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- On Wednesday, I went to the ophthalmologist. He was of the opinion that I have an allergy to my saline solution (more specifically, the preservative in it) and he had me on a strict no contact lens diet until our next appointment, Monday. OH NOES. I had to drive to and from Kentucky that weekend! Turns out I did it like a champ. I didn't use ANY of the emergency disposable contacts he gave me and I used the steroid drops diligently. When I saw him yesterday, he was like "hm. Your eyes seem better, BUUUUTT, using this fancy dye shit I see that there is still abrasions. Hm." So now I am on antibiotics for a month for mah eyes. And I'm to keep using the steroid drops, which TASTE HORRIBLE. (They drip in my eyes, down my sinuses and into my mouth. YICK YICK.) So I have ANOTHER appointment on Monday to see if there is an improvement, and hopefully we can work from there. He also said that my eye script isn't what it should be in the right eye. MOTHERFUCKER. I just got glasses. Oh well. So I went to America's Best to see if they could do something for me. Shit, they were supposed to call me back Monday. I should harass them. I also need to call the movie theater for double charging me for a movie. MUST REMEMBER. Hangover 2 was good, but not $22 good. ;-)

- ANDREW GOT ME A FRIDGE!! Okay, it's for both of us, but seriously. WHATEVER. So Steven & Erica are in the smaller fridge, as is Alex, but he literally puts in a container of olives, so it's like they have it alone, and Andrew, Nico & I have the adult sized fridge. We went to the BRAND NEW WEGMANS today (which is seriously twice the size of any other Wegmans I have been in) and loaded the fucker and we still have a TON of free space. *cries*

- Dude, it was a dorkfest. We (being Danni, Andrew, Jenn & I) met up with James & Rita, and her niece Jen, at Wegmans where we ended up bumping into Little Tim, Wendy and the boys. Keagan is 6 weeks now! HE IS SO SMUSHABLE! <3 We spent three fucking hours in that store, just wandering and then we got noms from the hot food area.

- KENTUCKY!! So on Friday the Wifey (Devon) and I, loaded up into my car and headed off for the wilds of Kentucky. We got there in good time and I saw MAH SAVANNAH!! And the doggies and Justin and Meagan and Leigh-Anna and it was awesome AND OMG MISS MORRIGAN. I love that baby. She had me at her babbling *siiiiiiiigh* I forgot how much I missed my girls. I knew how much I missed mah Savy though. Miss Fiona is gestating beautifully and Justin is such a good guy. I kept calling him Mr. Marlow. *giggles* Also, I have the best road trippin' wifey ever. She made sure I got my steroid drops when I was supposed to and photodocumented and blogged everything. It was hilarious and awesome. THERE'S THAT STEREOTYPE AGAIN! Came back to MD on Sunday and I realized I'd slaughtered most bugs in KY, WV and most of the panhandle of MD. And at some point with a squeegee managed to scratch up the roof of my car. It should come out with compound. I need to call Toyota about the paint. They have some things to do for me.

- Andrew is snoring next to me. HE ARE SO CUTE.

- Found out one of my assistant managers FINALLY got demoted for being an ass. It's about time really. I can't believe anyone can run their mouth, be completely incorrect so often and still not understand that what they're saying is BS. Baffles me. He also reminds me of a small child pushing his boundaries.

- I AM SO ITCHIE. I have no earthly clue what is up. I'm on a Benadryl, waiting for it to take effect. I also lathered my itchie itchie leg with Benadryl cream. Maybe it's the antibiotic? I don't fucking know. It's so mild. I'm still taking a acidophilus with it though.

- I had a girlie doctor visit. Absolutely NO anxiety. I think it has to do with the fact that she has the speculum in me for MAYBE 30 seconds. She's awesome. She's also cutting me a break with $$ since I pay out of pocket. So is the eye doc too, actually. I know I really appreciate it. I can't believe I'm doing all this expensive stuff when I need to be HOARDING CASH since I'm taking off like, every weekend ever. Speaking of...

- WICKERMAN!! Andrew is gonna make ValChuck style metal poles for my wall tent. He also has to figure out how we're gonna clean and re-treat that thing. *ponderponder* We have so much booze. I'm to the point where I have no idea how we're getting it all in my car. LOL.. luckily aside from some MOOP, we should be able to repack well. :D Must remember disco ball & to find body paint.

- Okay. I have work tomorrow since someone called out and HEY I need moneys. *falls on face*
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I slid into a coma last night. Julie was sending me links to a group she's just found, Porcupine Tree (HAHA, I just wrote Juliet. That's amusing, to think my cat was doing that.), and I ended up on YouTube looking at newly posted interviews with Peter Steele. Before I knew it, BAM. It was 4:30am. I ended up waking up around 1:30. That'll be fun tomorrow when I want to wake up for work. Feck.

Last night at the bar, one of us, Suzy, was studying for medical coding tests she's taking. I was like "OH! Lemme see" and she had all these random notes for her to remember the Latin prefixes for things. So I started chiming in with things for her to remember the terms, and she was like "Why aren't YOU taking this course?" And I laughed and said "You just said it was $2,000!! That's about 2,000 reasons for me not to be taking it!" She laughed and said I should find it. Latin always made sense to me. I took it when I was 10 and went a bit above and beyond for the teacher wanted, but I liked it. But you can't ever find Latin classes. Gr. I used to be really good with languages and words.

HEY! Cat in my lap :D *nuzzles her*

So I'm totally watching the last episode of Oprah ever. She did do a lot, didn't she?

WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE FUCKING TORNADOES!?! Good god. Friggin weathering. I'm not gonna complain about our days of rain. At least we get sunny periods. *glances outside* Like now.

Tonight is TNG Baltimore. I think I'm gonna wear my glasses to it. I'm trying to give my eyes some brakes, and I wear my glasses a lot. I don't really like driving with them though, cause it makes me dizzy. I CAN do it, but I am not a fan. So we'll see if people are like OMFG glasses! Or maybe not even notice. Ha.

Alright. Time to shower. Or do something.


May. 24th, 2011 01:59 am
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FINALLY made an appointment with an ophthalmologist. June 1st at 1. Let's see why my eyes are SO FARKIN RED.

I'm 99% sure it's allergies. But this is regoddamneddiculous. I'm over it. I have no insurance, so hopefully I won't get anally raped with payments or prescriptions. Most doctors down here are pretty nice about working with your poverty level. :)

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For the last *glances at non-existent watch* couple of months, my eyes are red.


I get the following a lot.

"Are you stoned?"

"Were you crying?"

"Do you have pink eye?"

"Do you have allergies?"

"Hey, did you know your eyes are really red?"


I have narrowed it down to 2 things. It's either allergies. FROM HELL. Or I have some fucked up cornea issue that is causing my eyes to literally be scraped by my eyelids.

I'm hoping it's the allergies.

I'm starting up on ZyrtecD and trying some homeopathic allergy reducing eye drops (without the red eye reducer, cause that shit works, sure. But an hour later I look like something out of a horror movie) and I take a teaspoon of locally harvested honey everyday.


So annoying.


May. 11th, 2010 01:29 am
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So I've had this happen before, with the dilation of the eye.

Turns out it could be from my Visine-A drops. Something initially causes my eye to be blurry, and I use the closest drops I have.




Mar. 14th, 2009 04:32 pm
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Why don't you fuckers tell me when my eyebrows start looking like Groucho Marx's???

I have thinned and separated. There are now two.


Jan. 20th, 2009 05:53 pm
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I got Lush today.

Granted I got a great DEAL on my Lushing, so I don't feel so bad. Besides, my skin is turning around so I am glad to keep it on that course of clearness. :)

I got samples though *giggles*

Spice Curls. Dood, this soap smells AMAZING dry. And feels really creamy and smooth. So I was kind of surprised when I started to use it and it was SUPER effin gritty. Which I don't mind, but I wouldn't have cut the sample in half if I knew that, cause then it didn't work so well with my puff. But it does smell divine. :)

Also, right now? Lush has their holiday gift boxes at 75% off. OH YES. I got a box filled with goodies (that I can actually USE! AAHH! NOTHING HAS JASMINE IN IT! AAHHH!!!) for $16. Sweet. Normally $66. Aww yeah. And, I have a cute box now to store shit in. For the record, I got Enchanted. :)

I got a sample of Fresh Farmacy too, and I think I'm going to use that as a spot treatment.

Also, I got Breath of Fresh Air. I've used Jared's toner a couple of times, and it's made me realize that it does make a difference. So far, I like it. But I've only used it once. *pets skin*

And I got some more Coalface cause I needed it.

I had some nice retail therapy at a very affordable price today.

OH!!! I also stopped at LensCrafters. They wanted $170 for a fucking eye exam. EXCUSE ME WHAT.

No. Just. No.

And I was denied vision coverage from AOA. Poo. At least I tried!
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I am going blind.

Ha. Not srsly, not like I almost did last time.

But my world is blurry and headachy. I am not slow. I know this means a trip to the Eye Doctah.

Does anyone know FOR SURE (as in NOT something like: I heard from my cousin's uncle's former roommate's brother that sometimes on every other full moon this doctor gives out cheap exams 3 years ago) any brand named optical place that gives out cheap exams?

I'm also gonna need disposable contacts, and I REALLY should get new glasses since the script in that one is like, 8 years old and they be blurry.

But as we all know, I am unemployed. So I need cheap.

I think I may have an astigmatism in my right eye as well. Fuckers.
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Thin and separate. There should be two.

And now there is again.

I keep fucking up the shape.

Oh well.


Jan. 28th, 2008 12:57 pm
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I had a post all ready to go.

And I fucking brainfarted.

*drools on self*

I have Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate. The Milky Way kind. *MM*

HAHA! Josh just sent me a funnie video text message.

Squish made foodz this weekend. He made some variation of a Val pocket. It was nummie. I watched The Illusionist. Pretty sweet movie.

I cannot wait till tax season is over and it's barely begun. *ugh*

My eyes are so dry. I can't wait till this winter is over. *ugh*

OOOOOH. I should get lunch. Hmmmm.

Foodz. Hmmm. What kind. Hmmm.
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And I have a mild eye twitch in my right eye now.

I slept 8 hours last night LIKE THE DEAD.

So I don't know.

Prolly gonna eat a banana today. I'm convinced it works.

I leave you with KMFDM lyrics that are stuck in my head.

You break my back
You won't break me
All is black
but I still see
Shut me down
knock me to the floor
Shoot me up
Fuck me like a whore

Trapped under ice
comfortably cold
I've gone as low as you can go
Feel no remorse
No sense of shame
Time's gonna wash away all pain

I made a god out of blood
not superiority
I killed the king of deceit
now I sleep in anarchy

Sacrifice to the cause
Turn your code into law
Compensate to validate the loss
Take a thief
nail him to a cross

Gospel of rage
Faction of hate
Deviate from the absolute
Born of revenge
raised on cement
Chaos created government

I made a god out of blood
not superiority
I killed the king of deceit
wake me up in anarchy


Jan. 11th, 2008 09:29 am
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Eye twitch is still here.

Less obvious though. And not as strong.

Annoying still.


Jan. 10th, 2008 10:37 am
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fucking eye twitch make it stop grrrrrr


Jan. 9th, 2008 05:02 pm
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Dec. 17th, 2007 10:22 am
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They're not THAT long. Seriously. Patrick's are THAT long. Mine really aren't, I swear.


My eyelashes just totally got into a knot.

That was the most uncomfortable and weird experience of my eye history. I've had eye pain, so that doesn't count. But this was a weird tugging. Of course it ended with me losing 3 eyelashes, and one of those getting adhered to my contact lens some how.


After digging my car out of the frost block this morning, I should have figured the day would be like this.

Merry fucking Monday.

Lush update to be done later.
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So, I'm flossing my teeth, and I notice that it is *incredibly* difficult to get the floss out of one section of my lower front teeth.

I'm like, eh?

So, I check.

My bottom teeth are starting to go crooked. Not enough for others to notice I'm sure.

But for me? Yessss.

When I was young, my bottom teeth grew in like shark teeth. My adult teeth came in before the little ones were even loose. For a while, I had both sets. I have stubborn baby teeth.

Yes, I say *have* not *had*. I still have a baby tooth molar. Apparently this is some weird Italian trait.

But then, I had bionators, retainers, braces, and retainers.


Straight teef! As straight as I care to have them withouth BONDING them at anyrate, which is what my ortho recommended. Uhm. NO.


I am currently sitting here, with my bottom retainer in my mouth. Freshly scrubbed within an inch of it's soul, and Peroxyled as well.

I know that this has to do with my bottom wisdom teeth. The bastards. Smooshing the front teeth together so they get all fucked up and crooked again.

The one thing my mom REALLY did right by me was getting mah teef fixed, and I'll be DAMNED if I waste that money and go through that pain again.

*pushes retainer into place again*


Working already :)

Oh, and my left eye did that thing.

I think it also has something to do with my make up. I think I get make up in the "crease" where my astigmatism is. Cause anytime I wear make up and am out for an extended period of time, it happens when I enter a darker environment.

Makes sense to me, if not anyone else.



Nov. 19th, 2006 02:59 am
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I figured out why my eyes dialate.

I don't know if I ever mentioned it.

When I get real tired, and I have to drive at night (I'm night blind sometimes) and my eyes get dry, the eye that gets the most dry will try and "accept" more light into it.


Yes, dialating.

So, for instance, tonight. No matter how many drops I put in my eye, my left eye (it usually happens in my left eye, due to the astigmatism) it wouldn't hydrate fully.

Soooo. Driving home, my right eye was CLEAR as a bell, and the left eye had MAAAJJJORRR halos. Oi.

So, I just showed Jared, cause I wanted a witness (can I get a witness!?) and he's like "EEEW".

I have a barely discernable iris in my left eye, and my right one is normal.

It's only mildly annoying and doesn't scare me.

I guess the eye doctor was right. I get theme if my contacts see a blur (which is what they see dry eyes as) or if I have a migraine.


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My eyes.

Headache. Migraine. Bellyache.


Left eye is doing that "I'm gonna dialate on you" thing. Started last night, is MUCH milder this morning, but enough to make my brain crazy.


Explains why I was so dizzie.

Stupid brain.

*shakes head*



Mar. 24th, 2006 12:58 pm
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The good eye doctor finally called me back.

He said that I shouldn't worry too much.

He immediately asked about my migraine issue.

Why yes. Yes I get them.

Ocular migraines? WHY, yes. All the time.

He said it's a symptom.

He wonders if it's ever happened to me before.

I honestly haven't a clue.

But I do get ocular migraines.

It's just how I'm affected with them. Some people get nauseous... Not so much with me. Althought it has happened.

I go quasi blurry blind. Joy.
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Hey! I went BLIND last night!

It absolutely sucked.

Especially given that my mom went blind for absolutely NO reason at the age of like, 8... she's in medical books and stuff cause she's one of two people it happened to...

Anyrate, so I'm sitting there, eating dinner with Alan & JD, and I get a bright spot, like i'd been looking at a light too long. It was like, pinhole sized, so I figured I musta just seen a lightbulb or something...

But then the dot became like a diagonally curved line of moving rainbow, totally interfering with my vision, making me dizzy, stuff like that... so I went to my room, took out my contacts and put on my glasses...

Which is when I noticed that out of my left eye, I couldn't see the end of my glass frame. I had NO peripheral vision out of my left eye. I started to like, really panic... I tried calling my mother, no answer at the house or her cell phone... I sat on the couch, next to JD, and he was on my left and I couldn't see him at all, and it was beginning to schitz me... he was waving his hand and stuff, and I couldn't see it unless I looked directly at it...

All the sudden I got REALLY dizzy and BLAM! It was back, suddenly I could see everything again. I started to cry. I didn't realize how scared I was.

The whole fucking thing lasted, start to finish, about 25 minutes.

NOT fucking cool.

Anyrate, on to more entertaining topics, I don't think I'm going to Q's on Saturday anymore. Think I'm going to be heading over to mah man [ profile] eviljiggy's. Woo Ha.

Starving. GRRRR.

Going to Danny's football game tonight. WEE!!! Go Spotswood, GO!! *bounces about*

GOD I'm hungry, this NEVER happens in the morning. Going to scrounge. *mwahs*


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