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So I missed a trivia question due to this because ya know. Psychologists don't put a shit ton of stock in this as they do surveys and other bs.

But I liked what it had to say.

ENFJs are people-focused individuals. They have a special gift with people, understanding and caring about them. They like to support and encourage them. Bringing out the best in others and giving love is a great source of personal satisfaction for ENFJs.

Because of their extraordinary social skill, they can make people do exactly what they want, getting under people's skin and get the reactions they are seeking. Although ENFJs motives are usually unselfish, ENFJ is one of the most manipulative personality types.

ENFJ have a tendency to be very self critical and can have dark thoughts when they spend too much time alone.

ENFJs are usually more reserved than other extroverted types. Because they focus on other people's feeling, they will most likely adapt their behavior like a chameleon.

This does not mean that they don't have any opinions: ENFJs set up values and clearly defend those as long as they are not too personal. ENFJs that do not reveal their true selves and focus too much on the feelings of others might feel quite lonely despite their intense social life.

ENFJs are generally very popular. They are fun to be with, warm and straight-forward, energetic and fast-paced. They have a strong need for durable intimate relationships. They are extremely loyal and trustworthy when they get involved in such relationships.

ENFJs like well-organized things and pay attention to always keep everything well structured around them, especially in their home.

In the work place, ENFJs are naturals for every situation that requires dealing with people. They are extremely good when it comes to inspiring and leading others.

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