasion stuff. My brain is weird. I haven't been feeling 100% so I have been drugging myself with intense amounts of zinc. Heh. Maybe that causes some fucked up dreams.

Anyyyyrate. Time for sleeps. I have school at 12:30 and then work at 4, then as soon as I get out of there, I'm OFF to NY!!! Poor everyone at Bill's. We're gonna be landing SO fucking late. I hope I get out of work around 9. Assume an hour to put everything in the car and pack what Andrew doesn't, get food, gas. Leave around 10. Get there 2ish. *siiiigh* I begged Tiffany tonight to let me out as soon as she can. We'll see. :D :D



Oct. 1st, 2011 01:35 am
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I have nothing to say! Isn't that fantastic!

Wait. I'm pissed at FB. *kicks it*

Grey's Anatomy is good.

Andrew & I have been super affectionate and having awesome sexy times lately. I LOVE THAT!

Work was FUCKING IRRITATING today. But like, tolerable. People, KNOW WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU CALL SOMEONE. Fucking swear.

Mosquitoes are OFF THE HOOK here. SO ITCHIE.

Tomorrow (today!) is John & MaryBeth's wedding! DRINKS ALL AROUND! Also tis the wifey's opening for her art show. HUZZAH!!

My cat is on the crack. I love her.

Roommates are good. No shanking.

Andrew actually bought the card for the wedding tomorrow. UNPROMPTED. Just cause he was at the store! I nearly passed out from shock!

Also, he's been dabbling with his cooking fu. I'm getting fat. FatTER. :D It's okay, it's out of love.

So itchie.

I actually have a Halloween costume planned. I need to sew it up. YAAAY!

Ramble on. SING MAH SONG.
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- On Wednesday, I went to the ophthalmologist. He was of the opinion that I have an allergy to my saline solution (more specifically, the preservative in it) and he had me on a strict no contact lens diet until our next appointment, Monday. OH NOES. I had to drive to and from Kentucky that weekend! Turns out I did it like a champ. I didn't use ANY of the emergency disposable contacts he gave me and I used the steroid drops diligently. When I saw him yesterday, he was like "hm. Your eyes seem better, BUUUUTT, using this fancy dye shit I see that there is still abrasions. Hm." So now I am on antibiotics for a month for mah eyes. And I'm to keep using the steroid drops, which TASTE HORRIBLE. (They drip in my eyes, down my sinuses and into my mouth. YICK YICK.) So I have ANOTHER appointment on Monday to see if there is an improvement, and hopefully we can work from there. He also said that my eye script isn't what it should be in the right eye. MOTHERFUCKER. I just got glasses. Oh well. So I went to America's Best to see if they could do something for me. Shit, they were supposed to call me back Monday. I should harass them. I also need to call the movie theater for double charging me for a movie. MUST REMEMBER. Hangover 2 was good, but not $22 good. ;-)

- ANDREW GOT ME A FRIDGE!! Okay, it's for both of us, but seriously. WHATEVER. So Steven & Erica are in the smaller fridge, as is Alex, but he literally puts in a container of olives, so it's like they have it alone, and Andrew, Nico & I have the adult sized fridge. We went to the BRAND NEW WEGMANS today (which is seriously twice the size of any other Wegmans I have been in) and loaded the fucker and we still have a TON of free space. *cries*

- Dude, it was a dorkfest. We (being Danni, Andrew, Jenn & I) met up with James & Rita, and her niece Jen, at Wegmans where we ended up bumping into Little Tim, Wendy and the boys. Keagan is 6 weeks now! HE IS SO SMUSHABLE! <3 We spent three fucking hours in that store, just wandering and then we got noms from the hot food area.

- KENTUCKY!! So on Friday the Wifey (Devon) and I, loaded up into my car and headed off for the wilds of Kentucky. We got there in good time and I saw MAH SAVANNAH!! And the doggies and Justin and Meagan and Leigh-Anna and it was awesome AND OMG MISS MORRIGAN. I love that baby. She had me at her babbling *siiiiiiiigh* I forgot how much I missed my girls. I knew how much I missed mah Savy though. Miss Fiona is gestating beautifully and Justin is such a good guy. I kept calling him Mr. Marlow. *giggles* Also, I have the best road trippin' wifey ever. She made sure I got my steroid drops when I was supposed to and photodocumented and blogged everything. It was hilarious and awesome. THERE'S THAT STEREOTYPE AGAIN! Came back to MD on Sunday and I realized I'd slaughtered most bugs in KY, WV and most of the panhandle of MD. And at some point with a squeegee managed to scratch up the roof of my car. It should come out with compound. I need to call Toyota about the paint. They have some things to do for me.

- Andrew is snoring next to me. HE ARE SO CUTE.

- Found out one of my assistant managers FINALLY got demoted for being an ass. It's about time really. I can't believe anyone can run their mouth, be completely incorrect so often and still not understand that what they're saying is BS. Baffles me. He also reminds me of a small child pushing his boundaries.

- I AM SO ITCHIE. I have no earthly clue what is up. I'm on a Benadryl, waiting for it to take effect. I also lathered my itchie itchie leg with Benadryl cream. Maybe it's the antibiotic? I don't fucking know. It's so mild. I'm still taking a acidophilus with it though.

- I had a girlie doctor visit. Absolutely NO anxiety. I think it has to do with the fact that she has the speculum in me for MAYBE 30 seconds. She's awesome. She's also cutting me a break with $$ since I pay out of pocket. So is the eye doc too, actually. I know I really appreciate it. I can't believe I'm doing all this expensive stuff when I need to be HOARDING CASH since I'm taking off like, every weekend ever. Speaking of...

- WICKERMAN!! Andrew is gonna make ValChuck style metal poles for my wall tent. He also has to figure out how we're gonna clean and re-treat that thing. *ponderponder* We have so much booze. I'm to the point where I have no idea how we're getting it all in my car. LOL.. luckily aside from some MOOP, we should be able to repack well. :D Must remember disco ball & to find body paint.

- Okay. I have work tomorrow since someone called out and HEY I need moneys. *falls on face*


Apr. 13th, 2011 02:06 am
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- I got a new phone! It's an HTC Arrive. It's a Windoze 7 based phone, much to the horror of my companions. But it had a better battery life times 3 than the Samsung Transform, which was the other phone I was looking at. So we'll see how I like it. I ordered it on the phone yesterday and was holding it by 6:45pm today. Dude. Swank. Also? I had to upgrade my plan. By $10. I can swing $40 a month.

- HOWEVER. For whatever reason it's not letting me activate it online. WHY!?!?! I think I'm gonna go to the Sprint store tomorrow anyways so they can hopefully transfer all my contacts, cause LORD KNOWS I do not want to add 300 contacts by hand. NUH UH.

- I saw Cirque du Soleil tonight. Holy shit. Just. WOW. There was such intensity. The theme was "Totem" and it was gorgeous. The stage movement, the performers. I don't even have words. There was this scene with a Native American couple on roller skates that was just... intense. It was very mimicky of ice dancing, and gorgeous. And the women on unicycles. They even cycled in time. Amazing. There were two women with weighted handkerchiefs, and they spun them on their hands and feet and the one girl held the other up with her fucking foot while BOTH of them used their remaining limbs to spin handkerchiefs. LIKE WHAT?!?! I just. No words.

Anyrate, I got to go cause Gordon texted Danni all "hey, you wanna Cirque it up" and I was there and was like "OMFG GET ME TIIIIXXX" So he did, cause Gord's good like that. And for $55? I think it was well worth it. Holy crap. It baffles me what some people can do with their bodies and I feel like I can barely get out of bed in the damned morning.

- I was going to ramble more. But suddenly, I has the sleepy. Prolly cause I watched others perform physical activity. :)
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Day 01 – Introduce yourself
Day 02 – Your first love
Day 03 – Your parents
Day 04 – What you ate today
Day 05 – Your definition of love
Day 06 – Your day
Day 07 – Your best friend
Day 08 – A moment
Day 09 – Your beliefs
Day 10 – What you wore today
Day 11 – Your siblings
Day 12 – What's in your bag
Day 13 – This week
Day 14 – What you wore today
Day 15 – Your dreams
Day 16 – Your first kiss
Day 17 – Your favorite memory

Day 18 – Your favorite birthdayThe Rest )

Odd that this is #18. My birthday is the 18th.

Maybe when I was like, 7 and my mom rented a pony? That was good times. There's a picture somewhere of me on her, smiling. And she's peeing a bright yellow stream while I'm sitting on top her of her back. Ahh. Life.

That was good. But no.

This is gonna sound bizarre, but of course it would, since it's me. But I think my favorite birthday would be the one right after Lexington died.

I mean. It was actually one of the worst birthdays of my life. I'd gone to Grand Cayman with Tami, a vacation I could BARELY afford, but I was like "this is the perfect opportunity to go somewhere for so cheap! MUST GO!", so I went.

I came back and a few days later, my cat died. My Boo.

Died. And I could do nothing for him.

I still cry about him. He was such an amazing cat.


Here I was. About $600 less of savings than I normally would have had.

Which, incidentally, would have about covered my vet expenses.

So I spent everything I had at the vet. Rent in 3 weeks? HAHA. That wasn't happening. Bills? HAHAA! Nope. Not that either.


My birthday was happening. I was having it at Z's place. Cause having a summer birthday in my wee apartment without central air was just cruel, as I'd found out.

That morning, I woke up vomiting. Stress? Something I ate? Whatever. It sucked. (I know now that it was a gall bladder attack. I seemed to always have a different reason to blame it on something else. Stupid life.) I pulled most of the muscles in my abdomen. It sucked. Danny & Sean showed up to come to my party then drive out to Z's. They offered to take me.

Ya know. Once I was done retching.

We drove there, without incident.

I was incredibly unmade up. No make up, they're lucky I showered. I tried to help make food and Z shunned me to the couch where I curled up in a ball and prayed for a release of some sort.

Eventually, my friends fill her townhouse. Central air is the shit. I love it so hard.

And we do cake and all the silly things you do at birthdays. Took some pictures with all the Harry Potter books at my party. (EVERY FUCKING YEAR I had to deal with some fucking HP shit on my bday, or the day before, or whatever. I thought that was over. BUT NO!!! The second half of the last movie comes out around my bday for next year. CURSE YOU ROWLING!!)

Ya know. The norm.

At some point, Leslie and a few others drag me upstairs to Z's room. I remember walking like a zombie up the stairs cause my gut muscles hurt so bad and every step was like, FIRE. Ugh.

There, they handed me a card.

It was one they'd made, and all those fuckers had signed. It was a picture of Lexie and it said some sweet shit in it, from everyone. I cried like.

Well, I cried so hard it took me about a week to read the damned card. I'd tear up so bad I couldn't read. Hell, I tried to read it when I moved and I cried again.

One day I'll get through it all at once. One day.

But. Inside that wonderful card was money. A LOT of money. Mage & Kathy had given me a huge ass donation earlier that week, but now all my little conspirators had done so as well and well.

It totally paid my rent. And bills. And the rest of the vet bill.


I cried some more.

I love my friends. They are the thing that keeps me going in this life.
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Fire in Jamesburg

JAMESBURG — A borough woman was killed and her sister seriously injured late Wednesday night in a fast-moving fire at the woman's home, according to friends and family at the scene.

Neighbors said the fire broke out after midnight on the bottom floor of the two-story home at Gatzmer and Hillside avenues.

Jayme and George Lowenberg had lived at the house for a few years and recently had a son, friends said. Jeremy Ippolito, 25, of Englishtown, a friend of couple's who was at the house this morning and spoke with George Lowenberg, said Lowenberg was in Virginia with his in-laws last night. His wife was home with their son and her sister, Michelle, and her two children.

The whole family was planning to head down to Virginia today, the couple's neighbor, Ellen Quinlan said.

Quinlan was alerted to the fire by the sound of breaking glass. When she looked outside, she saw flames on the porch next door. The fire quickly spread along the wraparound porch and up to the second floor, Quinlan said. The porch was completely charred.

Jayme Lowenberg, 28, a public school teacher in Hillside, according to public records, was seen leaning out of the window of the home's finished attic and handed off her infant son to someone standing on the roof of an enclosed space at the back door of the house, Quinlan said.

Shortly after, as flames engulfed the house, Lowenberg either fell or jumped out of the attic window, apparently missed the roof and hit the overhang, falling to the ground, Ippolito said.

"There was smoke coming out behind her when she was leaning out the window," Quinlan said. When Lowenberg hit the ground, it was obvious she had suffered a serious head injury, Quinlan said, noting she saw an EMT holding a towel to her head. "She was covered in blood."

Jayme Lowenberg's sister and her children were taken out of the house by firefighters. Ippolito said she was seriously injured, as was one of her children.

The Lowenberg's were due to celebrate their third anniversary next week and friends said they were very much a young couple in love. Ippolito and his girlfriend, Crystal Vreeland, 25, of Englishtown, said George Lowenberg, 38, arrived at the house this morning from Virginia and solemnly walked into the backyard.

"It's devastating to lose your best friend," Lowenberg said. "She was the love of my life."

Oh Jayme.... :(
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I stay on good terms. I am a freak of nature.

I haven't had many boyfriends though.

Alan, my first. 2.5 years. He's more like a brother now. An annoying, "I do everything wrong" brother. He's a good kid.

JD, my second. 10 mos officially (almost year and a half unofficially, my shortest relationship to date either way) We had the messiest break up I've ever gone through. It was just drama drama drama. But I got over it. His sister is a very good friend of mine, and he's still with the chica that I broke up with him for (that sounds so weird, I can't find a wording that sounds right). So clearly it all worked out. Oddly I had a dream with her in it last night.*

Jim, my third. 3.5 years. I thought this was it, we'd gotten engaged and everything. But shortly after we got engaged, strange things were happening. And I was getting more and more miserable. He couldn't have been happy either. I still am not 100% sure what the hell happened. But, he's a wonderful person, and the break up clearly wasn't messy. I am pleased about that cause how AWKWARD would that shit be. I mean, we have the same group of friends, it's how we met. Heh.

Now I'm with Andrew. So far, we've been together officially a year and a half. We live together too. If I hadn't lost my job, I don't know if we'd have stayed together since we lived so far apart, he's not too great on the communication over text/IM thing and I hate the phone. But I guess all that worked out for a reason.

*So in the dream last night that she was sitting on a couch with my friends, except her whole head was dyed purple (she does dye her hair, not a huge stretch) and just kinda hanging out as I showed people a custom book, that strangely had Moose's profile in it. Oh, and Danni cut her dreads off and had a cute short blond hair cut and I cried, and Victoria & I went for a drive. But! I forgot my laptop. So we turned around and drove over the grass in my unknown apartment complex to get it. Then I woke up. HAHA.
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This weekend I had Bill, Steph & Tim come over. We made mass quantities of food. Skwrl donated a turkey and made it in our RETARDED damned oven. It was delicious.

AAAAHH! GIANTS TOUCHDOWN!!! 31 - 30!!! AAAHHH!!! This game is making me crazy. *please hold a lead please hold a lead*

Wait. Where was I?

Seriously, my oven is stupid. She set it to 350F. I have a thermometer to go inside of it after issues of my own. After a bit she's all "Shit, the oven is hot" and I look inside, and I'm like "that fucking thermometer is borked." I take it out and it's not broken. It's just trying to read past FIVE HUNDRED DEGREES so it's pinned, looking "off" almost. (it's a dial)

I took the boys to Bushwaller's (Irish Pub) where I got buzzed as HELL off of a pint and a half of Magner's (there goes my tolerance, FINALLY), then we went back home. Andrew was doing some fighter extravaganza, so I wanted him to have warm vittles when he came home. And, thus, after much irritation, and scorching of my cranberry sauce (which turned out like candied cranberries, so hey! UBER WIN), we made dinner. Erica came over with wee little rolls of amazing deliciousness and HONEY BUTTER. And it was delicious. Amazing. STELLAR.

I did the dishes SO MUCH yesterday. Arg.


Today I broke my Cracker Barrel cherry (It was pretty okay. Very cute inside. Kitschie.) and Skwrl & Tim left. Bill left earlier due to retarded ass storms in NY. I do not miss that shit.

I also made a turkey soup that was *amazing*. It goes oh so well with the leftover rolls. I love me a fowl carcass. I love soup. SOUPPP!!! Oh, and I've been making applesauce. Really, Really, REALLY good applesauce. This time I used Braeburn *and* Honeycrisp. It's delicious. And a bit more cinnamon than usual. *unf*

That and we've been keeping the fires going in the fireplace. I love it. At first it was for necessity.

The heat upstairs was SICK. In the loft, it was like, 80. Which suited Skwrl juuuust fine, since she has no blood and is a lizard. In *our* room it was 75 (I have a thermometer on the clock) and downstairs it was 50.


So, the landlord man had the HVAC man come and fix it. It is better. Not awesome. But I still like the fireplace going. Makes this place feel stupid homey.

OHOHOH!! And landlord man fixed our deathtrap of a first basement step. I have no fears going downstairs no mores. YAY!

And we have no Elliot anymore. (he was our other roommate, pay attention). His mama is real sick, so he's moving in with her to take care of her fulltime. He's a good boy. He will be missed. :(



Oh, and I had an *awffuuuull* fucking dream last night. I was in California at the beach, and I went out to the car to get my phone, some money and Steph's sweatshirt. As I was crossing the street, going into the beach's parking lot, for some reason I looked behind me, and watched a school bus slide back into a car. I then realized that the ground below it was raised and broken. We were having an earthquake. I turned to run towards the car (why? I do not know.) and the blacktop opened and down I went. The piece of macadam I was on stayed flat and normal and I basically elevator'ed down at an angle, and was terrified, as I watched the van sized hole go further and further away, eventually it was visually the size of a pinhole, and I could see broken pipes and dirt and gravel above me.

I knew no one would ever find me. I didn't have my phone, no one would know where to look. I was gone.

I woke myself up, freaking out. Went and peed, came back to bed, still tweaked and then cuddled Andrew. Who said later after I retold this to him, that he would have found me. *grins* Cute. ;-)

Anyrate. That's my state of life address for the moment.
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I just got drunk dialed by Loryn and David.


Girl, I miss youuuuu <3 <3
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I have a new roommate!

Andrew, Steven & I have welcomed Elliot into our fold. The cat approves.

Today is gorgeous. It's 72 and sunnie with a slight breeze! Excellent!

I am doing laundry. Woo.

The other day I did a MASSIVE reorganization of the living room and put 98% of the stuff that was in there into the basement. w00t!

Haven't done too much cause my dust allergies are so bad that I'm literally breaking into hives and the roof of my mouth has been itching for days! So strange. But Andrew bought me those medical masks. HAHAH! So I can continue.

Just trying to organize my massive amount of kitchen stuff. Oi. It's overwhelming.

We've also been looking at couches. Found one I adored at Ashley Furniture more than the one we liked at Ikea, but it's actually a NICE couch, not like, Idea disposable. Ashley Couch (which is decidedly more cinnamon in person. More of a rust color.) and Ikea Couch (which has storage under the chaise, and turns into a double bed, with no bar in the middle!) I think the cinnamon one is stunning, but the Ikea one is terribly practical (shocker that).

Today we're going to another furniture store to check out more couches. It's an annoying process, but it needs to be done. Right now my grandma's chair is the only real comfy seating in there. Oh! And there's another chair. But yeah.

Have I mentioned how well my Juliet has adjusted? She is one happy cat. When I brought all my stuff here, she was SO EXCITED to rub on everything, and spent quite a bit of time napping on my bed (Elliot's gonna be using it). Pippi left behind these Friskies treats that her cats didn't like, and so I tried to give them to Juliet. She usually hates most treats, but I figured what the hell.

She LOVES them. Like, will stare at you and yell at you for more, kind of yell. LOL... she's so cute.

Anyrate. We're off to play with furniture and torment the sales people. They looooove us. We didn't even like anything at the one place.

Still waiting to hear from a job I interviewed for. *worries lip* But! I am hopeful :)


New Yawk!

Sep. 10th, 2009 03:53 pm
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So yesterday Savy needed to meet a friend for dinner in Long Island, so I said HAI! Let's go to the Village, cause everyone loves the Village!

And lo.

We did.

We being: Me, Savy & Z. Then we met up with Skwrl! Once we left Savy, we visited Jared and got him later, but I'm moving ahead of myself :D

So we went into a tshirt shop, and laughed at them. Saw some funnie cards, etc. Then went into a porn shop, where Skwrl called so we trotted off to Christopher Street & Hudson where she was, and lo. We had Skwrl.

Then we went to a cute new age shop where I got two adorable jade goddess beads that Z is gonna make stylin' earrings. After that we got foods. NOM! I got a piece of coconut custard pie and a half a chicken parm panini. Which I didn't fucking finish. It was gooood.

Then we dropped Savy off at a Subway and sent her to Penn Station. Where she was ON TIME, thank you very much, for her train. *blows on nails*

Saw this random chalk drawing:

Then saw this awesome building.

We wandered for a bit and realized that we were near Jared's job. So we texted him that we were under a cube.

Went and harassed him, met some of the people I hear a lot about. It was neat :D Then we wandered off to this store called GOTHIC. Hahahah.. I got a cute lil' angry lesbian hat that I LOVE. And then we went to this GINORMOUS Halloween store. We figured out a theme for Halloween and we're gonna look AWESOME. *grins* I'm excited.

After that we wandered toward St. Mark's place. Where we spent an AWFUL lot of time looking at inspiring shit for our costumes that we realized we could prolly make for way cheaper and easier.

Short after, we hit up the Ale House and had some food served by extraordinarily hot, possibly Irish, waitresses and watched some soccer. Then Jared met up with us, and we hit up Sing Sing, a Karaoke bar across the street. For $8 an hour per person, you got your own room with teevee and comfie couch and 2 microphones. It was a LOT of fun.

Jared pantomimed to Torn, a la David Armand stylins, while Skwrl sang.


Then we sang some more, figured out that Z likes songs, but doesn't actually know the lyrics, and then Jared did the LITERAL version of Pearl Jam's "Yellow Ledbetter".

After that, we went to Hobooohken, and picked up Savy and went on our way.

It was a really amazing time. It was the first time in SOOO LONG that I could just dick around the city without worrying what time I had to do something at, other than drop people off.

I had a blast :D So did everyone else! I suppose that's important ;-)

OH! And Overheard in NY... right behind me.

"She's on Yeah, 80 years old and still getting laid. She finds'em and forgets'em!" 8th Street & Greene.



Jun. 10th, 2009 10:17 pm
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I should have been back in Jersey yesterday, for D&D last night, alas. Madre Naturaleza had other plans for us.

I have not seen a wall of water quite like the one Z & I got stuck in on the way home. It was epic. I would have taken pictures, if I was not busy SHITTING MYSELF. I am not a nervous driver by *any* stretch, but WHOA. U-turn like a mo' fo'. Z snaps this to our left on the way back INTO Frederick.

OH YES. It was neat looking though. Ya know. Once I didn't have to try and struggle to see my front end. BTW did I mention I had a SHIT TON of work done to my car? Yeah. Heart attack. All new struts, exhaust reattached, new front brakes, new front rotors (whoopsies), alignment and other piddly shit that seemed to cost $79.95 to do. It all NEEDED to be done, and I really can't complain too hard seeing as my car has not given me much shit about being my car. This is the first major upkeep I've done to it. And the mechanic had it done in HOURS. So I am not bitching. Huzzah to him. But *CRIE* to my bank account. What was FUN about that shit??? My debit card got declined. Twice. Then my check got declined. I panicked, went and checked my online status, and it was fine. NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED. More than plenty to cover it. I don't fucking know.

Where was I? Oh. Right.

So we ate some, then went to the Haven, where Andrew was holding down the fort all by his lonesome. Taught Z how to play Catan. She nearly schooled us. Friggin' beginners. Of course Andrew won. At some point Ryan showed up, and we all ordered Outback. Got fatter. Went home, and it was goot sleeps.

Woke up, putzed about, and then bounced. Got to Z's in good time, and then drove her to get her car fixed. She drove over a screw at some point. I don't recommend that, btw. Watched the shenanigans as that was attempted to be plugged, and then went back to her house for a bit.

Eventually got off my lazy ass, came home (and as I took my bags out, some old man was heckling me for my bag having) (OH! where Jared has EXORCISED the kitchen, w00t!) and found more snow in the goddamned frost free fridge. *twitch* I just de-snowed that thing!!! Anyrate, I reanimated my computer somehow, MARKED THE CORDS THIS TIME, and saw Andrew'd sent me a picture of his sisters.

You see, they're both preggers, Sarah is due September 10th, and Margaret is due November 10th. I am retardedly excited about this event. I have met both of them ONCE. And Margaret is moving to Chicago :(. She is ittie bittie. Andrew said she's my height. Lies. She is small. Sarah's still in Brooklyn though. I should make him visit her more often. *glares at boy*

THEN cause my ovaries weren't squeeing enough, I got to see more photographic evidence of Miss Anya Li, Chu & Cara's brandie new bebe. *DIES OF CUTE*

Where was I? Oh yes. After these squeefests, I showered, and threw myself BACK into the car (on the way there, I was stopped so some girl could look at my tattoo) and then drove to De, Danny & JD's grandmother's wake (NOT Bokka, sorry for the panic). Where Danny, JD, Jaime & I entertained each other with stories to block out the somberness of it all.

At the end, I came home. Where I am doing the chattie chat thing with some peeps. Woo.

Tomorrow, I am off to parts of Jersey of the northern variety, and then... I have no idea. Maybe some WoW. Mm... WoW.


Jun. 8th, 2009 11:16 am
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I dragged Z down to MD this week. Actually, she was supposed to give me some time and let me know when she was coming, cause I had plans to be in NJ for the next two weeks, so I missed the Q's outing and a party, but alas. It is a way for her to make some cash, which OMFG does she need.

Speaking of that. Z has no laptop (it has succumbed to the Anime AIDS virus), and even if she did? She has no more DSL. She still has her cell phone, but that's for a limited time me thinks, so if you need her, you MIGHT wanna shoot a message through me first. I have agreed to be her spokesperson for the time being.

That girl has figured out poofie shirts. They look store bought. I am stupid impressed. They hare making her money. I am excited.

This past Saturday, I got so drunk I barely remembered my name. Yet, I did not puke. I want a fucking award. Poor Savy. *giggles* Anyrate. It was hysterical. No one should EVER be that drunk before the fucking sun goes down. We're practicing for Pennsic. We're drinking Kentucky Gentleman. It's "whiskey". It's 51% whiskey and 49% grain alcohol and it's delicious. And $13 for a handle. OH YEAH.

I should go put my contacts in. My eyes are burning from squinting.
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I had a very nice weekend. Friday, we saw Star Trek. Now admittedly, I am *NOT* a good nerd for many reasons. I do not particularly care for the Star Wars or the Star Trek. But, having not lived under a rock for my entire life, I have managed to be able to quote both series without actually, seeing them. For I am nerdy through osmosis of my friends. Jim made me watch episodes 4, 5 & 6 of Star Wars (I'd seen 1, 2, & 3 in the movies). Granted, I'm pretty sure I'd seen all of them at some point, but just not at once. I mean. I did live through the 80s.

As for Star Trek, I'd done a pretty good job avoiding most of it. Except the Tribble episode. And I do enjoy a good shouting of KHAAAANNNNNNN. However, this movie was delightful! It was paced well, the new Kirk was a funnie lil' fucker (and what preeettty eyes) and Sylar was epic as Spock. Seeing Harold (of & Kumar) as Sulu made me giggle too.

Good times, yo.


Saturday, we (okay, *I*) got up stupid late. Found out that there was a Celtic Festival and decided to go. Ran into many a SCAdian and Havenite. Andrew got me a necklace that matches my Celtic earrings that I adore. He also got himself a Utilikilt. *rawr* Oooh, he requires cuddles. *hold*

Where was I?

Right right. After the Celtic Festival, Ruth was hosting a BBQ (omgwtf) at the Haven. So Andrew & I got some fixins, and he manned the grill. I made sure the rum was properly monitored. After some fun bardic action, we went inside, were all conversation ceased for the dulcet tones of Babylon 5. I worked on my D&D character. Ahh. Nerdery.

Sunday, we woke up, and decided that such a lovely day was not to be completely wasted. We went to the store, and got picnic fixins (fruit, sammitches) and went to the scenic overlooked and ate. It was awesome! So pretty yesterday. I got sunburned from it, of course. I'm going to unearth my picnic basket from my closet and throw some sunscreen in there, for future usage. After the picnicking, we hit up the Haven, where I watched Ocean's 11 and vegged on the couch, all sleepie-like. Then we went out to dinner, for Indian food. Which apparently, the "baby mild" shit is way too effin spicy for me. NO DISASSEMBLE. Bad things. Although I had this coconut raisin nut bread which was like, so effin delicious. NOMNOMNOM.

I demanded ice cream for my poor mouth. So we went to Maggie Moo's. After that, we were so bloatedly full, we came back to the house, and vegged in front of the teevee. Once Andrew passed out, I poked him to come upstairs, where he slept and I watched My Cousin Vinny before passing out around 11:30.

My body alarm went off at 6:30 (I tell you people I don't USUALLY sleep a lot. I just go to bed stupid late) and I laid in bed trying to go back to sleep till around 8 and said fuck it. And have been dicking around ever since. Which is why you people get an extensive "this is what I did this weekend" update (*cough*, here something to read, Art, *cough*).

Today, once my cute boy gets up, we are going to drop his car off at the dealership (the clutch, she is unhappy) and join a gym! (YAY) and possibly go find me a new purse (Mine is far too large, I keep finding things to carry around with me. I think it weighs 12 pounds now? My CAT weighs that.), however that is not even remotely a priority. I also want to hit up The Drawing Board for some nice artist pencils. I'm sketching out the design to woodburn into the door of the yurt. Vines. Go figure.

I have these weird lumps on my skull again. I get this pea sized one whenever I stress or something. I think it's a ligament. But now I have a big ol' egg between that and my ear, and THAT actually hurts. Ow! I think my bronchitis has not helped these matters. Coughing is a bitch. But I'm pretty much almost over that. It's amazing how quick that goes away when you don't live with a person who smokes in the house all the effin time. Oh, speaking of, I talked to her cheerfulness (my mother, fyi) for the Mother's Day. She is... cheerful. Lies, she was crankie and "her migraines are acting up" and she had just gone swimming and she sounded about as cheerful as a box of rocks. I tried, yo. I dunno no mores. She wants me to move to Florida. NO. NO NO NO. Sorry to my Floridians.

Hmm. I think that is enough. Kudos to you if ya read this. With it's no links. And no pictures. Oh, I will have to do a picture post at some point. I have a shit ton of a couple of pix here and there to post.
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Wake up.

No water. Well, this was predicted. As the town hates our street. (For the record, fuck it. I have two homes.) I get a use of the bathroom before they shut the water completely off, and decide to leave at noon instead of 1.

Thank the gods.

Besides the fact that my guts declared jihad against my body (yay period issues), I hit Traffictm.

So, my seemingly 4.5 hour trip, with minimal stopping, took 7ish.


Seven. Hours.

40 minutes of which was stopping to use the bathroom and then going home to shower and do some quick things.

Got to Casa de Valchuck. WAY fucking late. But I did it.

Had a lovely time playing dress up with the girls, and feeding.

Flew home in about an hour.

I've been home for about an hour and I'm like. I should go back to MD.

I have shit to do. I have already missed one event. I think I'm gonna get my ass in the car once this CD is finished burning (I have a THUMPIE THUMPIE cd burning, to keep my ass grooving) and I'm gonna go.

I'll go the expensive fast way.


I think I shall.

Sure I'll get there at 5.

But ya know what?


Zoom Zoom, muthatruckah.


Mar. 29th, 2009 04:10 pm
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- The 24th marked the 10th anniversary of my grandmother's death, but, more happily, the 11th birthday of my JUJU BEE. I love you, Juliet.

- I cannot stop sneezing. I think it's the tree sex. I woke up this morning and my throat was sore and I have sneezed PRETTY much nonstop since. Fuckers.

- I had a fannnntastic time with my Hedgies this weekend. Amanda, Gene, Savannah & Big Alex came up and we went to Mudthawr. Jim stayed over too. It was TONS of fun. Gene got beat like a baby seal. Saw nifty things. I got an AWESOME basket. It's for feasting. It has two wine holders, and a covered compartment for foods. It's got one of the ugliest cloth patterns inside (very 70s, like, cut limes and lemons) and it's so ugly that I think I like it. Got to see mah Katrina and a lot of other people :D :D Twas cool. Excellent job, Owynn!

- While watching Tropic Thunder last night, Savannah & I cleaned my damned Medieval Moccasins. They had been caked in mud since we went to MD faire. Was gross. They're black again. It's amazing. I still need to resole the bottoms better. After we cleaned them, I put them on and was like "vat is dees lump?" and found out there was still quite a bit of mud between the sole and the shoe. Ew.

- I am watching Juliet bath. She's so zen. I love that cat so much.

- I got woken up this morning by a Firenze bath. Kinda like "Lady. You feed me. Those others with the thumbs out there? They don't realize. Feed me. *licklicklicklick*". Fuzzbutt is the only cat who really licks me. She's a riot.

- My face. Is sneezie. Zyrrteecc kicckkk innn...

- I am also sleepie. We went to Topps Diner and now I'm fat. *urp*

- Oh, I got a call from my oral surgeon, since I totally forgot about the appointment last Friday, whooops. Apparently I had a neuroma. He was like "do you bite your lips often?" HAHAHA. Yes. All the time. They can occur near scar tissue too, and it was right where my last mucocele was. So chances were, I bit the healing scar. I am not surprised. After he removed it though, I suddenly have a LOT more feeling back in that part of my lip. (after the mucocele was removed, I had nerve damage, something they tell you can happen.) I can now tell where the edge of my lip is and where my chin begins. Makes putting on chapstick & lipstick easier again. Ha. :)

And for all you naysayers, I am in NJ for a while. Schedule is as follows:

3/30 - Monday - NJ. Up to Wayne for a deposit & an oil change.
3/31 - Tuesday - NJ. Go to NY for D&D.
4/1 - Wednesday - NJ
4/2 - Thursday - Chill with De, Grey's date with Ammre, NJ
4/3 - Friday - NJ
4/4 - Saturday - Party at a friend's.
4/5 - Sunday - Recover? NJ
4/6 - Monday - NJ
4/7 - Tuesday - NJ, then to NY for D&D at night.
4/8 - Wednesday - MD travelin'
4/9 - Thursday - MD
4/10 - Friday - MD, then Virhinya.
4/11 - Saturday - Virginnie, Bottlin' the beer we made.
4/12 - Sunday - Virginnie, Easter. Then back up to MD?
4/13 - Monday - MD
4/14 - Tuesday - NJ, then NY to D&D at night.
4/15 - Wednesday - NJ
4/16 - Thursday - NJ
4/17 - Friday - NJ/NY - Squeezing my fat ass into pretty bridal dresses
4/18 - Saturday - NJ
4/19 - Sunday - NJ (oh, my mother's anniversary. Joy. Rapture.)
4/20 - Monday - NJ
4/21 - Tuesday - NJ/NY for D&D At night
4/22 - Wednesday - NJ
4/23 - Thursday - NJ
4/24 - Friday - NJ Deanne & Teenoo's bday.
4/25 - Saturday - Partay.
4/26 - Sunday - Recovery. NJ
4/27 - Monday - NJ
4/28 - Tuesday - NJ/NY for D&D at night
4/29 - Wednesday - MD?

So I am home. See.


Mar. 28th, 2009 06:02 pm
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From my earlier entry, Mr. D's Obituary.

Brian Dombrowski, 50 of Cape Coral, FL and formerly of Wayne, NJ passed away on March 23, 2009.

He was born on October 19, 1958 in Passaic, New Jersey to Edward and Katherine (nee Pocsi) Dombrowski. He worked for the State of New Jersey as a Heavy Equipment Operator. His family was the most important part of his life. His enjoyments included fishing, walking on the beach, wood working, loved his tools, and he was always volunteering his time with Wayne Hills High School Band, Our Lady of Consolation and with the Special Populations of Cape Coral Parks Department. He was a communicant of St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church where he was a member of the Knights of Columbus. Brian always enjoyed making people laugh.

He is survived by his loving family including his wife of 31 years, Edith Dombrowski; children, Jennifer (Brian) Mazur, Kelly (Scott) Caslander, Amy (Greg) Kaffka, Jessica Speer; grandchildren, Brian Paul Mazur Jr., Sean Michael Mazur, Emily Caslander, Madison Kaffka, and another special grandchild on the way; brothers, Bruce Edward Dombrowski, Kurt Myron (Elizabeth) Dombrowski, Mark Dean (Susan) Dombrowski; his mother and father in law, Evelyn and Wilbur Hall; nieces and nephews, Jason, Kristen, Cody, Jill, Dawn, Keith, Christopher, Kevin, Allison, Tyler, Talon, David, Kaden. He is preceded in death by his parents.

Visitation will be from 5:00 to 8:00 pm on Thursday at Coral Ridge Funeral Home, 1630 Pine Island Road, Cape Coral. A Mass of the Resurrection will be said at 1:00 p.m. at St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church, Cape Coral.

The family suggests donations in his memory be made to the Freida Smith Special Populations Center c/o the City of Cape Coral Parks and Recreation, 400 Santa Barbara Blvd., Cape Coral, FL 33991. Arrangements are by Coral Ridge Funeral Home, Cape Coral.

I didn't realize that Mrs. D was related to another band family I adore. Nor did I realize that he & Mrs. D adopted Amy & Jessica when their father died. Amy was Jenn's best friend growing up. I guess it was natural. It tells you what kind of guy he was.

Such suck.


Mar. 24th, 2009 04:30 pm
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Life is so weird.

Thanks to Facebook, I've been getting back in touch with some of my old friends from marching band.

One of those friends is Jenn. She's doing well. Two boys, husband, somewhere in Florida.

Just found out her father was declared braindead from a surgery complication. Shouldn't have happened, but it did.

Her mom & dad were THEE SHIT. Some of the best band parents ever. At every game, every competition, chaperoned everything. Taught us songs we shouldn't have learned (Ya piss me off, fuckin' jerk! get on mah nerves! heh.)

My mom couldn't (or wouldn't, whatever) cover the cost of my Florida band trip. I sold a FUCK TON of poinsettas and wreaths (our fundraiser) and managed to bring my cost down, but couldn't cover the $300 leftover for the trip.

Much like a lot of things in my life, i resigned to the fact that I just couldn't go.

My band director pulled me into his office, and asked how bad I wanted to go. I was like "I tried to sell as many as I could."

Turned out, I'd done well. Like, 3rd place kind of well. He said anyone with that kind of determination deserved to go. But it wasn't him making it possible. It was Mr. & Mrs. D. Their two girls were going to the band trip and why shouldn't I? I'd worked hard. I cried. A lot. I do that you know.

Today. Mr. D is dead. And the world is a sadder place for it.


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