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So this weekend was Highland River Melees.


But the food was great. *GREAT* And I got to retain for an awesome queen. She's really fantastic and the kind of person you LIKE to hang around. It was a real pleasure. At one point we did a drive by AoAing to one of the kitchen staff. It was so cool. *nerds*

I also had to help fill in kingdom scrolls on the fly. I nearly shit myself from anxiety. But I did it! And I made Subetei do the impromptu AoA cause I was still swimming in other scrolls.

At court The Scriptorium all got inducted into the Order of the Lark together, and it was *awesome*.

Danni got her Award of Arms, finally, and then I got inducted into the Order of the Opal. I was so excited!!

Before the delicious feast, Andrew, Z, & I ran to take a shower. It was a weird little drizzle of a shower, but after all the sweating I did that day, it was amazing. I found out today that the kitchen cooks just jumped right into the pool on site. LOL!!! Dude, yes. It was that hot. And they SLAVED over the damned kitchen.

Then because I hadn't slept from Friday to Saturday and I ran around in the 93 degree heat and humidity, around 10pm I realized I WAS EXHAUSTED. And I was out from 10:30 to 8:30. GLORIOUS SLEEPS.

Breakdown was easy. And I got to keep Z until Monday. Was a pretty good weekend. I'm pleased. :D

I've also started doing my Rosetta Stone for Portuguese. Excitement. ;)
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- Seriously. I don't know what's going on lately. Like, how many people do not fucking know their address. Or their phone number. Help me get food to you.

People are angry and cranky and lazy and without energy and just in general full of harumph. And occasionally I am one of them.

- School is sucking my soul away, and I have been busting my ass for mediocre grades. VERY mediocre grades.

Psych of Aging: 77
Abnormal Psych: 81 (not that she's given us grades for our journal entries)
Latin: 88

What in the fresh hell is going on? I feel like I study all the time. But I don't seem to retain anything? I don't know. It's all so frustrating. And I love that I am doing the best in Latin, which is the class I feel the most lost in. Although apparently some of that shit is sticking to the wall.

All I know is that I miss just reading for fun. Or not trying to source through PsychInfo or anything. I'm just. I'm tired.

- I feel like I'm constantly doing dishes. At home and at work. My hands and nails look terrible. They look so old. Maybe I am just getting old and not used to noticing.

- I do adore my new sanctuary though. It's nice to have somewhere TO study. The room came together well. I did some cleaning and organizing of the dining room as well. Unfortunately I need a time where Erica has time and energy and I am actually home so that we can reorganize the shelves the right way. Erica has the most professional kitchen experience, having gone to school and all, so I would appreciate her direction.

- My cat just turned 15. She is old and sassy and adorable. Apparently Dale got her to hiss the other day when she was in her little kittie condo (also known as her harassment tube) cause she was in the moment. Andrew still hasn't heard her hiss. Right now she is HOWLING through the halls. Again. With her little jingly lion in her mouth. Heh.

- Not going to Pennsic this year. Going to Portugal and Spain! I still don't know Portuguese and my Spanish is weak at best. SHOULD BE AWESOME. Heh.

- Our store got inspected today. We got 3 stars out of 5. For things like... road dust on the outside windowsill (we once got inspected an HOUR after it was cleaned, and it still wasn't clean enough. IDFK.)... Andrew's pants weren't black enough (that shit is racist)... Our safe not being time locked, even though it is a weird time sensitive safe... our walls aren't white enough... Tiffany apologizing in a customer role play, but forgetting to actually say the words "I'm sorry"... yeah. Shit like that. MAKES ME CRAZY. We have 30 days of freedom though. That mostly means we break down the makeline earlier. And paint our nails colors. Wewt.

- Both of Andrew's birthday parties went off quite well. I adore him.

- CAT. WHY ARE YOU HOWLING. Alright, Andrew is combing her now. She has ceased to yowl.

- Anyrate. I had other shit to write, but I forgot. I still need to put Florida pix up. Ooopsies.
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I has oven.

I came home from class, and Andrew was baking brownies.

It smelled. Amazing. OMFG.

It's amazing.

And the kitchen is so much warmer! lol :D

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I came home from work. And here were Nico, and her friends Chris & Deb in my living room. Chris & Deb used to own "Dragonfly" which was an adorable little art shop downtown. But business sucked, and lo. No more Dragonfly. Which makes me sad. Alas, they are awesome people.

Deb & Nico were looking at weird Tumblr sites and Chris was in my recliner with his head tilted back. Apparently the only way he could breathe. The sick happens to us all.

We all get to chatting and at some point, The Oven (mine is not so clean) comes up. I have lived here for 3 years. And I have never been able to use that damned thing. Steph could tell stories of the sad time we tried to cook a turkey. Oh god, the humanity.

Anyrate, Chris gets up, and starts to smack it around. Asks some questions. And he goes, as serious as one can:

Chris: "What ya should do here is.. well, if you go down East Street and make a left onto South Street, at some point you'll see a sign that says Peace and Plenty. Go in there, and ask the guy with the cat about help with the oven."


That's the most sound advice I've gotten on it. See, people won't come to the house to check it out because it's a commercial oven in a residential house. Doesn't matter that we're all coded and have renters insurance and they have business insurance, they are just assholes about it.

I thank him. And consider it. Then I send Danni the following exchange.

Me: We have a weird errand to run tomorrow.

Danni: ....elaborate please.

Me: We're gonna see the man with a cat about the stove.

Danni: want I should call in some muscle? I know a guy.


I tell Andrew. He goes into the reserves and shoves $400 into my hands and says "WHATEVER IS NECESSARY." Oh, lolz. It's never worked, have I mentioned that? Gas shuts off. Some regulator somewhere is rusted open, so I am told.

The following day is Danni-Synn Tuesday, so we lunch and go on this errand. We chat with Brian, the proprietor of the clearly used washer/dryer/oven/fridge store and he is pleasant. He has birds. Unfortunately, the guy with the cat (Paul) is out on an errand. So we feed and come back.

And there is Paul. And his cat, who is named Boots. He's a black and white creature of extreme affection towards Danni.

Paul has clearly had some head trauma in his life. He is missing part of his head. Danni thinks it's just his skull, but I'm not so sure it stops there. There's a large softball sized crater in his head that his very thin hair barely covers. He seems well enough. He chats to us about the oven. He scratches a few days worth of beard stubble and is not quite sure he can do anything with this oven of mine, but he'll certainly give it a looksie on Thursday.

That. My friends. Aside from a chef dude who fell off the face of the earth, is the closest I have had ANYONE say they could help me. The chef (named Alan) was like "Oh, this thingie is rusted open! Should be a snap to fix!" and we offered him cash rewards to do so, and then he moved to Baltimore and I haven't seen him since.

If Paul the Oven Dude with the Cat can't help. I don't know. My next step is a plumber. Kate the Wicked recommended it (along with a couple other peoples) and it make sense since they have to know how to deal with gas lines.

But, this story needed to be put down. Cause. Yeah.

Tomorrow, I assume I will wake up and hear from Paul. Who will be waiting at my house. To smack around my oven.

Cross some things, kiddies.

Further, if this pans out, I'm getting Chris & Deb a goddamned gift certificate to friggin Home Depot (they do contractor work too).


Dec. 26th, 2012 01:38 am
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Christmas went smashingly.

So much food was consumed. Many gifts were exchanged. Children were excited. In laws were well received and enjoyed food and socialization.

Ahhhh :D

So happy.

And Andrew adores his electric blanket. LOL! :D
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This past Wednesday, we had to take Miss Juliet to the vet for her teeth cleaned. Now, we tried to do this ages ago, but her blood work came back that she had hypothyroidism. So we put her on the medication for that, and then we needed to do MORE blood work after 30 days because apparently hypothyroidism can hide kidney disorders in cats. Awesome. The 30 days comes and we get her tested and lo, she is still awesomesauce. Another appointment is made to keep her happy butt up on her teeth.

She hasn't been put under anesthesia in twelve friggin years. She got fixed, and that was pretty much it. We try to keep her life trauma free, since we molest her all the time. Well, we dropped her off at 7:30 and we were able to get her back by 4! The vet we go to is sort of awesome if not pricey. But alas. Only the best for my girl. (ask me when I last went to the doctor, hahahah)

She has been super snuggly and affectionate and sweet since. Sleepin' like a boss. She has a lil' shaved area on her arm from the IV, but she's pretty boss. Her teeth are in pretty good shape too. The vet was all "hey, for the first dental visit in 14 years, she rocked it." Huzzah.



My adviser was Dr. K., but she's like. Leaving. I didn't really know her anyways. But she is teaching a class next semester? Oh I don't even know. So whatever. I go to the registrar today to be like "uh. so. registering for classes, eh?" and they're all "that started awhile ago" and I'm all "DAMMIT I HAVE NO ADVISER!!" and I give her my name and shizz and she's like "oh, you've been transferred to Dr. Boyle." and I was like "Dr. Boyle. Dr. Bob Boyle. Like. Whose class I JUST CAME FROM!?" and she's like "Uhm. Yep!" Hahahaha...

Alas, I scampered on back and he was still there helping some girl and I was like HEY YOU IS MAH ADVISER, MANG. and he was like "husha chil' I know." (vernacular mine.)

He signed my advisement card, which I don't really understand since I came home and registered for shit online. Whatever. I guess it's just proof that you talked to your dude. So I get to drop that shit off tomorrow after Latin.

I'm taking Latin 102 *weeps* and Psychology of Aging. I'm waitlisted for Abnormal Psychology. Heee :D

My schedule, if all goes well, will be MWF with Latin, MW, with Aging and M with Abby Normal. Monday would be a long ass day, with school from 12:30 to 7:30 in all three subjects, but I got this. I can hang. I'm a tough chick. (remember to go back and read that after your brain blows up)


Fiance creature:

Saturday is our "official" anniversary. We kinda count Pennsic since that's where we met and whatever, but Saturday is the day we arbitrarily picked for an anniversary. SOOOO! We're going to a hotel in Hagerstown that has a whirlpool tub. That was my only request. WANT SWISHY TUB. Then! The boy found a Bavarian restaurant that looks pretty neat in town, and we're gonna hit that shit up. Prolly even take a taxi so we can both drink. It'll be nice. Sunday I don't know what we're gonna do. But it'll be nice! We've never really planned anything like this before. We're usually "what you wanna do?" "I don't know. What you wanna do?" "I dunno." So! Heheh :D I'm excited. :)



I'm making this ginormous granny square blanket. Well, I'm using Lion Brand Homespun and I think the yarn is too thick to actually chain 2 in the corners, so it's doing this weird peaking thing. I looked it up and they call it "curling" but it is more peaking. So, I undid a 12 row square and I'm redoing it with ONE chain between the shells in the corners to see if this helps. I really really really really really don't want to redo the 36 row square, but if I have to, I will. We'll see. *inhales and exhales* I HAVE THE POWER. I think part of the reason I haven't worked on this for so long is because deep down I knew I'd have to fix the motherfucker. I have a huge basket full of blanket bits. This will be excruciating.

Alas. I have a season of How I Met Your Mother to watch, so I think it will help. This show is adorable.


Oct. 19th, 2012 02:37 am
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I love this man of mine. He's completely amazing.
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So much tv.

We did it. Andrew & I are goddamned machines. We did it. Since May we've watched all of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel series (and yes, in "sense" order). And we just watched the last episode of B:tVS. I feel like *I* have been to the Hellmouth and back. This last season of Angel will fly by. EHRMERGERD SO MUCH TV.

Holy crap, yo.

We're on the last season of Angel, and now that the seasons are going to be ONE long, I have a feeling I'm just going to fly through it.

Further, I have a smoking hot girl crush on Angel (furthered along by an *awesome* dream I had last night, hahhaha). I really liked the chemistry between him & the Buffster.


I'm really not a tv person. This has only been possible by the lovely Roku box Andrew purchased from some Woot thing ages ago. Since I don't have to go into the living room to watch tv (it is quite often occupied by one of the hundred people I live with), it has been SO MUCH EASIER to watch shit. I AM A CHAMPION OF TV.


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He proposed to me.

Archie. He videotaped it.

Check out his crazy editing skillz.

Why do we call it videotaping? Does anyone use "tape" anymore??

The bling. It's a lab sapphire with diamond chips in white gold. I heart it.


I was so surprised.


So. Yeah. The news went nutzo on Facebook. That was cool. But this is LiveJournal. My chronicle. So. Chronicled. :)
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This weekend was Highland River Melees. As a group, the Barony of Highland Foorde has been BUSTING OUR ASSES. It's been a lot of fun. The autocrat kicked its ass and that's after we had tents break.

Friday we had STORMS. We had tornadoes, we had rains, we had winds. It was... EPIC. I know the word is over used, but seriously?? Shit was out of a movie. Anyways, a lot of the barony went up on Friday (and some even Thursday) to set shit up. Friday I get a phone call from my loving boyfriend saying our wall tent has bit it. Then he clarifies that the stakes are ripped out and the tarp is wet. I'm like "Didja set it back up? Ya did. Cool. Need another tarp? I'll hit up WallyWorld." Tent was fine. The new stake loops I sewed in it just the other day though? NOT SO MUCH. I'm gonna reinforce them tomorrow or Tuesday. Also, it KILLED 2 of our wedge tents that were going to be used as day shades. Sixty MPH winds will do that. Oh, and a grill made out of an oil tanker (like for a house) was flipped. While filled with charcoal. All of this happened in MAYBE 5 minutes. It wrecked everything than was done. Fucking nuts.

I land at 12:30 or so, I had work earlier, then we all sit around and start drinking. Well, they had a helluva head start on me, and Andrew got MIGHTILY drunk. Then, Their Magesties Bryan & Brianna show up from haulin' ass from North California. We're like "we're up, let's help." Andrew manages to NOT act drunk in some amazing manner, and we help them unload their Tardis-like minivan. Around 3 or so, we think it's a good idea to go to bed. At 4 we actually go to bed. I pee 3 times between 4 and 5:30. I am cranky. I am tired. I throw my capelet on over my side of the blankets figuring I might as well be WARM when I do the port-a-castle run, and BAM. I sleep till 8:45 or so. I was apparently half a degree cold or something. Gr.

Saturday. I can't even say what happened. Chaos reigned. But like, a controlled chaos. Before morning court, the Barun & Baronessa were wandering around holding mini-courts because they knew the day would be CUHRAZY. And they were right. So in that morning court session, Fink got a Lark (A&S award) and Erica got a Hart (Service award). I think Steve & Amanda got Golden Hawks (fighting award) too? Something like that. Wee!

Then during official morning court, Steve got inducted to the Sergeants of St. Aiden's and the Barun and another fellow got sent to vigil for their Pelicans. Basically, they had to have council in tents all day. So the household guarded them in hour shifts. It was cool :) Then Glynis became a court baroness, so we keep gushing over her. She's a great lady, I couldn't be more pleased for her :D

I ran around like a lunatic. I sat for court, then as deputy scribe, I needed to draft up sign in sheets for Barun Siegfried, then I had to go water bear for the kids. I had juiced up this beet/apple/carrot concoction that I called "the blood of mine enemies" since, hellooo beet juice! And they ADORED it. They said that it really helped keep them going. I figure with all that fructose and vitamin overdosing, they should be fine. I ran around a lot doing that and during one of the longer breaks, we had a mini "on the field" court, again, with the theme of breaking it up.

First, they call Fink. Well, he wasn't fighting today because of some shit, and his girlfriend, Steffany, needed someone to watch her kid while she fought (she's new, so the more practice the merrier), so he was on Gregory duty. I bolt to go get him, and Dee finds him first and points me in the right direction, but of COURSE I'm halfway in the diagonal direction and I get him. The exchange:

They called you!

He throws Gregory over his shoulder and HAULS ASS to the list field.

Not kidding. Baby over shoulder, giggling insanely.

And there he is given his AoA! (That means Award of Arms, and now you are nobility. He is now Lord Fridrich and can wear a circlet.)

The queen was all atwitter at him dragging the baby, and cooed over him and King Brian was like "Normally I'm unhappy about having to wait, but when I see a man taking care of his family I can't help but be honored he has chosen to do that instead of fight." There's something about the way His Majesty phrases things that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. It's hard to explain.

Seriously, how cute is this shit.

So then, apparently while I bolted off to get Fink, they called Andrew, and Vels ran to take over. Andrew had been injured JUST before this and as court was being called I was actually going to get him an ice pack, but Baroness Glynis was like "YOU GO NO WHERE." So. I stayed. I figured with the kids on the field, I should prolly stay and pass around water bottles cause sitting in the sun with their lids off makes them roast. And Andrew was sent to guard the vigil tent, so Vels took his place and sent Andrew forward under the "Hey, you should be in court." So after Mike got his AoA, we were all twittery and giddy and they call Andrew! And he's like, on it like a champ. The king says his praises about Andrew and how it's long overdue and he thinks it is bittersweet, but he is glad to be the one giving him his honor.

That's right. This one is mine. <3

I'm nearly teary and I lean to Steff and say "We're never living this down." Cause our boys are Lords. Heh. So after they release him, I skid around backside of the small crowd and smoosh on him and tell him how proud I am and right in the middle, they call MY name. And I literally go "Oh! That's ME?" And everyone laughed. I am always entertaining.

Here I am. I nearly tipped over twice. Getting up was an effort cause my thighs were on fire.

After mine, Tim got his AoA, and then Gene got inducted into the Order of the Silver Osprey (fighting awards), and I THINK that was it. For now.

So we fight. I water them. I run around for other people. I check over the vigil tent. I give more paper (the Barun is popular.). I have a general good time. I squat FAR TOO OFTEN (my thighs are on FIRE today). After we go around and collect people and parts and we change our clothes and grab some hot dogs (Cause HUNGER.) and head to Baronial court. I get hauled up to hand out a scroll and confer what's actually going on with some of them, and what's backlogged and Thyra is just like "stay here, it's easier." and so I got to hang out. Which was neat! Cause I HEARD COURT. lolz.

Oh look. Here I am.

Afterwards, during Kingdom Court, Erica got HER AoA and Amanda got awarded an Opal. HELLZ YEAH! Seriously, the entire household seemed to get awards today. It was baller.

After court we got to FEAST. Deliciousness. SO GOOD. Worth way more than the $8.

Then after that, we did some medieval dancing! I got to dance with the master of the dance. He was awesome, and I was spastic, but he kept laughing that I was laughing. So fun!!

Then we all bs'ed. And in true SCA style most people passed out around 11:30. Aaah. Heavy fighting days.

Today was packdown day. HOORAAAAY. We all busted our asses. I am so tired. Andrew is the color of boiled lobsters. We all creak when we move. But it was an amazing event. I am so pleased to have been a part of it.


Lady Synn, y'all. They had to say it, too. Taire said I sounded like a porn star name and Gene said I had a new dominatrix name. HAHA. :D

Lastly, another resounding shout out to Urban Decay. My eye make up didn't melt off. Impressive considering I was sweating like a beast.


Oct. 1st, 2011 01:35 am
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I have nothing to say! Isn't that fantastic!

Wait. I'm pissed at FB. *kicks it*

Grey's Anatomy is good.

Andrew & I have been super affectionate and having awesome sexy times lately. I LOVE THAT!

Work was FUCKING IRRITATING today. But like, tolerable. People, KNOW WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU CALL SOMEONE. Fucking swear.

Mosquitoes are OFF THE HOOK here. SO ITCHIE.

Tomorrow (today!) is John & MaryBeth's wedding! DRINKS ALL AROUND! Also tis the wifey's opening for her art show. HUZZAH!!

My cat is on the crack. I love her.

Roommates are good. No shanking.

Andrew actually bought the card for the wedding tomorrow. UNPROMPTED. Just cause he was at the store! I nearly passed out from shock!

Also, he's been dabbling with his cooking fu. I'm getting fat. FatTER. :D It's okay, it's out of love.

So itchie.

I actually have a Halloween costume planned. I need to sew it up. YAAAY!

Ramble on. SING MAH SONG.

It's 3am.

Apr. 20th, 2011 03:15 am
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I should be sleeping.


Let's see.

OH OH OH! So a while back Elisabet asks me if I'll teach a basic calligraphy class at the Collegium she's offered to autocrat (*bwahaha*, FOOL!!) and I'm all like, sure. Since her husband (head scribe) is doing all the effing cooking, the teaching thing falls to me. Cept. Uh.

I don't know what I'm doing.

Doesn't matter! No one came to my class anyways. I made a sign for the broken bathroom. I AM USEFUL.

So Gerita comes up to me and is like. Yo. Fer realz. They want to do SCROLLS today. And I was like, fo' sheeeez, whaaat. Happy faces and IOUs to all! She laughs. She comes back a half hour later and goes "uh. No scroll list for YOU." And I was like "FINE THEN. NO HAPPY FACES."

Literally. This is very much how the conversation went. We SCA folk are a SRS BZNS type.

Turns out I got pulled up to the court. I got inducted to the Order of the Hart. Why? Cause I am a slave to service, baby. For the scribal stuff, for the HHH stuff, for my general helpfulness. Isn't that swell?

My first real award. *tear* And they spelled my name wrong. *headdesk* It's just an IOU though. I think I'm gonna have Jacintha do the calligraphy. Cause her handwriting is bangin'.

I was pleased. I certainly didn't think I'd be noticed so far. That was nice :) Also, court is SO MUCH MORE FUN when the baron hosts a beer tasting before it.

After that we went to Andrew's parents' house and had dinner and played ridiculous games that I SUCK at. I feel so dumb compared to these people. It baffles me. I have never felt so slow in my life. I just smile and totter through it though.

I totally called one of my coworkers out on having sand in his vagina. So I told my boss about it. She was like "I HEARD! What happened??" LOLZ. I told her and she was DYING. Luckily she likes me. Oh, that's why she hired me. I was like "Ya know. Why DID you hire me?" "I don't know. I just liked you." Yay. Being liked by the lady who gives you hours is nice. Also, one of the insiders quit. He had a moment and a half man. So there's an update or two in here.

*ponders* Tia keeps sending me bebe face pictures. *sighs* She is precious. SO CUTE. OH!! Savannah came and visited and I got to get kicked by Fiona. I can't wait to meet her.

My summer schedule is going to be HELL. I told Reva she's gonna want to fire me. I hope I can afford it. The closer I get to it, the more I'm like, HA HA HA. I don't know. It's rough.

I should really get to sleep. The wifey, Devon, and I are going to troll around Frederick tomorrow and I have to drop off my car to get my plates and the one auxiliary jack fixed (what used to be the cigarette lighter).


Jan. 13th, 2011 11:54 pm
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If it's got balls or wheels or, apparently, computer chips, it's gonna give you grief.

My computer shit the bed. Again. I finally figured out it's the NVIDIA driver update. I went to restart after a standard Windows update and LO. Fucker wouldn't go back on. BSoD, etc. Not starting in safe mode, a bunch of other shit. I tried booting from the disc, nada. Annoying. Of course, Gabe looks at it and turns it on and it's like "Oh Master, would you like me to fix myself? Click OK!"


At least it's fixed.

Also, my car was dropped off at Aamco Monday night, so Tuesday I call at 2:30 and they're like "...oh, right. Altima." DUDE!

So I didn't go to work Wednesday cause they were fiddling with it. Turns out it was done Wednesday night, but NO ONE CALLED. But the guy at the desk thought he had TWO different conversations with me that never occurred and I have the phone records to prove it.

Anyrate, they were all "we know you want that $400 brake job done, but we are TERRIFIED if you don't fix this $260 axle issue. SCREW YOUR BRAKES."

When the mechanic is all about screwing the expensive fix in favor of a cheap one, you find money for both.

So $700 later, the car is fixed. I am adding that $120 onto the tab I owe Andrew, cause I had to borrow some cash. I paid ALL in cash. $80 in singles, about $120 in $5's and $10's and the rest were $20s. Heh. I could have paid the whole thing on my own, but I can't remember when my car insurance comes out, and I get paid tomorrow, but prolly won't get to the bank till Saturday so I didn't want to fuck up and bounce anything. So it's nice to know I am not destitute. And? Being able to pay for things is SO FUCKING COOL. I missed the ability.

Tomorrow is work at noon. Z is gonna drop on by around 3:30/4. I'm hoping tomorrow is an early Friday. I don't know if that'll happen, but I'd like some quality time with mah Z. I don't have work till like, 4 or 5 on Saturday so that's good. Then I'm off like, 8 or 9 then. So we has times. :)

I should update about Dominos a bit more. Let me tell you. I really like this stupid job. NO STRESS. Sometimes the customers get salty, but Dominos is one of those places that's like "Oh, hey. THE CUSTOMER ISN'T ALWAYS RIGHT!!!" And that is fucking nice. My boss, Reva, is a doll face. Her husband, Ron, is a driver there, and he's a doll. The rest of my managers are cool for the most part, and the rest of us drivers are ball busters and we have fun.

It works out to roughly $13 to $18 an hour depending on the day. I get $6.50 an hour, which is nice. I usually get at least $11 an hour in tips. Most people are decent tippers. Some are assholes. BTW, if you stiff your driver, it makes us SAD DAMMIT! Also. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE, use reflective numbers on your house. A light ABOVE your house number might as well not exist. You will get your food a LOT faster if your number is like, ya know. Visible. Tips from a driver. *sage nod*

Did I mention Andrew got me a Color Nook for Christmas? Yeah, he spent far too much on me. So I am currently reading Bram Stoker's "Dracula" on it which is AWESOME cause if there's a footnote or a "hey, this is what that phrase means" I can just click the hyper link, it shows me and I go "Oh, that's what that means" and tap it again and I'm back to my page. WHICH MAKES IT SO MUCH EASIER TO READ.

Ahh. The little things.

There's an update for the new year. Woooooo.

Mew :)

Dec. 23rd, 2010 06:36 am
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Today, we finished Christmas shopping. HUZZAH!

And it was awesome. Cause I didn't spend a lot of money (clearly do not have a lot of it anyways) and I got some cute stuff. I got Andrew a set of pocket knives, and it's not a secret cause we exchanged presents already. He got me a fucking COLOR NOOK.

Now, I was sort of against the color Nook due to the whole backlighting thing, but honestly? I don't care. It is wee, and adorable and I can even check my email on it (what!?) and now? Just today?? I have downloaded FORTY FREE BOOKS I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO READ.

Granted, I could have done this on my computer. But I wouldn't have. Hell, I have like, 5 movies on here I want to see and haven't watched yet and 2 teevee series. I'll get to it.... eventually. And let's not go into what I have stored on the Netflixes.

BUT! This ittie bittie wee thing? I can cart around ANYWHERE. And it FORTY FREE BOOKS!!

Andrew wanted to do gifts whenever, and he was like "well, you might like yours now". Cause we're going to my Aunt & Uncle's and we keep WAY different hours than them, and yeah. YEAH.

HE GOT ME A NOOK! I didn't think he was gonna be this extravagant. IN FACT I thought we were being "good" this year. I swear. That boy.


So, some books were downloaded, and I wrapped all the presents for Virginia and changed the litter box and took out the garbage and watched 2 episodes of Grey's Anatomy whilest wrapping presents and did a load of laundry.

I should prolly go to sleep now. Seeing as most normal people are getting up now.

Oh, and I have a fucking HEART carved into my chest, thank you very much Dr. Mike. Jesus. And it was done with a sharpened candy cane. Found a use for those fuckers after all.

Oh, I have a picture.

I'm a sharer. I hope that this calms down soon. All my shirts are kind of low cut (i.e., NOT turtlenecks) and it would be SWELL if I could wear normal clothes on Christmas. HA.


Oct. 27th, 2010 03:20 am
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It started to pour, and with the way our roof is, it sort of sounds like it's hammering right on us.

Andrew sat up in a panic. And I said "It's okay, we're not camping."

And he calmed down immediately and said "stupid rain... gets on all the stuff..."

So cute.


So tired...

Oct. 6th, 2010 12:32 am
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Day 01 – Introduce yourself
Day 02 – Your first love
Day 03 – Your parents
Day 04 – What you ate today
Day 05 – Your definition of love
Day 06 – Your day
Day 07 – Your best friend
Day 08 – A moment
Day 09 – Your beliefs
Day 10 – What you wore today
Day 11 – Your siblings
Day 12 – What's in your bag
Day 13 – This week
Day 14 – What you wore today
Day 15 – Your dreams
Day 16 – Your first kiss
Day 17 – Your favorite memory
Day 18 – Your favorite birthday
Day 19 – Something you regret
Day 20 – This month

Day 21 – Another momentThe Rest )

What is it with you and the moment thing?? I see there's another on the list.

Life is a series of moments. It's what makes life, life.

Wanna talk moments? I had one around 9:30 this morning. Andrew was cold at some point and his sinuses were bothering him. He has a delicate constitution. It was about 68 in here last night, and even with three blankets on, he was still cold. So he turned on the heat. Which, had been reset at some point for it to be 70 degrees.


Our house is old. Well, most of it is. The thermostat is outside our bathroom. Which is also outside our walk through closet. Which leads to our bedroom, which is 3 steps up and has vaulted ceilings.

With vents right over the bed.

At 9:30 this lovely morning, I woke up feeling like I couldn't breathe. Like, everything I ever had that was moist in my body was now the Sahara. Except, I was soaked in sweat.

The little temperature gauge I have by the bed (it's really for Pennsic, but it lives there during the year) said 78 degrees. Which it may have very well been. If not hotter. It was about 5 degrees hotter if I raised my arms up.

I couldn't hang, so I went into the guest bedroom. Such lovely coolness. AAAH. Shit. It is bright. *finds sleep mask* AAAH. Darkness.

But of course. There was construction right outside that window. They were building a fence for our neighbors. Isn't that lovely. *bangSAWWWWWWbangSAWWWWbangWEEDWAAACK* Then the cat needed to lay on me. Which required the kittie dance of doom. Then Savannah texted me. Then Andrew brought me my phone. Then he petted the cat and shook the bed for a bit. Then Steve & Erica woke up and started making breakfast and doing the dishes. Then Danni texted me. The Gabe texted me.

I was like, fuck it. Four and a half hours of sleep was all I was meant to get today.

Yes, I went to bed around 5am or so. I don't know what time my body woke up, cause I was sure as shit having some FUCKED UP DREAMS about dying and whatnot. Prolly from dehydration.

So. It is 12:30am. I am going to sleep now. I am surprised I was not a cranky whore all day long. It's one thing to not get sleep, it's another when you COULD have gotten sleep but everything in the world just really doesn't want you to.

Especially if you told your boyfriend to bring up the humidifier before he even THOUGHT about turning the heat on. We have VERY dry heat in here.

So cranky.

So I fail.

Sep. 21st, 2010 11:47 pm
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I'm not gonna quit my 30 days thing.

It's just that I wanted to take pix of the stuff in my purse. I will do a few days all at once to "catch up" a bit. I SUCK.

But I was also running around New Jersey this weekend.

I have a cat on my lap, so I am now paralyzed.

Today Andrew took me to the Frederick Fair! It was awesome. :D There were farm animals and rides and WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR. I had a kickin' candy apple. It had crushed peanuts, caramel, white chocolate, dark chocolate and NOW I WILL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN.

Also, I took this picture which I kind of love.

I tried to do a little action with it to make it look like an old school postcard. Stupid or pretty?

My bestie.

Sep. 11th, 2010 01:01 am
synnoveaevael: (Me & Z - biting)
Day 01 – Introduce yourself
Day 02 – Your first love
Day 03 – Your parents
Day 04 – What you ate today
Day 05 – Your definition of love
Day 06 – Your day

Day 07 – Your best friend
The Rest )

I don't have "a" best friend. I have several. Cause I'm a crazy person. Listed in no particular order.

1. Andrew.

HELLO. Boyfriend. I tell him my hopes and fears. He confides the same to me. He's a pretty good listener. I love him lots.

2. Z.

Z puts up with my shit. I don't know why. She's like a sister to me. I want to KILL her sometimes, but I can't imagine my life without her. She has taught me so much. We've known each other for about 10 years now. I think. Almost 10? I don't know. We met at a party of Alan's and she wanted to hate me. But she just couldn't. *grins* I love my Z. I drag her with me everywhere. We are travel buddies. One day, when we are less than poor, we will be again. Can you say maid of honor? When that wedding thing happens? She's gonna be my maid of honor. Trish'll still be my matron of honor. TRADITTIOOOON, TRADITION!

3. Teenoo.

Ah. Me & T. Tia and I met on LiveJournal. I noticed her million ring icon in a friending meme, and I said "Someone who wears as many if not more rings than me? I MUST BE YOUR FRIEND." and that was that. We've met in person several times. She was going to be a bridesmaid in my wedding. She prolly still will be. We've always just *clicked*. We're very different people, different backgrounds and the such. But. I adore her. One of my prized possessions is a set of dragon heads her daddy carved for me.

4. Skwrlie Wrath.

Steph and I have been friends since I was 18. So that's 13 long ass years. We've had some insane ups and downs, and I have to say I have no regrets wasting time in college cause I made some great friends through Theta Phi Alpha, the strongest of which is Steph. We have changed each other's worlds. Hell, I introduced her to her husband, was a bridesmaid in her wedding and I canNOT imagine my life without her. She's been my spine when I needed it, and spoken my sign language, and made me pull my hair out.

5. Savypants.

Who knew when these four sexy gypsy bitches rolled up into our camp a few years ago at war that I wouldn't let one of them leave me evar. Savannah is actually listed AS my sister on my Facebook. Again with the clicking. She moved out to MD for a bit, and our close relationship became even closer. She's kind of amazing. She's a bellydancer, she's a librarian, she's interested in midwivery. She's just a jack of all trades. And she has some aammaazzing tattoos. I'll keep her.

6. Billie!

That picture is old as fuck, but I didn't pick these for recentness, I just love that picture. Bill and I met through Eric. He'd just come back from Hawaii and was a very good friend of Eric's from college (fraternity brothers, big & little) and was nestling into our nerd coven. He's smart as shit, funnie as hell, and loyal to a fault, some can say ;-). How our friendship blossomed, I couldn't even say, but one day we were as thick as thieves. I realized he knew *QUITE* a bit about me, and I didn't mind having a non-boyfriend male as a best friend again. We certainly know how to kill some mead and wine. *grins*

7. Jayme.

I wasn't going to go too far back into the past, but I couldn't think about a time from when I was 20 that Jayme wasn't in it in some faction. She changed my WORLD. We referred to each other as "Twin". De was our Triplet. In this picture here, we're rocking the infamous Triplet dresses. Jayme was my sardonic salvation for a good 5 years. I can't believe she's gone. It literally hurts my heart to even remember that fact. I was angry at her for a while, but I never walked away from her. I was confused on her new look on life, and sure enough she changed her mind and realized what had happened. But the impact she had on me forever changed me. We were getting super close again after the birth of her son, and well. I have no idea what would have happened. But. *sigh* I can't think about that anymore.

There are more of you. And I'm sorry if I didn't include you. But I didn't want this to become epic. I already expanded more than I should have.


Sep. 8th, 2010 03:03 am
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Day 01 – Introduce yourself
Day 02 – Your first love
Day 03 – Your parents
Day 04 – What you ate today

Day 05 – Your definition of love
The Rest )

Seriously now.

Love. There are lots of definitions.

I love my friends. I'd pretty much do any number of stupid or painful things for them. There is more love for some than for others. But. It's how it goes.

I love my cat. I still miss my Lexie. I loved him so much. Juliet is so awesome. I am so happy to have her. :)

Romantic love though. Oooh, what a mess.

I've come to the conclusion that being in love, regardless of your definition, is not enough for a relationship. There has to be a mutual respect, mutual attraction, mutual honesty, mutual interests...

It gets sticky. So I think that those fall into my love category. I have heard the "but I love him!/her!" excuse for so many people to stay in a relationship that it makes me sick.

I loved deeply, had long history, had good times.. But, the second I'm disrespected or lied to (and I'm talking big lies. Cheating, emotional or physical, stealing.. stuff like that) I AM OUT.

And I will cry. And I will mourn the loss.

One of my ex's I turned that romantic love to sibling love.

One of my ex's I thought I'd die loving, but now I just wish him well. I don't think I love him anymore, even as a friend. Huh. Kind of amazing when I put myself in a different mindset.

One of my ex's I love just as a friend since he's still pretty wonderful.

Right now, I am very in love with Andrew.



he makes me laugh.
he cuddles me.
he's seen me at some low points, and still wanted to be with me.
he accepts my mood swings, and still loves me.
he pretty much always listens to my point of view, and will even use my ideas!
we never go to bed angry at each other.
he has a very similar ethic/moral system as me.
we have similar interests, but we're no up each other's asses about it.

And a slew of other shit.

I can look into his eyes and feel accepted. He doesn't call me names, he doesn't hit me (Well. HA. That's another post *grins*), he respects me, and he's nice to my friends.

So, for me. Love is so much more. I think people mistake love for history sometimes. It's hard to let certain things go. Fear and heartbreak are incredibly painful.


Aug. 25th, 2010 02:43 am
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My boy rolls over, completely still asleep.

Andrew: Did the two little blue go over? Or did the other blues have them over?
Me: What baby? (I know what's happening, but sometimes he's coherent the next time.)
Andrew: The face of the yellow and blue. They went over too (two? to? Damned homonyms).
Me: Aaah. Yes. I love you.
Andrew: Mmm. Love.

I kissed and hugged him, tucked him in a bit better and he sighed happily.

Continued to snore.

Heh. :)



Stephanie is officially pushing. *GLEE*




I'm gonna go cry now. I am stupid happy. ♥ ♥


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