Aug. 17th, 2009 12:45 pm
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I am back in Irvington. My cats hates me. Loves Andrew. It's obscene.

I got home to a HUGE ASS PSE&G bill. Ugh. $170. It's horrible. Not to mention I was prettttty sure I'd sent out my COBRA payment, apparently I have not. I have to check on that. My jury duty was deferred. Goot. Heh.

Tonight I'm gonna make a meatcake.

I'm friggin tired.

I had a great weekend at faire. Everyone is confused by me not working. LOL... even though I have mentioned it and specifically told people. Amusing. I bumped into my friend Christine from high school. Holy blast from the past :D

I actually got drunker at faire than I did all of Pennsic except for the last night. LOL. Alas.

Andrew had a good time too. It was nice to have him around with me. He was well accepted. I may have information overloaded him. Oops. ;-)

He got a skychair, and got me a pretty top. He's so sweet. :) I introduced him to all our expensive shit. Food is a fortune. I think he'll appreciate MDRF a bit better now ;-)

I posted my Pennsic pix on Facebook, and I'll post them here too. Eventually. Hahhaha... I have to get around to uploading the videos, which is REALLY what I took a lot of, even if it's all Blair Witch/Cloverfield stylin's. I need to get a video editing software.

Anyrate. I have to go to the store.

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Howie makes a NYRF video of pictures from that season. And puts it to music!

Here's to 2008!!

Thanks, Howie :D

*goes back to cleaning*


Sep. 22nd, 2008 12:31 am
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I love my people.

72 flowers this weekend. SEVENTY FUCKING TWO. I beat my old record by ELEVEN. (but it goes to eleven....)

In other news. FUCK YOU VISA!! I made an online payment and it didn't go through. GRR! So now I have to pay a late fee and shit. EW! I totally did that shit. *grumbles*

And what's this shit with PSE&G???? They want to be PAID for their service!?!?!?

*writes a check*

GOD some people want everything.

Oh, and thank you Progressive for *gasp* lowering my insurance payment. HUFUCKINGZZAH.

I have more to update, but I'm fucking tired. There will be pix of this weekend eventually.



Sep. 20th, 2008 01:39 am
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I flogged!

And I was the floggee!


Will wonders never cease?!

oh shite. I have to be up in 5 hours.

*wrinkles nose*



Sep. 17th, 2008 10:38 am
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- I am tired. Okay, I got 10 hours of sleep last night, and we all know you can't actually catch up on sleep, but GODDAMMIT I tried.

- I am hungry. And I am craving a Falls Grill Cheeseburger something fierce. I think I know where I'm going to lunch today. And the piickklleess...

- My body is officially beginning to reject this faire walking bs. On Sunday I was CONVINCED I'd broken one of those tiny bones in my foot. CONVINCED. Today it's okay. My tendonitis is FAABULOUS. My ankles are SO TIGHT it is killer. Cracking my ankles is an effort.

- My nephew is having surgery today. One of his widdle balls did not drop when it was supposed to, so the docs found it and he will no longer be Little Joey One Nut. A nickname is father coined for him. Thank you, Brian. So good vibes to him! I need to get down to VA. Maybe around Turkey day. Hmm..

- It's funnie, the things I walk to talk about I can't really yet. I have about a million emotions bubbling inside of me and I know where they're leading, and yet... I can't say the words. Life is so much more complicated than I'd like it to be.

- Mish & Jason, I don't know if we can make it to your wedding. I have two weddings before yours, and quite frankly I'm sorta tapped for cash. Amongst a couple of other issues, but we'll see, however the outlook is not so good :-/

- I feel like a zombie. Yesterday I was all giddy and stupid laughter and today I'm like "man my desk looks comfie *SNORK*"

- That's all for now. I'm bored though. I need something to keep me entertained. Hmm. Ideas? What can I get you people to do.. hmm... It is National Cleavage Week, just so you know.

And whose life do I lead?
And whose blood do I bleed?
Whose air do I breathe?
With whose skin now do I feel?

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Hear my cry.



I decided to take some pix this past weekend. Considering it was the cast party weekend, I think I picked a good time to drag around my camera.

There are pix of Melissa wearing little more than body paint. Technically it could be a damned leotard, but just in case you're worksafe boundaries are non-existent...

Rose cooler shennanigans Saturday, Cast Party, Antony & Cleopatra, dinner... )


Sep. 15th, 2008 10:07 am
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The other weekend at faire, Nykol lost her wand. No one ever turned it in, which is not the rennie way, so we're pretty sure some patron yoinked it.

Which sucks. She was very upset and well, we love Nykol.

Apparently EVERYONE loves Nykol. We chipped in and got her a new wand.

This was the presentation <3 (ignore my LOUD ASS cackle in the beginning)



Sep. 8th, 2008 12:32 pm
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I saw fucking AUTUMN yesterday! The old downstairs Q's bartender from back in the day!!

She's doing GREAT. She was up here visiting her family and whatnot. She's married to a military man, and having a baby around Christmas! Little Abigail! *dies* I pet her bellie :D

I was doing a delivery to Ploughman's Pub, and I was standing there, and she walks up to me and goes "Is your name by chance, Nicole?"

And I was like "....Yes? AAAHHHH!!!! AUTUMN!?!?!?!" and proceeded to LOSE MY SHIT.

She was my favorite bartender cause she could make up these fucking EVIL DELICIOUS SHOTS OF AMAZING. And she like, never charged the right price for us. She adored us. Or she'd experiment on us and we'd be all crippled for $20 of tipping.


But yeah. That was fucking amazing seeing her. :D

We were SO SAD when she left. That party was fucking sick.
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Drove to Bill's. We went out to dinner. Where the fuck did we go again? OH! Right, Benitos or something. I had cheese ravioli in their vodka sauce which was SO nommie. I was very tired. I apparently cracked our waitress up. My humor is high when I am running on little sleep.

Went back to his place and we proceeded to punish our livers with as much mead and wine as we could. We got through 4 bottles. Jim got there around 11 and helped with that fourth bottle, but we still pretty much killed them ourselves. Let us talk polluted. Not St. Patty's day polluted, but still.


Woke up. Cried. No, just kidding. ;) Went to faire. Sold a whopping FOUR effin roses. They closed faire. Then, it MONSOONED. Went back to Bill's. Napped. Went out to dinner. Napped.


Went to faire. Apparently, I was having a fantastic boob day and no one could keep their hands/faces/etc off of them. Or the comments. Huzzah. Got petted a lot. Sold 36 roses. Woo. Saw a very pretty boy who remembered meeting me, and I had NO idea that I'd met him. HA. I think my memory is going. Had a TON of energy for some reason. Very strange, if you know me ;)

Today. Today I am tired. Going out tonight though, cause well. You can sleep when you're dead.


I hear the roar of a big machine
Two worlds and in between
Hot metal and methedrine
I hear empire down...

We got the empire, now as then
We don't doubt, we don't take reflection
Lucretia, my direction, dance the ghost with me...


Sep. 7th, 2008 12:23 am
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I cannot wait to see how you bastards handle tomorrow.

I'm gonna laaauuggh.

I love you all. You drunken fools.



Sep. 5th, 2008 01:26 pm
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- Fuck I'm tired. And spring.

- I have a weird desire to watch Grey's Anatomy. I'm gonna have to wait for the friggin next day to watch it on the internets. *fiends* Unless there's someone's place I can go to for my Thursday night fix... Heh.

- I had a Boylan's root beer and now I'm all burpie. Yick.


- That song by Pink is on the radio and I find myself singing "nannananana" all friggin day long.

- I just helped Patrick. I get a Rice Krispie treat for my efforts.

- It is SO humid lately. Ew. It's been the perfect weather all summer. What is this shit with the humidity?? Do the weather gods think it's September in Jersey or something?

- I am trying to con Heidi into getting us out at 4. Heh heh heh. I am an asshole, for SO many reasons.

- I miss Draven. *makes grabbie hands*

- My hair smells so good today. Big thankee sai to Joe for this damned recommendation of the 3 Minute Aussie conditioner. Sooo soft and nommie.

- Okay, I keep getting distracted. Nuff lj'in.


Sep. 2nd, 2008 08:14 pm
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My roommate. Is a freak.

So he pulls this shit the day the ValChuck got engaged... )


Sep. 2nd, 2008 12:16 am
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Weird weekend.

Friday was drunk.

Saturday was.... interesting.

Sunday was special. Return of the Zombie Patrons. I needed to nab one of Dextre's chainsaws.

Sunday night, the booth dinner was awesome. Thank you again Bethany <3

Today. I had haggis. God save me, it was actually decent. Fucking Scottish roots show themselves again. *covers freckles*

Bad Mage.

Spring issues like WHOA today. You fuckers are all in heat too. It makes me feel better about life that way. I think I nearly made poor Brittany freak. Heh. Grinchard sighting. He lives!

Kinchley's pizza rocks.



Aug. 26th, 2008 09:01 pm
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So Val said YES.

Thank the gods.

My mom was around so she took some pix on my camera :D

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- Boredom. I has it.

- Exhaustion? I may has that too. I should be fucking shot. My previous post tended to cause more anxiety than I ever though. I went to New Hope last night. Butchered some Siouxsie, but had Jim, the 87 year old Sinatra singer compliment me. He ended up with a bra on his head later.

- Snagged a Skwrl and saw the new place. VERY nice. Needs some TLC, but goddamn is it huge and awesome rooms and amazing space and WOW. Just. Color me jealous. Their neighbors have the coolest porch too. Srsly.

- Love hanging out with Draven. And Drew was cracking me the fuck up. That boy can spin a tale. Nice to officially meet Jazzie. Good times, noodle salad.

- I have Pennsic $5.99 a Minute Voice today from all the fucking smokers in the bar. GR!

- So I got to bed at 4am. I have an energy shot and I'm not afraid to use it. But I seem to be okay. I got a Coke *gag* with lunch and I'm nursing that. But. I'm not really that tired. I don't get it. Last year during faire I was exhausted till Thursday and then it started back up again. This year I'm all okay. My tendons are tight, and my calves are balls of steel, but I can wake up in the morning and walk. I just have to take it easier during the day.

Sucks getting old.

- I have to go to my boss's house today to relocate some files. This is an annoying as fuck task. Which is why I put it off. So now it will suck. Even more unfortunate is his grandchildren will be there "helping". Joy. Rapture. At least they're good for manual labor.

- I have been asked to post some of my older stories on my TMFI filter, but I wanna redo some of them. A few of them have some *real* fucking potential. Hopefully I can get in the mindset to do that tonight.

A movement in the corner of the room!
And there is nothing I can do
And I realize with fright,
That the spiderman is having me for dinner tonight!


Aug. 25th, 2008 12:29 am
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Home. One piece. Mostly. Anyone know where they can find feet on the black market? Size 7 - 8 preferably since I have all the shoes.


I *told* you she'd say yes :D

My mom had a blastie blast at faire. She said she's coming back next weekend with the stepfather unit. She felt like a rock star. Heh. :D

Thanks guys :D

I love my friends.

I need a nap.

Godzilla is the cutest creature ever. Want to nom her.

SOLD LIKE CRAP. I need to fix that. NOW. Heh.

Dra told me I had "too much breasts". ???? Apparently REP is cracking down on cleavage? IRONY. I HAS IT. Bitches, I am WEARING A CORSET! THERE ARE TEN POUNDS OF TIT THAT NO ONE EVER COMES CLOSE TO SEEING IN THERE.



Black Monday... children, what *are* we doing??

Brain games... is now... over.....



Aug. 21st, 2008 01:38 pm
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- Went out to lunch with my mom. She got me a really neat pashmina at a street festival in NYC. It's got velvet roses on it and such. I digs it! She's threatening to come to faire. I told her she should get her ass out the house.

- Apparently my stepfather got the second head growing off his face lasered off. Thank god. It started out small, but then like. I don't know how he was able to SEE. That kinda big. And it was sort of like TWO. Weird. Anyrate. GONE.

- She's annoyed at my father for whatever reason today. Woo.

- Lately, I have had some interesting conversations that I hope have taken root. We can only hope.

- I did laundry last night and no longer have the Pennsic FUNK chillin around me.

- MARYLAND INVASION. It's set to happen September 26/27/28. I am there. I am going to see my Hedgies. You people do what you want. Every year I make some attempt to organize this and every year I get a horrid headache about it. Although last year's headache yielded in a fantastic free hotel room. I haven't decided if I'm finding a place to store my body with someone who lives close to the faire, or if I'm finding a hotel room or what. When I figure that out, I will post. :)

- My boss took a picture of me next to my mom's car. He said it was picture perfect. *boggle* He's crazy. An old governor used to call him "Bill with the camera". So true. So true.

- There is nothing to say about how ordinary your life is, when your friend calls you to see if you may be available to pick up horse skeet. AWW SKEET SKEET. *grins*

- I have figured my next truly free weekend is the second weekend of December. IT IS AUGUST. Everything else has a temporary hold on it.

- I have uploaded Draven's videos from karaoke. I have one more to do of Steph, but I went to bed uploading Draven's last one.

- Still feeling walled in. I'm working on it. Things are in motion. So, time will tell.

- I am dressed up today. Wearing the cute shoes Tia got me and a skirt with slits up the sides, and a blazer & a bright blue tank top. Make up, hair, jewelry. WOO. Hey, if the Mister is going to take a picture of me, today was a good day. I love these shoes. So far, so good. I don't wanna run a marathon in them, but they are comfie as far as heels go.

- Sometimes I hate being a girl. That whole skipping my period thing is one of them. *bleeds to death* The multiple orgasm thing, while fantastic, doesn't really make up for it.

- I have to pack a bag for faire tonight. For the gym too since Keri seems to think I should work out before walking faire *grins* Lies, I just want to see her and the gym is a great hang out spot. Besides, I'm sure the people around us have missed our inordinately loud conversations about our sex lives.

- Keri keeps asking me to marry her. I'm thinking about it. She kisses like WHOA and is a hot, young, blond. *ponder*

- Hm. Fin. For now....


Aug. 18th, 2008 12:00 am
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I suck at this whole selling thing. 30 roses today!! Balls, yo.

Oh, let me back that ass up.

I got to site yesterday around 6:15 or so. Walked in half naked (wearing a tank top and garb pants as is my "uniform for life") and proceed to get MAULED by everyone.

I had people start runnnning towards me than stop, and take a step back and say "You okay?" hahahaha...

I got a call back from the doc. DNA tests show it wasn't strep. I figured out what it was Friday night/Saturday morningish. I had something clogging my tonsil (hence one side being fubar) and when that shit came out (oh god the hotness) I was well on my way to recovery.

My throat only feels tight now if I don't drink enough water. Or when I wake up.

So when I got to site about 50 people were SO FUCKING EXCITED to see my ass. *ego inflation*

I got a rose from Jim and I saw Katrina! YAAAY!

I swear to god, you fuckers need to get a life or something. I can't POSSIBLY be that much fun to be around. I sell roses like shit and limp. HAHAHA!

Again today I got TONS of huggles and excited vendors smooshing me to bits. I feel the love my people, I do. I don't think that the faire is big enough to hold my ego now. I don't. Heh.

I wish I'd been feeling it more. I couldn't hang onto my accent to save my soul, even though I Gypsy PlaguedTM a few people.

But it was my first weekend on, and after being sick.

Weather was awesome even though I feel grody as FUCK.

Saturday night we hit up the conveyer belt sushi joint, and then we split up. Headed back to Bill & Brian's where we saw Beth and two chicks from Tennessee. They were cute with their little accents. Made me miss my Gypsy Bitches like WHOA though.

You guys really make me feel loved. When I hit Pennsic, I had more than one person go "And now it's Pennsic, Synn is here." and when I hit faire? I had more than one person go "Ahh, now faire is really on. Nikki is here."

I don't know WHAT the fuck I possibly add to either event so much, but you guys really warm a brother's heart. *blush* Much love <3 <3 Sometimes it just takes someone really happy to see you to set your mood for the next day or so. Thanks guys :) *smooshie luvins to you all*


Aug. 16th, 2008 10:28 am
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I'm putting this under a cut... )

- In other news, I think I have OFFICIALLY downgraded from gargling razor blades, to Brillo! YAAAY!! One day there may be a downgrade to sandpaper!!!

I know both sound awful, but I'd rather have the dull scratching burning ache when I swallow instead of the WHY ARE THEIR RAZORS IN MY THROAT AND A SKEWER IN MY EAR feeling. Boy howdie lemme tell ya.

- Also, the confessional will be open until Monday. Over 400 entries, most of them replies from Eric though ;)

- I will be at faire tomorrow, unless the lab calls back and says I have SARS or something equally detestable.

- I posted more Pennsic pix here and here. Then there are two video pages, here and here. Enjoy! These took forever to upload.

- I have slept a whole day of my life away. If this doesn't heal me. I don't know what will. I actually had to take a percocet last night cause I was dealing with a lot of pain and said WAIT a minute. I do not needs to be. *gobble* *coma* From Thursday I slept from 7pm to 8am Friday. From Friday I slept 2:30 pm to 8:30pm, then Saturday from 1:30am to 10am. THIS SHIT BETTER BE KICKED.

- I am planning on packing a bag for tonight. I have to pick up some Lollipops* (well, if the store has them) and make up a pretty green neverneverland drink. I have the rest of the ingredients, alas. No Coopery. Buttttt... upstate New Yawk has some preeeetty high iron content in their water. *grins*

- I am HORRIBLY awake. Dear god. I guess that's what sleeping a day away in a 3 day period will do to a body. GET BETTER ASSHOLE. I have thrown so many vitamins at this body. GRRR. I wish the lab would fucking call. *glares at phone*

*Not actual lollipops. Just what a certain ingredient is called to protect it from being snatched off the shelves.


Aug. 15th, 2008 08:07 am
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Yeah. Pretty sure this is strep.

- Fever of @ 101.

- White narsty spots on the back of the throat.

- Difficulty swallowing.

- No cough.

- ENRAGED HUGE SCARY RED tonsils (okay just one, my epoglottis is like, drawn to it too)


Maybe I'll leave work early today. Kim, I'm on the fence about coming to faire tomorrow, just letting you know. It's not fair to anyone around me to get this shit.


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