Feb. 7th, 2013 01:57 am
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I have been quite ambitious today.

After Latin & Psychology of Aging, I vacuumed my dining room, kitchen, the walls in the kitchen (wts is that about, yo?!), downstairs bathroom and then the stairs coming up, along with both landings. First I FOUND the landing. It's a dumping ground of crap.

Then I washed laundry and the bathroom rug and washed that floor and the outside of the toilet since the men have no aim and Swiffer wet jetted the rest of the surfaces. All my laundry is put away and folded and I studied my AbbyNormalPsych for a good hour or two. I'm doing flash cards online with Quizlet.com too.

Oh, and I did my shitty Latin homework.

Oh, and I made a yum yum dinner. Balsamic Chicken with tomatoes, mozzarella, and angel hair pasta. With crescent rolls!

Oh, and I ordered another oven rack (we only have one, that's no good.).

Oh, and I did a crapton of dishes!

Oh, and I cleaned door knobs and hand prints off walls and light switches! Yay Lysol!

Oh and I paid bills! Registration (EEGADS), a bill for my pap back in like, August (way to send me a bill SUPER LATE) and my dentist. WHOMMMMMMMMMMM I may also say, fixed my balance. They were double charging me some months. Bad accounting system is bad.

My TeeFury shirt came in. It's another Dark Tower one :D It says "Serving the Beam since 1999". Squee, dawg.

My FitBit says I walked up 17 flights of stairs on Feb 6th. I've walked up 2 flights so far on the 7th. It's amazing what having to go up two flights of stairs for laundry will do for that. Lolz. Not to mention vacuuming the stairs twice.

Today was productive.

At some point, and soon, I'm going to need to go through my closet. There are a ton of dress clothes that don't fit me anymore, and quite honestly, some of them are quite old. If I ever lose the weight to fit into those sizes again, I deserve to get a few new clothes. And it's not like I really need these kinds of clothes anyways.

I have to find someone to give them too. Hm.
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Today I:

- cleaned off the back porch. That entailed: removing a water damaged trunk & going through the spider infested thing; sweeping; moving shit belonging to ALEX who hasn't lived here in months; throwing random shit out, because the way of this house is "I don't need to clean up after myself. Someone else will do it!"; sweeping; cleaning spider nests off chairs; sweeping. Ya know.

- cleaned the windows of the porch. It's where everyone smokes. *GAG*

- got Dale to help me drag my trunk to the dump. And ya know. Show me where the eff the dump was.

- got my emissions done. (passed, duh. Car is 2 years old.)

- fed Dale Rita's, cause he'd never had it.

- Sewed a curtain for our bedroom window out of the fabric we've had hanging by Acco clips for 3 years.

- And now. NOW I SHOWER! *glee*

Then to the Baronial At Home. Mmm. Hot dogs.
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This weekend I had Bill, Steph & Tim come over. We made mass quantities of food. Skwrl donated a turkey and made it in our RETARDED damned oven. It was delicious.

AAAAHH! GIANTS TOUCHDOWN!!! 31 - 30!!! AAAHHH!!! This game is making me crazy. *please hold a lead please hold a lead*

Wait. Where was I?

Seriously, my oven is stupid. She set it to 350F. I have a thermometer to go inside of it after issues of my own. After a bit she's all "Shit, the oven is hot" and I look inside, and I'm like "that fucking thermometer is borked." I take it out and it's not broken. It's just trying to read past FIVE HUNDRED DEGREES so it's pinned, looking "off" almost. (it's a dial)

I took the boys to Bushwaller's (Irish Pub) where I got buzzed as HELL off of a pint and a half of Magner's (there goes my tolerance, FINALLY), then we went back home. Andrew was doing some fighter extravaganza, so I wanted him to have warm vittles when he came home. And, thus, after much irritation, and scorching of my cranberry sauce (which turned out like candied cranberries, so hey! UBER WIN), we made dinner. Erica came over with wee little rolls of amazing deliciousness and HONEY BUTTER. And it was delicious. Amazing. STELLAR.

I did the dishes SO MUCH yesterday. Arg.


Today I broke my Cracker Barrel cherry (It was pretty okay. Very cute inside. Kitschie.) and Skwrl & Tim left. Bill left earlier due to retarded ass storms in NY. I do not miss that shit.

I also made a turkey soup that was *amazing*. It goes oh so well with the leftover rolls. I love me a fowl carcass. I love soup. SOUPPP!!! Oh, and I've been making applesauce. Really, Really, REALLY good applesauce. This time I used Braeburn *and* Honeycrisp. It's delicious. And a bit more cinnamon than usual. *unf*

That and we've been keeping the fires going in the fireplace. I love it. At first it was for necessity.

The heat upstairs was SICK. In the loft, it was like, 80. Which suited Skwrl juuuust fine, since she has no blood and is a lizard. In *our* room it was 75 (I have a thermometer on the clock) and downstairs it was 50.


So, the landlord man had the HVAC man come and fix it. It is better. Not awesome. But I still like the fireplace going. Makes this place feel stupid homey.

OHOHOH!! And landlord man fixed our deathtrap of a first basement step. I have no fears going downstairs no mores. YAY!

And we have no Elliot anymore. (he was our other roommate, pay attention). His mama is real sick, so he's moving in with her to take care of her fulltime. He's a good boy. He will be missed. :(



Oh, and I had an *awffuuuull* fucking dream last night. I was in California at the beach, and I went out to the car to get my phone, some money and Steph's sweatshirt. As I was crossing the street, going into the beach's parking lot, for some reason I looked behind me, and watched a school bus slide back into a car. I then realized that the ground below it was raised and broken. We were having an earthquake. I turned to run towards the car (why? I do not know.) and the blacktop opened and down I went. The piece of macadam I was on stayed flat and normal and I basically elevator'ed down at an angle, and was terrified, as I watched the van sized hole go further and further away, eventually it was visually the size of a pinhole, and I could see broken pipes and dirt and gravel above me.

I knew no one would ever find me. I didn't have my phone, no one would know where to look. I was gone.

I woke myself up, freaking out. Went and peed, came back to bed, still tweaked and then cuddled Andrew. Who said later after I retold this to him, that he would have found me. *grins* Cute. ;-)

Anyrate. That's my state of life address for the moment.


Dec. 4th, 2009 03:20 pm
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The top step of the basement stairs has given up the ghost.

Andrew told the landlord, what? Two weeks ago? He came by, took measurements, said he was gonna rebuild them all and *poof* Keyser Soze'd.

So it cracked longways. and now. it's like, a total snap in half jobbie. Luckily there is wood beneath it. But it makes laundry... perilous.

Mmm... danger in my laundry.


ETA: Lies. Can't step on the first step AT ALL.

Ahh. Life is entertaining.
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Beef Stew... so far.

I'm terrible at replicating recipes, so maybe this will help.

Brown 2 lbs stew meat in a few table spoons olive oil (Shit. I'm already seeing how I don't measure).

Once browned, add half an onion chopped & as much garlic as you like and a bay leaf and a tea spoon of salt.

Add 2 boxes (32 ounces each) of beef broth. Then 2 cups of water.

Simmer covered for like, an hour.

Then add baby potatoes, cut up, I used uhh... about 10 of them? Cut up pretty evenly. About 8 carrots, chopped up.

Simmer for another half hour.

Then mix in a quarter cup of water mixed WELL with a quarter cup of corn starch to thicken. Stir well!

Serve and stuff.


Nov. 21st, 2009 10:00 pm
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We has couch.

Pix! )


Nov. 20th, 2009 01:38 am
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Today Z & I decided that today was the day to exorcise the house.

Tomorrow (ehrm, later) we're getting a REAL GROWN UP COUCH!!! It's so pretty. I cannot wait to be cuddled into it's soft, microsuede huggyness, with a fire in the fire place, hot cocoa, and a cat on my lap with some cheesy movie on. CANNOT WAIT!


We killed the living room, kitchen & dining room.

We: Cut for those who give no shit )
I'm sure there's more but yeah. We started around 2:30? Something like that. I think it started with "Z, I need to make room for the couch, wanna help me clear a space?" and it snowballed from there.

Then we went to the Haven and played the Canasty. Elliot & Z kicked mine & Danni's asses. *tear* We put up a good fight though :D

Then I got my tush handed to me in Catan. I had excellent resources, but no where to go! SADNESS. That being said I still pretty much had 7 points. Heh.

Now, I'm home. It's nice and chillie in here. Andrew is almost done sleeping at his parents' house (he's watching the animals while his mom is in Chicago with his sister and new nephew, his dad is in MA during the week), so that will be EPIC to have him back home.

OHHHH!! And last night, I put together a small closet for my clothes!! So I have some of my clothes up here! YAYAYAYAY!!! I don't know where I'm getting the small dresser to fit in here. *shakes head*

One of my walls is used up by windows & the balcony door. *shakes fist* Alas. I will figure it out. OH YES.

Anyrate. I'm gonna try to go to sleep before 5am today.

Still no email from the place I interviewed. *sigh*
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Stop & Shop has made a video game out of shopping. You scan your discount card, and take a lil' zapper gun. You zap your groceries as you get'em, then bag'em. Then, you scan your card at any register. It rings you up in seconds.

Then you leave.

Something tells me, this won't last long, cause it's ENTIRELY too easy to steal this way. I think they're gonna find that out the hardway.

But it's s much fun!!


Mar. 14th, 2009 06:20 pm
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Stupid key guy screwed up one of my keys.

Waste of a dollar. I don't even know what friggin key he used to copy it! Looks nothing like any of the others. Weird.

Oh well. I need a new deadbolt key.


Mar. 13th, 2009 01:25 pm
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My face.

Be throbbin.

*rubs jaw*


I'm cleaning to distract myself.

I have a living room again. Who knew.

There is so much crap in this wee space. Two people and 3 cats are really smooshed. Oi. It's a good thing that I don't pack rat nearly as much as I used to.


I'd have taken before pix. But that would have been embarrassing.

Reminds me that I need to go through a few old boxes and throw some shit out. Ugh. Headache. I wonder when I'll have the energy for that one. Hmm.

Ow. Face. Ow. They should give you a shot of novicane for when the last one wears off.


I so seepie.

And Absinthe took such a shit just now that it's like, gagging me. UGH. That cat.
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After refiling my returns (my dyslexia kicked in. I transposed a couple numbers in my FORMER employer's EIN. Whoops.) They were accepted.


I should have it direct deposited on the 13th. Woo. :)

In other news. It is FUCKING SNOWING AGAIN. Hate.

In other OTHER news.

I had soup. Okay, ramen.

And I may... ooh, I may have a bath. I did Scrubbin' Bubbles the tub at 6am.

See. I can do shit in the morning. It just requires me being up from the day before.

The real reason I was up stupid late was cause I watched the last episode of BSG 4.0 and was like "wellll, if I stay up for another hour and a half, I can take my next antibiotic." So I watched the first of 4.5. Then I was like, "WELL, I have another 40 minutes before my antibiotic, so that's PERFECT and I can watch another eppy."

By then, It was 4:30ish? I was like, fuck it. I'm ALMOST caught up. Anne Marie says the next one is really good. So I watched that one. Then Jared woke up. BS'ed with him, cleaned the tub, went to bed.

Woke up at 10 to take another antiobiotic. Went back to sleep.

This LUMP is not getting smaller. It's HIIIDEOUS. *sigh* At least there is no pain. Just annoyance. I can hang.

*rubs face*

So itchie. GAAH.

Baff time. Jes.
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In this apartment, since it's a multilevel, there is a switch to control when the boiler goes on for the heat (baseboard). I never turn it on. I don't think I had to at ALL last year.

I flipped it on.

Which means when it gets below 65 (what the thermostat is set at, cause it gets FUCKING HOT in here if it's higher), the heat will actually kick on.

It's 25 out. Again. I figure this is as good a time as any. Hell, I felt the need to rock my fleece & satin robe. Chillay.

I knew I had an issue when Juliet curled into a blanket. Not her normal M.O. Heh. Jared heaved all these blankets into a weird tiered looking structure on the couch, and she's sleeping on the middle "step" kind of under part of it. With her facedown in the blanket.

I'd take a picture but whenever she's got her face down, the second I come within focus, she moves.

Little minx. I love her so.

And ew. I have a GROWTH on my face. Yay for pms and stress. Although, for the portion of my skin that isn't supporting this new lesion, the rest of it is baby ass smooth. Yay for Herbalism! I also need more Coalface now that my skin is no longer an angry, cracked, bleeding mess. I wonder if Fresh Farmacy would be worth a go again, since I seem to be able to use Coalface? Hmmm... And I am still loving Ocean Salt. I only really use that once a week though. (btw, I am a TERRIBLE Lushie. I hadn't been to the site in so long, I didn't know they redid it. *hangs head in shame* but I guess that's what happens when you're unemployed and avoiding the reality of not buying shit.) AAAHH!!!! KARMA BATH MELT!!! AAAHHH!!!!!!

OOoh, I'd love to try Lush Lime Smoothie. Or The Strokes, although my hair has been very uncurly and very manageable lately. Hmm. I can't believe I still haven't gotten my hands on a bar of Gentle Lentil. God I fail. Why do they fucking put jasmine in everything with vetivert! *GR* Although, I'd rock this bubble bar, Phoenix cause it's a lot like my BPAL scent, Voodoo. AAHH!! Vetivert without fucking jasmine. Rainbow Worrier... mmm... Vetivert & sandalwood... *humps things* CURSE YOU POVERTY!!!!


ANYRATE. I can't believe how soft my face is. I really can't. I can't get over that this is *MY* skin. Gods bless you, dermatology. <3 <3

BTW, Pooh is coming back.

HA. I was WoWing earlier (torn between BSG & WoW, *shines up geek card*), and I was able to do the "Lebrowski" quests. There's a dwarf who's rug has been... violated. Heh. And you get to hear him rant about it and whatnot. So amusing. They even have a Walt. *grins*

One day I *might* hit 80. I ain't holding my breath. Still 73. Although it's supposed to dump like, 8 inches of fucking snow on us later. Great. Fucking great.

Off to watch Thursday's Grey's Anatomy. And hope my fingers thaw. Like, 2,342 typos in this entry.

[updated lush chart since I have had a change of heart on Coalface]


Nov. 24th, 2008 05:00 pm
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Chocolate Chip Walnut cookie achieved. DERISHUS.



Nov. 20th, 2008 06:15 pm
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Jared, for someone who hates mold and old food, you certainly know how to make the sink a terrifying place to visit.

A pot full of curdled, solid, rank milk? Check.

A tupperware with impossible to identify "grey" slime about half an inch thick, under a pot full of water and old cat food? Check.


THIS IS WHY HE MISSED ME. He didn't want to commit suicide via germ warfare, but didn't actually want to do anything about it.

While I was trying to rinse everything out, a fucking spider accosted me. EW.

I AM WATCHING ABSINTHE CHANGE THE FUCKING TEMPERATURE!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!! Oh my god. He just stood up on his little kittie condo and reached up and tapped the little plastic bit over.

Little shitter.


Oct. 28th, 2008 02:14 am
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Quick things. I got a text from Nix today making sure I was alive. Then I realized it'd been a few days since I posted.


Anyrate. Your not-so-brief, exhausted version of.... Things.

- Did my finances, and figured out I couldn't hit up PARF this year. Which saddens me. But I did get a concert call during Scotland Depraved from Kim so it made me squee.

- But due to my lovely connections in Maryland, I was able to go hang out with some of my Hedgies this weekend. Wonderful and delightful, and I can't wait to do it again next weekend. This past weekend was really one of the most relaxing I've had in.... I don't even fucking know. I met a ton of fantastic people, nearly won a $25 Amazon gift card in a trivia game (curse you second place!! *shakes fist*), and watched a self proclaimed bisexual man dressed as Katomari collapse 3 times in hysterics when I offered to let him touch my cleavage.

- Part of relaxing entailed reading. I read so much I got a headache. I'm partway through the fourth Twilight book. I have decided they are brain candy. There is nothing nutritional about them, but damn are they tasty. They're a lot of fun. At first I thought they were angsty, but then I recalled the last few Harry Potter books and realized they weren't even close. LOL :) Ahh, high school.

- I'm doing okay. I swear. I just have a weird headspace every so often. I think that's allowed. Besides, I'm bleeding. Nothing I say or feel is right.

- I went to Walmart for FUCKING TWO HOURS tonight. My father called me, sounding... I don't want to say desparate. But more like a man who knows he should swallow his pride and ask his kid for help as much as he didn't want to. So he called me. See, my dad has a car, he just has no license. He's working on getting it back (fines and whatever that built up over forever), but he FINALLY broke up with Cookie and he & Lorenzo got a new apartment. It's actually rather nice. And Lorenzo has AIM now, so hopefully I can keep up with him more. (He got suspended. Again. For mouthing off. Again. Almost 13, will he live to see it?? *shakes head*) My dad is trying to do the right thing for once in his life. Far be it from me to hinder that.

So I told him I was free tonight. And I spent too long in Walmart. He had to basically start lots of things over from scratch. He dropped about $520. AT WALMART. Real world dollars that was about $1000. He did everything from food shopping to furniture. It was impressive really. Impressive I got everything in my bleedin' car.

Then he took us out for dinner. He also gave me almost a tank of gas, and a belated gift from whenever (birthday/christmas/whatever - $50 at B&N, woo!). If he said thank you once, he said it 10 times.

He's trying. It's a lot more than I can say for some people.

- I still haven't watched last week's Grey's Anatomy, but I finally watched last week's Heroes. I will watch both shows tomorrow.

- Work sucks my left ovary. But, thank the gods Patrick is back. Mister is crankier than ever. Brian is scatterbrained. I don't understand what's going on. I'm trying to teach Richele how to be psychic to Mister's brain, and she's a lil' tweaked. That and she hasn't gotten the translator installed into her head to read his handwriting. Makes me feel like I'm doing something, teaching her and translating at least. Woo.

- Finally watched 27 Dresses. Epitome of chick flick. I think Jared's balls crawled up inside of him at some point.

- Obtained from Wally World a few mesh rack things. I'm organizing my lack of cabinet space better. I'm tired of feeling like everything is falling on me if I open a cabinet. My life is so sloppie. I'm beginning to grow weary of it.

- It turns out, Ethiopian food is not my favorite. Why is everything so spicy? I don't get the fad. I don't. To me it is not flavor. It is just pain. I can't taste anything, but pain. OH, not true. The first bite sometimes is good. Then the pain. I wish I wasn't sensitive to this. It limits food options and everyone else seems to have fun setting their mouths and guts aflame.

- If I hadn't been waylaid by my father, I was going to hunt down a hair dresser and get my hair cut. So this shall be tomorrow's mission. It is disgusting. The ends look so frayed. Terrible. At least it is glossy as fuck.

- I think this is enough of an update for you. I think.

- Ah, Maynard.

I believed I could cure it all for you dear
Coax or trick or drive or
Drag the demons from you
Make it right for you
Sleeping beauty, truly thought
I could magically heal you

You're far beyond a visible sign of your awakening
Failing miserably to rescue
Sleeping beauty

Drunk on ego, truly thought I could make it right if I
Kissed you one more time to help you face the nightmare, but you're
Far too poisoned for me
Such a fool to think that I could
Wake you from your slumber, that I could actually heal you

Sleeping beauty
Poisoned and hopeless

Far beyond a visible sign of your awakening
Failing miserably to find a way to comfort you
Far beyond a visible sign of your awakening
Hiding from some poisoned memory

Poisoned and hopeless
Sleeping beauty


Sep. 30th, 2008 11:48 pm
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Today I got my ass to work at 9.

Went to Linens N' Things at lunch. Got a shelving thingie and some bed raisers and a new mirror since Absinthe is an asshole.

Went to the dermo. Woo.

Came home, made dinner *gasps*. Okay it was just pasta & sauce. (HEY! I CAN EAT RED SAUCE AGAIN! WOO!!)

Watched Heroes on Hulu.

Put together the shelving unit.

Put it in my room.

Had Jared put the bed raisers on my bed. I'm kind of leary on the non wigglage, but Jared assures me he has rocked his bed plenty of times and life is okay. I mean, I have to launch myself at my bed to get on it and it wobbles. *raises eyebrows* This could be interesting.

BUT! I did not get more under the bed storage containers cause fucking LNT wanted $20. HORSESHITE. I can do better than that at TarJay or WallyWorld.

Cleaned off my dressers, put stuff in the shelves. I HAVE DRESSER TOPS! Who knew.

Began to separate my laundry.

Got super tired.

Tomorrow's adventures are finally getting my laundry done. THANK GOD. I actually was hell bent on doing that tonight but I got done with the dermo at like, 8. Well, I got home then. And I wanted to get the shelves up and together before my get up and go got up and went. :D

Oh, and dishes. Gots to do the dishes.

Fucking domesticated shit. BALLS, yo.

OH OH OH! I managed to not have a crying fit of sorts today. HUZZZAAAH!! Stupid whore-moans. I swear.

SO TIRED. Naptime.


Sep. 29th, 2008 05:39 pm
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As Jared would say "FUCK YOU RADIO". It is fucking with me today.

Anyrate. MDRF was wonderful. I was entirely too drunk. Completely distracted from life. Friday's private party was low key and fantastic.

I barely have ANY pictures cause it kept pouring. I think Jim took bunches though (definitely of the food booths) so if I can manage to take them off his camera, I shall do so.

Today was special at work. My bosses were in NYC at some deposition of SUCK. But I came in at 9:25 even though I SHOULD have gotten here at 9 like I wanted to. Fucking traffic. I have to leave even earlier tomorrow.

See, I have to make up the hour I took off Friday. Cause staying through lunch once again doesn't count (sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't) and since I work till 6, they don't want me staying later. And they know it's damn near impossible for me to get here on time, let alone early.

I hate them all.

This whole time issue is a cause of most of my stress.

BUT ANYRATE. When I finally got here, two files were specifically readjusted on my desk. One is old and should have been finished YEARS ago. But no one would ever help me. I've asked. No one has TIME to teach me. And one Brian ignored me on 3 times. So, what am I supposed to do.

And I'm bleeding. So my emotions are over-rought with fun. Top it off with having an argument with a friend and LIFE IS WONDERFUL.

Excuse me, waiter? This is not the life I ordered. I'd like the soup. OH, I've changed my mind. Give me a very decadent dessert.

*listens to the traffic report* Oh, this sounds promising. Not.

My room is a bloody disaster. I have got to do something about it. I am going to be hitting up Linens and Things tomorrow at lunch for some storage options. This is fucking ridiculous. I have to clean out my closet too. I have fucking flannel shirts from HIGH SCHOOL in there. And we won't even discuss the jeans that don't fit my fat ass from years ago.

Out, out damned spot.

Talked to Z briefly today. I can't believe she's ALIVE. She laments not being able to hang. She is missed.

I am watching Grey's Anatomy with Jim tonight since I can't watch Heroes cause my life is on a day of teevee delay. Karaoke is on a one week delay. After much confusion he is making dinner. Why can't men properly convey any thought process?

Patrick showed me his marriage license today. We laughed. He laughed harder.

Eh. I should finish up this file. Then go.



Jul. 9th, 2008 10:08 am
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Is this why people got so much shit done back in the day?

Without the internet I:

- hung up a shoe rack

- picked up all my shoes from the floor and put them in the rack (this was seriously time consuming)

- packed most of my garb for Pennsic (it's only 18 days away!!!)

- found "broken" garb and sewed it. I fixed my green corset with duct tape and thread so the metal boning doesn't jab out of the leather anymore. HUZZAH! i also sewed up my patchwork corset so that it's not all shredded and showing the under cloth (which is white and stands out, hence the need to sew), and sewed a shirt and 3 skirts....

- .... all while watching BSG. I'm close to the end of the season, so I'm going to stop now so that I can get the second season (BILL, THAT IS A HINT *grins*) cause I hate dealing with cliffhangers if I don't have to.

I am tired of sweating. I can't seem to get cool at home. I'm restless and thinking too much. It takes forever to get to sleep. Yes, it's hot, but it's not THAT hot. I think I'm still regulating my temperature and such from my thyroid meds finally being on target. It's sort of like being on speed.

My boss brought in big bakery cookies. OH OATMEAL RAISIN!! HOW YOU TEMPT ME!

OH! Hahahahhha... Mister gave me $5 yesterday and said "Wherever you got those cookies from, get more of them!" and I was like "uhhhh... I got them from my fiancé's aunt's house, cause they were having a memorial service for her mom, and I'm PRETTY sure the bakery is near BUFFALO, so I prolly won't be getting there anytime soon". He laughed and told me to find some somewhere else then. So I am on Cookie ReCon.

Still 223.5 though. I feel so bloated though. What did I eat for dinner? Shit. Uhmm.. OH! I was going to cook and decided "fuck it" and had a bowl of cereal. I love Raisin Nut Bran. Hmmm.. I think I just like raisins. hmmmm...

In other cuteness....


more cat pictures


more cat pictures

No really.

Jan. 12th, 2008 05:21 am
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I'm going to go to bed.

I just finished out cleaning the bottom drawer. It was very emotionally spending. There were lots of cards from my grandfather & even from my grandmother. *sigh*

But it's all organized.

I should shower.



Then go to bed.


WHY am I so awake?

Fuckin' a.

Jan. 12th, 2008 03:47 am
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I've been trying to exorcise the apartment due to the little incedent last night.

- cleaned the bathroom floor (all the nooks and crannies)

- cleaned the bathroom sink

- VIOLATED every centimeter of the toilet

- sprayed the tub down with bleach. Scrubbed. Rinsed. Sprayed with bleach again and left it.

- washed the bathroom walls and CEILING (okay where I could reach).

- threw out 3 years of old bills

- cleaned out 3 of my 4 "important paper" drawers

- attempted to clean off my desk, but cleaning out my drawers fucked that up

- cleaned out the printer shelf I stole from Jared

- swept the couches and redid the blankets and pillows on them both

- swept the floor

- put away the dishes

- washed more dishes (BTW, Dawn's new dish detergent with the air freshener built in? BRILLIANT. My entire kitchen smells like lemons & tangerines. Even after the bleaching.)

- cleaned the stove. Bleach and brillo. Bye bye nails.

- put away candles that had been chilling out for a year

- put away clothes

- hung up a picture

- played WoW.

OKAY, fine so the WoW playing wasn't like, mandated. But I wanted to. I needed a break. At some point in there I ate Chinee food. I wanted to watch Moonlight and eat dinner, but APPARENTLY it didn't fucking record. *FUME* So mad.

My hands are wrinkled, my thumb is KILLING me (damned brillo) and it's 4am.

Tomorrow I need to:

- Floors. Kitchen specifically. *cries*

- Fix that damned burner. I think it's just wet from scrubbing, but it's the only one of the 4 that won't turn on.

- Scrub the one burner that still looks not clean (it's soaking in bleach).

- the area in front of the teevee. Why does everything get piled up there?

- the bottom drawer of my important paper stack. (shit. I'm awake. Maybe I do that now.)

- the basket on top of that rubbermaid bin

- computer desk.

- my room? HA.

I'm still pretty awake. Where does this night time energy come from? Fuckers.

I have been sweating up a storm and covered myself in some form of grease. I might take a shower cause I feel foul. OH HAI THAR! What about a bath?! Ooooooh. The tub is clean.

That's for fucking sure.


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