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Anyboo. Today was.. a day. WOO!

Today Danni & I had our weekly Danni Synn Tuesday and we actually both finished our lunch and dessert. THEN! We came back to the house and we washed our cars for like 3 friggin hours.

Poppet is so sparkly. I loves her! She is so expensive. I'm back to working for my car again. ooOOooh well. I love her. She's so.. reliable. And good with gas. And... now, she's RainEx'ed. :D

What else is going on. It's weird typing entries now. Back in the day I was talking TO people. Now it really is like a journal. Kinda just for me to keep my history. :)

Right now I'm watching Andrew flail about in his sleep. He's getting quite uppity with his blankets.

OOh, today, our waitress, Mindy, who is our regular waitress at the Double T, thought I was 22/23. HAHAHAHAH. I was like "WHAT." She was confused when I said I'd been at my last job for 10 years. That esplained it a bit more when I was like "oh hunnie."

Then, at FREAK later, someone else thought I was like, "wow, I thought you were tops 25". HA! Again, talking about the last job. It's strange that it came up twice in one day, but whatever.

A friend gave me a job listing for a legal secretary, so maybe that's why. It's in NoVa, but whatevers.

After Hurricane Irene hit, a lot of MD didn't have power, so the Wifey (Devon) came over to abuse our power & interwebs since it'd been about 24 hours and her house still didn't have any.

She took this picture of my adorable cat.

EEE! So cute.

Also, I cannot believe how fucked up the north is about the hurricane. Bitch FUCKED shit up. Part of 287 is just washed away! Fucking crazy!!


Tomorrow I actually have nothing planned. Maybe I'll do some laundry. Read. Something. :)


Mar. 22nd, 2011 12:44 am
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I now "own" a 2010 white Toyota Corolla!

I'll own her in 5 years.

Basically, I bought my rental. Except it's a year earlier. I haven't figured out any differences yet though. LOL

Yay reliable.


Jan. 13th, 2011 11:54 pm
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If it's got balls or wheels or, apparently, computer chips, it's gonna give you grief.

My computer shit the bed. Again. I finally figured out it's the NVIDIA driver update. I went to restart after a standard Windows update and LO. Fucker wouldn't go back on. BSoD, etc. Not starting in safe mode, a bunch of other shit. I tried booting from the disc, nada. Annoying. Of course, Gabe looks at it and turns it on and it's like "Oh Master, would you like me to fix myself? Click OK!"


At least it's fixed.

Also, my car was dropped off at Aamco Monday night, so Tuesday I call at 2:30 and they're like "...oh, right. Altima." DUDE!

So I didn't go to work Wednesday cause they were fiddling with it. Turns out it was done Wednesday night, but NO ONE CALLED. But the guy at the desk thought he had TWO different conversations with me that never occurred and I have the phone records to prove it.

Anyrate, they were all "we know you want that $400 brake job done, but we are TERRIFIED if you don't fix this $260 axle issue. SCREW YOUR BRAKES."

When the mechanic is all about screwing the expensive fix in favor of a cheap one, you find money for both.

So $700 later, the car is fixed. I am adding that $120 onto the tab I owe Andrew, cause I had to borrow some cash. I paid ALL in cash. $80 in singles, about $120 in $5's and $10's and the rest were $20s. Heh. I could have paid the whole thing on my own, but I can't remember when my car insurance comes out, and I get paid tomorrow, but prolly won't get to the bank till Saturday so I didn't want to fuck up and bounce anything. So it's nice to know I am not destitute. And? Being able to pay for things is SO FUCKING COOL. I missed the ability.

Tomorrow is work at noon. Z is gonna drop on by around 3:30/4. I'm hoping tomorrow is an early Friday. I don't know if that'll happen, but I'd like some quality time with mah Z. I don't have work till like, 4 or 5 on Saturday so that's good. Then I'm off like, 8 or 9 then. So we has times. :)

I should update about Dominos a bit more. Let me tell you. I really like this stupid job. NO STRESS. Sometimes the customers get salty, but Dominos is one of those places that's like "Oh, hey. THE CUSTOMER ISN'T ALWAYS RIGHT!!!" And that is fucking nice. My boss, Reva, is a doll face. Her husband, Ron, is a driver there, and he's a doll. The rest of my managers are cool for the most part, and the rest of us drivers are ball busters and we have fun.

It works out to roughly $13 to $18 an hour depending on the day. I get $6.50 an hour, which is nice. I usually get at least $11 an hour in tips. Most people are decent tippers. Some are assholes. BTW, if you stiff your driver, it makes us SAD DAMMIT! Also. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE, use reflective numbers on your house. A light ABOVE your house number might as well not exist. You will get your food a LOT faster if your number is like, ya know. Visible. Tips from a driver. *sage nod*

Did I mention Andrew got me a Color Nook for Christmas? Yeah, he spent far too much on me. So I am currently reading Bram Stoker's "Dracula" on it which is AWESOME cause if there's a footnote or a "hey, this is what that phrase means" I can just click the hyper link, it shows me and I go "Oh, that's what that means" and tap it again and I'm back to my page. WHICH MAKES IT SO MUCH EASIER TO READ.

Ahh. The little things.

There's an update for the new year. Woooooo.


Dec. 10th, 2010 01:02 pm
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Turns out the car had a P1126 error according to Aamco's free test.

It's a Nissan specific issue. Like, only the computers at Nissan could tell me. Luckily for me there was a Nissan dealership around the corner.

Or NOT luckily?

They wanted $99.95 to run the SAME FUCKING TEST in order to tell me what P1126 was.

I said no thanks, and that I'd Google it (also, why didn't Aamco have Google?) and I couldn't afford that.

I Googled it and P1126 on a 2000 Altima means: Thermostat Malfunction (Stuck Open).

Apparently it's a $20 part or something. SERIOUSLY!?!?!

They wanted $99.95 for a FREE fucking test, to give me the answer I already knew to charge me GOD KNOWS WHAT for a possibly $20 part???


James is on his way here with the part. It should take a half hour to fix if all goes well.

Oh, and it's snowing. There's about half an inch on the ground. UNHAPPY. I have work at 4:30.



Dec. 8th, 2010 02:12 am
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I *loathe* that light. I haven't seen it in years. Fuckfuckfuck. It smells like it's coming from under the engine.

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Someone wanted pix?

It's hard to tell, but it still comes down over mah tatas )
In other random news, I'm learning how to drive stick, better and better. The other night, I drove home from the Haven BY MYSELF, and then came back. Only stalled once in reverse getting outta the drivewway.

Tonight, I drove to the hookah bar, and home, and didn't stall at all. And I half parallel parked (pulled into a spot with a driveway in it and reversed.) :D :D

Progressing nicely. Andrew's threatened to take me on a highway.

OHHH And in other news, I have MD license plates. I have to get my car inspected in January, but I'm legal to drive up to NY tomorrow. WEWT.

My hair smells like hookah. Cherry or vanilla or apple... Can't quite tell. Kinda good. It burns when I'm there though. LOL :)
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from New Jersey to Maryland.

No shit.

And I'm getting an $80 refund this month, then I don't need to pay, THEN I pay $85 a month. For like, 4 months or something?


Good god, yo.


Sep. 25th, 2009 12:53 am
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I think that the fridge may have died. Light still goes on. But no noise at all. I think the horrible noise was a coil dying it's last death.

My damned landlord doesn't want to do anything about the fridge because he didn't get one when he moved in*.

This, is not my fucking problem.

I'm renting the apartment. AND the fridge, goddammit. I didn't bring a toilet, but conveniently I'm renting that too.

So annoyed.

Oh, and my car got egged a couple days ago.

I love the fucking ghetto.


* Z's parents owned this building when I rented it. Which is why I'm even here. I didn't have a fridge, because I've lived in garden apartments, which come with a fridge, so they put one up here for me. Then that died. So when Darwin (the landlord, former tenant) bought this place, he said "oh, well, we didn't get a fridge, so it is your responsibility" and I said, "No, see, I'm renting the fridge. When I leave? It stays. It is YOUR fridge."

So he gave me the piece of shit that has sun damage. Which worked for about a day. The doors don't seal right, and everything goes bad. Now the freezer has been making snow balls for months now, and he said "oh, it's okay." IT'S A FROST FREE FREEZER.

His 8 year old goes "Mama said we should have thrown that fridge out."


Yeah kid. Yeah.


Sep. 24th, 2009 02:43 am
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My cousin Terry tried to put in my old Clarion CD player from my Dodge. Apparently, he was having issues with the harness. LE SUCK. I dragged Z along.

So he put the old stock one back in. AND LO. So far the motherfucking thing (btw, I love that motherfucking doesn't get highlighted in spell check) hasn't frozen or stalled once. Which is WHY I was going to replace it.

ASSHOLE. The radio. Not Terry.

And he connected my cigarette lighter again (which apparently just has been disconnected since I've own the car, more assholes) so now I have TWO car charger adapters! HUZZAH!! Sometimes it's nice to have 2. I have one in my arm rest. Thank the gods for that.

Maggie also made dinner for everyone. Which was precious.

My aunt Cindy is doing really well! Been almost a year after her stroke. Apparently her 90 year old father had open heart surgery today and was doing really well. Crazy. My uncle has a nervous twitch now where he plucks at his eyebrow and eyelashes of his one eye. He's CONVINCED there's something in his eye. Strangeness. He's been to countless doctors and specialists. My cousin Maggie is convinced he has that hair plucking disorder, cause my uncle has always been a bit... special, but alas. He doesn't think so.

After this whole thing, Z & I went to Sonic. SONIC!!! It was good. Their strawberry limeade is the SHIZZ! Now I see what the fuss is about. It's their damned real drinks that are so delish. :D I can't wait to take Andrew there. He loves real lime stuffs.

I should go to sleep. It's about 3am, and I have a doctor appointment in about 9 hours. Heh.


Jun. 10th, 2009 10:17 pm
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I should have been back in Jersey yesterday, for D&D last night, alas. Madre Naturaleza had other plans for us.

I have not seen a wall of water quite like the one Z & I got stuck in on the way home. It was epic. I would have taken pictures, if I was not busy SHITTING MYSELF. I am not a nervous driver by *any* stretch, but WHOA. U-turn like a mo' fo'. Z snaps this to our left on the way back INTO Frederick.

OH YES. It was neat looking though. Ya know. Once I didn't have to try and struggle to see my front end. BTW did I mention I had a SHIT TON of work done to my car? Yeah. Heart attack. All new struts, exhaust reattached, new front brakes, new front rotors (whoopsies), alignment and other piddly shit that seemed to cost $79.95 to do. It all NEEDED to be done, and I really can't complain too hard seeing as my car has not given me much shit about being my car. This is the first major upkeep I've done to it. And the mechanic had it done in HOURS. So I am not bitching. Huzzah to him. But *CRIE* to my bank account. What was FUN about that shit??? My debit card got declined. Twice. Then my check got declined. I panicked, went and checked my online status, and it was fine. NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED. More than plenty to cover it. I don't fucking know.

Where was I? Oh. Right.

So we ate some, then went to the Haven, where Andrew was holding down the fort all by his lonesome. Taught Z how to play Catan. She nearly schooled us. Friggin' beginners. Of course Andrew won. At some point Ryan showed up, and we all ordered Outback. Got fatter. Went home, and it was goot sleeps.

Woke up, putzed about, and then bounced. Got to Z's in good time, and then drove her to get her car fixed. She drove over a screw at some point. I don't recommend that, btw. Watched the shenanigans as that was attempted to be plugged, and then went back to her house for a bit.

Eventually got off my lazy ass, came home (and as I took my bags out, some old man was heckling me for my bag having) (OH! where Jared has EXORCISED the kitchen, w00t!) and found more snow in the goddamned frost free fridge. *twitch* I just de-snowed that thing!!! Anyrate, I reanimated my computer somehow, MARKED THE CORDS THIS TIME, and saw Andrew'd sent me a picture of his sisters.

You see, they're both preggers, Sarah is due September 10th, and Margaret is due November 10th. I am retardedly excited about this event. I have met both of them ONCE. And Margaret is moving to Chicago :(. She is ittie bittie. Andrew said she's my height. Lies. She is small. Sarah's still in Brooklyn though. I should make him visit her more often. *glares at boy*

THEN cause my ovaries weren't squeeing enough, I got to see more photographic evidence of Miss Anya Li, Chu & Cara's brandie new bebe. *DIES OF CUTE*

Where was I? Oh yes. After these squeefests, I showered, and threw myself BACK into the car (on the way there, I was stopped so some girl could look at my tattoo) and then drove to De, Danny & JD's grandmother's wake (NOT Bokka, sorry for the panic). Where Danny, JD, Jaime & I entertained each other with stories to block out the somberness of it all.

At the end, I came home. Where I am doing the chattie chat thing with some peeps. Woo.

Tomorrow, I am off to parts of Jersey of the northern variety, and then... I have no idea. Maybe some WoW. Mm... WoW.


Apr. 26th, 2009 09:01 pm
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All things considering, seeing as I had no energy shot today, I'm doing KICK ASS.

I'm beat, but whatever.

Yesterday when I drove to NY, I went through PA. (BTW, made it from Frederick, MD to New City, NY in 4 hrs, 10 minutes. WITH TWO STOPS *pwn*)

At dusk.

My car? Was like, the bug holocaust mobile. Srsly.


I went and got my tank filled and like, squeegeed the fuck outta mah windshield. So gross.

The front end is still narsty too.

OH, and ever since I got my fluids flushed? I'm getting like, 30 to 45 more miles to a tank. SCHWEET.

I still need to get her shocks and struts done. WHY IS IT SO ESPENSIVE.

Saw the famdamily and a couple of my old coworkers. Had a good time, ate way too much. I think that's why I'm sleepies.

Trish's bellie has POPPED. Bebe Girl Trotta is waving. Joey got his hairs cut. Such a lil' man. He's got the paranoia and OCD happening. So cute and funnie.

I wanna watch this past Thursday's Grey's but I don't wanna sit at the computer. Maybe I will twirdle and watch. It's HOT though.

Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap SAVED MY SOUL earlier. I love that stuff. Even though it seems to be mysteriously disappearing. *glances in roommate's direction*

I got two boxes of Somoas for $4. How could I say no. GODDAMMIT. I almost got through GS season and didn't buy a box. But two for one? Oi.

My cats are still throw rugs. But so cute. I heart them. I put ice cubes in their water dish before and they melted before I could leave 10 minutes later. 4 ice cubes. Like I'd put them in boiling water. Oi.

I'm gonna go vegetate. And like, mebbe watch Grey's.
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Got my car back. $90 later. Bastards.

Some hose got clogged. Go Nissan.

They didn't even shop vac the POOL out of my car. *gr*

Oh well.

It's fixed.

I can has car.

I can feel my heartbeat in my throat.



Sep. 14th, 2008 11:22 pm
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If you're in your car, and the passenger's side floor is dry.

Then you drive home, on dry roads.

And suddenly there is an inch of water on the floor of the passenger side.

What the FUCK does that mean?

It doesn't look like it's leaking from anywhere. It was dry when I left faire. It was dry when I left characters. It looked like I'd empty a gallon jug of water when I got home.

Doesn't smell like anything but water either.

I am baffled. I just don't get it.

Pix of Melissa in her near naked state soon.


Jul. 8th, 2008 06:13 pm
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Fuck it ALL.

So game night is canceled *TEAR* and I have no internets at home. Not till Friday. FUCKING FRIDAY.

BUT! My car is fixed. $260 LATER. *TEAR*

And I went to Linens and Things to get a cloth hanging shoe rack for my wardrobe at Pennsic. I also found one that goes behind the door for my room for my house, since THAT is a nightmare. Huzzah. And they have towels on sale. So I got a huge bath sheet for $6. And a gift card for Leyla & Beau for Sunday. *wipes face* PHEW. *throws away $75*

I also need to get gasoline. GAAH.

ADDING INSULT TO INTERNET INJURY. I didn't have interwebs for like, 2 HOURS here cause of router issues. Obviously it is now fixed, but I was supposed to live minutes ago. However, I am trying to catch up on internet stuff since I can only really check El Jay at lunch.

I disbursed my refi. WOOO.

I have two wills do do. One is for tomorrow afternoon. AYIEE. I couldn't do it cause the stuff Brian emailed me was, WELL IN MY EMAIL AND HE NEVER PRINTED IT. *sigh*

I am frustrated.

I am warm.

I am without interwebs.


Jul. 8th, 2008 10:41 am
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Things that suck.

- No internet at home. *twitch*

- No cable at home (Why? I don't know. Ain't like I can call to have it fixed either, HAHAHA)

- Leaving my iPod in Jim's car, and having a boring workout (no, I didn't do weights, just cardio, hence the boring)

- Brian (my boss) got into a wicked car accident. Some RadioShack employee in an Audi (!?!?!) tried to make a left RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM cause he was late for work. Again, proving that the Shack is evil. Brian's airbags deployed, his front end is FUCKED UP (he drives a Lexus SUV) and the other car is TOOOOOTALLLLLED.

- My phone not wanting to connect to Yahoo Mail so I can at least check my shit that way.

- My car having a very low tire.

- Having to go out to the store on a very low tire cause I needed cat food.

- Going to the shop today and finding out that my tire is dying, so it's good I got it done, however, my front brake pads need replacing, and suddenly my bill is around $300. Money is SUPER FUCKING TIGHT right now, but I have like, 3 millimeters of brake pads left, so this needs to be done. Bugger.

- My contact shifted in my eye this morning. While I was in the shower. Very uncomfortable. I had to get out and fix it. Fucker.

- Finding out my dermatologist appointment needed to be rescheduled because my doctor had her baby early. I didn't even know she was PREGNANT. She was apparently due in August (I last saw her in the beginning of May and she had her baby the last week of June). So I had to reschedule for the only time I could before Pennsic, and that was July 22nd at 5:40pm, which is a Tuesday, so I am missing that game night.

- I have to disburse my refinance today and Patrick is completely distracted. I NEED CHECKS DAMMIT!!!

Things that don't suck.

+ I got to watch a couple episodes of BSG. I'm still waiting for that I AM SO SUCKED IN feeling everyone else seems to get. It's a good show though. Although some of the things make my head go "OH GIVE ME A BREAK".

+ I got to bed at a reasonable hour (12).

+ I won't have to worry about getting my rotors replaced since I'm taking care of the pads now.

+ Pennsic is soon. I haven't even thought about gathering up my crap for it yet though. AAAHH!

+ I went to the gym last night for the first time in forever.

+ *giggles* She caught on. TEN DAYS TILL TIA COMES OUT!!! Incidentally, it's also 10 days till I enter the last year of my 20s.

+ 223.5 again. Considering all the crap I ate this weekend? That's a good thing.


w00t w00t!

Jun. 21st, 2008 02:43 pm
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So I took some pix of Terry & Christian fucking with my car. :D

Terry dicking around with the back speakers.

Christian jacking the doors. Took him like, 30 minutes to do both doors.

I had bees. Lots and lots of dead bees stuck back there.

Christian's mom's car.

What I didn't mention is that Christian's parents are *really* into Christmas. Like, every year have insane amounts of decorations up and they dress up and shit, and people come by and visit and they give out candy and whatnot.

So you can see some of the decorations up.

I should have taken a picture of the "Please do not turn around in our neighbors driveways, Thank you, Santa" sign. hahaha

Terry rockin' the shocker.

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So, I leave work at 6:15 for my doctor's appointment which is about 7 minutes away, and at 6:30 and WHAT DO MY WANDERING EYES SHOULD APPEAR!? But my car lilting.

Now, a couple weeks ago after the hike of death, I noticed that my tire looked a wee bit low. It was the front passenger side tire, and I thought maybe I pissed it off after you know. Heh. Gunning through 23482937 pounds of mud.

I put some more air in it and life is grand.

This morning I notice that it again looks a bit on the low-ish side.

I say "Self, you should get that checked out tomorrow before or after work".

So, at 6:15, I see that my tire is FUH-LAT.

Pancake like.

So I begin the annoying task of changing it. I have these STUPID plastic hubcaps with STUPID plastic protectors on them that are just a pain in the ass to get off.

Mind you, I've changed several tires in my time. Including one at 4am on my ex boyfriend's truck cause he called me in a girlish panic. I CAN HANDLE THIS.

However. I have breasts. And tools. Hence I must be helpless.

To my "rescue" come 3 lovely Latino men. Prolly a family. All kinda dirty. "Essoose me, mees? You hasin' prollems?"

"Oh, I'm okay, it's just they're taking a while to get loose"

"Oh, mees, we fix! Watch!"

And they hope out of the truck. The patriarch of this trio, who is half my size, speaks as much English as I do Portuguese and my Spanish is rustier than the wrench I was holding.

So, him and his sons? have at it.

They change my tire in about 25 minutes.

There is a SCREW in my tire. So I'm going to get it punched tomorrow morning. Hopefully I won't need a whole new tire.

After MANY thank yous, graciases and whatnot (and after Abuelo chides me that I only have a "baby tire", aka, donut), they ride off in their pretty shiny pick up truck and off I go.

Now I'm friggin LATE AS FUCK. I tried calling my doctor to let him know that HI THAR, I have a flat, but they turned their answering service on and that was no dice. ARG. So I'm a half hour late. Which, considering what just happened is not so bad.

I then get bumped to the last appointment of the night. At 8. I sit on my ass, thankful I have a fucking book, and he talks to me for like 5 minutes and sets me on my way.


So I got DONE with the damned doctor at 8:20.

But I'm home now.

Driving at 55 SUCKS when you can go faster. Especially on the damned parkway.

OH! The doctor said he's gotta coordinate shit with the hospital, check crap out with my insurance and such is life. It should take a week to coordinate everything unless they're feeling efficient.



Also? If skim milk is ICE COLD I can drink it. And like it.

I still prefer ice cold whole milk ;-)
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Pix courtesy of [ profile] justducky2204

So I get stuck in the mud getting out of Kim & Jay's.

No biggie right? NO.


I have gotten out of snow drifts bigger. WHAT THE FUCK.

It's raining.

Jim tried to put cardboard behind my wheels. NO DICE. Jay put BOARDS. NO DICE.

Finally, one of their neightbors has a tow line. So Jim's car tows mine out.

My car totally doesn't want to move.

But eventually she went. VERY angrily.

Why is there so much smoke?

I mean.

It's TIRES on MUD.



I prolly should have taken the E-Brake off, eh?

*hides in shame*
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- It took me 30 minutes to go 1.5 miles this morning. So when I hit exit 145, i FLEW onto 280. I never tried going to work that way, but I figured anything would be better than the current parking lot I was sitting in. It wasn't good for a normal route (WAY out of the way) but in stand still traffic? DEFINITELY better. I felt bad cause my aunt was alone for a while covering phones and her clients tend to be verbose, so I'm sure the phones were going nuts. Not much I could do. I want to live closer to work. *sigh* I took that 3 minute commute SO for granted back in the day.

- I had to get phlebotomized today. Damned vampires. I fasted for 16 hours for it. Well, more like, 18, but whatever. I got the NEW girl who was filling out information to put me in the system. Then like, no one knew how to process a check. *boggle* THEN! I had a balance from 2004? Whatever. I paid it. Then the lil' chick who poked me did a not so wonderful job. I normally NEVER bruise. I barely bleed once they take the needle out of me. I am a clotting queen. I kept bleeding and NOW??? My vein is like, big and blue and not happy with me and like, trying to escape. It is SO going to bruise. Not to mention I feel "off" cause I feel something is wrong in my arm. Bleck.

- Getting tattooed tonight. HUZZAH! I'm picking up Keri, and Jim will be with too! YAY! Finish this bisch up!

- I am so sleepie. I had pizza since the vampires took so long, and now I wanna slip into a greasy carb coma. I need awakey time.

- Work is nUtZo. Shit can't stop coming in, it's insane! *kicks other people* Some people are losing their houses, and CLEARLY I am dealing with the people buying those houses.

- I really need to do a Lush update. Kim gave me a sample of I Should CoCo, but I don't think I should coco. Cause while it smells like everything that is awesome in the Almond Joy bar, it doesn't lather, and it doesn't really, clean. AND it leaves coconut everywhere. I do, however, LOVE that I still smell like coconut. What they need is to make this a bath bomb or something. It gets ♥. I have to remember to add that to my chart, and update the rest o' mah stuffs.

- I have to go to the pharmacy later too. YARG. I fucking live there.

- I wish I had an ice pack for my elbow. I haven't felt like this since I was anemic. Mew. I just had two Rice Krispie treats hoping it'll elevate my blood sugar or something. I barely gave them any blood! Feckers.

- I bought Tetris for my phone. OH YES. For the first time since my cell phone ownage, I have a game for my phone. BYE BYE BATTERY LIFE! It made dealing with the vampires better. I'd have gotten Bejeweled, but EW, they wanted a MONTHLY payment. Whatevs.


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